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Ladies! Here are your Top 10 Ageless Do’s

Every Woman’s Crowning Glory

We’re all used to fashion changes every now-and-then and so does haircuts and hairstyles. But there are hair trends that are labeled as “timeless” which means that they have surpassed the fad level of the world of fashion.

See Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence, just to name a few celebrities, they rarely change their hairstyles. In fact, they are not at all bothered by the climactic changes instead they have this one trademark do which they always turn their crowning glory in.

If you’ve been wearing a long straight or wavy length, short or the bob type, or the pixie here is a list of hairstyles that can elevate your personality into something trendy that will sure to last a lifetime.

Your Hair trend Catalogue

  1. Get Layered

This hairstyle fits perfectly well to those with thick long hair. Mind you, there are a lot of women who would kill just to have a thick hair. Avoid trying short do’s if you don’t want to look like wearing a wig, so just get it layered and stick with it.

  1. Hello Pixie

For those who wanted to have their hair on the go, the pixie haircut is just perfect for you. It takes a lot of confidence to wear this sexy hairstyle but with a little wax or serum, you’re good to go on that ramp.

  1. Bang those Bangs

Do you have that long black and layered hair that you’ve always loved? Why not add some bangs with it and flaunt your do in town. Apply some hair crème or serum before blow-drying it and voila! Go run the world, girl!

  1. Waves Matter

Some girls wished that they had obvious volume and natural waves. So if you have that perfect crowning glory, just enhance it with some mousse or crème while still damp then style it the way you wanted it.

  1. Hi, Bob!

For girls with naturally straight or wavy hair, this drop-dead-gorgeous bob will perfectly do the trick. With a little volume and body, it’ll go well with anything you wear.

  1. Straight to the Point

That long straight envious hairstyle of yours will always be on the map and will last a lifetime. May it is parted on the sides or in the middle, no fuss, it is definitely a trend-setter.

  1. Curl it all the way

No one says curls are out. It is still one of the top hairstyles celebrities prefer to try and have. So if you’re one of the few ladies who was born with this natural curls be proud of it. Because whichever way you wear it, it will always look stylish. The more volume it gets, the better!

  1. Keep a Loop down

Do you know that those “woke up like thisbottom curls on your long hair speaks of an effortless fashion statement? It’s what ladies during the medieval period has and is still a trend till this century. So just keep those locks hanging there and take it out of town.

  1. A different kind of Bob

Long bobs are in and have always been. You can wear it with just side bangs and full bangs. Just treat it with a little spray along with a big round brush to form those ends and shape that bangs everything else will follow.

  1. Let’s do the Toule

Enhance that messy hair with a bit more of a tousled touch. How? Using a hair curler or hair straightener, create little waves with it and mess them more up with your fingers until you get that perfect finish that you wanted.

There you have it. 10 of the most lifetime hairstyles fit for all kinds of women. Your hair is your utmost crowning glory, so let the world see what you’ve got and be proud of it. Run to your trusted hair salons Rockville and have your life-changing makeover done TODAY!

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