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How Your Favorite Celebs Really Get Perfect Hair

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Models, Actresses and High Profile celebs are always spotted in perfect hair. Is there hair naturally beautiful? Do they know some hairstyling secret? How do they manage to get total hair transformation over night? Well, celebrities get such amazingly beautiful hair from styling products, hair accessories, hair care……and most importantly celebrity hairstylists. The celebrity hairstylists know how to play with the different haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors, hair styling products and hair accessories to craft the perfect hair look.

Ways to get celebrity like hair

Celebrities use a lot of hair products that damage and age their hair. Getting hair straight, curled, blown-out, colored and highlighted is all part of their job. And still their manes always look lush and plush, thanks to a few smart hair repair strategies.

Smart hair wash

Healthy hair begins with a clean scalp. In order to keep hair in good condition, it is important to pay attention over scalp health. The professional hairstylists recommend using two different shampoos –one to cleanse the scalp and another to hydrate ends of hair. This is how celebs keep scalps and hair in good condition.

Hair cleansing

Hair is exposed to chemicals and pollution every day. Thus, it is very much important to cleanse the hair. Deep hair cleansing is required in one or two weeks to prevent hair damage. This will prevent grease buildup on hair and restore the natural sheen and shine of hair.

Turn down the heat

Heat can damage the hair to a great extent, and snatch sheen and shine of natural hair. This is the reason why many celebs opt for permanent hair straightening or curling treatments, instead of using heat tools.

Hair brushing

Celebrities know how to brush their hair properly. They never use old hair brushes. Professional hairstylists recommend natural boar-bristle brushes. These brushes have very good impact on hair. The longer the hair, the bigger the comb you need.

Regular hair trimming

In order to make hair look good all the time, it is recommended to trim the ends time to time. The ends get dry over time, and if not cut get split-ends problem arise. Regular hair trimming can prevent this.

Everything you need to know about sally’s hair extensions

sally’s hair extensions

Today, hair extensions came as the breakthrough in the beauty and hair industries. There are endless benefits of the hair extensions –and the reason behind the increasing popularity. This hair accessory is great for adding extra thickness and length to all types of hair, creating that glamorous look that all the celebrities have. There are many types of hair extensions, among all sally’s hair extensions are gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is because sally’s hair extensions have their own set of benefits.

Learn about sally’s hair extensions

Sally’s hair extension is the number one choice for adding volume, color and length. This is the most recommended hair enhancement method by the professional hairstylists. Whether you want hair extensions for special occasions or just for a casual day, sally’s hair extensions are ideal for you to make drastic change without altering your own hair.

Sally’s hair extensions come with the easy installation option. These hair extensions are temporary. They don’t cause any damage to your natural hair. Giving you that long and luscious locks that are easy to style and maintain, and best of all they are suitable for everyone.

Sally’s hair extension is the ultimate solution for easy and quick change of hairstyle. You can use them to increase the volume and length without waiting for natural hair to grow out, apply highlights without damaging your natural hair, and even get bangs without a haircut. With this hair accessory you can enhance your hairstyle and overall appearance.

Benefits of sally’s hair extensions

Instant hairstyle change:  With hair extension it is possible to have short hair one day and long next day. This hair accessory lets you enjoy the best of the both trends.

Instant hair color change: Want to experiment with new hair color? Well you can change with the hair extensions. This hair accessory is available in plenty of colors.

Low maintenance: Hair extensions are one of the most low maintenance hair accessories available on the market.

Different hairstyle for different occasion: With sally’s hair extensions, you can enjoy different types of hairstyles without damaging your natural hair. You just need to find the best hair extension installation services and get the hairstyle of your dreams.

Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

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Are you regretting after chopping your hair? Are you missing your long hair? Or do you think your hair is too thin for any great hairstyle? Well, if so, then you should try hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great way of adding volume and length to short hair, and properly installed hair extensions look completely natural.

How Enjoy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are amazing hair accessory. It can totally change the way you look. With hair extensions you can instantly change your hair texture, color, length and style. You can find many types of hair extensions. Every type has its own significance. You can opt for any type of hair extension. However, hair extensions can look good only if they are installed and maintained properly.

Brilliant Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Try hair extension ponytail: Many girls love long flowing ponytails, but it is not possible to make celebrity like ponys with natural hair. Use clip-ins to increase the volume of your hair and then make a ponytail (you can easily hide the clips of hair extensions with your natural hair).

Colored hair extensions: Do you want to try fancy hair colors? Well, hair extensions can let you enjoy all the unnatural hair colors, and that too without damaging your hair. Hair extensions come in many fancy hair colors including but not limited to pink, purple, green, blue and orange.

Enjoy bangs without cutting your hair: Every girl wants to try bangs at least once in a lifetime. You can totally enjoy bangs with hair extensions. Just clip-in the extensions and enjoy bangs without cutting your real hair.

Increase volume: Hair extensions can instantly add volume to your hair. If you are using extensions for lofty updos, then you will have to put in hair extensions upside down to ensure that the hair is all going in the correct direction.

Try curls: If you have straight hair and you want to experiment with your hairstyle, you can try curly hair extensions. However, you will have to visit a hair extension salon for hair extension installation. The professional hairstylists will install hair extension in a manner that no one will be able to recognize that you are wearing fake hair.

What Is Difference between Perms and Relaxers?

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Many people think that perms and relaxers are the same thing, but believe it or not they are two totally different hair treatments. Both hair relaxer and perm are trending these days. Almost every hair salon is offering hair perming and relaxing services, and people are embracing these hair treatments as well.  But before you opt for any of these hair services, you should understand the difference between perms and relaxers, so that you can choose the right services for yourself.

What you should know about perms and relaxers

In terms of implementation, relaxers and perms are very much similar. Both the treatments lift up the outermost layer of the hair strand and break the hair bonds deeper that changes the natural texture of hair.

Perms add curls or waves to hair while relaxers straight the already existing waves. Both the treatments make use of chemicals and heat to alter the hair texture. Results differ because pH levels of chemicals used in perming and relaxing differ. Hair reshaping largely depends on the pH value of chemicals.

Hair Perms

Perms are used to introduce curl and waves in naturally straight hair.  This process is done by using chemicals that are applied to the hair along with rollers or rods.  After applying chemicals, hair takes the shape of the rollers or rods and is neutralized.  The shape provided to hair during treatment becomes the new shape of the hair. It is possible to customize the shape and size of the curls during perming treatment. Perming lasts usually until new hair grows out.

Hair Relaxers

Hair relaxer is the permanent hair straightening method. It is also referred as thermal reconditioning and Japanese hair straightening as well. During hair relaxer treatment, hair is tightly coiled in the presence of heat. Hair relaxer treatment can provide the straight hair, which remains straight until new hair grows out. However, straight hair obtained from the thermal reconditioning does not appear healthier and silkier like keratin treatment.

Since hair is subjected to heat and chemicals during hair perming and relaxing treatment, hair needs to be in very good condition to bear these treatments. Professional hairstylists do not recommend perming and relaxing to people having fine hair.

How to Find a Good Hairstylist?

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Finding a good hairstylist is nearly as challenging as finding a good mate! You need someone you like spending hours with, someone who understands what he is doing, someone who can make you feel better about yourself, and someone who is expert of his profession. It means you need much more than a celebrity hairstylist, who meets all these criteria. Well, it is difficult but not impossible to find a great hairstylist.

How to Choose a Hair Stylist

The first step of finding a good hairstylist is to find a good hair salon because you are not going to get good hairstylists on the road!!! Hair salon is the place where you can get opportunity to meet various hairstylists of your area. Even after visiting the hair salon, you need not have to rely on hit and trial method to finalize the right stylist. If you pay attention over some basic factors, it will narrow down your search.

Tips for choosing a right hairstylist

#1: Word of Mouth: Ask your friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, and even strangers about their satisfaction level with their hairstylists. People who love their hairstylist will openly recommend their stylists to you and people who don’t like their stylists will warn you about them.

#2: Do your research: Before actually letting any hairstylist to cut your hair, do your researches. Visit a few reputable hair salons and check whether their stylists meet your expectations or not.

#3: Communicate: You will not be able to evaluate the caliber of hairstylist without interacting them. So, whenever you visit any hair salon, don’t hesitate in interviewing the hairstylists. Ask about their specialties, experience and fees.

#4: Visit website: Almost all high profile hair salons have online presence, these days. The official websites of hair salons may give you sufficient information about their stylists. Online research can make it really very easy for you to collect information about various hairstylists.

#5: Read reviews: Nowadays genuine customer reviews are available on just one click of the mouse. You can use facebook, twitter, instagram and other online platforms to read the real reviews of real people. These reviews will help you a lot in choosing the right hairstylist.