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Hair Color Is Too Ashy? Here’s How To Fix It

We’ve all been there; either it’s the result of using boxed dye at home or going to a salon. Ashy hair looks like a pile of gray ash on your hair and it’s not at all appealing. Here are some things you can do to save your hair color. But if you need the best results, your best bet is a visit to hair salons specializing in color.

Ashy Hair Color Correction

Use A Clarifying Shampoo

If you have ashy hair and want to tone the color down, then clarifying shampoos will do the trick. These shampoos and not the same as regular shampoos and used for color-treated hair because they have color-correcting agents in them.

Clarifying shampoos are also called detoxifying shampoos and they do exactly what they sound like. They strip off the toner in your hair and reduce the ashy tones. With regular use of a clarifying shampoo, you will see a difference. Your hair will be much warmer and you will feel the ashy tones melt away. The color of your hair will also be a lot more vibrant than before because clarifying shampoo is great for color-treated hair and it elevates the look of hair dye and makes it super vibrant and shiny. So, you will be sporting beautiful locks in no time.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

This is also a great tip if you don’t have anything on hands and want to get rid of the ashy tones in your hair. This is the only time when too much washing of your hair will give you the results you’re looking for. If you have the time, because this tip doesn’t work overnight, you can wash your hair every single day for a week and you will see the color start to fade.

A bonus tip that will be helpful is that when shampooing your hair, rinse the suds off with warm water because warm or slightly hot water will allow the hair dye to fade away naturally over time and there’s no need for you to shock your hair with chemicals and bleach.

This tip is also great for women who don’t want to damage their tresses further because let’s be real. Bleach and color correctors aren’t the healthiest options for your hair and if there’s a way to naturally get rid of the ashy tones in your hair, then you want to grab the opportunity with both hands. This will give you promising results in a while, so be consistent and patient and you will get there.

Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is nature’s bleach and it’s not as harsh as you might imagine it to be. Lemon juice has acids and vitamin C in it, which can fade out the hair dye in your tresses. You will need a conditioner that you use in your shower and scoop some out in a plastic bowl. Next, you’ll want to add a few of teaspoons of lemon juice and mix the two ingredients.

You will apply this mask on your hair focusing on the scalp and where the ashy tones are the most prominent. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash it with warm water. You will see a noticeable difference in the ashy tones.

Use Warm Colors

If you don’t want to go for a full color change just yet but want to do something about the pesky ashy tones, then you can opt for warmer highlights. This is a great way of masking the cool tones in your hair and it will also give your mane a refreshing change.

You will love the look of warm brown highlights on your hair and the ashy tones will be nowhere in your tresses either.

Color Remover To The Rescue

Another thing you can use to fix the ashy tones in your hair is to go for a color remover. A hair color remover is kind of like a dissolving agent that dissolves the hair dye and makes it disappear from your hair. A color remover sounds great and all, but be warned, it can be damaging to the hair. It contains a lot of acids and chemicals that break down the dye in your hair, so they are not healthy for your mane at all.

Also, this can’t be done in your home, unless you want to go through another botched hair dye disaster. Go to a salon and request for a color removal application for the ash tones in your hair and you will see the difference.

Bleach Wash

You might have heard of a regular wash before, but what’s up with a bleach wash? It’s a technique that can be used to get rid of cool and gray ash tones in your hair and the results are amazing too.

What you need for this is bleach, a 10 volume developer, and a clarifying shampoo in equal parts. Mix all of these ingredients and apply the mixture to the hair for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it off. You don’t want to leave it on for more than 15 minutes because letting bleach sit in your hair for a long time can have detrimental results.

Hair Gloss For Those Ashy Tones

Hair gloss is also another semi-permanent way of getting rid of the ashy tones in your hair. Hair gloss is kind of like a temporary hair dye that can be applied over any botched hair dye and it will conceal the mess. It’s a great fix for women who don’t have time to go to a salon and want something fast that will cover up the ashy tones.

A hair gloss also gives your hair that beautiful mirror-like shine that resembles healthy, bouncy hair.

A Color Corrector Will Be Your Best Friend

Color correction is a foolproof way of getting the cool tones out of your hair. However, this can only be done in a salon and it will require a couple of visits. A color correction is the application of toner and another hair dye on top of the ash tones that is going to dissolve the cool tones from the hair and make it look fabulous and more even in color.

The process is a bit time-consuming and like any other hair treatment method, it’s carried out with the help of some chemicals that might be damaging to your hair. However, hair experts do their best to reduce the damages with the right hair dyeing practices.

Get A Color Change

You can go for an entire color change if the ash tones are too prominent in your hair. You can request a full color change with bleach and all and that’s going to give you amazing results. However, the damage will be impeccable and you better invest in some good hair restoration products because your mane will need extra care and attention after being out through chemical hair treatments twice in a very short period.


Ashy hair looks amazing when done right, but they can go wrong as well. If your new hair color has turned out to be too ashy, these tips are going to help you out a ton and you will be rocking beautiful hair quite soon. For fixing any hair dye disaster, going to a hair color correction hair salon Rockville is a good option because hair stylists can deal with them better than anyone else.

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