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How to find the best hairstyle for your face shape

A great hairstyle can be powerful — it can actually make you look and feel your best. Getting a haircut every 4 to 8 weeks is recommended for maintaining style and keeping healthy looking hair. But before you make your next hair salon appointment, consider your facial features and face shape. By working with your natural assets and a few well-placed snips, you can augment your beauty.

The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

If the wrong haircut is made on the wrong face shape, the result will be a disaster. In fact, even if a well-executed haircut is performed on the wrong face shape, the result will be still a disaster! This is because haircuts and hairstyles are mainly about geometry and shape. It is all about creating the perfect frame around the face of a person to balance the overall shape.

Find the right haircut and hairstyle for your face

A haircut that compliments you from all angles is the one that enhance your facial features. Different haircuts and hairstyles look good on different face shapes. No matter if your face shape is round, square, oval, long or heart, there are many haircuts and hairstyle for every shape. Take sneak peek over the below mentioned information about face shapes and complementary haircuts:

Round: Round face shapes are defined by rounded jawlines and full cheekbones. People with round face look good with uneven layers and side bangs. Such hairstyles balance the roundness of face and provide a bubbly look.

Oval: People who have oval face are blessed ones. This is because almost every haircut and hairstyle looks good on this face shape. The hairstylists love experimenting different cuts on oval faces.

Square: Strong square faces look awesome with girly hairstyles! A good hairstyle for a square face will play down the angular jaw line. A short bob with a lot of layers and bangs look best on angular faces.

Heart: Heart is probably the most challenging face shapes to style.  However, celebrity hairstylists know how to style the delicate heart-shape faces. Heavy fringe hairstyles that draw attention to cheekbones look amazing on heart faces.

Hair rebounding is a process which is good for very thick and curly or wavy hair which are frizzy as well as hard to manage.

The process involves the application of straightening cream which breaks the bonds of the hair, then the hair is washed and blow dried, then straightened with specialized hair irons which are headed extremely. The next step is the application if a neutralized to join the hair bonds again and the hair is washed.

The whole process takes around 6 to 8 hours depending on the thickness and length if the hair. Hair rebounding should be done once in a while as it makes the roots of 5he hair very weak and fragile. The result is dead straight and shiny hair. Proper hair care and treatment should be done after rebonding as it also makes your hair very brittle and damaged. It lasts for a lifetime but the treatment will show as soon as new curly hair regrows.

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