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How Long Does A Balayage Last?

You have heard all the positives that come with Balayage hair highlights. They grow out evenly and softly without leaving an obvious regrowth line, they don’t require a lot of care, and they last for a long time. And you have decided to go for them.

Like other ladies, you don’t like doing your hair too often, so the big question is, how long does a Balayage last?

Balayage highlights last for up to 4 months, where their duration depends on the color you have applied on the hair, the rate of hair growth, and how you care for your hair after getting the treatment.

Which is the best balayage color?

The best balayage colors are the very light shades such as platinum or extra light blonde. You won’t need to go to the salon for touchups for several months, and the only care you need to give your hair is washing the hair with purple shampoo.

Avoid chocolate shades as they will require you to add pigmentation every 2 months. At the same time, avoid caramel shades as you will have to add pigmentation every 3 months.

How to take care of your Balayage

After coming from a Balayage salon, the only thing that will make the hair last long is taking good care of it. How do you do this?

Avoid washing your hair daily.

You want to be clean and hygienic, but washing your hair daily will get rid of color and moisture from your hair fibers. And as a result, you end up with break, dry hair. You don’t want this, do you?

To keep the highlights for as long as possible, make it a habit to clean your hair every 48-72 hours.

When washing the hair, use a purple shampoo that will protect the hair from turning chicken yellow or orange.

You should note that not all shampoos are right for your hair. As a rule of thumb, avoid any shampoos containing sulfate as it’s corrosive and will remove colors from the hair fibers.

For your balayage to last for a long time, use chemical-free shampoos and conditioners that won’t damage your bleached hair or remove the color from your hair.

Stay away from heat tools.

Flat irons, curling irons, and even hairdryers are harmful to your balayage-treated hair, so avoid them as much as you can.

If you would love to shape your hair in different ways, use coconut oil to protect the hair ends and lengths. If going to straighten or curl your hair, use serum or heat protection oils, so you don’t expose your hair to a lot of heat.

If you have to use the heating tools, don’t use them more than twice a week.

Cover your hair when getting to a pool

Like any other hairstyle, you have to protect your balayage hair from chlorine and other pool chemicals. When getting to the pool, protect the hair with a swim cap so that the chlorine doesn’t reach your hair and degrade it.

In the event, the hair accidentally comes into contact with pool water, rinse it with tap water, then apply micellar water, so the hair doesn’t dry out and lose its color.

Have the hair done by a professional

Everything begins here. There is no way your balayage will last for a long time if an inexperienced stylist did it. You want to work with an experienced stylist who will professionally bleach your hair and offer professional advice on the best Balayage hairstyles Rockville MD to go for.

Before you visit any salon, look it up and ensure it has been around long enough.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Using a Hair Blowdryer

We all know that too much heat can cause hair damage. That is why we are often advised to avoid using heat styling tools too much. But sometimes, using such tools is important especially for special occasions. You can also go to hair salons that offer various services such as Brazilian keratin straightening, Balayage hair highlights, or even human hair extensions.

Blowdrying hair: Getting started

Unfortunately, heat styling tools such as the hairdryer has gained a bad reputation over the years. As mentioned, heat styling tools can be damaging to hair. But if used correctly, it can give your hair some oomph and actually make it look better than before.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to add volume, make it super straight, or create curls on your hair. The right hair products and proper use of heat styling tools are a great combination for perfect-looking hair!

Using a blowdryer might be easier said than done. A blowdryer is an essential hair styling tool, and a professional keratin treatment salon would not be complete without it. On the other hand, you can also buy your own blowdryer so you can use it anytime whenever you feel or need to get your hair done.

Common mistakes when using a hair blowdryer

Using a heat styling tool such as a blowdryer should be as easy as pointing it on damp hair and blast it on until your hair dries. However, you might actually be doing it wrong. Here are some common mistakes most people do when using a blowdryer.

Using a comb or a wrong brush while blowdrying hair

If you want to achieve the volume you want for your hair, make sure to choose the right brush. If the volume is what you aim for, don’t use a comb when blowdrying. Usually, a round brush is the best choice if you want to achieve bouncy and voluminous hair.

Meanwhile, a ceramic brush works best with straight hair that needs some additional volume and movement. On the other hand, boar bristle brushes can work best with frizzy and coarse hair.

You do not use a heat protectant before blowdrying

As mentioned, too much heat can cause damage to your hair. That is why you should protect your hair before blasting heat on your precious locks. However, make sure you are doing it correctly. Part your hair first and apply the serum or spray per section starting from the mid-shaft down to the hair ends. Then, comb your hair or use your fingers before starting blowdrying your hair.

Blowdrying your hair right

Using your hair styling tools right is the first step for better-looking hair. Your favorite keratin treatment salon would not be complete without a quality hair blowdryer. If you have your own blowdryer or planning to buy one, take note of the following to help achieve the hair you want.

Invest in a hair blowdryer.

Don’t settle on cheap blowdryers especially if you are planning to heat style your hair more often. Most quality blowdryers have amazing features such as multiple heat settings, ionic air features, and many more. It is better to buy an expensive hair styling tool will help you save money in the long run.

Wash and towel dry your hair first.

At least make your hair clean first of any impurities before styling it. Use a gentle shampoo and a good amount of conditioner and towel dry your hair. Make sure that your hair is not dripping wet when you are about to blowdry it.

Don’t forget to apply for heat protection on hair before hair drying.

The main threat of hairstyling is the heat, so make sure your hair is well-protected from it. Thankfully, there is a lot of hair serum or spray protectants you can use for your hair styling needs.

Move the dryer around and make sure it is not too near your hair.

You will end up frying your hair if you point the dryer too near it. Instead, keep the blowdryer at a safe distance or about 6 inches. Make sure to move the tool around so your hair dries out more quickly.


These are only some of the most useful tips to remember when using a blow dryer. There are a lot of quality blowdryers you can buy. Or you can go to your favorite Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville for your hair treatment needs.

Can Ayurveda Make Your Hair Better and Stronger Hair?

Nothing is more stressful and saddening than experiencing hair fall. Men are more prone to balding, but women are more at risk of hair fall regardless of age. For one thing, losing a couple of hair strands a day is a normal thing. But if your hair sheds in clumps, then it should be something to worry about.

That is why we need to take care of our hair. There are a lot of reasons why some people experience excessive hair fall. You can seek hair care advice from hair professionals in your favorite hair salons. The good news is that you can lessen or prevent hair fall without spending on expensive hair products.

Understanding hair fall

More often than not, you have already experienced hair fall. As mentioned, losing hair strands a day is normal – around 50 to 100. Old hair sheds to make way to new hair growth. But when you see clumps of hair on the shower drain after every bath, it can be a cause of alarm.

It is also a normal reaction for us to be conscious of our hair. No wonder a lot of people, especially women, go to hair straightening salons for a sleeker and straighter hair. Others would visit a hair extensions salon to add volume and length to their hair. Or try out trendy Balayage hairstyles for a change.

Hair fall can be due to several reasons, including stress and lack of nutrition. Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and are in their menopausal years are also prone to hair fall. To determine what causes your hair fall, you need to determine what the root cause is. Once determined, you will be advised to adjust your diet, use anti-hair loss products, taking supplements, or even undergoing a hair transplant.

Can Ayurveda help in lessening hair fall?

For starters. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine originated in India about 3,000 years ago. It is based on the concept of having the mind, body, and spiritual balance, and aimed to ensure good health.

Ayurveda also believes that the human body is composed of three major doshas, or life forces: Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. Ayurvedic medicine can help in determining health problems and be able to address it.

This involves detoxification to “cleanse” the body from any impurities that are causing the health problem, including the possible root causes of hair fall. Among popular Ayurvedic treatments include the use of herbs, massages, and laxatives.

However, the FDA does not approve of the use of Ayurvedic medicine. It is said that some Ayurvedic medicine includes arsenic, mercury, and lead, that are harmful to health. So before trying any alternative medical treatments, seek advice from doctors first.

Proven effective ways to get rid of hair fall

Some people are advocating Ayurvedic medicine in treating their health concerns, including hair fall. However, others may also have their doubts when it comes to this traditional medicine. If you’re not sure, there are always other alternatives to address your health issues.

First of all, it starts with you – from your diet down to the products you use. Planning to have your hair rebonded in a Japanese hair straightening salon soon? Or go to hair salons specializing in color for a professional hair dye job? You can ask the hair salon personnel the products’ ingredients and their possible side effects.

However, hair fall is not only because of using the wrong hair care products. Your diet and lifestyle have also got something to do with it. Not only we should look good on the outside but more importantly, healthier on the inside.

Take iron, zinc, protein, and Vitamin D to lessen hair fall. Eating the right foods is also important for healthier hair. This includes spinach, eggs, and sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds. Have enough sleep and stay away from toxic and stressful situations as much as possible.


Some people swear on Ayurvedic medicine when it comes to addressing hair fall. Most of the products used on Ayurveda comes from traditional and organic herbs and ingredients. Still, you need to do your research first before trying out new treatments even if it has been around for hundreds of years.

It should be all-out when it comes to hair care. For your hair care needs, you can schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville MD.

Hair Balayage or Highlights: Which One Should You Get?

So you have already decided to give your hair a new look by having your hair colored. You might feel excited and scared at the same time especially if it is your first time doing it. Depending on what type of hair coloring you want, you can either do it on your own or head to the nearest hair salons near you.

With so many coloring options to choose from, you may get overwhelmed which one will suit your look and preference. For one thing, hair coloring is not only to cover up graying hair. Rather, it has become an important part of a person’s identity and a way to improve one’s self-confidence.

The evolution of hair color

Hair coloring has already been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Thousands of years later, it has since become an important part of many people’s lives. Back then, jet black, blonde, red, and brown were the common hair dyes used. Among popular celebrities who became known for their dyed hair include Marilyn Monroe (for her platinum blonde hair) and Mia Farrow (for her auburn-dyed hair).

Aside from hair coloring, highlights also became popular around the same time. The earlier version of hair highlighting – which is pretty much used until now – involved using a cap with lots of holes in it. It is in the holes where some parts of your hair will be pulled using a needle. The hair color correction stylist will then begin the highlighting process until the customer became satisfied with the results.

Since then, hair highlights have become popular until now. A lot of hair salons specializing in color appeared here and there. Hairstylists began using foils for hair highlights around the 1980s, apart from the traditional cap-with-hole coloring method. In the early ’90s, Balayage hair highlights were introduced and also became one of the most popular hair coloring options until the present time.

Traditional highlights vs. Balayage

Highlights, babylights, Balayage, ombre, sombre… there are already lots of different hair highlighting techniques nowadays.  However, two of the most popular hair coloring methods are highlights and Balayage. Both can look good and use different colors according to your liking.

First of all, let us differentiate the two. Highlights refer to a hair coloring technique that involves coloring some parts, or streaks, of your hair with a color that is usually lighter than your natural hair color. It can work on any hair color whether it’s blonde, brown, or black.

As mentioned, highlights may involve using a cap with built-in holes or foils to color your hair. These items are used to separate hair strands and then colored according to preferred hair color. On the other hand, Balayage hairstyles use your free hand to color your hair with a brightening effect as it reaches your hair tips.

Maintenance levels also vary between Balayage and traditional hair highlights. The former does not need frequent touch-ups hence is low maintenance. On the other hand, the latter may need frequent touch-ups every six to eight weeks.

So… which type of hair highlighting should you choose?

By this time, you should already have an idea of which hair highlight options to choose. For one, a hair highlight is a good choice for those who want to have streaks of hair colors that are several shades lighter than their natural hair color. It is also a good choice if you want to have contrast on your hair and create an equal distribution with your natural hair color.

On the other hand, Balayage hair highlights is a great option if you are not keen on frequenting hair salons for touch-ups. It also offers a natural hair color look that also still looks good even if you grow your hair out. If you love the outdoors, beach look, then a Balayage highlight can be a good choice for you.


Hair color can indeed make a huge difference to your overall look and spice it up a little. There are different hair coloring methods you can choose from. However, make sure to consult professionals from a hair color correction hair salon in Rockville first before coloring your hair. It will also depend on how you want the end result to look like. More importantly, it should help improve your confidence and promote positivity in life.

Amazing Tips to Return Your Dyed Hair Into Its Natural Color

We all need change and get out of our comfort zone sometimes. One way is by changing your physical appearance. From sporting long hair ever since from cutting it into a pixie hairdo, it takes real courage to change your look from what you and everyone else was used to see.

The same applies when you color your hair. Hair color can give you a refreshing change to your overall look. You can simply visit hair salons specializing in color and choose from a wide variety of hair color that you think will suit you. You should also make sure to take extra care of your dyed hair for better and long-lasting results.

Whether you chose to have Balayage hairstyles or sport pastel hair color, it should be one that will enhance your looks and boost your confidence. But there may come a time that you get tired of your “new look” and want to return to your original hair color. Still, you can choose from different ways to return your hair into its original color.

Option 1: Choose a new hairstyle

If you want to change your hair color but feeling impatient to wait for the hair dye to fade out, you may want to consider getting a shorter haircut. This may be a good option if you don’t want to visit a hair color correction specialist. This is also one way to avoid waiting for a long time to let the hair dye fade out.

Trying out new hairstyles can also refresh your overall look. In fact, there are different short hairstyles you can choose from. But make sure to choose a hairstyle that matches your face shape, including pixie cuts to bob cuts.

If you don’t want to try out a drastic haircut, you can let your hair grow out but with style. It may not be the best option for a lot of people. For one thing, growing your hair out while sporting a hair color that contrasts to your natural hair color may look awkward or unpleasant. Still, it can be a good hair color removal option as long as you do it right.

The first thing you need to do is to wait until there are about two inches of growth from your hair roots. Then, you can ask a hair colorist for Balayage hair highlights. This coloring technique allows your natural hair roots to fade and complement your dyed hair ends. Balayage hair highlights is a low-maintenance hair color technique because you can let your hair grow without the need for a color retouch.

Option 2: Use dye that is close to your natural hair color

Another way to “get back” your natural hair color is by coloring it using a hair dye that is closest to your natural hair hue. That way, you won’t have to cut your hair shorter just to remove the dyed hair. Instead, you can let your hair grow back into its natural state without looking too obvious.

It is better to choose a professional hair color correction hair salon to do this procedure. He or she should know the right hair coloring procedure and make sure it won’t damage your hair and your overall look. In return, you can bring a photo showing your natural hair color that will serve as a guide for the hair colorist.

Option 3: Try homemade ways

If you want to rest your hair from any hair color or do not want to cut your hair short, you can go homemade and natural – well, almost natural, that is. You would simply need some items you can find in your kitchen or bathroom. Here are some options you can try.

Baking soda and shampoo

Mix one part anti-dandruff shampoo and one part baking soda and lather it into your hair. You can also use clarifying shampoo instead of anti-dandruff shampoo. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with hot water (not boiling water to prevent burning your skin and scalp). Repeat the procedure for a few days until the hair color fades.

Vitamin C and hot water

Mix the tablets with hot water and form a thick texture and then apply to hair. Leave it on for about an hour and cover it with a shower cap. Rinse with hot water.

White vinegar and water

Mix one part white vinegar and one part lukewarm water. Apply on hair and cover with a shower cap for around 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse after.

Find a hair color professional near you

For your hair coloring needs, you can find a reliable hair color correction hair salon in Rockville MD. Contact one today!

Balayage Hair Highlights: Why it’s the Hottest New Hair Trend

Balayage hair highlights is a hand hair highlighting that was created in the 1970’s by a French colorist. Balayage hairstyles have over the years become famous, especially in the 20th century, probably due to the fact that they can work on any kind of hair, whether on a short pixie or long hair. The hair coloring technique will give you a  beautiful look that is easy to maintain.

What is Balayage?

The word Balayage means to sweep or paint, the highlight style allows for a natural looking effect on your hair which is not easily noticeable. The hair stylist at the hair salon specializing in color uses the free hand to apply the highlights. The advantage of this method is that it the hair size doesn’t matter. Whether you have a short pixie or you have waist length hair. It gives your hair a natural sun-kissed appearance with no regrowth lines appearing as the hair grows. The hair stylist paints the hair color directly to the hair, creating a natural progression and leaving you with a naturally beautiful look.

Ombre Vs Balayage

Balayage and Ombre techniques are similar but they have key differences. With Balayage the hair stylist at the hair salon applies the hair color directly on the hair strands. Balayage gives your hair a more natural look. Ombre the hand is bleaching the hair ends using a dark color and dyeing the lighter shade on top using foils. In ombre, the outcome is darker at the roots and lighter at the mid shaft.

Is it Right for Everyone?

Balayage hairstyle works for any hair, whether, curly, coarse, straight, light or dark. It works for any hair size apart from very short hair. Balayage is a low maintenance and, therefore it’s suitable for any lifestyle.

Why Balayage Hairstyle?

  • Easy to Maintain

The hair coloring technique is easy to maintain and take care of, unlike other hair color and highlight technique. Balayage is hand painted onto the hair and you don’t need to the major regimen to keep the hair color looking good. That means you don’t need to keep going, to the salon to recolor your hair. The technique doesn’t leave any harsh regrowth lines,but grows out seamlessly. It also saves you money and time as you need to keep visiting the hair salon for recoloring.

  • Stylish and Sophistication

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Balayage hair highlights will ensure that your hair looks natural and that makes it classic and stylish. Most celebrities love this style because of sophistication, natural appeal and that the hair stylist will look at your face and color your hair based on your face and skin tone. The hair stylist is able to look at your features and bring out the most sophisticated yet natural look. The other advantage is that the hair highlights can be placed wherever you like.

  • Lighten up During Summer

Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a natural look by giving your hair a lighter look. Balayage will give your hair a sun-kissed look during summer.

  • Versatility

Balayage highlights technique is versatile as they can work on any hair and can be done in a variety of ways. You can choose two-tone Balayage to subtle and bold colors. With many varieties, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

  • Adds Color Dimension to your Hair

Balayage highlights let you add color, dimension and still look very natural. It’s the perfect highlighting technique for newbies who are apprehensive about hair coloring. If you are not sure what hair color and highlight to use on your hair begin with Balayage as it’s not dramatic hair coloring.

Balayage Hairstyle With Hair Extension

If you are still unsure whether to dive into the world of coloring, then you achieve the Balayage hair highlights using human hair extensions. You can test the look on the extension before you actually do it on your hair. Ensure that you visit the hair extensions salon and get a high-quality human hair extension for the highlights.

So are you ready to dive into the world of Color?
  • Consult the hair stylist

Visit the Balayage highlights salon Rockville and consult the top-rated hairstylist before making the decision to color your hair. Get advice on the shades that will work for you and ask all the questions that you may have. The best effect is created by the hair stylist and it’s therefore important you find one who is an expert for the best outcome. Balayage is bespoke and it’s therefore important that you consult the stylist on what suits you best.