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Pros And Cons Of Japanese Hair Straightening: Let’s Settle This

Permanent hair straightening methods are a lifesaver for so many people. Women can flaunt beautiful and silky hair within no time and the results are amazing too. There are different types of permanent hair straightening solutions like keratin treatment, Brazilian blowout, and Japanese hair straightening. If you’re leaning towards Japanese hair straightening, you should know the good, bad, and ugly about it before heading to a hair straightening salon. So, let’s have it!

Japanese Hair Straightening: Pros And Cons

Pros Of Japanese Hair Straightening

Here are the reasons why you should get a Japanese hair straightening.

Hair Is Pin-Straight

The first one is obvious, but the straightened hair is outstanding, especially in Japanese hair straightening. The treatment uses a lot of chemicals, heat, and techniques that give your hair a sleek and straight look which is front-cover worthy.

Glossy & Shiny Hair

Besides achieving sleek and straight hair, the texture of the mane is very satisfying as well. The hair looks glossy and you won’t find a single strand out of place.

If you love the look of models and celebrities sporting straight and nearly perfect hair, then Japanese hair straightening is the way to go because you will achieve more or less the same results and the best part is that it’s doable in almost every salon. So, what are you waiting for?

Longer Lasting Results

Most hair straightening methods will only last you a couple of weeks to a few months at most, but since Japanese hair straightening is a permanent hair straightening treatment, it’s going to stay put in your hair for more than 6 months given that you maintain it in the right way.

A Japanese hair straightening treatment is amazing and loved by women because it’s a perfect case of one-and-done. Even though it can damage your hair, you’re not putting your hair through it over and over again. The hair will remain straight for a long time and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the treatment.

Healthier Appearance

Hair that gets Japanese hair straightening treatment just look a lot healthier. There is so much life, bounce, and sheen to the hair after the treatment that women love the look and feel of their mane.

There are special collagen additives in the straightening treatment that impart this glossy, healthy sheen to the hair. The lifeless and dull mane is completely transformed and you will fall in love with the look of your hair. Even if you have colored hair, this treatment will work wonders and your hair will go from boring to amazing in a couple of hours.

Best Results On Thick Hair

If you have thick and luscious hair, but want to tame it down with Japanese hair straightening, then you’re on the right track. Because the treatment used in Japanese hair straightening is very heavy-duty and extremely potent. So, the best candidates for this treatment are women with thicker hair density so that the chemicals can break the protein bonds down.

Thick-haired women are going to see a world of difference in their hair texture and they will see life being brought back to the dull and damaged mane.

Works For Colored Hair

One of the things that makes Japanese hair straightening treatment great is the fact that it can be done on both virgin hair and dyed hair and the best part is that the results will be pretty much be the same.

No matter if you’ve colored your hair however many times, a Japanese hair straightening treatment is will ensure that you achieve that adored straight and silky look. This can’t be said about most hair smoothening and straightening treatments because the effects may vary on colored and virgin hair, but with Japanese hair straightening treatment, there’s nothing to worry about.

Cons Of Japanese Hair Straightening

Here are the things that make Japanese hair straightening treatment bad.

Can Damage The Hair

Hair straightening treatments, especially the permanent ones, are not perfect at all. They may straighten the hair and the look may be wonderful, there’s a lot of damage that comes along as well. Your hair might feel very dry and it will be extremely sensitive to heat.

If you overlook all of these things, then you better brace yourself for the damage that’s going to hit your mane head-on. This is why it’s not something that every woman would want to try.

Not Good For Thin Hair

Japanese hair straightening is a very robust treatment and this is one of the reasons why it’s good for thick-haired women. If you have very thin hair and the texture of the strand is very fine, then you might not want to go for a Japanese hair straightening treatment because thin hair might not be able to bear the damage. Your hair might become very brittle and it may fall off, in the worst case. That can be nightmare for anyone.

Can Lead To Breakage

Japanese hair straightening treatment is damaging, there’s no doubt about that. But one of the more serious problems is hair fall. Hair fall is very common with most hair straightening treatments because the amount of harmful chemicals and heat used in the process of getting your hair straight is astronomical. These things can take a toll on your hair.

If your hair is already damaged and weak, then getting a Japanese hair straightening treatment is similar to throwing the rest of your hair into the deep abyss of damage and hair breakage. You need to take care when brushing the hair as well because the slightest force can cause the strands to break.

Maintenance Is Necessary

A Japanese hair straightening treatment may be permanent, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of the hair after the fact. You need to switch your entire hair care routine and opt for products that won’t damage the mane.

You also need to steer clear of heat, sunlight, and chlorine because exposure to these things can cause the hair to break and get even more weak than before. Plus, you need to take care that you’re not coloring your hair immediately after the Japanese hair straightening treatment, otherwise you can kiss healthy hair goodbye.

A lot of the time, people underestimate the care and maintenance behind a Japanese hair straightening treatment, but in reality, these things are going to ensure that your hair stays healthy and in somewhat better shape after all of the chemical and heat use.

So, if you’re thinking about getting your hair permanently straightened, and that too with Japanese hair straightening, then you need to keep the aftercare in mind because that’s half the battle when trying to protect your hair from damage.


Japanese hair straightening is the real permanent hair straightening treatment, but it does take a toll on your hair health. So, whatever you do, make the decision wisely. If you any concerns or questions, ask them directly to a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville. The hair experts can take a look at your hair and suggest you the right treatment suited for your hair. This will help you avoid hair damage.

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