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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Having Curly Hair Extensions

If you want to have instantly long and voluminous hair, hair extensions are the way to go. Everyone can wear them, not just popular celebrities. For quality hair extension needs, you need to go to a trusted hair extensions salon. Choose among human hair extensions or clip in hair extensions for some much-deserved glow-up.

Back then, people were not proud of wearing hair extensions. But nowadays, these hairpieces are a must-have for anyone who wants an instant oomph to their usual hairstyle. Usually, we only know of straight-textured hair extensions that can be styled into beach waves or even with curls.

Thankfully, there are already hair extensions specially made for naturally-curly ladies out there. Using hair extensions on naturally-curly hair can be quite tricky. Yet, it is possible to wear and use curly hair extensions for our curly-haired friends and look as fabulous as they deserve to be.

How to wear extensions on curly hair

Here are the necessary steps for wearing hair extensions on naturally-curly hair.

Prep your hair first.

Unlike straight hair, curly or kinky hair tends to shrink up when it dries and is also prone to tangles. So when you take off your extensions, you might experience hair breakage. So before putting clip-in hair extensions on curly hair, do some prep work first like adding a leave-in conditioner on the hair. This will ensure moisture on your hair and your extensions blending better on your natural curls.

Choose the type of hair extensions.

There are two major types of extensions: human hair extensions and synthetic ones. Between the two, the latter is cheaper. Also, synthetic ones are good for temporary use. Nonetheless, you should still take care of your hair extensions regardless of the material.

Choose quality hair extensions.

No matter the hair texture you have, make sure to choose one that does not look “fake”. Think wigs that are too shiny and look like hair strands you see on Barbie dolls. Whether you choose real or synthetic hair extensions, make sure to opt for one that looks like real hair and would blend well with your natural curls. You may have to shell out extra money for hair extensions. But make sure to choose a quality and trusted hair extensions brand.

Should you have your extensions done by professionals?

If you want perfect hair extensions especially with curly strands, it is better to have them done in a hair extensions salon. You can also style your hair extensions like have it dyed, straightened, or curled. However, you can also style hair extensions at home but not as quality output as those in a professional salon.

If you are not decided which extensions to buy for curly hair, go for the ones with a tighter curl. It will loosen up over time and will be easier to style by that time. Coloring the extensions to match your natural hair color is another story. In this case, it is better to go for darker shades that will add contrast to your natural hair.

Having said that, there is no limit when it comes to styling hair extensions. Hair extensions for curly-haired individuals are also available. After all, everyone deserves to try out hair extensions regardless of their hair length, color, and texture.

How to care for curly hair extensions

Hair extensions won’t disappoint if you want to add length and style to your natural hair. But don’t forget to care for your extensions as well. Here are tips to do so.

Store extensions properly.

If you are using clip-in extensions, make sure to store them in a tightly-sealed container. This is to prevent dust, tangles, and other harsh elements from ruining the extension material.

Lessen the use of heat-styling tools.

As much as possible, use heat styling tools sparingly as it will dry out the extensions faster. Instead, use heatless styling options such as perm rods to style your curly hair extensions.

Wash your extensions regularly.

Curly hair extensions are more challenging to maintain than straight extensions. That is why it is important to wash the curly extensions consistently at least once a week.


If you want instant length and volume to your hair, extensions are the answer! Our hair is beautiful and unique no matter the texture, length, and color. That is why you should take care of it with proper treatment and maintenance. Visit trusted hair salons in Rockville for your hair care needs including the right hair extensions for your hair type.

Tips on Picking the Right Hair Extensions According to Your Hair Type

It is a good thing to have a hair trim from time to time. For one thing, it ensures healthier hair and lessens the occurrence of split ends. But admit it or not, most people would wish they did not cut their hair in the first place. It has become that cycle ever since.

But we are now living in an age where anything is possible. And yes, including adding length to your hair in minutes! You can choose from human hair extensions, hair dreams hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions depending on your preference and budget.

All about hair extensions

For one thing, hair extensions are for everyone. You don’t need to be a popular social media influencer to be able to wear one. Rather, wearing hair extensions from a hair extensions salon is as normal as wearing make-up or having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist.

Hair extensions are a life-saver if you want to add instant length and volume to your hair. Or if you are attending a special event and you want to stand out from the rest of the guest. After all, who doesn’t want to look their best on some special days? Bad days are inevitable, but hair extensions can do the trick and revamp your look instantly.

Then again, there are different types of hair extensions you can choose from. Confusing, even, for those who are about to use it for the first time. Should you choose synthetic or natural human hair extensions? How to put them on, anyway? These are some things to consider when using hair extensions.

How to choose hair extensions

Looking for the right hair extensions should not be a chore. Here are useful tips on how to choose hair extensions.

Determine what type of hair extensions you will need.

As mentioned, there are different types of hair extensions. Some are made from synthetic hair, while others are from 100 percent real human hair. The former is cheaper than the latter if budget is your concern. But if you want the hair extensions to look like, well… an extension of your “real” hair, then you should opt for the latter instead.

Know how much hair extensions you need.

By now, you should have already chosen a hair extension that suits your budget and preference. The next question is how much you should buy. This can be understandably overwhelming if this is the first time you are going to buy hair extensions. In this case, you can ask your trusted hair professional from your favorite hair extensions salon.

Buy one that closely matches your natural hair color.

Not only can natural-looking hair extensions make a difference to your look but also blend naturally with your real hair. So, make sure to look for hair extensions that match closely to your natural hair color. But if you want to spice up your look with mismatched hair extensions, then why not? Just do your thing with confidence!

Check reviews.

If you are buying hair extensions online, make sure to check product reviews first. It can be a tricky task, which is why you should do your research very well.

Using hair extensions on thin hair

As mentioned, hair extensions add volume and length to hair. Here are different types of hair extensions and how long each of these last.

Tape-in hair extensions

This one can last about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of care given. As the name suggests, this type of hair extensions is taped on either side of your real hair. It is one of the most popular hair extensions choices since it won’t need heat.

Fusion hair extensions

Meanwhile, this type of hair extension lasts for about 3 to 4 months. Unlike tape-in hair extensions, fusion extensions use a bonding tool that resembles a glue gun to combine with your natural hair. This one needs to be done by a hair extension expert.

Halo hair extensions

This one can last for more than 6 months and is attached to the natural hair using some kind of invisible wire.

Other types of hair extensions include:

  • Micro links (lasts for about 3 to 4 months)
  • Sew-in hair extensions (lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks)
  • Clip-in hair extensions (lasts for about 6 months or more)

Find the best hair extensions that suit your hair care needs

Make sure to do your research first before using hair extensions. For your hair extension needs, trust only the best hair salons in Rockville that also offer quality hair extensions.

What You Need to Know About Hairdreams Hair Extensions

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, as the popular adage goes. Back then, our ancestors ensure to keep their hair well-maintained in their own way by using popular hair care products. Up until now, every woman wants to have luscious hair just like popular celebrities have. But then again, not all of us have a glam team to style our hair as we please.

In addition, we vary in hair types. Some are blessed with natural, luscious curls. However, others are not as fortunate to have hair as bouncy and thick as those popular Hollywood celebrities have. Thankfully, you can find at least one hair extensions salon near your area that can help you with your hair concerns.

There are different types of hair extensions you can choose from: clip-in hair extensions, weaves, tape-in extensions, and hair dreams hair extensions. But for this article, we will be talking about hair dreams extension. Here are some things you need to know if you are considering to have hair dreams extensions.

What is hair dreams extensions?

There are many ways to add volume to your hair. You can opt for a hair transplant if you can afford one. There are also hair thickening products you can use for your hair. However, it may not guarantee 100 percent effectiveness, not to mention a potential allergic reaction in worse cases. Wigs, why not? However, it can be too hot and uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

That is why there is such a thing as Hairdreams extensions. It can help make your hair look thicker and more volumized. In addition, it can lessen the presence of bald spots and you can wear it for a long period of time. Plus, it is easy and quick to apply – it can only take as fast as 45 minutes unlike other types of hair extensions that can take as much as three hours to accomplish.

Hairdreams hair extensions can also feel like you just had a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. This is because this type of hair extensions are made carefully-sourced real hair that feels as if it is your real hair. Plus, these hair extensions won’t be visible to the naked eye and feel more confident wearing your hair.

It is also lightweight and easy to remove just like how it is easy to apply. You can go ahead swimming with your Hairdreams extensions. Maintenance is also a non-issue with Hairdreams extensions. If properly maintained, Hairdreams extensions can last for up to six months before you may be required replacement.

Some considerations

By now, you may be thinking of getting Hairdreams extensions because of its several benefits. But just like any other hair products, it is also important to take note of some caveats using Hairdreams extensions. For one, it can help cover up a bald spot but cannot attach to the bald spot itself.

It may also be necessary to consult a hair expert first before applying any kinds of hair extensions. This is because it can cause adverse reactions to your scalp when improperly applied. Also, it is important to have a hair care routine following a hair extension application to ensure it will serve its optimum purpose. Otherwise, improper maintenance and care can cause damage to your hair.

Is Hairdreams extensions the best choice for you?

As mentioned, there are different kinds of hair extensions you can check out. Tape-ins are one of the most popular choices out there. While this is also one of the most affordable hair extension options, it may not as pleasant as when you have applied it weeks before.

Having said that, Hairdreams extensions is a good choice if you are willing to commit to a consistent hair care routine after that. For one, you should avoid applying conditioner on the bonded area so it won’t fall off eventually. Also, make sure not to pull your hair too hard when to brush or comb it.

You can also choose to go ombre or look like as if you had Balayage hair highlights. It can make your hair look stylish without undergoing a complicated or intricate application method. In other words, Hairdreams extensions can be for everyone.

Visit your hair extensions salon near you

If you want to add volume to your hair, it is a good idea to avail a Hairdreams extension. Contact professional hair salons in Rockville today!

Everything You Need to Know About Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are the best choice if you are looking for length and volume. They will transform your look in a short time giving you’re a fuller and longer hair. Clip in extensions are easy to apply and easy to remove. Before application make sure that you visit the hair extensions salon and let the stylist train you on how to install and remove the hair extensions. The hair stylist will assess your hair and advise you how many wefts you need to use on your hair. In this article, we tell everything you need to know about clip in hair extensions.

Why You Should Consider Wearing Clip in Extensions

  • Easy to apply

Clip in extensions is easy to apply and remove. You fix the extensions to the hair using clips. Start at the hair extensions salon and learn how to fix and remove them.

  • Low Maintenance

If you buy high quality human hair extensions it will be easy to maintain them because you treat them like your natural hair.

  • Damage Free

Clip in extensions will not damage your hair if well installed. It’s therefore important to ensure that you learn how to fix them well. The hair stylist will guide on how to attach clip in hair extensions.

  • Temporary

You can fix the extensions and remove them easily. You remove the clip in extensions before going to bed. Avoid sleeping with the extensions because the clips could damage your hair.

  • Cost Effective

Clip-in extensions can be applied at home and that makes them cost-effective. You can also remove them while at home.

Tips to follow When Wearing Clip in Hair Extensions

  • Choose human hair clip in extensions

Human hair extensions will blend easily to your hair. Although the human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic and they will last longer and you can style them easily

  • Choose the right Shade

It’s imperative to find the right shade. You can match with your hair color or color and highlight your hair to match the extensions

  • Get the right length

It’s best to opt for a more natural finish to your hair. Choose a slightly longer extension than your hair. If you, however, want to experiment you can choose a long extension

How to Fix Clip in Hair Extensions

To make the process of fixing the clip in easier follow the below tips

  • Have all the tools you need

Invest in a comb to help you section the hair. Have clips that can help section your hair.

  • Section your hair and Work from one section to another

Dividing your hair into sections will help you blend them into your hair.

  • Start with the smallest wefts and end with the longest

Make sure that you clip them well to prevent them from falling off

  • Ensure that the clips are well attached to your hair.

How to Take Care of Clip in Extensions

It’s important to take care of your extensions to make sure they last longer. Below are tips to follow to ensure that you clip extensions last longer

  • Minimize use of heat

Minimize the amount of heat you use on the extensions and that will ensure that they remain shiny and smooth. If you intend to use heat to style your extensions use a heat protector. Too much heat will cause the extensions to dry up and become brittle.

  • Minimize the number of times you wash the extensions

Extensions don’t contain natural oils and they are not nourished. It’s therefore important to ensure that you don’t over wash your extensions.

  • Avoid Shampoo that contains Sulfates

Sulfate will strip your extensions of its natural oils and make it brittle and dry. Make sure that the shampoo you use doesn’t contain sulfates or alcohol

  • Brush the Extensions Gently

Make sure that you gently brush the extensions to prevent tangling. Invest in brushes that are appropriate for your hair extensions. Consult the hair extensions stylist on the best kind of brush for your hair.

  • Store the extensions carefully when you are not wearing them

Brush the extensions before you store them in a sealed box. Make sure that all wefts are brushed and there are no tangles. Clip in hair extensions is easy to wear. It’s important to visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist train you on how to wear extensions. Follow the care instructions given at the hair

Beginners Guide to Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are perfect for volume, length, and style. However, if you are a hair extensions beginner, it can be quite confusing. In this article, we tell you everything you should know about hair extensions. It’s important to understand your hair and what will work for you. Most people get tempted to get an extension they saw their favorite celebrity wearing, and that is one of the major cause of hair damage. It’s important that you visit the hair extensions salon Rockville and the hair stylist will advise you on the best extensions for your hair.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are different kinds of hair extensions including clip in hair extensions, hair dream hair extensions. It’s important to have a discussion with your hair stylist on the best extension for your hair. There are extensions meant for thin hair, and others are ideal for thick hair. It’s best to consult the hair extensions stylist on the best extension for your hair.

Extensions can look like your natural Hair

The worst fear for any beginner is for extensions to be different than their natural hair. When well fixed by a top-rated hair stylist, hair extensions will look like your natural, and you don’t have to worry that people will notice. Choose extensions that will blend with your natural hair. Your human hair extension stylist will help you choose one that will seamlessly blend with your natural hair

Hair Extensions Don’t Cause Damage

Hair extensions don’t cause hair damage, but the wrong application and the wrong hair extensions result in damage. It’s important to ensure that you wear the right extension. Speak to an expert at the hair extensions salon on the right extension for your hair. If you have thin hair make sure that you wear an extension that is not too heavy and that will prevent hair damage. Let the expert hair stylist fix the hair extension to avoid hair damage. There are different methods of fixing hair extensions and its best to let the hair stylist assess your hair and determine the best method.

Hair Extensions don’t take long to fix

Hair extensions are a quick hair solution. Clip in extensions are temporary and take the shortest time to fix. Permanent hair extensions may require more time to fix, however, extensions are still one of the easiest hairstyles to wear. Consult the hair stylist on how long your extensions will take to fix and then make plans.

You Need a Good Care Regimen

Human hair extensions will require the right care to last long. If you want your extension to look good for long, then you need to follow the right hair extensions routine. Below are some of the care tips you should follow

Avoid using heat styling tools on your extensions when wet because that will cause the extension strands to become weaker

Brush the extensions often to avoid tangling. Invest in a wide-toothed brush or comb

Condition the extensions with the right conditioner to keep it hydrated and shiny. Avoid conditioners that contain alcohol because they will make your hair dry.

When removing the extensions don’t yank the wefts out because that will damage your natural hair. If you are wearing a permanent hair extension, visit the hair salons and let the hair stylist remove the extension.

When sleeping invest in a silky pillow that will not absorb the moisture from your hair extension and cause dryness.

Follow the care routine given at the hair extensions salon

You Need New Products for the Extension

After fixing the hair extensions, you may need to change the hair products you are using. Consult the hair stylist on the best product for the extension you are wearing. Use sulfate and alcohol-free shampoos on your hair to avoid making the extension dry. Invest in a highly moisturizing conditioner to keep the hair extension looking shiny and smooth.

The first step before you get an extension is to visit the hair salons and let the expert assess your hair and determine which extension is more suitable. After the right extension is fixed on your hair, then you need to follow the care regimen given by the hair stylist. As a beginner make sure you have the right human hair extensions for your hair.


How to Wash Your Clip in Hair Extensions

Your human hair extensions is an investment, and it’s crucial to come up with the right care routine for the kind of extensions you are wearing. With the right hair extensions care, high-quality hair extensions can last up to a year. Hair extensions are made from human hair but don’t receive natural oils from the hair, and they need to be conditioned often to ensure they are well hydrated. In this article, we focus on how to take care of clip in hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions are easy to wear and manage, and that makes them one of the most favorite hair extensions for most people.

How to Wash Clip in Hair Extensions

  • Remove the Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are designed to be removed every evening before you go bed. If you choose to use clip in’s visit the hair extensions salon and get training on how to wear and remove them. Sleeping in the clip in hair extensions may cause hair damage.

  • Brush the Hair Extensions

Brushing extensions are crucial because that will ensure that they don’t tangle. Washing extensions that haven’t been brushed will cause tangling and damage. Start brushing from bottom to top with a wide-toothed comb. After combing the wefts place them in a place where they will not tangle.

Prepare the Wash Area

The wash area should be clean. Get warm water, avoid hot water because that will dry the extension. Using a sulfate free and alcohol-free shampoo to wash the extensions. Use products that are designed for the kind of extension you are wearing. If your hair extensions are colored, make sure you have products that will preserve the color. Consult the hair stylist on how to care for your extensions and the best products to use.

  • Shampoo the Wefts

Shampoo each weft separately to prevent the extensions from tangling. You can also bundle the weft carefully together and wash them as one. Make sure they are well arranged to avoid tangling. Wash the extensions gently to avoid tangling. Once you are done, put the wefts away carefully

  • Condition the Extensions

Conditioning will keep your extensions moisturized, nourished and shiny. You can condition or deep condition. Take each bundle and apply the conditioner generously from top to bottom. Massage the conditioner and make sure the extension has enough conditioner. You can leave the conditioner on the extension for hours or overnight to ensure that the moisture is sealed in completely. Rinse out the conditioner with a lot of water to ensure all the product is removed and leave your extensions shiny and moisturized.

  • Dry the Hair Extensions

Ensure that the extensions have no water and then you can place it to dryer dry the extensions because that will preserve the extensions and ensure it last long. Using heat will cause the extensions to dry out, and in the long run, they will be damaged.

  • Comb the Weft

After the wefts are completely dry, comb each separately. Use a brush and gently brush the extensions. Combing the extensions while its wet will cause it to become

Questions to Ask the Hair Extensions Stylist Before Washing Your Clip in Hair Extensions

  • How Often Should You wash your extensions

Hair extensions don’t get oily, and they don’t require to be washed often. However, visit the hair extensions salon and consult the hair stylist on how often you should wash your extensions. Your lifestyle will also determine how many times you wash clip in hair extensions.

  • Do you Need to Wash New Hair Extensions

You don’t need to wear new hair extensions because they are ready to worn

  • What Products are good for my extensions

To get the best products to use on your hair extensions consult the hair stylist in the hair salon on the best products to use on your extensions. Invest in quality hair conditioners, shampoo and hair extensions accessories. You can get the best products for your extensions from the top-rated hair salon.

To make your clip in hair extensions retain their shine and moisture make sure you wash them using the right products and procedure. Follow the above procedure but ensure your consult the hair stylist at the hair extensions salon Rockville on the best products for your extension.



How to Take Care of Hair Extensions During a Vacation

Your long-awaited vacation is beckoning, and you are wondering how to take care of your hair extensions. A vacation is a time to enjoy, and you don’t want those vacations photographs to look miserable because of bad hair. It’s therefore important that you take care of the human hair extensions to ensure that your extensions last long and your hair remains healthy. In this article, we give you tips on how to take care of your extensions during a vacation, however before you take that flight, visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist advise you on how best to take care of your extensions. That way you can enjoy your vacation and take photos with your hair looking gorgeous.

Hair extensions are easy to maintain. You need to understand the kind of extension you are wearing and how to maintain it. The hair stylist will train you and advise you on products that you can use to ensure your extensions retains its shine

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions During Your Vacation

  • Carry Hair Oil For your Extensions

Hair oils will help retain the moisture in your hair extensions. During your vacation, your hair may come in contact with elements that will drain moisture away, and it’s, therefore, important to ensure you have oils suitable for your extensions. Salty water, chlorine, hard water will dry your hair and its crucial that you have the oils to ensure that your extensions remain silky and soft. Make sure that the hair oil doesn’t contain ingredients that will dry your hair.

  • Invest in the Right Hair Extensions Products

Depending on the kind of hair extensions you are wearing, make sure you carry the right products. Visit the hair extensions salon and seek advice on the best products for your extensions. If you are wearing clip in hair extensions, confirm the products the right products to use. Make sure you carry shampoo and conditioner. Don’t assume that you will get a supermarket where you can get your products. Pack the small packs of shampoo and conditioner.

  • Protect your Hair Extensions from Seawater and chlorine

If you expose your hair extensions to seawater and chlorine, they may become dry, tangled and change color due to the chemicals and salts found in the water. Make sure you take care of your extensions before going into the water. Before you dive into the swimming pool make sure you wet your extension with clean water to reduce the absorption of hard and chlorinated water. If you can manage, keep your extensions away from water as much as possible.

  • How to Wear Your Extensions while Swimming

Make sure you have a manageable hairstyle that you can easily take down after the swim. You can plait a simple style that you can take down and one that will prevent your hair from tangling. Plaiting your extensions will ensure that you prevent your hair from becoming messy and tangled after the swim. Visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair extensions stylist train you on simple holiday styles you can plait on your extensions. Avoid messy buns because that will cause tangling and damage to your hair.

  • Use your Hair Extensions Brush

When on vacation you may be tempted to use the hairbrush less often. You need to brush your extensions often to avoid tangling. Invest in a brush for the kind of extensions you are wearing. Ensure the brush has flexible bristles that will make sure the extensions bonds are separated.

  • Don’t Brush Your Hair Extensions While they are Wet

Brushing hair extensions when they are wet will make them weaker. Air dry the extensions then brush it using an appropriate brush. While brushing avoids yanking the extensions because that will damage your hair and make it weak.

  • Don’t sleep in Wet Hair Extensions

Sleeping in wet extensions will cause tangling and matting. Make sure that before your sleep your extension is completely dry.

  • Maintain Your Extensions Before Going on a Vacation

Before you travel, make sure that you take care of your hair extensions. Visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist take care of the extensions. Taking care of the extension before taking the vacation will make it easier to keep your extension looking shiny and tangle free.

  • Protect your Extensions from UV rays

It’s paramount that you protect your extension from UV rays to avoid drying out. Make sure that consult the hair stylist on the best UV ray’s protector for your extensions.

  • Visit the Hair Extensions salon after the Vacation.

After the holiday makes sure that you visit the hair salon and schedule a maintenance appointment, the hair stylist will check and analyze your extensions advise on how best you can take care of your hair. If you need to replace your extensions, the hair stylist will remove it without damaging your hair and advise whether you should wear a new one. If your hair has been affected by chlorine, salty water and exposure to UV rays, the hair stylist will maintain and ensure that your hair is healthy.

You need to take care of the extension while on vacation. Visiting the hair extension salon Rockville before you take the vacation will make it easier for you during the vacation. Get advice from the hair stylist on how to take care of the extensions during the vacation, and you can enjoy long silky and smooth hair extensions throughout your vacation.

How to Prevent Your Hair Extension from Tangling

Just like your hair, hair extensions may tangle. Maintaining long and beautiful human hair extensions will require quality products and great care. It’s important to know how to take care of your extensions to prevent tangling which can lead to hair damage. Hair extensions tangling can be frustrating and time-consuming and it’s therefore important that you develop a care regimen that will keep your extensions looking gorgeous and tangle free. In this article, we tell how to keep your hair extensions from tangling

What Causes your Hair Extensions to Tangle?

It’s important that you ensure your extensions doesn’t tangle because that will result in hair damage. Below are some of the reasons why your extension is tangling;

  • Using low-quality product

Low-quality products will cause your extensions to become dry and then tangle. It’s important that you consult the hair extensions stylist on the best products for your extension.

  • Failure to brush the extension regularly

It’s important to brush your extension often to prevent tangles and knots. Make sure you use the right brush for your hair.

  • Exposure to extreme weather

During summer if it’s too hot, that will dry out your extension. In winter using heaters in the house will dry out your hair. If you are going to spend many hours exposed to the UV rays, make sure that you protect your extension.

  • Wrong extension regimen

It’s important that you know how to take care of your extension. If you are wearing clip in hair extensions avoid sleeping to avoid tangling. Sleeping on cotton pillows will also cause tangling. The hair stylist will advise you on how to detangle your extensions and take care of it

How to Minimize Hair Extensions Tangling

It may be hard to eliminate tangling completely but it’s possible to minimize tangling. Below some tips to help prevent tangling;

  • Condition your hair extensions

Make sure that you condition your extension often. Conditioning the extension will keep it hydrated, smooth and that will ensure that it will not tangle. Talk to your hair extensions stylist on the best conditioner for your hair. Avoid conditioner that contains sulfates and alcohol because they will dry out the extension. Using the right conditioner will give you extension moisture and ensure it’s silky, shiny and less prone to tangles.

  • Use the Right Brush

Make sure that you use the right brush for your extension. The hair stylist will advise you on the best brush for your extension. Brushing your extension is key in ensuring that your hair is not damaged. When brushing does it gently and began from the bottom.

  • Minimize Use of Heat Tools

Using too much heat on your extension will also expose your hair to heat leading to brittleness and damage. Too much heat will make your extension dry and dull. Minimize the number of times you use heat tools on your extensions.

  • Protect your extensions while sleeping

It’s important to ensure that you protect your extension while sleeping. Make sure that you cover the extension with a silk hair cover. If you are wearing clip in hair extensions, remove them before sleeping. While sleeping tie your extension in a bun and the cover it with a silky hair cover.

  • Use the Right Products

The hair stylist at the hair extensions saloon will guide you on the best products to use on your extensions. Avoid products with alcohol and sulfates ingredients because that will make your extension dry and prone to tangling. Use shampoos that don’t contain sulfates. If your extension is already tangled visit the human hair extensions salon and consult on the best products to use to detangle your hair.

Tips to Help Detangle Your Extensions

  • Divide your extensions into sections and work on detangling each section at a time. Use your fingers to detangle first and then you can use a brush.
  • Use a wide tooth comb or a special detangling brush. The hair stylist will advise you on the best for your hair.
  • Don’t wet your extension when it’s tangled
  • Keep your extensions hydrated

The above simple steps will keep your hair extensions from tangling and damaging your hair. If your hair is too tangled visit the hair extensions saloon Rockville and lets the hair stylist detangle your extension without damaging the extensions and your hair.

What is the Best Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are here to stay because some of the most of the sought-after hairstyles are only achievable with extensions. Diving into the world of extensions, to get the hairstyle you have been dreaming of, is exciting but can turn into a wild goose chase if you do n’t know what is best for you. One of the most common questions people ask concerning extensions is ‘what the best hair extension?’. In that regard, we tell you how to get the best extension for your hair, factors to consider when selecting extensions and why the expert at the hair salons should fix your extension.

Considerations to Make when Choosing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are either synthetic or human hair extensions and below some factors to consider when selecting the best extension for your hair.

  • Compatibility with your natural hair.

The best extensions will blend well with your natural hair type, texture, color, and current condition. The extension you choose should look as natural as possible. The hair stylist at the hair extension salon will advise you on the best extension for your hair. If you have coarse hair. and you want to use a fine extension you may need to use Brazilian keratin straightening method to make your hair fine. The expert at the hair salon will advise on how best they can make your hair glamourous.

  • Quality and Attachment Method

Its imperative that you get a high-quality hair extension. Human hair extensions are the best but also consider the method of attachment. If your hair is coarse you may look better when the extensions are bonded while if you have thin hair, using bonding will not only damage your hair but you will also look odd.

  • Lifestyle

What is your lifestyle? If you are an actress you may need to change your extension often, therefore a permanent attachment will not work for you. The expert at the hair extensions salon will advise you on the best extension for your lifestyle.

  • End Goal

What style do you want to bring or what is the occasion? If it’s your wedding, clip in hair extensions will be perfect. Determine the end goal and choose the best extension.

  • Longevity

How long do you want your hair extensions to last? If you are traveling for prolonged periods for work, you may want to wear a more permanent extension. Alternatively, you can choose clips in hair extensions as you can wear and remove them easily.

  • Professional application

No matter how good an extension is, if not properly applied it will give you a lousy look. Make sure you work with the top-rated hair stylist for the best outcome. The hair extensions stylist will be able to assess your hair, advice you on the best extension and fix the extension in a professional way. The end

So, which is the best Hair Extensions?

The best hair extension depends on all the above factors. What works magic for one person may not look as good on another person. Ultimately the hair stylist you choose determines how well you look. It’s therefore crucial that you choose the best hair extensions salon and let the best assess and fix your hair extension.

Types of Hair Extensions

  • Microlink Hair extensions

They are also known as the microbead or micro loop hair extensions and applied to the hair by looping. After the loop, they are clamped down with a heating tool and then tightened. If you choose this method, visit the hair extensions salon and let the top-rated hair stylist fix the extension as the method can cause damage to your hair. If too much heat is applied that will cause your hair to dry up and become brittle.

Care and Maintenance

Wash and condition the extensions as you would your natural hair. You will need to visit the hair salon every 2-3 months for the stylist to reposition the hair. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates or alcohol as that may cause the extension to dry out and start breaking. They can last for more than 3 months.

  •  Clip in Hair Extensions

Clips in hair extensions come in wefts which are either long or short. They have clips that you use to attach the extension to the hair. It’s one of the easiest hair extensions to wear and remove and can take around 15 minutes. They are one of the best hair extensions as they don’t require any chemicals or heat to fix. However, it’s important that you take care of the hair extension as the clips may pull the hair resulting in damage. Avoid sleeping in clip ins as that will damage your hair.

Care and maintenance

Clip-ins are low maintenance and we recommend washing after 3 months depending on your lifestyle. Check for product build-up and clean them if there is a need. Treat clip in extension the same way you would treat your hair.

  • Fusion and Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion or bonded hair extensions are attached to the hair using adhesives. To get the best and to avoid hair damage make sure the extensions are fixed at the hair extensions salons. One of the extensions that are attached to the hair using adhesive is hair dreams hair extensions.

Care and Maintenance

It’s critical that the extension is fixed by an expert to ensure that your hair is not damaged. You will need to visit the hair salon after 3 months for the extensions to be repositioned. Take care of the extensions the same way you will do your natural hair.

  • Sew in Hair Extensions

Natural hair is braided into cornrows and the extension is attached on top of the cornrows. They are best if you have thick, coarse hair or you are trying to grow back your hair.

Care and Maintenance

Make sure you moisturize your hair and scalp as often as possible. Don’t overstay with the extension as that could damage your hair.

What is considered the best hair extension for one person may not work on you. Its crucial that you visit the hair extensions salon Rockville and let the hair stylist assess your hair, advice you on the best human hair extension for your hair. The best extension is one that gives you that chic look and doesn’t damage your hair.

Wedding Hair Extensions DO’s and Don’ts

Human hair extensions are the perfect wedding style as they help add oomph to your hairdo, add length and volume to your hair making it more gorgeous. Extensions will ensure that you and your bridal team look and feel the best during your big day. Well done hair extensions will open doors to endless style possibilities and you can step out in confidence. In this post, we tell you about wedding hair extensions do’s and don’ts to save you from a hair fiasco on your big day.

Wedding Hair Extensions Do’s

Below some hair extensions do’s and dont’s to make ensure your hair is gorgeous on your wedding day.

  • Share the Wedding style with the hair extensions stylist

Share with the hair extensions stylist your wedding color theme and wedding dress colors. By sharing with the hair expert at the hair extensions salon they are able to advise you on the best extension. Take a photo of your wedding gown to the stylist so that they are able to advise on the best hairstyle for you and the bridesmaid.

  • Have a Trial

Visit the hair salon and try the hair extensions style a few days before the wedding day. If you are using clip in hair extensions let the hair stylist fix them to see how that will look like. Have an option of two to three hairstyles to choose from and pick the one that suits the best for the occasion. If you are opting for a permanent hair extension, let the stylist fix it a week before the wedding day. Make sure that the hairstyle you choose goes well with your dress.

  • Condition the Extension

If you opt for a permanent hair extension, make sure that you condition the extension a day before the wedding. That will ensure your hair is shiny and glamorous on the big day. Make sure that you have the right brush for combing the extensions.

  • Go to a Top-Rated Hair Salon

Your wedding day is a crucial and you need your hair extensions to look amazing and unnoticeable. It’s therefore important that you visit the hair extensions salon and ensure that the top-rated hairstylist does a good job. Poor color match or conflicting hair texture will make the hair look awful.

  • Human Hair Extensions are easier to Manage

Human hair extensions will look like your hair and are easy to match as compared to synthetic hair extensions. Expert advice is to use human hair extensions at your wedding because they are to manage and will give you a more natural look.

Wedding Hair Extensions Don’ts

  • Don’t try Extensions for the first time on Your Wedding Day

It’s crucial that you test the extensions days before the wedding to ensure the outcome is as expected. You need to wear the extension of choice before the wedding day to ascertain that there no allergic reactions and you are comfortable. Visit the hair extensions salon and try out the extension to avoid any drama during the wedding day. An allergic reaction on your big day will ruin your occasion.

  • Don’t wear too Much Hair extensions

Using too many wefts will give you an unnatural look and make you uncomfortable. If you opt for clip in hair extensions visit your stylist and let them determine how many wefts you should use.

  • Don’t Neglect Your Natural Hair

The health of your hair is important as that will determine how well your extensions will look. It will be easier to match your hair to the extensions if it’s healthy. When your hair is healthy its easier to affix the extensions firmly without fearing that they will fall off during the event.

  • Don’t Skimp on Quality of Hair extensions

Yes, the wedding is a one-day event and you may want to get a low quality to save on cost, but a low quality will be hard to style and will ruin the photo moments. Even though its one-day event makes sure you invest in quality extension.

Your wedding is a crucial day and it’s therefore important that you work with an expert stylist from the hair extension salon Rockville near you. Make sure that use quality extensions and follow the care instructions given at the hair salons and you can be sure to step out like a celebrity on your wedding day.