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Here’s What You Need to Know About Using a Hair Blowdryer

We all know that too much heat can cause hair damage. That is why we are often advised to avoid using heat styling tools too much. But sometimes, using such tools is important especially for special occasions. You can also go to hair salons that offer various services such as Brazilian keratin straightening, Balayage hair highlights, or even human hair extensions.

Blowdrying hair: Getting started

Unfortunately, heat styling tools such as the hairdryer has gained a bad reputation over the years. As mentioned, heat styling tools can be damaging to hair. But if used correctly, it can give your hair some oomph and actually make it look better than before.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to add volume, make it super straight, or create curls on your hair. The right hair products and proper use of heat styling tools are a great combination for perfect-looking hair!

Using a blowdryer might be easier said than done. A blowdryer is an essential hair styling tool, and a professional keratin treatment salon would not be complete without it. On the other hand, you can also buy your own blowdryer so you can use it anytime whenever you feel or need to get your hair done.

Common mistakes when using a hair blowdryer

Using a heat styling tool such as a blowdryer should be as easy as pointing it on damp hair and blast it on until your hair dries. However, you might actually be doing it wrong. Here are some common mistakes most people do when using a blowdryer.

Using a comb or a wrong brush while blowdrying hair

If you want to achieve the volume you want for your hair, make sure to choose the right brush. If the volume is what you aim for, don’t use a comb when blowdrying. Usually, a round brush is the best choice if you want to achieve bouncy and voluminous hair.

Meanwhile, a ceramic brush works best with straight hair that needs some additional volume and movement. On the other hand, boar bristle brushes can work best with frizzy and coarse hair.

You do not use a heat protectant before blowdrying

As mentioned, too much heat can cause damage to your hair. That is why you should protect your hair before blasting heat on your precious locks. However, make sure you are doing it correctly. Part your hair first and apply the serum or spray per section starting from the mid-shaft down to the hair ends. Then, comb your hair or use your fingers before starting blowdrying your hair.

Blowdrying your hair right

Using your hair styling tools right is the first step for better-looking hair. Your favorite keratin treatment salon would not be complete without a quality hair blowdryer. If you have your own blowdryer or planning to buy one, take note of the following to help achieve the hair you want.

Invest in a hair blowdryer.

Don’t settle on cheap blowdryers especially if you are planning to heat style your hair more often. Most quality blowdryers have amazing features such as multiple heat settings, ionic air features, and many more. It is better to buy an expensive hair styling tool will help you save money in the long run.

Wash and towel dry your hair first.

At least make your hair clean first of any impurities before styling it. Use a gentle shampoo and a good amount of conditioner and towel dry your hair. Make sure that your hair is not dripping wet when you are about to blowdry it.

Don’t forget to apply for heat protection on hair before hair drying.

The main threat of hairstyling is the heat, so make sure your hair is well-protected from it. Thankfully, there is a lot of hair serum or spray protectants you can use for your hair styling needs.

Move the dryer around and make sure it is not too near your hair.

You will end up frying your hair if you point the dryer too near it. Instead, keep the blowdryer at a safe distance or about 6 inches. Make sure to move the tool around so your hair dries out more quickly.


These are only some of the most useful tips to remember when using a blow dryer. There are a lot of quality blowdryers you can buy. Or you can go to your favorite Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville for your hair treatment needs.

Ever Wondered What Happens If You Don’t Shampoo Every Day? Here’s What You Need to Know

A lot of people and online articles advise against washing your hair every day. Apparently, it is not a good idea to shampoo your hair daily as it can cause dryness and even hair damage. But the question is, can you last a day or two without shampooing? More so, if you are an active person and tend to sweat more than others?

Nonetheless, the question of whether to shampoo every day or not still remains a topic of debate. One cannot simply think negatively about shampoos because even professional hair salons use it for their customers. Some hair-straightening salons even sell their own shampoos and other hair care products on the side.

To shampoo or not?

The ultimate answer? It depends on your hair type. Everyone’s hair texture is different, hence requiring different ways to care for it. So if you decide on how often to shampoo, you should consider your hair type and texture.

If you are going to have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist, you would have to be shampooed first. You would also have to shampoo your human hair extensions as part of its maintenance.

However, most hair experts agree that everyday shampoo is not a good idea for your hair. In fact, shampooing every day can be one of those marketing strategies companies do to sell more of their hair products.

Then again, hair hygiene is as important as taking a bath or brushing your teeth every day. Shampooing can help in removing dirt, debris, and oil accumulated on your hair and scalp. However, too much shampoo can strip natural oils from your hair and make it dry.

That is why you should consider how often and when is the right time to shampoo your hair. You should also consider the ingredients in that shampoo brand you are using. If you are not sure what to do, you can ask your trusted hair professional in your favorite keratin treatment salon.

What happens if you don’t shampoo every day?

First of all, our scalp naturally produces oil, called sebum, to provide moisture to our hair. As mentioned, it is a good idea to shampoo hair to remove dirt and make your hair smell good. However, there are people who do not shampoo their hair every day out of personal choice.

So, what really happens if you do not shampoo your hair daily? It can actually do wonders especially those with naturally thick hair. But it can be a different outcome for those with thin hair. In fact, oil can be fine hair’s worst enemy. When you have fine hair and do not wash it, it can become sticky and look dirty and unpleasant.

Unwashed hair can be an unfortunate dirt magnet especially if you are often outdoors. If this happens to you, perhaps it’s a good idea to wash your hair immediately. Hair dye won’t also stick well with unwashed (and oily) hair. Plus, you can expect your hair to smell rather oddly the longer you don’t wash it.

On a positive note, some hair experts say that oily hair can do wonders on dyed hair. Hair salons specializing in color should know this. Then again, the outcome may still depend on your hair’s texture.

How to wash your hair the right way

There are several alternatives you can do to make your hair squeaky clean. For example, you can use dry shampoo if you prefer not to wash your hair daily. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oil and prevents hair clumping.

Instead of shampooing, you can wash your hair using conditioner instead. There are some hair products specially made to condition and clean the hair without the harsh ingredients. It works especially for dry, curly, and wavy hair according to experts.

Or you can wash your hair with water only. However, it may not guarantee thorough cleaning as compared to using shampoo or conditioner.

Which hair washing method suits you best?

In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all for hair care. It all depends on your hair type, texture, and even your lifestyle. Active people should wash their hair more often than those who are mostly staying at home.

If you are not sure, try cutting your wash days and see what works for your hair. You can also try out shampoos or conditioners with natural ingredients. You should also take note of your diet and lifestyle. For your regular hair maintenance, make sure to visit only a trusted keratin treatment salon in Rockville. Set an appointment today and have a good hair day every day!

There is a Right Way to Brush / Comb Your Hair – Here’s What You Need to Know

As the popular saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. In this case, this also applies to the right brushing technique depending on your hair type. Hair brushing may be the first step in hair care. However, it may not be as easy as it seems.

Of course, your hair needs some occasional treatments if you want to keep it healthy and shiny. You can visit a Brazilian Keratin straightening salon (but make sure to comply with the salon’s health and safety protocols). Make sure to get a keratin treatment by a hairstylist who is an expert in his/her field.

Using a brush vs. a comb: Which is better?

One of the most important beauty arsenal everyone should have is a brush or a comb. They come in different brands, colors, shapes, and sizes. Your favorite hair salons won’t be complete without a brush or comb among their styling tools. Nor you should not even forget to bring a brush or comb in your bag.

But the question is, which of these two staple styling tools should you have or better to use? The answer: both. However, there are some things you will need to consider before using either of these hair styling staples.

For one, it is important to know the right way of using it. The last thing you want to happen is hair strands getting caught on the comb teeth or the brush bristles. You also have to consider your hair type before using either a brush or comb.

You don’t also have to tug your hair when you do brush or comb your hair. Even if you are using clip in hair extensions or just had Balayage hair highlights, there is a proper way to tame your mane with a brush or comb.

Who should use a comb?

It is better to use a comb for wet hair. Better yet, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle hair knots especially on damp hair. Using a comb will also help smoothen your mane as well as parting your hair during styling. You can also use a comb to add some tease to your hair for some added volume.

One important tip, though: Make sure to start at the ends of your hair when combing it. Never tug your hair when using a comb to smoothen it. Dirt and grease can also accumulate in the comb, so you should clean it as well using a clean brush and a drop of shampoo.

Who should use a brush?

You should only use a brush after combing your hair of any tangles. The brush bristles also help in scalp massage and release natural oils from the scalp. There are also different types of brushes that should be used depending on your intended outcome.

For example, a round brush is a staple in most hair salons. A thermal brush is like a flat iron, only which it’s in a hairbrush form and that it can add style to your hair. Be careful when using this one though, as it can snag some hair strands with improper use. Other types of brushes are vented and paddle brushes.

Tips on hair brushing/combing

Brushing your hair should not be as complicated as you think. Even hairstylists in your favorite keratin treatment salon know this. As mentioned, it is important to know the proper way of brushing your hair depending on its texture, thickness, and length. Here are some tips on proper hair brushing according to your hair profile.

  • Do not use a comb for curly hair. Instead, the brush is your best friend if you have curly hair. Before brushing your curls, smoothen it first with a leave-in conditioner to get rid of the tangles. Then use a paddle brush to fix your hair.
  • You can use a moisturizing cream, serum, or leave-in before brushing your hair and for better results.
  • As mentioned, never pull or tug your hair when combing or brushing as it can damage your hair further.
  • Also, avoid brushing or combing your hair when you have just gone to a Japanese hair straightening salon in Rockville for hair treatment. Let your hair soak in the treatment first (ex. if you have permanent hair straightening) as per the stylist’s recommendation.

Aging and Hair Care: How to Make Your Hair Young-Looking

A lot of women (and even men) invest in skincare in an attempt to reverse the signs of aging. No one wants to look old and haggard especially if they are not yet in their senior years. Aside from skincare, a lot of people also invest in hair care products to make sure theirs look fuller and healthier all the time. For your hair care needs, you can visit hair salons that offer keratin treatment by hairstylist, human hair extensions, and other hair services.

The reality of hair aging

As we get older, our skin sags and gets wrinkled. We are not as energetic and youthful-look as before. The same goes for our hair: it grows grayer, drier, and thinner. Baldness due to age is a common thing, although more prominent in men than in women.

Whether we like it or not, we will all get old and experience these aforementioned signs of aging. When it comes to hair, it loses its vibrant hue due to the loss of melanin. The result is graying or white hair. In such cases, many people visit a hair color correction hair salon in an attempt to hide their graying hair.

Hair is also prone to dryness the more we age. As we get older, our scalp produces less oil which helps in moisturizing and hydrating our hair. As a result, our hair is a lot drier than it was in our younger days. Visiting a keratin treatment salon may help, but make sure to check with your hairstylist whether it’s a good hair treatment for you.

Meanwhile, some people usually experience signs of white or gray hairs during their 30’s. However, some grow out gray hairs as early as in their teenage years, mostly as an effect of genetics. Hair aging is inevitable, but you can at least manage and keep it from getting worse.

Hair hacks to combat hair aging

As mentioned, you can make your hair look younger. Here are some useful hacks you can do for your hair.

Protect your hair from the sun.

Frequent sun exposure can cause dryness to your hair and scalp, hence resulting to hair aging. There are hair care products that helps protect your hair from the harmful UV rays. At the same time, these hair products are created to add moisture and keep your hair vibrant-looking.

Consider your hair cut.

It is a common notion that you should keep your hair short at a certain age. However, it should focus on your facial features. For example, long hair can drown out the presence of crow’s feet. For “frown lines”, the line that runs between the eyebrows, you can conceal it with side-swept bangs or a pixie cut.

Stop using styling products.

Let your hair get blown by the wind instead of styling it to be stiff. The latter can make your hair – and you – look older. If you must, use a light spray, cream, or mousse formula that won’t make your hair stiff. So, before visiting hair straightening salons, check with your stylist if it’s okay to have one considering your age.

Go for the classic hair color routine.

Hair coloring and dyeing is still the go-to option to conceal those white hairs. Make sure to choose quality hair dyes and have it done by professional hair colorists. You can also try out highlights instead of the usual full hair dye.

Watch what you eat, too

We are what we eat, so they say. Good nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining our health and our hair, too. To maintain good, young-looking hair, experts recommend eating foods that are rich in protein and vitamins. These nutrients will help nourish and keep your hair youthful – just like you.

Opt for dark green veggies such as broccoli, kale, and spinach as well as nuts. These are very rich in iron, zinc, and vitamins A and C that helps in preventing hair loss. Eat lean meats and fish such as salmon that helps make your hair stronger and more resilient. You should also consume low-fat dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese, which can aid in hair growth.


We will all get old, but this doesn’t mean we won’t take care of ourselves already. Instead, this is the time that we should be taking care of our physical and mental health through proper diet and exercise. For other hair care and maintenance tips, you should visit a professional keratin treatment salon in Rockville.

Salon Etiquette That Every Woman Needs To Know

hair service

Modern hair salons have everything to give that hope wings. Almost every girl loves spending time in the tranquil environment of the hair salons. For some the hair salon is a place for scheduled hair maintenance. For others it is the paradise to pamper the hair. A lot of hair services are offered in modern hair salons, including but not limited to hair straightening, hair smoothing, hair styling, hair curling, hair extension installation and hair spa.

Things to know about hair salons

Every customer wants the fast and the best treatments from the hair salon. A hair salon is a place which offers holistic treatment and thus, you should understand that professional hairstylists will need time to serve you. In order to enjoy the best services, you should behave properly in the hair salon. The professional hairstylists make their best effort to provide you the hair services you want. You can also make behave properly to make your hairstylist comfortable with you.

Salon etiquette you should know

Call your stylist with name: Always address your hairstylist with name. Your acknowledgment validates them. Whether it is your first visit or you are a regular customer, it is good to be able to remember a name.

Respect time: Your time is important and so the time of hairstylists. Make sure to keep your appointment time and call ahead if you are going to be late. By doing this, you can avoid a lot of inconvenience. Also, do not walk in rush. Hairstylists do not work around your emergencies. Your urgency may not be their priority. Hairstyling is an art. Every hairstylist takes time to figure out the best hairstyle for their customers.

Mind your language: Hairstylists are professionals. They handle plenty of clients like you. In order to establish a good relationship with your hairstylist, mind your language. Be thoughtful of how loud you are and what you are talking about.

Expectation management: Be expressive about your expectation from a hair service. Most hairstylists appreciate inputs. It relieves you from worry of the unexpected outcomes, and helps the hairstylists to channelize their skills towards the set expectations.

Hair Smoothing VS Hair Straightening

hair straightening salon

Does your hair get frizzy after every wash? Do you find it difficult to comb your curly manes? Or do you have always dreamed of silky straight hair? Well, if so, then hair treatments like hair smoothening and hair straightening can help you out. Though both hair straightening and hair smoothening treatments can give you sleek, shiny and manageable hair, they are different.

Differences between Hair Smoothing and Hair Straightening

Hair straightening and hair smoothening are two different hair treatments. These treatments have entirely different procedures. The texture, quality, straightness and look you get from both the treatments are different. It is important to know about both the treatments before choosing any.

What is Hair Smoothing?

Hair smoothing is basically a hair treatment that makes hair smoother and shinier than before, without altering the natural hair type. It is mainly an alignment treatment. If your hair is dull and you want to make them manageable, hair smoothening is the ideal option.

In some cases, hair smoothening is better than hair straightening. It is because natural texture of hair remains unchanged after hair smoothening. Hair smoothening treatment gives more natural looking hair. Hair damage is also less after hair smoothening as compared to hair straightening.

What is Hair Straightening?

Hair straightening is a hair styling method that can totally changes the natural structure of hair. Today, a lot of powerful hair straightening treatments exist (for example Brazilian hair straightening, Japanese hair straightening) that can transform naturally curly hair into pin-straight hair.

Hair straightening can make your hair straight and manageable. Many professional hair stylists recommend hair straightening over hair smoothening because this treatment gives long-lasting results.

When it comes to straightness, hair smoothening cannot compete with hair straightening. However, hair straightening treatments damage hair more as compared to hair smoothening treatment.

Bottom line: Both hair straightening and hair smoothening treatments are good. The one you should choose depends on your requirement and budget. Perhaps, it is always recommended to choose the best hair straightening salon for any hair treatment, because good quality hair products are used in good hair salons.

Take Care….. And Enjoy Your Hair!

How to Get Silky Smooth Hair like a Celebrity

professional hairstylist

Silky and smooth hair is something that every girl strives for. Today’s girls are not hesitating in splurging on hair straightening treatments, hair accessories, hair care products and hairstyling to get celebrity like hair. Actually, celebrities use more than one hairstyling technique to obtain picture perfect hair that you adore. In order to get silky smooth celebrity hair, you will also have to pay special attention over hair care, hair nourishment, hair smoothening and hairstyling.

Get perfect hair like celebrities

If you wonder that celebrities like Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are blessed with naturally smooth and silky hair, then you are absolutely WRONG. The secret of their flawless hair is more than one hair treatment and smart hairstylists. Check out the below mentioned information to get celebrity like hair.

Ways to get silky smooth hair…..

Hair smoothening Treatment

The silky shine that you see in celebrity hair is outcome of hair smoothening treatment. Many reputable hair salons offer arrant hair smoothening treatments. These treatments have power of converting naturally curly manes into totally sleek tresses. Among all, Brazilian hair smoothening treatments are gaining a lot of popularity.

Hair extensions

Just like normal people, many celebrities have dry, damaged, thin and frizzy hair but still they manage to dazzle on red carpet with sexy smooth hair! Well, this magic is done by none other than the hair extension. Hair extension is one of the best hair accessories available on the market. This accessory let you obtain any hairstyle of your dream.

Hair care

If you want to introduce natural shine and smoothness without applying chemicals or artificial hair, then you should probably pay attention on hair care. Take sneak peek over below mentioned hair care tips:

  • Apply natural oil from root to tips (once in a week)
  • Apply hair mask made from natural ingredients (once in a month)
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo
  • Use quality hair conditioner
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water
  • Protect hair from pollution

Hair styling

Every hair smoothening treatment, hair extension and hair care product will go wasted, if do not style your hair properly. Only a professional hairstylist knows how to style your hair to provide you a glamorous look.