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Is Premature Gray Hair a Bad Thing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life can be uncertain. One day we feel well and enjoy things in life. The next thing you know, some kind of unfortunate event happens to you and affects the quality of your life. Some are just… let’s say, blessed in life. While others may not be as fortunate and blessed as other people.

But one thing is for sure: We will all get old, have wrinkles, and grow gray hairs. It can be only one of two things: Either you rock your gray hair or have it colored in hair salons specializing in color.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding gray hair. Is it really that bad to have gray hair? Do old people only have gray hair? Can stress cause gray hair? How should you deal with gray hair in the first place? Here are things you need to know about gray hair.

Does stress cause gray hair?

Running an entire country can be very stressful. Ask any president of a country and they will most likely give you the same answer. One example is former US President Barack Obama. If you have seen his photos pre-Presidency, he had visibly dark brown hair. After his term, he apparently had more grays than brown hair.

Did stress cause Obama’s hair to turn gray? The truth is that having gray hair is not mostly due to stress. As we age, our hair follicles produce less melanin, hence the graying hair color. But aside from age, genetics also plays a role in graying hair. In fact, there are some people in their teens or early 20’s who already have graying hair.

People deal with gray hair differently. Some would go to hair salons with coloring services. Others would have Balayage hair highlights or experiment with different hair colors. Interestingly, other people would let their gray hair down and proud.

Stress cannot make your hair gray but can cause hair to fall instead. This condition, called telogen effluvium, makes your hair shed faster than usual. In most cases, it doesn’t cause balding. But for middle-aged persons, it is more likely that gray hair will grow in to replace your natural hair color.

Other causes of gray hair

Aside from age-related and genetic reasons, there are other reasons why we have gray hairs. This is also most likely due to certain medical illnesses such as:

  • Thyroid disease
  • Vitiligo (a condition that causes the melanocytes to be destroyed, which leads to gray hair)
  • Alopecia areata (can cause overnight hair graying)
  • Tuberous sclerosis
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

Can you prevent gray hair?

In reality, you cannot restore gray hair anymore unless you dye it. You can go to a hair color correction hair salon to do something with your graying hair. You can somehow delay the inevitable graying of your hair by changing your lifestyle. However, the success of delaying the growth of gray hair will still depend on your genetics.

So if you want to prevent premature gray hair, you can follow these tips.

Eat, drink, and take supplements rich in these certain minerals and vitamins.

Certain nutrients can boost the production of melanin. In turn, that can boost the natural color of your hair. Make sure to include these foods in your diet that are rich in:

  • Calcium (milk, dark leafy vegetables, fish)
  • Copper (lentils, peanuts, beef liver, white mushrooms)
  • Protein (rich in keratin, too)
  • Iron
  • Vitamins D, B6, B5, and B9 (folic acid)
  • Zinc
  • Biotin

Use herbal remedies with caution.

Some people use herbs and other natural ingredients to combat health problems including graying hair. For example, Polygonum multiflorum is said to help in hair loss and other health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. However, it can also cause side effects such as liver damage. Before using any herbal medicines, make sure to consult a doctor first to prevent adverse reactions.

Cut off vices.

This includes quitting smoking, lessening drink nights, exercising more, and getting more sleep. It will be hard, but achievable. You can find support from trusted friends and groups for a successful lifestyle change. Take care of yourself more. Go to a Brazilian blowout salon for some refreshing change to your look.


Gray hair is an inevitable part of life. It is up to you how you are going to deal with gray hair. Either you have it colored by a hair color correction specialist in Rockville or leave it as it is. Gray hair can be a reflection of your overall health. But at the end of the day, we should take care of our health and that includes our hair, too.

How to Rock your Graying Hair

Aging is part of life, and so is graying hair. As we grow older, the more gray or white hairs will appear. On the other hand, some people already grow gray hair even before reaching their 30’s. While this is a normal thing (and most likely due to genetics), some people who have it at a younger age can make them feel too conscious with their hair

One way people deal with graying hair is by coloring it and visiting hair salons specializing in color. However, coloring gray hair may not as simple as it seems. For one, gray hair usually tends to be rough and wiry. Also, the dye may not seep into the hair easily. That is why it is recommended to have your hair colored by a professional hair color correction specialist.

The basics of coloring gray hair

Older people or those with prematurely graying hair may actually have gray, silver of white hair. Regardless of color, it is important to determine which color will suit your hair. You should also decide whether you have your hair colored professionally or do it yourself.

For one thing, certain hair colors won’t sit well with gray, silver, or white hair. Instead of making you look more glamorous, using these colors can only make you look older. Among colors that should be avoided for dyeing gray hair include golden blonde, burgundy red, chocolate brown, and black.

Of course, you may get worried that hair coloring can damage your hair. That is why you should choose a hair color product carefully as some products contain harsh ingredients that can harm your hair. If you do decide to color your hair, you should schedule regular touch-ups to keep your colored hair look consistent.

How often the touch-ups are will depend on your hair color and type. For example, a hair color correction specialist would recommend touch-ups once every three to four weeks for those with 100 percent gray hair. On the other hand, those with 50 percent gray hair can schedule touch-ups in a hair color correction hair salon once every five weeks.

Going DIY

Coloring your hair by yourself is possible as long as you know what to do. It can be an easier job if you are opting to color your entire hair or cover up your hair roots. Also, it can save you hundreds of dollars as compared to going to hair salons to do the coloring. However, make sure to consider the following first before coloring your hair on your own.

  • Use only permanent hair dye in coloring hair as semi-permanent ones won’t stay that long enough on gray hair.
  • If you are planning on Balayage hairstyles or any kind of highlights, it is better to have it done by a professional hair colorist.
  • Make sure to follow the package instructions before going ahead and coloring your hair on your own.
  • To cover up the graying hair roots, you can either do the following:
    • Use a hair mascara. There are ones available in beauty shops and drugstores nearby.
    • Use a mascara wand or toothbrush dipped in your preferred hair color and brush your hair with it. Wait for a specified amount of time before rinsing it off.

The best hair colors for gray hair

As mentioned, it may not be recommended to choose darker shades on your gray hair such as black, golden blondes, and burgundy reds. These may not look unsightly especially when your hair starts to regrow. Then again, you can opt for these colors if you are willing to do frequent touch-ups, which can be costly and potentially damaging to hair, by the way. Here are some tips to make your gray hair look glamorous.

  • Get lowlights and highlights that will make your hair come alive. You can also try Balayage hair highlights. Consult a professional hair colorist for the best hair color options depending on your hair color.
  • Mix it up with spunky hairstyles. Try pixie or bob cuts to complement your new hair colors such as silver highlights, platinum blondes, and salt-and-pepper highlights.

Love your gray hair

While there are different hair coloring options for gray hair, a lot of people choose to embrace their graying hair as is. After all, it’s part of aging and they believe it is not a bad thing in choosing to age gracefully – gray hair, wrinkles, and all. It’s all about confidence and having a positive attitude in life. Still, your hair needs regular care to ensure its youthful luster. Visit hair salons in Rockville MD for your regular hair care needs.