Planning to Have Silver Hair? Read This First


So you have tried every color of the rainbow on your hair. What’s next, you might ask. On the one hand, you can let your hair rest a little bit and rock your natural hair color. On the other hand, you can try other trendy colors!

You can try Balayage hair highlights or visit hair salons specializing in color. You can try different hair colors available in the market. Do you want to try unicorn hair? Go ahead! Or perhaps try rocking silver hair!

Is silver hair dye job for you?

Like any other hair color, silver hair is something that you may want to try. However, there are also people who are seen to be apprehensive of trying out silver hair dye. For some, silver hair would make them look old. But actually, silver hair can add a refreshing touch to your overall look.

It is true that silver hair can be challenging to wear. It will either make you look like a prematurely old person or an ice princess from Disney. Then again, it will depend on how you will carry yourself wearing that silver-dyed hair. Maintaining its silvery sheen for longer is another story.

Thankfully, there are a lot of people who seemed to have embraced their gray hair during the quarantine. Since hair salons were closed during the lockdown period, people either have to wait it out until their favorite hair color correction hair salon reopens, or take matters into their hands.

What to consider before dyeing your hair silver

Deciding to go silver is a personal choice. It can be part of one’s self-expression or just want to jump on the silver hair bandwagon.

Some may have also learned to embrace their gray hair and wanted to enhance that by dyeing their hair silver. Even celebrities like fashion model Bella Hadid went silver at some point. It is actually a filter feature on TikTok but still looked good on her nonetheless.

Still, there are important things to consider before going silver on your hair. As mentioned, maintenance is one thing if you want to make it last. Other things to take note of when it comes to hair coloring include the following.

The hair color should match your natural skin tone.

Regardless of the hair color you choose, it is important to choose one that will suit your hair color. This also applies if you plan on dyeing your hair a silver tinge.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot have silver hair if you have a darker complexion. It still boils down to personal preference. But ideally, silver hair suits those with pinkish and warm skin tones suit.

The entire coloring process will take some time – and can be uncomfortable, too.

Expect to undergo a long coloring process, including bleaching, to achieve the silver hair you want. You should also consider the potential damage bleaching can do to your hair.

Your natural hair color will also dictate how long it will take to achieve that silvery locks. The darker your natural hair color and the lighter your preferred hair dye is, the longer it will be to get the hair color you want.

You might have to chop off some hair.

Your hair ends might get dry as you go along the hair coloring process. So listen to your hair color correction specialist for proper hair care tips if you don’t want to live with dried and frizzed-up hair. You should also be willing to chop off your hair if needed.

Silver hair ideas for first-timers

Experts say you don’t have to color your hair all the way. Instead, you can consider alternatives to rock your silver hair. For example, you can consider Balayage hairstyles using silver hair dye. Other silver hair ideas you can choose from the following:

  • Silver ombre
  • Silver-blonde
  • Silver purple
  • Silver blue
  • Platinum silver
  • Dark silver
  • Silver pink
  • Silver highlights (on blonde, brunette, or black hair)

But if you are not fully committed to coloring your hair silver but would love to try it, you can opt for silver clip-in hair extensions instead.

Find a reputable hair coloring salon near you

It’s up to you whether you DIY your hair color or visit a salon specializing in Balayage hairstyles in Rockville. You should already know what to expect if you are planning to go silver on your hair. More importantly, don’t forget regular care and maintenance so that your hair color will last for longer.

Buying Hair Products Online? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Since the COVID-19 wreaked havoc into our lives months ago, a lot of businesses have to adjust to the so-called “new normal”. Some are able to survive the pandemic and are able to reopen but with certain restrictions like physical distancing and wearing masks. One of the most hardly-hit businesses is hair salons.

Fortunately, there are hair straightening salons and hair salons specializing in color that have reopened in many parts of the world. The same also goes to other types of businesses like food establishments and some malls. Meanwhile, a lot of people turned to online stores to buy their necessities.

The thriving world of online shopping

COVID-19 has made our lives a little more challenging than before. Back then, we can to the mall just because. Or have a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment at your favorite salon. However, we cannot do this too easily unless we follow certain health and safety protocols.

Enter online shopping. It has been around for many years now and has indeed made shopping a lot easier for customers. But because of the ongoing pandemic, online businesses and stores thrived a lot these past few months. Studies have shown that at least 30 percent opt to stay at home due to the pandemic.

Both big and small-time businesses shifted to online operations. That way, they will be able to cope up with their target customers’ demands and purchase behavior. Among industries that saw growth in the e-commerce platforms include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Health and beauty (including face masks and hygiene products)
  • Entertainment (Toys and games)
  • Home improvement/hardware/home décor
  • Pet supplies

Buying beauty products online

One of the most in-demand products bought and sold online are health and beauty products. A lot of people were mostly stuck at home, so why not make the most of it? Your favorite Brazilian keratin salon may not be open during the quarantine period. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore your hair and skincare needs.

That is why online stores seem to be a heaven-sent these days. Imagine buying all of your beauty needs without going outside of your house. Instead of having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in a salon, you can do your hair care routine in the comfort of your home.

What to consider when buying hair products online

However, you should also be wary of what you buy online. Unfortunately, counterfeit products and fraudulent transactions are rampant in online businesses. Of course, you won’t let that happen to you.

That is why you should do your research when buying any stuff online. Some things you need to consider when buying quality hair products online include:

  • Does it suit your budget?
  • Does it have a return policy/refund in case of product defects and the like?
  • Does the brand offer other product lines that cater to different hair care needs? (ex. hair color, human hair extensions, keratin treatments, etc.)
  • Are the products made from natural ingredients, or at least the ingredients can be easily seen in the packaging/description?

Buying online or in-store?

We will continue seeing the unstoppable growth of e-commerce in the next coming months. Even if the virus does slow down soon, online stores will continue to thrive mostly due to the convenience and practicality.

However, a lot of people may have apprehensions when it comes to buying stuff online. Since the COVID-19 virus is still around the corner, online stores will surely help a lot with buying your necessities. However, there are also customers who prefer to see the actual product first before buying it.

Here are some things you need to consider if you decide to buy beauty products online or in-person.


  • You are able to experience and compare the product before buying it.
  • There is no shipping fee, which adds to your expense.
  • There is also no waiting period. Instead, you can buy it immediately if you want.
  • You can also check the expiration date immediately.


  • So many choices, too!
  • There are also hidden “gems” (ex. brands that are not usually available in brick-and-mortar stores) that you can find in many online stores.
  • A lot of products sold online are sold with discounts/on sale.
  • It is convenient to buy stuff online – no need to expose yourself outdoors and risk having the dreaded virus.

Choosing whether buying online or in-store depends on your lifestyle and current situation. For your hair care needs, there is some keratin treatment salon in Rockville MD that are already open. It’s up to you whether to buy online or avail hair products and services in person. Make sure to do necessary measures to keep yourself safe from the virus.

Going Au Naturel: A Journey to Hair Love

Every person’s hair is unique. Some are naturally straights, others have natural curls. Some have thick and luscious hair, while others have thin hair. Some are natural blondes, while others are brunette or red-heads. Your hair depends on your genes and even your hair care routine.

Speaking of hair care routine, you can visit a Brazilian keratin salon to enhance your hair’s natural beauty. You can also add color by going to hair salons specializing in color. At the end of the day, our hair deserves the tender loving care it needs whether it’s curly or straight, blonde, or jet-black.

Accepting your natural hair

A lot of people are struggling to accept their natural hair. For example, some women opt to go to a Japanese hair straightening salon to get rid of their wavy hair. Meanwhile, there are also those who use hot curlers to add curls to their stick-straight hair.

Haircare is another story. It can actually be a struggle depending on the type of hair you have. But more than that, taking care of your hair can be an internal struggle as well. A lot of people would only wish to have straight hair when they have curly hair and vice versa. Such kind of situation can even lead to insecurities and low self-esteem.

If you are one of them, know that you are not alone. Accept the fact that sometimes, you can’t always get what you want. You cannot have that naturally straight hair that you want. But at least you can do something about it, even if it means spending some resources on it.

Why you should choose to love your hair

Even if you choose to go to a Japanese hair straightening salon, or consider Balayage hairstyles, it doesn’t mean you do not love your hair. It will depend on your personal preference. At the end of the day, there should be no judgment whatever your choice will be for your hair.

It’s natural to feel somewhat envious of someone’s hair, skin, or body type. Still, there are a lot of reasons why you should love your natural hair. It may take some convincing to do, but you’ll get there eventually.

Natural hair can mean healthier hair.

Frequent hair styling can potentially damage your hair in the long run. However, there are also hair treatments that can help improve your hair’s shine. There is also nothing wrong with using hair styling tools as long as you do not do it more often. But the point here is that you should take care of your hair, whether chemically-treated or not.

You won’t need to worry about the bad weather.

Rocking your natural hair lessens your worries of having a bad hair day. Say, it can be annoying if you have spent time ironing your hair and then it rains while you are outside. Or perhaps you might have to avoid swimming if you have just gone to a keratin treatment salon two days ago.

It makes you “you”.

Your hair may not be as long or luscious as those with those popular celebrities. But your hair is what makes you unique and stands out from the rest. Who knows if there are actually some people who want to have hair like yours? Then again, you can experiment with your looks every now and then. Go ahead if you want to color or cut it in any style you want, as long as it makes you happy.

A woman’s simple story of hair love

Learning to love your natural hair may take some time. But you’ll eventually learn to do so and be proud of it. beauty and style editor Jessica Cruel had type 4 hair. Back then, she was at a loss of how she was going to deal with her kinky hair. She hated her hair then until a random stranger asked about her hair. That woman seemed to be fascinated with Cruel’s hair.

According to Cruel, she was that person who often watched videos for hair inspirations. But all of that changed when she realized that someone actually looked up to her as a hair inspiration. Eventually, she learned to love her naturally big hair.

Your hair is what makes you

You may not love your hair now. But this does not mean you will already neglect your hair. In fact, you should be taking care of your hair more. It is only yours to have and it is what makes you unique.

You can have Balayage hair highlights in Rockville if you want. Or you can let your hair loose and rock your natural hair. At the end of the day, your hair should help you boost your confidence and find your purpose in life.

Looking and Feeling Glam and Confident During Virtual Meetings

You just woke up from deep slumber, and it’s only 10 minutes before your scheduled Zoom meeting. You still have time to change into a nice office blouse, fix your hair, and apply some make-up. But choosing the right clothes, hairstyles, and makeup is another story and can take some time as well.

Combing your hair in time for a work-related meeting may not be enough. At least, you would want your hair to look nice in front of the camera. However, most hair salons are not open as of now due to COVID-19. So more often than not, you are on your own now when it comes to hair care and beauty regimen.

The so-called “Zoom effect”

On the one hand, people tend to be lazy touching up themselves when working at home. Most hair extensions salon or Brazilian blowout salon are closed now, so professional hair treatments are impossible for now.

But we have to thank for such technologies like Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, and other similar apps. For one thing, it has made working at home a lot easier and more productive.

But for some reason, working at home has made us forget how to look presentable to other people. Except only during video call meetings that we have to touch up a little bit. However, some people tend to rely on such video apps’ filter features to at least smoothen out your skin.

For one thing, we are fortunate to have access to these kinds of technology. Through these features, you can be instantly beautiful with little to none make-up. Plus, you get to stay safe at home while keeping your job. Nonetheless, this is no excuse not to take care of your hair and skincare regimen while working at home.

Looking fab in online meetings

We are more connected than ever during this time of a pandemic. We may be practicing physical distancing now, but it didn’t lessen our time to socialize with our friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Sure, it feels more comfortable at home sans the Balayage hair highlights or even clip-in hair extensions. But it doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to your beauty regimen on and off-(video) camera. Feeling pretty is just as good as looking good in the eyes of other people.

A keratin treatment by a hairstylist is impossible as of now. But, there are still ways to look and feel good while stuck at home. More so, if you have video meetings with your office team.

Tips to look professional and glammed up during video meetings

There are some important things to consider if you want to look presentable on your online team meetings. For one, it is not only about choosing the right makeup or hairstyle but also in the right set-up. Here are some useful tips when having online meetings.

Find a nice work area.

First of all, you need to find that perfect spot in your home where you can work and have video meetings in peace. One easy option is setting up your workspace in your bedroom. However, make sure to separate your workspace from your bed. Or else, you won’t be able to resist your own bed’s charm.

Find a comfortable desk and chair.

It is better to buy an ergonomic chair with back support. Choose one that covers not only your back but also the back of your head and nape. Also, make sure to buy a desk that can accommodate both your computer or laptop and your arms.

Adjust your computer at eye-level.

There are desks that can help in maintaining your laptop or computer at eye level. It also helps in keeping good posture and preventing you from slouching which is bad for your back.

Find good lighting.

Aside from a good work area, make sure that the lighting cooperates with you, too. As much as possible, look for an area where natural lighting is present. Or if you want, you can invest in a ring light which can make you look more pleasant on camera.

Go easy on your hair and makeup during video meetings.

For brighter-looking eyes, dab a little concealer under your eyes. For attractive eyes, you can add some mascara or eyeliner. Add some little amount of cheek blush. As much as possible, let your hair down while working. Or if you have your own hair extensions, try to include it on your online meeting look.

Look and feel pretty even at home

These are some tips that will help you look and feel pretty and confident during online meetings. There is no need to worry about finding an open keratin treatment salon in Rockville, which is impossible right now.

In the meantime, you should not take your hair and skincare routine for granted. There is no occasion needed when it comes to looking and feeling great and confident about yourself.

Bouncing Back to Business: How Salon Owners Can Cope with COVID-19

Life after COVID-19 will definitely be different from what people got used to. More so, normal routines have been massively disrupted. People have to shelter in place, and businesses have to close down in the meantime. Hair salons also have to shut down temporarily or accept limited appointments in some areas.

People cannot go outside unless for urgent matters. Unfortunately, having Balayage hair highlights and a keratin treatment by a hairstylist are not considered “urgent” compared to those who need immediate care due to COVID-19 or other medical reasons. In the meantime, people have to wait until they can visit a keratin treatment salon.

How are salon owners doing now?

Owning a salon business can be profitable. For one thing, people wanted to look and feel good all the time. It can be achieved by trying Balayage hairstyles, some kind of hair treatment, or just a simple hair trim. But since most salons are closed now, people have to do their hair care routines at home.

While beauty salons can be profitable, owning one is not an easy journey, either. Salon owners also have to deal with other payables including their employees’ payroll, rent, utilities, and cleaning services among a few. However, it has become more challenging when COVID-19 happened.

Salon owners have to close down their businesses in the meantime. However, the expenses are still piling up. In some cases, landlords refuse to waive rent for their tenants and even threaten to file legal action against the latter. Not only employees’ livelihoods are jeopardized due to the pandemic but the owners as well.

The truth is that salons aren’t meant to handle global crises such as this one. A lot of beauty industry employees found themselves out of work. Some aren’t even qualified for unemployment benefits. Some of them turned to other sources of income that are way out of their expertise, such as food delivery service.

How the beauty industry can survive COVID-19

The beauty industry cannot thrive without personal interaction or touch. This is one major reason why salons, massages, and spa businesses are among the most hit of the pandemic. If you are an owner of a human hair extensions salon or spa business, you are not alone.

There are still ways your business can be useful for a lot of customers out there. It’s just a matter of how you and your business will adapt to the new normal. Here are some ways you can do for your loyal customers, like a salon or spa owner.

Consider pre-booking.

If your business needs to close down in the meantime, you can consider encouraging your customers to book an appointment with you once your business opens again. If you can offer discounts to those who will pre-book an appointment to your salon, then much better.

Sell your beauty products online.

Consider opening an online store so your customers can still avail of your beauty products if your salon has them. Promote your nail care products, hair oil, hair masks, and other hair essentials for your customers.

Set up video consultations for your clients.

Utilize your social media page by offering live consultations or videos for proper hair care at home. Say, you can guide your viewers to trim their hair or their husband’s hair. Provide tips to avoid split ends, DIY hair dyeing, and other hair care advice.

Boost your employees’ morale.

This situation is also hard for your employees. As an owner and employer, it is important to be there for them during these trying times. Make sure to check on them from time to time through video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype.

The new normal in the beauty industry

We can just pray that this COVID-19 be gone and over soon so that everyone can resume their lives. However, things may not be the same way again. But this doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you and your business to rise up.

You can expect more customers to flock into your salon once the quarantine is over. In fact, a lot of people said that they plan on having beauty therapy post-lockdown. This includes a trip to a Brazilian keratin straightening salon, a massage and spa center, and the like.

On the other hand, more people would prefer DIY hair care treatments. However, nothing beats personal interaction with your favorite salon and spas near you. As a salon owner, it is important that you make your customers safe when they visit your salon soon.

It’s all about brand experience

COVID-19 has changed the way we lived, and how businesses dealt with the ongoing situation as well. It is a challenging time, indeed. But it’s how businesses bounce back from the inevitable impact of COVID-19.

At the end of the day, it’s all about staying connected, present, and relevant to your current and potential customers. Perhaps you would want to set an appointment with a Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville? We hope to see you after this pandemic is over.

Tempting to Chop Off or Dye Your Hair While on Quarantine? Read This First

COVID-19 has greatly affected our daily routines. From doing grocery runs, going to the gym, or visiting your favorite hair salons, staying at home has become the new normal.

Imagine how annoying it can be not having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist nowadays. Instead, we may have to wait until we can visit a Brazilian keratin salon when this health crisis eases down.

However, businesses have suffered too, due to the ongoing health crisis. Some of them include hair salons specializing in color and beauty centers offering human hair extensions. It is kind of crazy about what is happening right now. However, we can just hope that all of these will soon pass.

Staying presentable and clean at home

Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we have to disregard our personal hygiene. In fact, it is important that we pay attention to our cleanliness in these critical times. We have to wash our hands when we touch surfaces and other things. Don’t forget to take a bath too, even if you are only at home all day!

And then there are our usual health and beauty regimens. For now, home workouts will do. You can check out videos online for different workout routines you can try. Your makeup kit might have taken a back seat. Perhaps you can try putting on makeup while working at home or when doing Zoom meetings.

As for hair care, there are also homemade hair products you can use. At some point, you also might have thought about cutting your own hair. After all, a lot of people have already done that and loved the results. So, why can’t you, right?

Hold it right there!

But wait! You would not want to cut your own hair especially if it’s your first time, would you? However, we are all living in desperate times. At some point, we have thought of cutting our hair because it’s already getting on our nerves. Or perhaps we just want to have a refreshing change amidst these uncertain times we are living in.

For one thing, cutting your own hair can do more harm than good. Men may have no problems if they simply want to shave their entire hair. But it’s another story for women. Unless you are willing to shave your head for a change, then hair care and styling won’t be a problem during the quarantine period.

It can also be easy for people to be “inspired” by those who did cut or shave their hair at home. After all, it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone as part of one’s personal learning. But sometimes, being impulsive about something can lead to regrets later on.

Styling your hair while on quarantine

Hair maintenance can be challenging while the pandemic is ongoing. A lot of people might already be missing visiting their favorite keratin treatment salon. Or you cannot wait to visit a hair color correction hair salon for your dyed hair.

In the meantime, we have to be patient until this health crisis is over. We are all affected by the pandemic, and staying at home is the best thing we can do to help especially for our front liners.

More so, if you haven’t cut or dyed their hair on their own before. For now, here are some things you can do as part of your hair care regimen (quarantine edition).

Try bangs first.

If in doubt, try experimenting for bangs first. Using blunt scissors are a no-no. Instead of a horizontal cut, try doing a textured cut almost touching the eyebrows. Hold the scissors vertically and make small and quick cuts to your hair.

Avoid coloring your hair on your own.

If you are seeing your natural hair color peeking through the roots, you can use a brush-on powder to cover the hair roots. It is a temporary fix so that it won’t be noticeable while video chatting.

Give your hair some deep conditioning.

Now is the time to do deep conditioning to your hair. Use deep-conditioning masks, or use homemade hair products available in your home.

Haircare in the midst of COVID-19

It can be a challenge during these trying times. You can go ahead and experiment on your hairstyle if you are confident enough. Otherwise, you might only regret your impulsive decision in the end.

Still, there is no excuse not to take care of your hair while cooped up at home. Better yet, we can wait until this pandemic is over so we can get a haircut and some serious hair treatment in our favorite salons offering Brazilian keratin straightening in Rockville.

Keeping Sane While Working At Home with These Tips

These past weeks have become anxiety-inducing times. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we would never know when this pandemic will end. Our freedom and livelihoods are at stake, but we have to stay at home and keep ourselves healthy and safe. You also have to postpone your appointment for a keratin treatment by a hairstylist.

There is no denying of the fact of how this pandemic has changed our lives drastically. Even going to our favorite hair salons is forbidden for now due to the social distancing policy. Your dream Balayage hair highlights or Brazilian keratin straightening would have to wait for now.

Working at home: The good

Offices and other major establishments have to close down due to COVID-19. On the other hand, a lot of companies opted for a work-at-home setting for their employees.

Being a work-at-home employee at this time can have pros and cons. Seasoned home-based workers already know these all too well. But for the sake of first-timers, there are things you need to know about working at home.

On the one hand, it saves you time from preparing for work – from choosing your outfit, preparing breakfast, and so on. You also save time from commutes and dealing with annoying co-workers.

You get to work in your pajamas and work in your own time (unless you have an agreed work schedule with your employer). You won’t have to be embarrassed looking good all the time because you haven’t gone to a keratin treatment salon or wore makeup for a long time.

Working at home: The bad

On the downside, working at home can be isolating. You have no workmates to mingle and socialize with. Being a remote worker may not be for all especially if you are a naturally sociable person. There will also be distractions at home: your pets, your children, social media, and even your refrigerator.

It can be twice as challenging if you are a work-at-home parent. Your time will be divided between actual work, household chores, and taking care of your entire household.

Communication can be an issue as you have to do it through emails and messaging apps instead of face-to-face interactions. Your productivity levels can be affected as well when working at home. These are some of the pros and cons of working at home.

How to make the most out of your work-at-home life

Some jobs can be done at homes such as content writing, cold calling, or graphic designing. Those working in food production, hair straightening salons, and retail stores cannot work at home.

Still, there are ways you can be productive while working at home. Also, working at home doesn’t mean you cannot look and feel glam anymore. Here are tips to boost and motivate you during these uncertain times.

Schedule after-work group huddles.

Make sure not to contact your teammates during work time. They need some kind of support too during the lockdown period. Say, for example, you can dedicate a channel/group chat for work, and then another for non-work banter and chit-chat. We should still be “social” in the time of “social distancing”.

Designate a spot in your house where you will work.

It can be in a corner of your room, the attic, basement, or elsewhere without distractions and noise. Let your family know your work schedule so they can let you work in peace as much as possible.

Turn on the music.

Some can work best with music, while others don’t. It’s up to you. There are studies wherein people tend to be more productive with soothing music playing in the background. You can check out these kinds of relaxing music online.

Distract yourself from time to time.

Now, this one may seem to contradict but it’s not what you think it is. It is a good idea to stretch a little bit, roam around the room for a few minutes, get a drink, and go back to your desk. This helps in preventing burnout. Sitting for long hours every day isn’t good either. Still, being productive is important above anything else.

Be productive while at home

If you are still able to work while on lockdown, then you are more fortunate than others. You still have your job and the opportunity to earn money in these uncertain times. What’s happening now can be very inconvenient, annoying even.

Our daily routines back then may not be the same again once the pandemic disappears. For now, you would have to skip your appointment in a Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville due to the pandemic. Then again, we still have a lot to be thankful for a house to shelter your family from danger, and simply being healthy and alive.

Common Scalp Problems and Ways to Treat Them

Fusion hair extensions

Finding yourself constantly scratching your scalp all day? It might be due to scalp issues. Even having hair treatments such as a Brazilian keratin straightening can trigger scalp issues if you have one. Human hair extensions and clip in hair extensions can also cause allergic reactions for some users as well.

Having scalp problems can affect your hair care routines. For one thing, we also need to pay attention to our hair health. Thankfully, there are already a lot of hair treatments specially made for hair and scalp problems. Still, it is better to be aware of the common scalp problems a lot of people encounter.

Common hair and scalp issues

In the case of hair and scalp problems, you should consult a doctor immediately. Also, make sure to ask a hair salon personnel first before using any products on your hair and scalp. Some hair products can cause adverse effects on one’s hair and scalp. Some of the most common hair and scalp problems include the following.


It is said that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes the skin’s top layer to develop a scaly rash. It usually appears on the scalp and other parts of the body. However, doctors say psoriasis on the scalp is the most difficult to treat.


This refers to the inflammation of the hair follicles due to several things. It can be an aftereffect of a bacterial infection, irritation due to shaving or hair products, and sweating. It looks like little bumps similar to acne and scattered throughout the scalp area.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This is another common type of hair and scalp problem. Like psoriasis, it also causes scaling and patching especially on the scalp. It also causes dandruff in adults and cradle cap in babies. Experts say it is caused by a fungus called Malassezia, but it can also be triggered by stress and weather changes.

Hair loss

Also known as alopecia, it can cause embarrassment to those who have it. Alopecia can be due to certain medications, harsh hair products, hormonal changes, and genetics.

Other reasons on hair and scalp problems

Aside from the abovementioned conditions, here are other factors that can contribute to hair and scalp issues.


Malnourished people experience weight loss, hair loss, and other health problems. It refers to a nutrient and vitamin deficiency that can impact bodily functions.

Hair products

There are a lot of hair products that contain harsh ingredients and cause adverse effects on hair and scalp. For example, clip in hair extensions can cause allergic reactions to some users. If you are planning for a hair color correction, make sure to ask your hair color correction specialist what you should expect during the procedure.

Hair lice

A hair louse is about the same size as a sesame seed. Its eggs and the lice can also be visible in the naked eye. Hair lice bites can also cause allergic reactions and scalp itching.

Ways to treat hair and scalp problems

It can be a challenge to deal with hair and scalp problems. For one, you need to check hair products and see if it will work for you. At the same time, it won’t cause adverse effects on your hair and scalp.

Getting a keratin treatment by a hairstylist is a good idea, but make sure to know what kind of products they will use on you. Aside from that, you can also do the following if you experience the abovementioned hair and scalp issues.

  • Shampoo your hair every other day. However, it depends on your daily physical activity. Nonetheless, you should check the ingredients before buying any hair products.
  • You can use oral or topical treatments to help alleviate the impact of the symptoms. Consult a doctor so you will know what kind of medications to buy for your hair and scalp problems.
  • Take note of your daily diet, too. Make sure to eat a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals for better-looking hair and overall health, too.
  • Avoid using hair styling tools and products every day. Let your hair loose and go au naturel from time to time.

Final words

Living with any hair and scalp issues can make one’s hair care routine a challenge. It can leave you scratching your head, literally. The abovementioned tips will help manage your hair and scalp issues if you have one. For hassle-free hair salon appointments, make sure to visit only trusted hair salons in Rockville MD.

Hair Supplements: Do They Really Work?

There are a lot of vitamins and supplements available on store shelves. Fish oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and so on… these will make our mind and body healthier. It may not be a bad thing to try if it’s for the betterment of your health. But make sure not to forget your hair health as well.

For one thing, hair trends come and go. But one thing is for sure: having thick and shiny hair won’t go out of style. It is also important to have regular visits to hair salons near you for the hair treatment you need.

Choose from Brazilian keratin straightening for more manageable hair. Or you can try a Balayage hair highlights for a refreshing look to your usual ‘do. Or add volume to your hair through human hair extensions. Also, you can try hair supplements available in beauty stores.

Do hair supplements really work?

For one thing, finding hair supplements aren’t really hard. With so many hair supplement brands available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

However, not everyone may be fond of using hair supplements. Unlike shampoos and other hair care products, hair supplements may be a relatively new thing for many people. But the most important question is this: do they really work?

Basically, these products are promoted to improve your hair. Usually, hair supplement contains a variety of ingredients that are meant to make your hair healthier, bouncier, and shinier. This includes vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, biotin, and other ingredients that may help in better hair health.

However, it is important to note that most of these supplements are not regulated by the FDA. That means there can still be the possibility of false advertisements and promises. That is why you should still do your part in researching more about the product.

How to know if your hair needs rescue

A lot of people especially women do not realize they are nutrient-deficient. It can be because of several things such as stress and poor diet. These can cause your hair to “shut down” and redirect all the energy and nutrients to our body organs instead.

Physical and emotional stress can cause hair shedding or hair fall. That said, having healthier-looking hair does not only rely on popular hair care products. Visiting a keratin treatment salon can help improve your hair health. However, it can be expensive in the long run.

This is when you can consider taking hair supplements. Some of the most popular hair supplements come in chewable gummy forms. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to take it. More so, you should keep it away from children’s reach as it can possibly cause side effects.

What to expect in taking hair supplements

If you are sick, you need to drink medicine. It will help alleviate the symptoms with every dosage you take. But just because you think the symptoms are gone doesn’t mean you will stop taking the medicine. Instead, you should follow the doctor’s orders with regard to the duration of taking the medication.

The same applies to hair supplements. You might not notice the difference when you take a piece of gummy in a day. However, you might see the results at least after a few months. It depends on how you take the supplements religiously.

Then again, it can be because of your new hair growth. Experts say there is little you can do to your current hair. Technically, our hair is already dead unless there is new growth. This means these hair supplements can possibly do wonders for your new hair growth although it could take some time.

Experts also say that hair supplements can help reactivate oil glands after a couple of months. As mentioned, there are a lot of hair supplement brands you can choose from. You should do your own research and choose one that will suit your hair care needs.


At the end of the day, you should not get your hopes up. These hair supplements might work for some. For others, it may take some time depending on how fast their hair growth is. It is also better to get regular treatments from the best hair salons around.

In the meantime, we should stay at home in quarantine due to COVID-19. But once this is all over, make sure to get a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville for a nice treatment your hair deserves.

Nighttime Hair Care Routines You Need to Do Now

We are often reminded to take care of our skin while we’re still young. No wonder there are a lot of skincare products that cater to different parts of our bodies. Facial creams, hand creams, tanning lotions, moisturizing serums… you name it, they have it. There are also day creams and night creams that you apply on the skin depending on the time of the day.

Likewise, we should also take care of our hair like how we take care of our skin. You should have regular visits to hair salons. You should get a keratin treatment by a hairstylist so your hair will feel alive again. To add volume to your hair, you can visit a hair extensions salon. Or perhaps get some Balayage hair highlights for a change.

Nighttime hair care

A lot of people invest in hair care products and treatments to ensure hair health. Most of us go to work during the day. That is why it is understandable that we want our hair to look good all day. But it’s another story during night time.

Usually, we pay attention to how our hair feels and looks in the mornings. We spend time in the shower using masks and conditioners to keep our hair moisturized all day. Some even spend additional minutes in front of the mirror and use hair styling tools for better results. Some spend time in a keratin treatment salon to give life to their dull-looking hair.

When night time comes, we simply shower our hair of any grit and dirt, plop on the bed, and call it a day. However, most people do not realize the importance of night time hair care. For one thing, we only know of nighttime skincare, not night time hair care routines.

In fact, hair experts advise taking care of your hair even before bedtime. For one thing, your hair tends to get tangled and frizzy as you toss and turn in bed. Most people do not realize it, but there are common bedtime habits that actually do harm to your hair.

Bad bedtime habits that can damage your hair

If you love your hair, you need to stop doing the following right now.

Using hair ties with metals

Using a hair tie with a metal component, or even tying your hair at night, can pull your hair. It can cause hair fall and damage to your hair.

Tying your hair tightly

Tying your hair may be a good thing to keep your hair looking neat. However, you should not do this every day or even while sleeping. Frequently tying your hair can cause receding hairlines and thinning hair.

Sleeping with your hair wet

A lot of people do this and not giving care about it. After all, it’s very relaxing to sleep after taking a refreshing shower. However, sleeping with wet hair can actually be more prone to damage.

Not washing your hair at night

Well, it depends on your hair’s situation. Some people may have not been exposed to the elements and sweat during the day. But if you just came out of the gym, you need to wash your hair. In such cases, you should dry your hair first naturally before heading straight to bed.

How to care for your hair before bedtime

There are many ways we can take care of our hair. You can have a Brazilian keratin straightening to make your hair frizz-free and more manageable. If you want to go to hair salons specializing in color, make sure to keep your hair maintained and moisturized after the coloring treatment. Here are some tips you can do for your night time hair care routine.

  • Brush your hair correctly before going to bed. This will help redistribute your scalp’s natural oils to your hair. Use a bristle brush for your hair.
  • Apply an overnight mask to restore moisture and radiance to your hair. Focus on your hair ends and rinse the next morning.
  • Pull your hair in a loose bun (not tight). This will help prevent tangles, knots, and static due to friction with your bedsheets.
  • Invest in satin or silk sheets and pillowcases. This will lessen the occurrence of hair static and damage.

Haircare all day and all night

Haircare should not only be for the day, but also including night time. After all, our hair needs the right amount of care and maintenance it needs. If you need a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville, you should visit only trusted hair salons near you!