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10 Ways You Can Straighten Hair Without Heat

Straight hair is a style statement that’s never getting old. However, putting your hair through the torture of heat every day for straightening can be scary. To avoid this, you can consider permanent hair straightening by visiting a Japanese hair straightening salon. This will keep your hair straight for many weeks. However, if you need more natural ways of straightening hair without heat, here are some mentioned below.

Hair Straightening Without Heat

Cold Blow Dry

If you want to achieve straight hair without sandwiching it between two very hot plates, then you need to give cold blow dry a try. This is something that will give your hair a salon-like blowout but without the heat and manipulation.

For this process, you need a roller brush and a blow dryer with a hot and cold setting. First, you’ll make sections in your hair and start with the lower part because you won’t get a sore arm by the time you reach the top of the head. Wrap a thin section of hair around the barrel of the boar-bristled brush. Point your blow dryer towards the ground and blow dry it. You don’t want to blow dry with the air blowing in the direction of the ceiling because that can lead to frizz.

In the end, just use some hair gel or pomade to keep the style in place and you’ll be good to go.

Hair Wrapping

This is something that a lot of women used to do in the ancient days since there wasn’t anything remotely near a flat iron. Hair wrapping is a wonderful way to straighten long hair and get impressive results.

You want to start by wrapping semi-wet hair around the circumference of your head. The left side of the hair will be wrapped in the right orientation and vice versa. Once you reach the end, secure the hair with a pin and you’re pretty much done.

Now, you should let the hair air dry and keep it tucked under a shower cap if you plan on sleeping with it. Once you unravel the hair, you’ll reveal straight and smooth hair.

Roll ‘Em Up

Rollers were used for a long time to straighten hair and now you can use them to your advantage too. All you need for this to work is a pack of Velcro or silk rollers because they’re very friendly on the hair and they don’t turn your hair into a frizzy mess.

You want to start with thin sections of hair and wrap them tight around the roller making sure that the hair is wet. Once all of the hair is wrapped, you’ll wait and then you can reveal straightened hair. It’s literally like magic.

Use Straightening Products

One of the most effective ways to straighten your hair over time is to use products that are meant to make your hair smooth and less frizzy. There are a lot of products that contain protein, oils, and enriching ingredients that will change the way your hair looks and feels.

Therefore, make it a habit to shop for hair products that have straightening properties and you’ll see the results within a few weeks. Yes, this process does take a bit of time, but you’ll be impressed once you reach that stage, and the best part? There won’t be a speck of heat involved.

Mask It Up

Hair masks are amazing when it comes to taming frizz and reversing hair damage. If you’re cutting back on using the infamous heat tools and want some natural ways by which you can make your hair look and feel sleek, then look no further.

Hair masks, especially store-bought ones will make your hair fairly straight, and regular use will make your hair go from 0 to 100 in the sleekness department. You’ll love the look of your hair and will want to ditch the heating tools altogether.

Essential Oils To The Rescue

There are a lot of oils that can straighten your hair over time too. Keep in mind that these things don’t work overnight and you have to be patient to get there.

You can use thick and indulgent coconut oil to give your hair that extra shine and softness. Argan oil is a wonderful oil for the hair, conditioning it from the inside out and making it soft and sleek to the touch. Also, almond and macadamia oils are known to repair damage as well. So, you’ll be in for a treat by using these oils.

It’s All In The Towel

Did you know that you can damage your hair by rubbing it against your towel? Wet hair can cause a lot of friction and breakage when you try to rub it with the rough material. But you might be wondering where’s the straightening aspect? Well, if you let your hair be or towel dry it in a downward direction without rubbing on the wet strands, you can achieve straight hair.

It’s also recommended to brush out wet hair gently if you want straight and sleek hair. It’s worth giving it a shot.

Keep The Hair Wet

As mentioned above, wet hair can lead to straighter hair, so don’t rush towards the blow dryer to get rid of the wetness. Leave your hair wet and let it air dry, and while you’re doing that, make sure to go in with a brush from time to time and gently brush the strands to get rid of any kinks and knots in the hair, while making the hair look straight.

This will also impart a natural shine to the mane and it will look healthy. Make sure to use a brush that has natural bristles so that the oils can be distributed throughout the hair.

The Straightening Hairstyle

This hairstyle is popular for making your hair straight. All you need to do is part your hair down the middle and settle it on both shoulders. From here, you’ll be tying each section up in a ponytail. Once you’re done, you will have 2 ponytails on each side of the head. Next, you want to take another hair tie and at 1 to 2-inch gaps, tie the hair tie loosely around the ponytail. Do this until you reach the end. Repeat on the other side and let the hair dry. Once you let the hair loose, you will have straight hair. Amazing, right?

Egg Is Nature’s Straightener

If you don’t want to go out and buy masks for your hair, then you can easily make one at home too. In a bowl, crack in an egg and add an oil of your choosing. You can go for almond, olive, or argan oil. Mix the two, apply the fatty and protein-rich mask on the head, and let it sit for 1 to 3 hours. Rinse it off and be blown away.


Keep in mind that natural ways of straightening your hair can be a little imperfect, but as long as you’re okay with the results and there’s no damage, that’s what matters the most. If you want perfect results, try Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment from a Brazilian keratin salon Rockville. These treatments do use chemicals and heat, but once the session is done, you won’t have to lay your hands on a flat iron for weeks.

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