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What Kind of Shampoo Should You Choose? Tips on Shopping for Shampoo

Shopping for the right shampoo may not be as easy as you think. With so many brands, features, and even scents to choose from, it can be overwhelming to buy the best shampoo as part of your hair care routine. Anti-hair fall, hydrating, moisturizing, best for colored hair… a lot of them would promise these benefits. But can these shampoo brands live up to those promises?

For one thing, you need to know what to look for. What kind of hair treatment or hair care do you really need? Speaking of hair treatments, there are a lot of hair salons that offer various treatments and services such as Brazilian keratin straightening or Balayage hair highlights.

All about shampoos

Surely, you already experienced going to the grocery store to buy shampoo. And then you encounter an entire aisle of shampoo brands of all colors, shapes, sizes, and different price ranges. Buying the right shampoo should not only be based on how popular the brand is or how it smells.

For one thing, there are different types of shampoos. Aside from the brand and packaging, each shampoo can be classified on what it should be used for. Some shampoos are specially formulated for dry or oily hair. Others may be for those with dyed hair, with dandruff, or prone to hair fall.

Given these classifications, you can have an idea of which kind of shampoo to choose. Before going to a permanent hair straightening salon or a hair color correction specialist, make sure to check the right kind of shampoo as part of your hair care and maintenance.

Different shampoos and their usages

As mentioned, there are different kinds of shampoos depending on your hair type and texture or whether you have special hair treatments. For example, shampoos made for “normal hair” is suitable for everyday use. Anti-dandruff and color shampoos are, well, self-explanatory.

And then there are also some specific shampoos made for certain hair issues. For example, clarifying or chelating shampoos are often used to get rid of hair build-up that causes dandruff, oiliness, and other hair and scalp problems. For those suffering from psoriasis or eczema, there are medicated shampoos that you can use.

How to use shampoo properly

By now, you already have an idea of what kind of shampoo to use. As mentioned, it is important to understand the kind of shampoo you are about to use. Most people would think that shampoos are only meant to get rid of dirt and oil and to make your hair smell good.

But shampoos can do more than those. When you use shampoo, you should not only consider your hair but also your scalp health as well. Basically, shampoos should benefit both hair and scalp. On the other hand, conditioner should only be used for your hair ends.

You should also consider the type of shampoo depending on the type of hair you have. For example, moisturizing shampoos are suitable for curly, thick, or coarse hair. Volumizing shampoos are great for limp or fine hair texture. The fortifying shampoo is more suitable for frequently-styled, brittle, or damaged hair. There are also shampoos specific for curly hair only.

Other tips on proper shampooing and similar hair care and treatment tips are the following:

  • Do not style or brush your hair while it is still wet. This is because our hair is most prone to damage when it is wet. Let it dry first using a blower (preferably at the lowest heat setting) or air dry.
  • Be careful when using shampoos as it can potentially dry out your hair. Make sure to check the ingredients before using them.
  • Do not forget to use conditioner after shampooing for extra moisture on your hair ends. Apply conditioner on your hair only and not on the scalp as much as possible.
  • Avoid shampooing every day. Experts suggest using shampoo at least every other day.


Every hair is different, and so shampoo. Every shampoo-type has its specific purposes that should be beneficial to a specific hair type. That is why you should know these different types of shampoos and reap its benefits on your hair type.

Having hair treatments regularly can also supplement the amount of care and maintenance your hair needs. You can visit a trusted Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville for your regular hair treatment needs.

Ever Wondered What Happens If You Don’t Shampoo Every Day? Here’s What You Need to Know

A lot of people and online articles advise against washing your hair every day. Apparently, it is not a good idea to shampoo your hair daily as it can cause dryness and even hair damage. But the question is, can you last a day or two without shampooing? More so, if you are an active person and tend to sweat more than others?

Nonetheless, the question of whether to shampoo every day or not still remains a topic of debate. One cannot simply think negatively about shampoos because even professional hair salons use it for their customers. Some hair-straightening salons even sell their own shampoos and other hair care products on the side.

To shampoo or not?

The ultimate answer? It depends on your hair type. Everyone’s hair texture is different, hence requiring different ways to care for it. So if you decide on how often to shampoo, you should consider your hair type and texture.

If you are going to have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist, you would have to be shampooed first. You would also have to shampoo your human hair extensions as part of its maintenance.

However, most hair experts agree that everyday shampoo is not a good idea for your hair. In fact, shampooing every day can be one of those marketing strategies companies do to sell more of their hair products.

Then again, hair hygiene is as important as taking a bath or brushing your teeth every day. Shampooing can help in removing dirt, debris, and oil accumulated on your hair and scalp. However, too much shampoo can strip natural oils from your hair and make it dry.

That is why you should consider how often and when is the right time to shampoo your hair. You should also consider the ingredients in that shampoo brand you are using. If you are not sure what to do, you can ask your trusted hair professional in your favorite keratin treatment salon.

What happens if you don’t shampoo every day?

First of all, our scalp naturally produces oil, called sebum, to provide moisture to our hair. As mentioned, it is a good idea to shampoo hair to remove dirt and make your hair smell good. However, there are people who do not shampoo their hair every day out of personal choice.

So, what really happens if you do not shampoo your hair daily? It can actually do wonders especially those with naturally thick hair. But it can be a different outcome for those with thin hair. In fact, oil can be fine hair’s worst enemy. When you have fine hair and do not wash it, it can become sticky and look dirty and unpleasant.

Unwashed hair can be an unfortunate dirt magnet especially if you are often outdoors. If this happens to you, perhaps it’s a good idea to wash your hair immediately. Hair dye won’t also stick well with unwashed (and oily) hair. Plus, you can expect your hair to smell rather oddly the longer you don’t wash it.

On a positive note, some hair experts say that oily hair can do wonders on dyed hair. Hair salons specializing in color should know this. Then again, the outcome may still depend on your hair’s texture.

How to wash your hair the right way

There are several alternatives you can do to make your hair squeaky clean. For example, you can use dry shampoo if you prefer not to wash your hair daily. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oil and prevents hair clumping.

Instead of shampooing, you can wash your hair using conditioner instead. There are some hair products specially made to condition and clean the hair without the harsh ingredients. It works especially for dry, curly, and wavy hair according to experts.

Or you can wash your hair with water only. However, it may not guarantee thorough cleaning as compared to using shampoo or conditioner.

Which hair washing method suits you best?

In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all for hair care. It all depends on your hair type, texture, and even your lifestyle. Active people should wash their hair more often than those who are mostly staying at home.

If you are not sure, try cutting your wash days and see what works for your hair. You can also try out shampoos or conditioners with natural ingredients. You should also take note of your diet and lifestyle. For your regular hair maintenance, make sure to visit only a trusted keratin treatment salon in Rockville. Set an appointment today and have a good hair day every day!

Sporting a Ponytail Hairstyle: How to Do It Right

Ponytails are lifesavers. It saves the day by keeping our hair in style when our hair does not cooperate on a certain day. It’s a hairstyle that doesn’t go out of fashion. Aside from that, ponytails can work regardless of your activity for the day. You can simply sport a ponytail whether going to the gym or preparing for a night out with friends.

Of course, you should also take care of your hair. You can try a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment once in a while. Perhaps try adding color to your hair and try out Balayage hairstyles. Or avail human hair extensions if you want to add volume to your hair. Regardless, make sure to trust only the professionals to take care of your hair.

A tweet exchange about ponytails

Singer Ariana Grande is known to sport ponytails in most of her performances. In fact, her high ponytail has become her signature hairstyle ever since. Who would have thought that that simple hairstyle would become popular as we know of today?

But did you know that Grande had to suffer the painful consequences of tying her hair up often? One time, she and fellow pop star Camila Cabello (who tried on the former’s signature hairstyle) exchanged tweets about ponytails. In one tweet, Cabello said sporting a high ponytail as Grande’s felt like “literally pulling… [the] brain” and that
“it’s… painful”.

To which Grande responded that being in a ponytail often causes her “constant pain”. Apparently, Grande has been used to wearing a ponytail and has seemed to become already numb from it. Even regular netizens seem to relate with these tweet exchanges from these two popular artists.

That classic hairstyle that comes with a price

Even if you are fond of wearing a ponytail, you should still take care of your hair. For example, you can schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. Or visit a Japanese hair straightening salon so you don’t have to conceal your bad hair day. Sporting a ponytail every day can lead to painful consequences as Grande mentioned in her tweet.

In case you don’t know yet, tight ponytails can pull your hair it can cause headaches. Likewise, it can strain the scalp tissue and result in scalp sensitivity. In the worst cases, tying your hair more often in a ponytail can lead to tension alopecia.

There are also people who have more sensitive scalps than others. More so, that pain can be more prominent once you release your hair from a ponytail. While ponytails can save you from a bad hair day, hair experts often advise to let your hair once in a while. Otherwise, it can lead to painful and unpleasant consequences as mentioned above.

Common ponytail habits to avoid now

Despite of the potential dangers of ponytails, this doesn’t mean you should not do it anymore. There are actually proper ways to wear a ponytail without compromising your hair health. Here are the no-no’s when it comes to ponytails.

Don’t use hair ties with metal thingies.

There are hair ties with metal fasteners that a lot of people use. It basically secures the hair tie itself so it won’t loosen up easily. However, these metal thingies on your favorite hair elastics can damage your hair. Your hair strands might get caught on these metal fasteners and make it hard to remove.

Don’t use rubber bands to tie your hair.

Its material can damage your hair. Also, rubber bands should be used to secure any item but not your hair. Use hair ties instead because they’re meant for hair use. Also, don’t yank the elastics from your hair and do it gently instead.

Don’t tie your hair too tight.

Even Ariana Grande has to learn this the hard way even if it’s part of her artistry. As mentioned, it can cause headaches and even hair loss later on. More so, avoid tying your hair when it’s still wet.

Keep your hair healthy even in a ponytail

There is no assurance that your hair will be 100 percent healthy if you ponytail it every day. Nonetheless, it is still important to have hair treatments to ensure hair health. You can visit a Brazilian blowout salon to breathe life into your dull and lifeless hair. Here are other tips to remember so you won’t overdo your ponytail.

  • Let your hair loose every once in a while. As much as possible, don’t tie your hair too tightly.
  • Don’t sleep with a ponytail to avoid further damage.
  • Try other hairstyles aside from ponytails. You can try loose braids, a “half ponytail”, or opt for low ponytails.
  • Visit hair salons in Rockville for proper hair care treatment from the experts.