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What You Need to Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Most hair salons around the world offer hair coloring services featuring a lot of hair color options you can choose from. After all, it’s nice to have varying hair shades from time to time.

Choosing the right hair color can also make a difference to your overall look, and can even help boost your self-confidence. That is why you should choose hair salons specializing in color to help you achieve your dream hair color.

However, most people who already had their hair colored would agree that coloring their hair for the first time was somewhat scary. For one, a lot of them feared that they may not achieve the color they want. Also, some also feared that their hair may get damaged due to hair coloring.

These fears are normal, especially for first-timers. But don’t worry – you should remember these tips below if you finally decide to have your hair dyed by a hair color correction specialist.

What is hair coloring?

Also called hair dyeing, hair coloring is a common practice of changing the color of your hair. People dye their hair mostly for aesthetic reasons. For one, older people tend to color their hair close enough to their natural hair color (like black or brown) to cover up white or graying hair.

On the other hand, a lot of people especially young adults color their hair to express their individuality. Some of them even color their hair drastically – originally from black to let’s say, pink or green. Meanwhile, some color their hair to restore their hair’s original color due to too much sun or chlorine exposure.

Most hair coloring procedures are done by a hair color correction hair salon. However, there are already a lot of DIY hair coloring products which users can do the coloring themselves.

Choosing the best hair color

Coloring your hair is easier said than done. For one thing, you should consider which color can help complement your overall appearance. For example, just because gray hair is trending nowadays means that it can also suit you.

With so many color options you can choose from, picking one that you will love and will suit your appearance can be quite a challenge. That said, here are some tips you should remember when choosing a hair color that will complement your skin tone.

For warm/darker skin tone:

Choose a hair color that has variants with “ash” or “cool” on the labels. Some examples include ash blonde, ash brown, auburn, or chestnut colors.

Brunette or reddish-brown colors can also work on warm-skinned individuals. If you want to try Balayage hair highlights, choose ones within the “cool” color range.

For fair-skinned/light skin tone:

Choose a hair color such as golden blonde to complement your skin color. Colors with “honey”, “chocolate”, or “warm” on their variant names can also work on these skin color types as well.

On the other hand, avoid using lighter shades such as platinum, strawberry, champagne, or silver blonde as it can make you look paler. If you want to look rather unconventional with your hair color, you can experiment with lighter shades of blue, pink, or green.

Before dyeing your hair, read these first

By now, you already have an idea of what hair colors to choose based on your skin tone. But before you buy a hair coloring kit or go to your nearest hair salons specializing in color, you need to take note of the following:

  1. Check the ingredients.

Make sure to do a skin patch test first before trying out the hair color. Otherwise, it may cause irritation on your skin and even do damage to your hair if you’re not too careful.

  1. Use “demi-permanent” hair color.

It refers to a combination of semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes that eventually fade after every shampoo. This type of hair color can also improve your natural hair color and does minimal damage, unlike permanent hair color.

  1. Use hair products catered for colored hair.

If you have colored hair, use shampoo and conditioner meant for colored hair. Most of them have descriptions such as “for color-treated hair” or “for more vibrant colored hair”.

  1. “Clean” your hair before the coloring treatment.

Use a clarifying shampoo prior to your scheduled hair color treatment to help remove any build-up and ensure that the hair dye will take effect better.

Are you ready to have your hair colored?

The above tips will ensure the best hair coloring experience, especially for first-timers. For your hair coloring needs, make sure to head only to the best hair color correction specialist in Rockville MD.

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