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How Does Hair Color Correction Work?

If you recently colored your hair and the stylist botched it, you have to get to a hair color correction hair salon and fix it. How does hair color correction work? If you are wondering this, you should know that the stylists use different ways to achieve it. These ways include:

Bleaching the hair

Hair strands aren’t only one color—they have many underlying colors such as yellow, red, and orange that combine to make the hair color you see. If you recently tried changing the hair color by bleaching, and you ended up with an unflattering brassy orange or garish yellow, chances are high the stylist didn’t leave the bleach long enough to lift the unwanted pigments away.

To restore the color, you should let your hair recoup from the bleach for a week or two, then try lighting it further. When doing it, proceed with caution as bleach strips the hair of its essential proteins and nutrients, and repeated exposure is bound to damage it.

If you did the previous bleaching at home, try to correct it by visiting a reputable salon. The experienced stylist will correct the botched hair while keeping the hair healthy and lustrous.

Correcting the hair color using dye

Dyeing the hair is usually the least damaging way of correcting hair color. To fix the hair using dye, the stylist fills the hair to insert the pigment back into the strands, give them warmth, and prevent the end color from appearing flat and muddy.

The stylist then applies a second dye to bring the mane to your desired color.

Correcting hair color using toner

The hair toner is highly effective at adjusting the shade of brassy tones, turning your locks a light brown or cooler blonde. The color toner you choose depends on the brassy shade that the lousy bleach job left you with.

If your hair came out more yellow than you wanted to, go for a purple toner. If your hair is much orange than you were hoping for, you need a toner with blue shades.

How do you tell that you need hair color correction?

Sometimes people feel they need to change their hair color, but they don’t need to in the real sense. How do you know that you should visit a hair salon for hair color rectification?

You should get a hair color rectification if your blonde hair is slightly brassy and showing a little red. In such a case, you can easily fix it using toner service. Here the stylist uses a little glaze to correct the hair imperfections.

If you have a terrible balayage, you need to let it go. Get a rectification if the balayage is damaged, unevenly lifted, and forms a straight line.

In short, you should get your hair color corrected if it’s not what you wanted. But before you make the decision, first see a stylist inspect the hair and determine whether you are ripe for hair correction.

Although, it’s always wise to have your hair corrected at hair salons specializing in color Rockville, if you don’t have money to go to a salon, you can always trying fixing it at home. One of the best products to use for the work is a deep conditioner with hair repair and strengthening properties.

You can also purchase a deep conditioning mask. For the best outcome, go for a hair mask specially designed for colored hair. The mask will restore the shine and, at the same time, repair the damage to the colored hair.

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