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How Can I Make My Hair Straightening Last Longer?

After visiting hair straightening salons, you want to keep your hair straight for as long as possible, right? Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen—you have to put the necessary measures into place.

Wondering how can I make my hair straightening last longer? There are several things you should do. Some of these things include:

Stay away from water

Water is the number one enemy of straight hair, so you should prevent your hair from coming into contact with water as much as possible. As a rule of thumb, avoid swimming and if you have to, cover the hair with a quality head cap.

When you are out, and it starts raining, rush to the nearest shelter, so your hair isn’t rained on.

Use shampoos and conditioners that help keep the hair straight

You are highly discouraged from cleaning your hair all the time as it reduces hair straightening. A good rule of thumb is never to wash your hair more than three times a week. When you are doing it, ensure that you use the right shampoos and conditioners.

Always use shampoos and conditioners with plenty of minerals and vitamins that provide your hair with the refreshing nutrients that keep the hair smooth and straight.

When you are in the stores making the purchase, be on the lookout for products containing hedera helix extract, pro-vitamin B5, and wheat proteins.

Buying the right conditioner and shampoo isn’t enough—you need to apply it properly. When you are in the shower, take time to comb the conditioner into your hair using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. This is to get rid of all the tangles and encourage the hair to stay straight.

Watch how you dry the hair.

After washing the hair, you need to dry it. To avoid damaging it in the process, be cautious about how you go about it.

Begin with dabbing the wet hair with a towel instead of wrapping it in a towel or rubbing it harshly as this encourages frizz hence working against you and your efforts.

If drying the hair using a hairdryer, ensure that you constantly move the hairdryer around your head and not focus it on one particular spot. Again, this is to prevent frizz and hair damage.

When it comes to the heat settings, keep the heat low and ensure that the hair is completely dry before applying any straightener.

Use a silicone-based serum.

It’s recommended you apply the serum to your hair after styling it. While there are many serums you can use, you shouldn’t use just any serum—use silicone-based serum. The reason for this is because silicone-based products act as sealants where they provide a soft, waterproof barrier that prevents the water particles from entering the hair shaft and ruining the smooth, silky texture.

Use a ceramic plated flat iron.

Even after straightening your hair in a salon, you still need to do some touch-ups to keep the hair looking spectacular. One of the best appliances to use for the work is the flat iron. Before you use the flat iron, apply a heat-protecting spray on the hair that will protect the hair from the heat and encourage the hair to adhere to the straightness of the flat iron.

When straightening the hair, don’t use just any flat iron—use a ceramic plated flat iron. According to stylists working in Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville MD salons, a ceramic plated flat iron causes less damage to the hair so you not only have straight hair, but also have healthy, damage-free hair.

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