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Haircut and Style Rockville, MD

Haircuts and Style, Rockville, MD

Haircuts are artistic creations, yet they do not just exist as beautiful objects. They are meant to enhance and complement facial features, and sometime project an individual’s inner identity. Our master stylists constantly travel to attend seminars in order to bring back to you the latest technique and fashion.

Straight haircut

Opt for a blunt style or hair that is cut straight across. Blunt cut can make the hair look thick, especially if you have fine straight hair. Adding a few layers as it can soften the line. Dry cutting with scissors can create a sharp and precise line.

Haircut for long, straight hair

If you have long hair, a blunt base with a sweeping style or fuller bang is best. To get a sweeping style, the bang starts from the top point of the cheekbone and angled around the face, just touching the eyebrow. In order to get a fuller bang, the hair pulled forward and then cut. Strategically placed layers where some strands are left long can add movement and make the haircut look impressive. If you have medium or shoulder length, bob cut is the best. A blunt cut to the length of the hair till the chin can add volume. Hair can be cut with long layers in the front and sides and shorter at the back.

Haircut for short hair

A short hair style like a pixie cut can give you an edgier look as it can create texture and tousled effect making your hair look fuller. Opt for short, textured, edgy and forward, disconnected A-Line pixie cuts. It is a low maintenance short haircut and apt for those with thin hair at the crown or back of their head.

Haircut for wavy hair

Those with long hair can go for layers with a side-angled or sweeping bangs. Those with short hair can go for a haircut that is ear to chin length. Avoid too many layers.

Haircut for curly hairstyles

If you love your curls find the perfect cut for your spirals in our salon. Since no curls are equal, our certified stylist will consider the diameter of the curl as well as its bounce factor. If you go for a blunt cut, it can create a pyramid-like effect. If thinned, then it will create an uneven pattern and make the hair look frizzy. The hair will be washed and conditioned well before being carved or sliced. Those with long curly hair can opt for a blunt cut at the bottom, medium length should have curls sliced shorter at different lengths and short curly hair can go for any style from pixie to chin length styles.

Whether you are looking for hairstyles for short hair or long hair, our experienced hair stylists in our salons at Rockville, MD will do the wonder.

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