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10 Most Asked Questions About Brazilian Blowout

No one has perfect hair, except for the models sporting a virtually frizz-free mane on the front cover of a magazine. There is frizz and kinks in your mane that can mess up the style. So, if you’re looking to tame your hair down, then you have to do what many of those models and celebrities do. Visit a permanent hair straightening salon to get a chemical straightening treatment like Brazilian blowout. Below are some common questions that people ask about it.

Common Brazilian Blowout Questions And Answers

Who Can Get A Brazilian Blowout?

If you’re someone who has a lot of frizz in your hair and just wants something to tame the strands and make it look shiny, glossy, and bouncy, then Brazilian blowout is the ticket. A Brazilian blowout is perfect for anyone who wants healthy-looking hair with lots of shine and zero frizz.

As the weather changes, the effects can show on your hair and this is what leads to knots, kinks, and frizz in your mane, so getting a Brazilian blowout will be refreshing because your hair will turn from a matted, kink-struck mess into a smooth and shiny mane that is front cover worthy.

What Is The End Result Of Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian blowout is sometimes confused for a keratin treatment and while the effects might seem the same to some degree, the two treatments are different from each other.

A Brazilian blowout will give your hair that blinding shine and glossiness that you love. The main job of a Brazilian blowout is to get rid of frizz and dryness. Think of it as an instant hydration boost that reverses damage and makes your hair full of life again.

A keratin treatment is more like a straightening and smoothening treatment, and the results, effects, and products used in each treatment are entirely different.

Is A Brazilian Blowout Expensive?

A Brazilian blowout can or cannot be expensive. It all depends on the hair length, the severity of the damage, and the salon you are choosing. Different salons have different price ranges for Brazilian blowout and when you go ahead and add in tips and service charges, the bill can significantly increase.

Usually, a Brazilian blowout runs anywhere between $100 to $300, so it’s not that bad considering how natural and fuss-free it makes your hair look after the fact. It’s a treat for the hair, but it’s not recommended that you get it done every chance you get.

Can I Get A Brazilian Blowout On Colored Hair?

Of course, you can! What makes Brazilian blowout so amazing is that it can be done on either colored or virgin hair. Usually, hair straightening or frizz-controlling treatments aren’t colored hair friendly and they tend to damage the hair a lot, but the same thing isn’t true about a Brazilian blowout.

Even if you have colored hair before or you want to get your hair dyed after the fact, a Brazilian blowout is very forgiving and accommodating. The treatment used in a Brazilian blowout is not harsh on dyed hair, rather it gives the hair an overall shiny and healthy look.

Is A Brazilian Blowout Long-Lasting?

A Brazilian blowout isn’t permanent by any means, but that is not to say that it doesn’t last as long. A Brazilian blowout can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks and if you take really good care of your hair, you can stretch it up to 10 weeks. Considering what you pay for the treatment, it’s a pretty decent time.

A Brazilian blowout is better than a keratin treatment because it’s not as high maintenance as the former, and it makes your hair look just as shiny and straight.

How To Take Care Of The Hair Afterwards?

The maintenance of a Brazilian blowout is something that everyone should know about. Keep in mind that if you maintain the hair in the right way, then it’s going to pay you back in full and your hair will look good for a longer period of time.

First, you have to get rid of shampoos that have sulfate in them. This harsh chemical is responsible for damaging the hair to no extent. Also, you want to keep the hair loose and flowy at all times and invest in products with lots of protein and enriching ingredients to help your hair get stronger from the inside out. Moreover, avoid swimming chlorinated water and use a hat when going out in the sun.

Will Brazilian Blowout Give My Hair Volume?

Sadly no. Since a Brazilian blowout tames the hair and makes it sleek and straight, there won’t be any volume in your hair. No matter how much you hate frizz, you can’t deny the fact that the poofiness of the frizz in the mane is what gives it body and volume, and in a Brazilian blowout, you’re essentially getting rid of the frizz.

The protein bonds in your hair are broken down and it becomes straight and sleek. So, your hair won’t be voluminous. If it bothers you or if you have already have thin hair, then you might not want to go for it.

Will I Need Heat Tools After A Brazilian Blowout?

No, you won’t. The beauty of a Brazilian blowout is that your hair pretty much stays styled and straight for a decent amount of time, given that you don’t manipulate and tug on the hair too much.

If you’re letting your hair down and keeping it kink-free, then you won’t need hair tools anytime soon. You’ll do great with just a brush. The whole point of a Brazilian blowout is to say goodbye to heat styling. So, take advantage of the fact because your hair doesn’t need any more damage.

Is A Brazilian Blowout Damaging To The Hair?

To some degree, yes, a Brazilian blowout is damaging. Think about it. You’re using treatments with chemicals in the hair that are meant to break down the actual texture of the hair. Then, you’re exposing the hair to relaxing treatments and a lot of heat to fuse the treatment. All of these things, in combination, will have adverse effects on the hair even though the results might not show it.

This is why it is really important to give your hair that extra care after getting a Brazilian blowout or any hair straightening or smoothening treatment for that matter because your hair will need it.

What Will Happen To My Hair After A Brazilian Blowout?

After the 8-10-week mark is up, your hair will go back to its normal condition. Since a Brazilian blowout isn’t a permanent hair straightening technique, your hair won’t be altered till they grow out.

Usually, your hair will start to get frizzy after the 6-week mark, but it can be tamed by using a straightener on the roots and smoothening the hair out. After 10 weeks, if you want, you can get a Brazilian blowout touch-up if you want to maintain the glossy and healthy look of your frizz-free mane.


Brazilian blowout is truly an amazing technique for making the hair sleek, frizz-free, and straight to some extent. We have answered popular questions regarding the hair straightening treatment. If you have more queries, get in touch with a Brazilian blowout salon Rockville.

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