What Are The Common Mistakes With Balayage?

The balayage hair coloring technique can give you the perfect naturally blended hair look. The technique of balayage hair highlights require a skillful hairstylist. If you’re doing balayage on your hair or someone else’s hair, you should know the common things that go wrong in balayage-ing hair.

Top Balayage Mistakes

Using The Tip Of The Brush

The results of balayage are the best when the wide part of the brush is used for coloring sections of hair. The wide part is used because balayage should appear natural. Using the tip of the brush will give you the opposite results of what you want.

That’s because if you use the tip of the brush, the section between the hair strands will be colored as well. This will make the hair appear that they have been colored.

Taking Shorter Strokes Of The Brush

This goes with the above point. When someone uses the tip of the brush, they may use shorter strokes for coloring hair. This will not bring the results that people want from balayage. To ensure a natural look, take longer strokes of the brush. Moreover, this tip is for all lengths of hair. You should not avoid longer strokes on shorter hair.

Using The Wrong Brush

All balayage brushes don’t work for all types of hair textures. So, know the hair texture. If it’s your hair, you will already know the type of your hair and ask a hairstylist to suggest the best balayage brush for your hair type.

Usually, a wide foam brush is better for more control of the painting process due to the angled tip of the brush. For thin to thick hair, using a traditional paintbrush is better. However, if you’re working with fine or medium hair, you need a high level of control and that’s why you should use a melt brush for lightening hair sections.

Wrong Sectioning

Sectioning is key to getting natural-looking balayage highlights. Generally, if you create thin sections, they will be the best while thick sections will make the process lowlights. So, most of the time, you should go for thin sections.

For sectioning, you should again keep in mind the type of hair you’re working with. If you have thin hair, you should not create thicker sections.

Coloring Hair From The Wrong Elevation And Angle

In hair coloring, elevation means the distance of your hands and brush from the hair. Getting the correct elevation is about the level of the chair the person (who is getting balayage) is sitting on and the height of the person who is coloring the hair.

If your height is shorter, you can have the color receiver sit on a chair that is lower or an adjustable chair that can be lowered. You can also stand on something if you don’t want to hurt your feet with heels.

Not Holding The Hair With Enough Tension

When you color hair for balayage, you need to hold them with tension you can replicate for all the strands. Moreover, the tension level should be correct to ensure that each strand receives color evenly. So, make sure that the hair is held with enough tension that they are straight and allow even and controlled color distribution. But be sure to never pull the hair of the color receiver. No one would like that!

Color Bleeding

The strands that are sectioned to receive color should be dyed and the others should not. Color bleeding is the opposite of it. With the colored strands, other parts of hair get colored unintentionally due to incorrect techniques. Color bleeding during a balayage coloring treatment is also referred to as hot spots.

To avoid this problem, make sure you’re separating the lightened hair strands from natural hair. You can also cover the top part of the hair with plastic sheets after painting, and then go with coloring the lower parts of the hair.

Using The Wrong Product

The type of hair coloring product also impacts the balayage look. You should check the type of hair of the person who wants a balayage so choose the correct product. For women with thin hair, you should use a product that is thicker so the color solutions on the hair and doesn’t drip. Because a small amount of dripping can lead to hot spots.

Moreover, you should go for a product with a loose solution for thick hair, so the color spread evenly on coarse hair.

Not Putting The Right Pressure On The Brush

Apart from holding the hair with the correct tension, you should put the correct pressure on the brush when painting different parts of a strand. With longer strokes, you should keep the pressure in check.

Inconsistent Saturation

Balayage should look natural and you need some inconsistence to achieve that. However, you still need the correct saturation for each area of hair to get the results you want. Depending on the area of each strand, apply enough color so the color lifts enough.

Typically, seeing the hair strands after applying the color to them means you have not applied enough color. So, the hair won’t appear different than before because the change won’t be noticeable. This advice is for the areas that require maximum saturation.

If you’re painting transitional areas, the areas that require less saturation, putting too much hair will only hurt the balayage look.

Excessive Time Under The Dryer

Using a dryer part of the balayage highlighting process, but it should be done with care as well because too much time under the dryer can result in severe damage to the hair.

For determining how long you should keep the hair under the dryer, take the hair texture into account. Thin hair should not be dried for more than 25 minutes while thick hair may require you to heat them for 35-45 minutes.

However, you should not leave anything to guess. You should always check the hair after the first 15 minutes of exposure to the dryer. If the hair is dry, remove the dryer. If the hair is almost dry, give it another 5 minutes, and so on. Make sure to check the hair after every 5 or 10 minutes. Better safe than sorry!

Not Leaving The Lightener For The Correct Amount Of Time

Even if you saturate the hair correctly, you might not get the right lift if the hair was under-processed. Two factors are responsible for this mistake. Not using the right product and not leaving the color for enough time.

So, choose a color brand that gives the best results. And after applying the lightener, leave it for an hour. Many people leave it only for 30 minutes and that’s why they don’t get the right balayage effect.

Painting Too Often

Maintaining balayage allows you to flaunt the natural and chic balayage look, but you should be careful and avoid painting the hair too often. Excessive coloring of balayage hair will only lead to too much brightness which will remove depth and dimension.


The balayage hair coloring technique will work best if you get it done by a professional stylist. If you’re doing balayage for someone, avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to ensure a flawless sun-kissed look. With perfect coloring, you can go for many different balayage hairstyles Rockville that will turn heads.

How To Fix And Prevent Brassy Hair?

Dyeing your hair and changing it is great and all, but if you bleach your hair for the first time or have it done unprofessionally, then it can turn your beautiful locks into a brassy orange mess. You will need to visit a hair color correction hair salon for fixing this. However, if you want to give it a try yourself, here is what you can do to eliminate the brassy tones in your hair.

Fixing The Brassiness In Your Hair

Brassy or orange tones in your hair are normal, especially if it was dark beforehand and you’ve gone ahead and bleached it. Bleaching dark hair into blonde hair is not a one-time process. You need to constantly tone your hair down to get the perfect blonde hair. Here is what you can do to fix the brassiness in your hair.

Use A Purple Shampoo

First things first, you need to figure out the tones in your hair and then get a color-correcting shampoo for it. If you know anything about the color wheel and how it works, then you may know that orange and blazing warm tones are always neutralized with a cool-toned color, like purple.

These colors complement each other and the result will be even colored hair, in the end. Use a purple shampoo on a daily basis to get rid of those orange tones in your hair. This will take time, so you might need to do it for a couple of weeks to see a difference.

Use Hair Toner

Hair toners or gloss work as color correctors for your hair. Usually, if you go to a salon, the colorist will use a toner on your hair after it’s been bleached, especially if your hair was previously dark. The difference between a color-correcting shampoo and a hair toner or gloss is that there is no color in the shampoo and it will only neutralize your hair.

A hair toner or gloss, however, will add a semi-permanent tinge of color to your hair, along with much-needed gloss, which will make your hair look even in color and tone.

Check The Water

This might be unusual, but there are certain minerals and salts in your shower water, which can enhance the appearance of brass tones in your hair. If you are experiencing this problem, then you might want to get a shower filter.

A shower filter will help to get rid of all of the unwanted chemicals, even chlorine, and you can wash your hair with clean and pure water, without damaging your colored or bleached hair.

Wash Your Hair Frequently

A quick chemical-free way to fix the brassy tones in your hair is to wash it regularly after having been bleached. This is a tip for when you really don’t have the time to go to a salon to get a hair gloss treatment or even a purple shampoo. This will give you the results you need and you can be out the door in no time.

This practice is not recommended if you want to make your hair dye last longer. The sole purpose of this tip is to get rid of the excess bleach in your hair and you might need to go to the salon afterward and get your hair fixed again.

Use Products For Dyed Hair

This tip is usually forgotten, most of the time. Dyed hair is different from natural hair which hasn’t been colored before, so you need to make sure that you’re using products that are meant for color-treated hair.

These products contain certain ingredients which will not only protect your dyed hair and make it last longer but will also nourish the hair from the inside out, so that your mane doesn’t feel and look dull and brittle, because let’s face it, bleach can really take a toll on your hair health, in general.

Nourish Your Hair

Deep conditioning is a must for color-treated hair, but it can also help you if you have brassy tones in your hair. Certain conditioners and treatments will neutralize the color itself and there is no need for you to spend money on another color-correcting treatment.

Healthy and nourished hair will look beautiful and even in color and tone, so you don’t need to fret at all. Try to get a conditioner or treatment which works for hair that has been bleached or colored, otherwise, it won’t do the trick.

Tips For Preventing Brassiness

Here are some things you can do to prevent your hair from turning brassy or orange.

Avoid The Extremes

There are different shades of blonde one can go for. If your hair is dark and you want to bleach it to blonde, then instead of going for a white or platinum blonde, try to go for a darker blonde, which is easier to achieve on your specific shade of hair.

Brassy and orange tones can occur if you’re trying to bleach your dark hair too quickly and cutting the shade down, by a significant amount. Try to stick to blonde shades which will look good on your existing hair color.

Your Hair Needs Protection Too

After getting your hair bleached, you’re going to want to protect it from sunlight and UV damage. UV rays can significantly make your hair color look dull and it can also impart an orange hue to your hair.

Along with that, you also want to limit going into chlorinated waters for a while, because chlorine can turn a blonde shade into a reddish-orange shade and you definitely don’t want that. If you must go into the water, then tuck your hair in a swimming cap, so that your hair isn’t exposed to any harmful chemicals in the water.

Post-Bleach Hair Care

After you’ve bleached your hair, there are specific things you need to keep in mind, which will preserve your hair color for longer and make it look more radiant than ever. Here are a couple of things you need to take care of:

  • Try to avoid washing your hair too frequently, especially after the hair dyeing process. You want to preserve the hair color as much as you can.
  • Use products that are meant for colored and bleached hair.
  • Always do a deep conditioning hair mask or treatment, at least once a week to restore the damage.

Use Cold Water

Cold water can do wonders for your hair. It makes the hair look naturally shiny and healthier. Cold water can also save your hair from getting brassy. The cold water will shock the hair follicles and will bring instant shine and radiance to your hair. So, after getting your hair bleached, try to wash your hair with cold water.

With bleached hair, it’s recommended that you wash your hair once a week, so whenever you do, try to incorporate cold water into that routine. Your hair will look healthy and the color will be beautiful too.


Brassy hair is a huge hair-dyeing faux pas and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Luckily, now you know the ways by which it can not only be fixed but prevented in the future too. If it’s confusing, get help from hair salons specializing in color Rockville.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

Do your hair tresses look and feel stressed? Considering anything and everything you subject your hair to every day causes some damage. It occasionally ends up with dry strands that lacks luster.

The most common reason why hair has heat damage is because of the chemical processes like chemical and color relaxers, and heat damage from using hot tools every day. Environmental factors like hardness, UV rays, and the cold also causes damage. There are a lot of ways to bring your locks back to life.

You can choose to visit a Brazilian keratin salon anytime, but it would be better if you also know how to repair hair damage before it gets worse. You can read this article until the end to learn more.

Apply Hair Mask Weekly

The shampoo and conditioner you normally use are important, but there is a third player that should be part of your routine. You need to make a hair mask a weekly thing. It is recommended to look for moisturizing formulas that have ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil.

Even if these will not repair any damage, they will add a lot of moisture. Therefore, this will make your hair look and feel smoother and softer, which is always good.

Apply Hair Oil

Coconut oil is among nature’s fabulous products for hair. It penetrates your hair cuticle in order to repair hair damage.

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizing agent and it helps replenish moisture loss from hair.

Almond oil will help rehydrate dry strands while reducing frizz. Argan oil is packed with vitamins E and A. It will hydrate hair and prevent breakage.

Pay Attention to Your Scalp

The scalp is part of your skin, which is why it is best to address the issues that your scalp could be experiencing. This is because of keratin and hair color treatments, excessive heat, extensions, tension, and the buildup of products. You should first start with the right scalp mask or oil that will address the current need of the condition of your scalp and provide cellular turnover with anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, you need to apply pre-shampoo oil or mask coming from root ends that layer over the scalp pre-shampoo treatment.

Search for Bond Builders

It is hard to reverse hair damage once it has been done, but an increasing category of products will promise to do just that. Bond-building treatments will work by repairing protein bonds that break when your hair is damaged. They rely on different proprietary ingredients, so it is difficult to know what ingredients you need to look for.

The best thing you can do is to look for products that fix bond repair.

Proper Nutrition

Vitamins and nutrients are important for healthy hair shine and growth. A diet that lacks vitamins, minerals, important fatty acids, and proteins could lead to hair structural abnormalities and even hair loss.

You need to consume a balanced diet that has different products, including fruits, protein, grains, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Use Dry Shampoo When Not Washing Your Hair

After your hair is done, you would want to extend your style for as long as you can. Skip wash day and use dry, clean shampoo between washes so your hair gets a break. You can use dry shampoo that reduces oil, adds root volume, and soothes the scalp between washing through chamomile extract. You can use a soothing formula as well because of the balancing and soothing properties that will be very beneficial to your hair.

You can try a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville MD anytime if your damaged hair needs more to be fixed.

How to Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat

It is official – in case there is time to own your curls, you should do it now.

If the idea of straightening your natural texture is worse compared to dealing with another delayed flight, then there are options. You can forget about the iron and approach styling more organically. You need to forget about the styling tools, and leave the heat damage behind because improving the natural movement of your hair should not be a daunting prospect anymore.

You can go to a hair color correction specialist to get hair treatment and then curl hair without heat so your hair will not go through a lot and get ruined. Read on to learn more.

 Adopt the ‘Twist and Press’ Method When You are Drying Hair

Everyone is guilty of rough drying their tresses after you shower, but the motion can crush natural curls and encourage frizz. The gentler ‘press and twist’ method preserves curls and provides the body.

You can just take your towel and press and twist your hair instead of rubbing your hair back and forth. Rubbing your hair vigorously to dry is going to push the hair cuticles upwards, creating frizz.

The Noodle Method

Part your fresh and damp hair into two sections. That means going down the middle-parting it back towards your nape. Then, lay the hair noodle on your head, with enough length of the noodle on both sides. Clip your hair into place using a large claw clip. With the hair that is closest to your parting, you should start wrapping your hair around the curler and continue working your way down the hairline until you wrap all your hair around the noodle, and then tie it at the end. You can leave your noodle for four hours until your hair has dried.

Finger Coiling

Finger coiling is an awesome way to give your curls more definition, and it also helps you retain the curl pattern after straightening or pressing your strands. This is a recommended pairing method, which only involves coiling your curl around the finger and then setting it in place with a modern hair tool. It is for detangling hair, stimulating the scalp, blood circulation improvement, and hair massage in scalp products.

Go Gentle When Using a Hairbrush

Curly hair can be drier and more brittle compared to other types. That means pulling a hairbrush through it is going to cause breakage and iron out the natural shape of your curls, but that does not mean you have to completely avoid it.

A detangling toothbrush on conditioned hair is an excellent way to get your curls popping and it is the best time to brush your hair.

Pigtail Brands

You can use this heatless styling method at least once a week. You can find the key to a lasting frizz-free look, which is all in the preparation, no matter what the curling method is. When you have freshly washed hair, you can apply a couple of smoothing hair drops. You should add to the mid-lengths and edges of your hair so that any frizz is kept at bay. When your hair is about 50% dry, you can plait the two sections, and leave it like that overnight.

Pin Curls

Pin curls can deliver volume sans hot tools and curls. You can simply roll your hair strands around your finger and pin the coiled sections with clips or bobby pins. You should try this style before going to bed because the results are best after a night of wearing it.

You can check Brazilian blowout salon Rockville anytime for the best hair treatments.

Signs Your Hair is Suffering from Heat Damage

Heat is among the most important hair tools in styling that most women and men are using to style hair. Straightening, drying, dyeing, and curling all require heating. The unfortunate thing is that, while people strive to make their hair appear striking and beautiful, people do not usually realize the damage that has been caused.

Most of the time, heat is the worst enemy of hair. The damage that has been caused in just a couple of days can take months before it can be repaired. The heat can dry out hair, making it look lifeless. So before you pay for a keratin treatment by hairstylist, make sure you know the signs of hair heat damage.

Excessive Shedding of Hair

It is better to remember that hair shedding is natural. A person normally loses 50 to 100 hairs a day. However, in case you feel as if you shed more than usual, you could be suffering from heat damage.

The best way to check if you can shed more hair than before is to check the hair left in your bathtub drain after you take a shower. The hair clump should not be more than one inch in diameter. However, if you really have long hair, the numbers will be different.

Your Curls Will Not Bounce

What do your curls seem to look like now? Is the natural wave or curl pattern similar to how it has always been, or maybe it seems limp, or parts of it that are semi or totally straight? If the curls are going toward the second category, that is an indication that you have some heat damage on your hair.

There are Split Ends

You most likely have seen and heard of recommendations to have a trim every three months. That is the cause of split ends. This is normal, and everyone has them.

That is because the tips are the oldest hair shaft and they are prone to snagging breakage, and more.

However, if there are many of them that appear too fast, it could be because of the heat damage.

In order to check this thoroughly, you need to look for white dots on strand tips. After that, do a friction test and then slide one strand between fingertips.

If the tip easily breaks, it is mainly because of heat damage.

Your Hair is Porous

Porous hair becomes a big problem for girls who like to dye their hair. It will not hold on to the color when you have porous hair, so you will need frequent touch-ups. In order to check, if your hair is too porous, you should put a strand into your water. If the strand immediately sinks instead of floating, your hair is very porous.

Constant heating could make your locks prone to breakage. Meanwhile, it will keep them from looking great when they are dyed.

Your Tresses are Not as Elastic as Before

A not subtle indication sign of heat damage is how the hair feels. When your tresses are okay, they feel smooth when you run your fingers through them. When they have heat damage, they are going to feel dry, rough, and singed. The ends of your hair will not all be even. There are going to be spots that are thinner compared to others.

Not Shiny

Healthy cuticles are equal to shiny hair. If your locks are looking dull after washing, it is an indication of dehydration and damage.

You can go to a Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville MD anytime when your hair is strong enough to handle any kind of treatment.

Food for Healthy Hair Growth

A lot of manufacturers cut harmful chemicals from hair care products, allow regular trims, and stimulate the scalp. However, sometimes it feels as if the strands are stuck at the same length for many years. Which one gives? Based on a board-certified dermatologist, the bodies require a diet that is high in plant-based foods, antioxidants, fiber, and protein for hair growth.

In order to determine the best hair growth and hair health foods, you should know which vitamins and nutrients are important for the process of hair growth. Therefore, people want to become specific on what people can incorporate into their diet to get the locks they want. The keratin treatment by hairstylist will be more effective if you have healthy hair.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins A, C, folate, carotene, and potassium. Green leafy vegetables can also provide your body with keratin, which strengthens hair follicles. Green leafy vegetables are a great source of iron, an important mineral in the body that carries nutrients and oxygen. Due to low iron levels, hair follicles will not get enough nutrients, which can hamper hair growth and weakens the hair strands.


It is the best time to gorge on an avocado salad because this is a nice food to make hair grow faster. The internet is going crazy about this hit avocado, and it is for the right reasons. Avocado is rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that can help combat stress by neutralizing free radicals and it enhances blood circulation and helps provide follicles for hair growth. Avocado has a lot of fatty acids, which are important for hair growth. Therefore, it can also protect the scalp from damage.


Legumes, like lentils and beans, are full of hair-improving vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and biotin. The keratin structure can be strengthened by Biotin, which makes up your skin, hair, and nails. It will make the hair stronger, more resistant to breakage, and it will look thicker. Legumes are an excellent source of protein, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts, like almonds, walnut seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds, carry a lot of hair benefits. They contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which increases hair thickness because it keeps it hydrated and strong. Nuts and seeds also have zinc, which promotes hair health because it increases cell reproduction and improves immunity. Additional nutrients in nuts and seeds for hair include magnesium, iron, phosphorous, selenium, and copper. Therefore, nuts and seeds are excellent for hair thickness and growth.


Including meat in your diet, especially red meat for your hair is good. Meat is packed with ferritin, which is a stored protein that enables hair cell protein production. It also repairs and strengthens your hair follicles. Red meat, mainly, is loaded with iron that aids the process of hair growth. Aside from that, meat foods that are good for hair have sulfur, which helps in blood circulation and reduces inflammation, and prevents hair loss. If you are not eating meat, you should get enough protein-rich foods for your hair growth like dairy, soy, legumes, and nuts.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in protein, and contain healthy fat, and zinc which are a great addition to your diet if you want to maintain healthy hair. They are also high in antioxidants, that help in combating premature signs of aging such as hair loss. They also taste yummy.

You can go to hair straightening salons Rockville anytime your hair is ready for any treatment.      

Low Porosity Hair Care Tips

When you learn about your nature, you are most likely going to experiment more with it. Before going natural, you will not even realize that learning about your hair type and curl pattern is a thing.

Many people think that what works for one person will work for them. When you realize that it is not the case, you will realize that you have a lot of learning to do.

Low porosity hair is among the three types of hair porosity. If your hair is low porosity, you might feel overwhelmed when you are figuring out what hair care routine, curly hair products, and techniques work for you. Before you go to a hair color correction salon, you should follow these tips for low-porosity hair:

How Often You Should Wash if You Have Low Porosity Hair

In general, hair can have buildups because products only sit on your hair, instead of penetrating the hair shaft. That means if your hair is low porosity vs. high porosity hair, you might have to wash your hair strands frequently compared to someone with medium or high porosity hair. It is recommended that you wash your hair every one to two weeks only. You should check your hair for any signs of build-up such as visible residue, or a dry, flaky, and itchy scalp. Lacking of curl definition and dullness is important to take note of because it tells you when you can have a wash day.

Sink or Float Test

When you are doing the sink or float test, you would have to take a couple of hair strands that naturally shed from your scalp and fill the cup with room temperature water. Remember that hot water will open the cuticle, so if it is too hot, no matter the porosity, the hair is going to load up with water and sink. The goal of high porosity is to open; the hair is going to quickly absorb water and then sink to the bottom. Low porosity hair is resistant to water, which means the strands will stay afloat toward the surface even for a couple of minutes. In case the hair hovers in the middle, you will have medium or (normal) porosity that retains and absorbs water well.

Only Use Water-Based Products

Water-based products are the best friends of your hair. You should use lightweight formulated products such as milk or spray leave-in conditioner, like a hydrating mist. Lighter gels help prevent build-up. On your wash day, you should use a curl-cleansing shampoo to cleanse your scalp deeply and get rid of impurities, excess oil, and buildup.

Adapt the Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is an excellent way to get the hair cuticles to lift.

You have the chance to moisturize your hair like you normally would then wear a shower cap on your hair. This can be done overnight or during the daytime if you not going to go out.

In case you are a bit creative, you can do it even when you go out by covering a shower cap using a headscarf. You might have done it many times in the past and no one had the clue about what was happening under there.

When you take off your shower cap, there will be a lot of steam and it is going to feel a bit warm. This is what you want to happen. The heat gets trapped in the shower cap helping the cuticle of your hair to open up. Shower caps are inexpensive and can be bought anywhere.

You can try hair salons specializing in color Rockville once you are confident that your low-porosity hair can handle treatments already.

How to Take Care of Your Hair After Botox

Among the best kinds of hair treatment, today is hair botox, which is one of the options that give your hair the most benefits. Hair botox is used in giving hair an extra shine while giving life back to brittleness and helping to generate it properly. Despite the name, hair botox is not applied using a syringe, and the procedure can be done while at home. However, to make the most of your treatment, it is very important to know to maintain hair botox in case you want to make the treatment last.

Caring for this is different from Balayage hairstyles because you would have to do something different this time. Read on to know more now.

Washing After the Treatment

Unlike the typical keratin treatments, there is no certain time you should wait before washing your hair afterward. The duration will vary depending on the product you use.

Even if the directions say you can wash your hair on the same day, it is recommended that you refrain from washing hair two days after getting the botox treatment to maximize the product absorption. If you wait longer, there is a greater absorption of treatment.

The botox effects will wear off right away if your hair is washed too often. In order to prevent results, you should avoid washing hair frequently and use dry shampoo in case your hair becomes greasy right away after that.

Choose the Right Shampoo

Washing your hair using regular shampoo after a botox treatment is a huge mistake. You should check the shampoo labels and make sure the products you use are chemical-free and sulfate-free. You should avoid labels that read Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate and Sodium Chloride. It is the same for conditioners and moisturizers, which is the reason why you are advised to look for specific conditioners for hair botox. Products that include coconut, argan, or macadamia oil are great for your hair. You should just make sure they do not contain the ingredients that were stated here.

Deep Conditioning

You need to apply a hair mask once weekly to give your hair extra moisture and restore its smoothness and strength. You should go for a rejuvenating formula that is infused with argan oil, hydrolyzed keratin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides to mend damaged strands and reinvigorate your hair.

You Should Not Straighten it Too Much

Similar to the washing procedure of hair, it is important to take care of the heat that is applied to your hair. It is not good to blow-dry your hair every day, and use a hair straightener as well. In case you do not want to use any of the hair styling tools, you should make sure to use heat protection spray all the time.

Apply Hair Mask Once a Week

When washing your hair, you should take advantage of applying a hair mask once a week that is suitable for hair botox treatment. Make sure the hair mask is parabens and sulfate-free. You can make your own DIY hair mask if you want. For instance, coconut oil is among the best options you have, but you should apply it only once a week maximum. It should always be on one of the days you choose to wash it.

Public School Swimming

When your hair gets exposed to chlorine and salt, the treatment will wear out faster. You should rinse your hair all the time using fresh water and apply a pre-swim hair defense product before you swim.

You can also opt for Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville MD if you prefer that.




Hair Hydration Tips in the Summer

The summer heat brings the hottest days of the year, and depending on where you are living, those days are full of humidity or drought. Either way, summer indicates more sweat, and it normally means you take extra showers.

While the summer offers a lot of opportunities, it also wreaks havoc on hair. When it comes to summer activities and time spent in the sun, there can be a lot of damaging elements, which include the UV rays of the sun, saltwater, and swimming pools that are heavy on chlorine. Before you pay for any of the Balayage hairstyles, it is important to know how to keep your hair hydrated in the summer so you will not waste money. Learn more now.

Do Not Use Too Many Cosmetics

Summer already causes dry hair and damage. A study has shown that colored hair can show important changes from heat effects. Therefore, you can make sure to go easy on hair treatments during summer. You need to avoid too much hair coloring, whether you do it at home or the salon. If you want to change your hair color in the summer, do it a month or two in advance before the main part of summer. You can also try using organic ingredients to color your hair locks.

Don’t Wash Your Conditioner Away Completely

While you are in the shower, you should not rinse the conditioner from your hair until it feels as if you never applied it at all. Instead of just sticking your hair under a pressure washer to rinse the conditioner, you can try using a cap to gently pour out water on your head. At the same time, squeeze out the conditioner. It might sound crazy, but you are going to be amazed by how healthy and moisturized your hair is going to feel after it becomes dry.

Use a Moisturizing Shampoo

Even if you do not normally choose a salon summer moisturizing shampoo, it is time to switch. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to swap the bottles for a moisturizing formula that is salon-quality. It will make a big difference in your hair.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

Are you aware that sebum is one of the scalp’s ways of hydrating your hair? In the summer, you can maintain levels of hair hydration by washing your hair even less. Locks are a little susceptible to the sun’s drying power and chlorine when they have an oil layer, especially on the scalp.

If the idea of washing your hair less is new to you, that is okay. You can start anytime. Summer is an excellent time to skip shampoo because you would want to put your hair up on most days.

Try Hair Supplements

Among the easiest things that you can do is to take hair-friendly supplements. Most of the time, external and environmental factors are to be blamed for your hair’s health; you can promote hair health from the inside.

Minimize Heat-Styling

You are aware that surviving summer can be a hair struggle, but you should not forget about the drawbacks of heat styling. You should try to cut down on using a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron. When you decide to style using heat, protect your strands with a good leave-in conditioner.

By doing this, your hair will not become dry after heat-styling, but that does not mean you should do it often in the summer – it just offers protection.

You can go to a hair color correction salon Rockville MD a month or two before the summer to make sure your hair will not become dry.

How to Keep Your Hair in Place Naturally

When you spend too much on expensive shampoos, but you are not getting the results you want based on their ad, the reason behind this is that results on TV are over-exaggerated. You should know that these ads are designed to attract customers. However, reality will speak a different story. Instead of paying a lot for branded shampoos and solely relying on them, you can try a keratin treatment salon and then follow certain tips.

Depending on what your goal is, there are many ways that can make your hair stay in place. You should know the right one that will go well with your hairdo. Make sure to read this article at the end to get the tips you need.

Use Hairspray that is Light Weight

This is not pertaining to the old hairsprays from the 80s because that one can hold anything in place for a very long time. There are a lot of great hairsprays that bind hair together so it stays exactly where you want it, but without a crispy feel and look. You would want a flexible spray and medium hold that is not too wimpy which can last all day but not too strong that it will last forever. You can experiment with products to find what you love.

Pay for the Right Haircut

The base of any hairstyle is an excellent haircut. Make sure that your hair is not too thick or too long; otherwise, it is going to drop and fall. In addition, you should keep the length in front and shorter at the back.

Use Accessories

Accessories are great for holding hair in place. Regardless if you want to create a look using accessories, or if you use them more discretely to tame your unruly hair, accessories are the easiest way to keep hair in place.

Combs, barrettes, headbands, clips, and scrunchies are all useful for keeping your hair away from your face. You can also part your hair into several sections, and then secure it on both sides of your head and change your hair from classic to a ponytail. In addition, half-up and half-down are excellent options as well, and you can add side braids to make it a lot cuter.

Use Baking Soda

Among the beauty tips for your hair is baking soda. You can mix 3 tbsp. baking soda and water. You can use a solution to rinse your hair after shampooing. You should allow it to set for 5 minutes before the final rinse. This therapy is going to help you remove excess shampoo and hair styling products.

Apply Hair Clay or Pomade

Among the styling product that a lot of people are confused about is hair pomade. Normally, pomade is beeswax or petroleum that is used for healthy styling. However, nowadays, water-based pomades are available and it gives a smoother and lighter smoother finish to hair. All you need to do is rub a palm-sized amount of product to your palm and massage it on your hair backward.

Blowdrying the Style

Using a hairdryer that helps you style your hair is a big step when it comes to keeping your hair in place all the time. The heat produced by your dryer changes the hair structure and remolds it into shape.

When you use another product before blow drying, your hair will stay in place better and there is no doubt that blow drying is very helpful when it comes to setting your style.

You can go to a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville if you want to manage your hair a lot easier.