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10 Best Balayage Ideas For Brown Hair

Balayage is a wonderful way to add depth and dimension to the hair without making it look super obvious. Here are some ideas for the brown-haired babes out there who want to dip their toes in the vast realm of balayage and rock balayage hairstyles.

Brown Balayage Ideas

Dark Brown Balayage

Starting with the most basic but classic one because women love the look of this balayage and it never goes out of style. A dark brown balayage is a subtle way of changing up the hair, but making it look somewhat different when the light hits your mane just right.

A blend of wisps and streaks of brown color will lead to a balayage that will make you go “Wow”. If you already have darker hair, then you’re in for a treat because there’s no need for bleaching your mane to get that perfect color. You can get the texture and beauty of balayage within a few hours and you’ll walk out of the salon with magnificent hair that will make heads turn.

Balayage With Complementing Highlights

Balayage and highlights go together like a match made in hair heaven. The beautiful contrast of a dark and deep brown balayage with a lighter highlight color that blends through the mane effortlessly and makes your hair look irresistible. This idea calls for a bit of bleach, but it’s nothing too damaging where your hair will be fried. You’ll only need to have the sections of hair cut down that are going to be highlighted.

The balayage will look beautiful in the sunlight as well as in indoor lighting. Your hair will have that alluring gleam that will be intensified by the light and wispy highlights. This balayage idea is perfect for women who want to experiment with highlights but don’t want the chunky Jennifer Anniston-esque highlights. A balayage has a way of toning down the hair color and the results look subtly soft.

Brown And Violet Balayage

Violet is probably a color that you’ll say no to, but it’s one of the things that you’ll want to try before you knock it off the list. If your hair is in that weird stage where it’s mostly brown but there are also a couple of greys showing, then this is the balayage that you want to go for. Violet is a cool-toned color and combined with the warmth of brown, this balayage combo will be something.

You can cover up those pesky premature greys and rock beautiful hair. And before you think that the violet color is going to stick out like a sore thumb, then you’ve underestimated the toning ability of balayage.

Milk Chocolate Balayage

If you want your hair to look delicious and glossy like a literal bowl of melted chocolate, then this balayage idea will be the one to go for. Milk chocolate is a complex yet simple color. It’s neither light brown nor dark brown, but it has a wonderful shade that you just can’t put your finger on. To top everything off, the slight sheen of gloss makes the whole mane gorgeous beyond belief.

Chestnut And Rose Gold Balayage

Another bold color option, but it’s completely wearable. Rose gold was a huge trend back in the early 2010s and if that color still has a special place in your heart, then you might want to combine it with the earthy and light chestnut brown and get a winner combo.

Rose gold is also quite a subtle color and it gives your hair that extra warmth, thanks to the slight pinkness of rose gold. Combine it with the ethereal shine of gold and the classic, ever-loving hue of brown, and you’ll have a balayage that will surely impress everywhere you go.

Brown Balayage With Foils

Foils and highlights might be somewhat the same, but the placement matters a lot. If you want your face to look chiseled and framed at all times, that too, without using any makeup, then you seriously need to try out this balayage idea.

It’s a classic brown balayage but the star of the show is the foiled highlights that are focused mainly on the face to frame it beautifully. So, instead of spreading the highlights throughout the back of the mane, you’re going to want to have the foils placed closer to your temples and ears to chisel out your face from every angle.

Balayage With A Hint Of Red

Add two warm colors and get a balayage that screams autumn. Auburn is a beautiful color to go for this season and it’s very versatile as far as transitioning into other seasons is concerned. The warm brown and the stark red complement each other in a way that no other hue does.

Moreover, it brings out the natural brightness in your skin and if you happen to have green eyes, then this balayage is made for you. It’s also a perfect entry-level color if you’re afraid to go completely red right off the bat.

Brown And Blonde Balayage

Want to mix two tones? Nothing looks better than the contrasting combo of brown and blonde. If you want to have a hint of blonde in your hair without damaging it with a ton of bleach, this balayage is a good idea to start.

The sun-kissed look of the balayage will make your hair shine most perfectly and pictures won’t be able to do justice. The brown and blonde streaks in the hair also make it very dimensional and there are just a lot of textures for the eye to be enticed by.

Balayage For Bobs

If you’re rocking a bob or a pixie cut and think that balayage isn’t for you, then hold that thought right there. There are a lot of ways by which you can rock a balayage even on shorter hair. The trick is to go to a salon and have a consultation with a hair colorist who knows how to work magic into shoulder-length or even shorter hair.

A light brown balayage is perfect for shorter hair because it reflects light beautifully and it also makes the hair look more voluminous. So, say goodbye to flat hair.

Caramel Balayage

If you want your hair to look like that amazing caramel color, then this idea is for you. It’s kind of like a hybrid between brown and blonde balayage, but the difference is that the colors are perfectly mixed together to give a beautiful caramel hue.

This balayage idea is perfect if you want to lighten your hair slightly, but don’t want to go completely blonde. It’s a color made for the indecisive women out there who can’t choose from two colors. So, go for both.


The interesting thing about balayage is that you can add different hues to personalize the hair color. So, which brown balayage idea is calling your name? Even if you can’t find the best one for you, visit a balayage hair highlights Rockville salon. The expert will look at your hair color, texture, face, and learn your preferences to recommend the right balayage hues and colors for you to rock. It will take time, but it will be worth every second.

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