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Your Guide To Vivid Hair Color

Some women go for classic hair colors that look natural and beautiful. However, some can feel the trend buzzing and want to go for something very unique and vibrant. Those are the gals who go for vivid hair. Just like any hair color, you can get a single-process color or balayage hair highlights. Don’t know what vivid hair is? Well, you’re at the right place.

Vivid Hair Color

Vivid hair color has many different names. Unicorn hair color, mermaid hair color, rainbow hair color; the list is pretty much endless. However, the vibe is the same. Vivid hair color is any and every color that falls out of the spectrum of natural and everyday wearable colors. Women tend to go for vivid hair color if they’re not into the neutral browns, blacks, and blondes and they want something that will make their hair pop, quite literally.

Vivid hair color can either be one bright color, like violet, purple, magenta, green, or red or it can be a combination of different colors to make a complete rainbow of hues on your mane. Avril Lavigne and Billie Eilish are the pioneers of introducing vivid hair colors in the entertainment industry and since then, things have blown up in favor of this chic and bold hair dyeing trend.

A great thing about vivid hair color is that you can control the vibrancy, by either going all-out with the color all over your hair or you can opt for thin highlights that peek out, but still have that dramatic effect.

How To Get Vivid Hair?

Vivid hair colors can be permanent or semi-permanent, so they’re great to go for if you’re indecisive. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to expect when you get your hair colored vivid.

First, you’ll need to choose a color. This is the most fun part because vivid hair colors have no room for judgment. It doesn’t matter if you want to go for a bright hot pink, a vibrant yellow, or a warm and blaring orange. If you want it, then you got it. All you need to do is to have the confidence to flaunt it everywhere you go. If you can’t decide on one color, then you can go for a different color combo and that’s pretty amazing.

Whether your natural hair is dark or light, you’ll need to go through the process of bleaching it. Vivid hair color will only shine through if your hair is the lightest as it can be. So, you might need to go through a couple of rounds of bleach to completely get rid of the base hair color.

Next is the color application and this is pretty self-explanatory. The color is applied to the hair, left to set and develop and then it is washed off after a certain period. If necessary, another coat of hair dye is applied to bring out the potency of the color. Depending on the color you go for, some might need a bit of toning, and after that, you’ll rock beautiful, vibrant, and trendy locks that are something out of the box, but will stand out in the best way possible.

How To Take Care Of Your Vivid Colored Hair?

Now that you know what vivid color is, and how it’s achieved on the mane, the next step is to understand the care and maintenance of it. Here are some things that you need to do.

Use Appropriate Products

Vivid hair color is different from the usual hair colors. Their beauty is in the potency and vibrancy of the color and if you don’t use products that are meant for these bold hair colors, then all of the hard work will go down the drain.

You need to use products that are meant for vivid and colored hair as they contain ingredients that will bring out the pigments even more.

Avoid Excessive Heat

This is something that a lot of people who are getting their hair dyed get advised on, but yes, heat will damage the hair to no extent and the worst part is that the color can also fade away quickly if you use too much heat on the mane.

Try to keep the heat tools away and only use them for special occasions if you need to. It might look like it won’t make a difference, but you’ll see the color getting more and more vibrant if you take good care of it. It will also get shiny and irresistibly mesmerizing.

Nourish The Hair

Since you went through the painful and downright damaging ordeal of bleaching the hair, it’s time to give your hair some extra TLC. Healthy hair always looks better no matter what color it is and if you’re going for a bright and vivid color, your hair health needs to be top-notch otherwise the results just won’t look the same.

A deep conditioning treatment works wonders for the hair and it will reverse the damage your hair went through. You can also resort to oiling your hair on a bi-weekly basis to lock the moisture in and make the hair look gorgeous after a shower.

Touch It Up

Vivid hair isn’t something like a one-and-done deal. You need to maintain it every couple of months by touching the roots up, having the color toned and refreshed, and everything in between. Your hair is constantly growing and if you’re not on top of touch-ups then the roots will start to show and that’s not a good look at all.

Also, over time, the color can lose its brightness, so you’re going to need to get a touch-up regardless. Make sure that you’re getting an appointment with your hair technician and getting the hair fixed as you go, especially if you want to keep it that way long-term.

Cold Showers Are The Way To Go

You might have heard that cold showers make the hair more vibrant and shiny. Well, that’s true and for vivid hair, cold water is the best thing to use.

You will need to resort to cold washes for the time you’re rocking a bold color on your mane because hot and lukewarm water can really dull out the hair and make it look frizzy and just overall sad. Cold water will shock the hair and it will lead to shine that’s front cover-worthy.

Maintenance Depends

Every vivid hair color is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all maintenance routine for vivid hair. Some colors don’t need as much maintenance as others. So, it’s best that you do your research before getting your hair dyed.

Some colors like orange, blue, and green need to be toned after every couple of washes to look beautiful and vibrant while other colors don’t. So, your best bet will be to consult all of these things with your hair colorist as they will know the best ways to maintain each type of vivid hair color.


Vivid hair is just like it sounds. Bright, fun, and very eccentric. If you’re feeling a bit bold and want to make heads turn, then this is the way to go. Look for hair salons specializing in color Rockville for best results.

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