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11 Hair Color Correction Tips To Fix Hair Dye Disasters

A botched hair dye job can seem like the end of the world, but luckily there are things that you can do to rectify the color. Here are some hair color correction tips for getting perfect-looking and even hair after a bad hair dye job. For the treatment, go to hair salons specializing in color.

Figure Out The Color First

Before even thinking about color correction, you need to assess the damage first. You will want to examine your hair in a mirror and see what the problem is. Is the hair too red? Are there brassy tones? Does the hair look orange? Once you know the root of the problem (no pun intended), you’ll be able to go forward with the right color correction plan with your hair colorist in a salon that you trust.

Go Slowly

Hair color correction gives results in a couple of uses, but that doesn’t mean that you should speed up the process. There is a whole protocol that’s followed after a botched and failed hair dye job and you don’t want to put your hair through more damage than it has already sustained in the hair dye job.

Try to expect about 2 to 4 appointments in the salon where the hair stylist will slowly cut the color down and correct the hair. You will get the best results if you’re patient.

The Brassy Roots

The peeks of orange in your hair look very bad, especially if they’re not toned quickly. You want to use a blue or ash toner in this case. You need to understand the concept of the color wheel.

A cool and warm tone combined will neutralize the other and everything will look balanced. So, for those hideously obvious brassy orange roots, it’s best that you opt for a cooler colored toner and that’s going to restore the hair color in no time and you will have perfect hair.

Patchy Bleach – What To Do?

This is one of the most terrible looks on your tresses and it happens when you try to bleach your hair at home. This can lead to patches and spots of brass and orange all over your hair and near the roots. The best thing to do, in this case, is to seek a professional to help you get out of this situation.

A hair colorist will take a look at your patchy hair and he/she will remove the color and do a complete color change with toning to ensure that the spottiness fades away and there is not a single trace of orange or brass in your hair.

Do keep in mind that your hair might be bleached repeatedly for this trick to work so a good hair care routine will be a must.

Transition From Dark To Light

If you’re trying to take a huge leap and want to change your entire hair color, then this can also take you up to 5 sessions. If you have darker hair and want to go for a lighter blonde or caramel color, then you need to be patient with the process.

Usually, a lot of bleach is used in these sessions, but the developer percentage is low, which is healthier for your hair. So, the hair color is cut down slowly while preserving your hair health as much as possible.

Blonde Is Not Easy

There’s no doubt that blonde is the hardest color to transition to. There are just so many ways in which things can take an unwanted turn. Transitioning to blonde is also something you’ll need to get in a salon because you simply can’t get the same results at home.

The hair colorist will spend hours on your hair trying to cancel out the warm yellow and orange tones and there will also be successive applications of bleach to completely cancel the color out and make your tresses look light and golden.

Messed-Up Highlights

Highlights can be quite chunky and they tend to bleed into one another. This can be a huge issue, especially if you have straight hair and it shows the botched highlights a little too clearly. What you can do to rectify this is to turn the highlights into an ombre. You can opt for a semi-permanent hair dye or you can go to a salon and get a normal ombre that’s going to hide all of the imperfect highlights.

Ashy Tones – How To Fix Them

Ashy tones can also be problematic, especially if you’re trying to transition from any other color to blonde. The ash tones can look unflattering on certain people and it can wash the complexion out.

For this, the best tip that you can follow is to adopt the toner layering method. A subtle ash-canceling toner will be applied on wet hair and you can keep washing your hair for a couple of days to further lighten the ash tones in your mane. This is going to save your hair from excessive use of chemicals and hair color removers.

Too Much Yellow Tones

If you are trying to go from dark hair color to platinum blonde, then yellow undertones will be the norm. They’re going to make your hair look a lot warmer and the blonde color will just not shine through.

To remedy this, you can easily get a purple shampoo and that’s going to be a lifesaver for you. You can use this shampoo as a regular one in your shower and the cool blue and purple tones in the shampoo will neutralize the warm yellow tones and you’ll be left with a more cool-toned blonde mane.

Color Correcting Red Hair

Red is a very hard color to master because sometimes it can be too rich or too light. There is just no sweet spot that you can get on the first try. If your hair is too red and you need to tone it down then the best way to do it is by a color remover.

A color remover is kind of like a nail polish remover, but it’s meant for the hair. It removes all of the excess color from your hair and after some toning, you can get great results and the hair will look a lot more even in color and not as bright.

Uneven Color – The Common Culprit

Uneven hair dye can also be a huge problem in which your hair dye looks very patchy and there are significant lines of different colors in your hair. The main reason why this happens is dyeing your hair at home by yourself especially if you don’t have the experience.

This can ruin your hair and there’s no other choice for you other than to go to a salon and have an expert hair technician figure out the mess and get you out of it with a total hair color change. The results will be amazing.


Color correction is truly a lifesaver, especially if you need to be somewhere and don’t want brassy and patchy hair to be obvious. In some cases, you can fix your hair yourself, but if you want excellent results, avoid taking any risk yourself and visit a hair color correction hair salon Rockville.

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