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Everything You Need to Know About Micro Link Extensions

If you have thin and fine hair, and you need to have full and long hair maybe for a wedding, or any other occasion micro link extensions will do wonders for you. The extensions contain silicone that helps them to grip your hair. The extensions are available in both synthetic and human hair giving you the chance to choose which kind best suits you. It’s essential that you visit your hair salon so that an expert can install them for best results

Advantages of Micro link extension

  • Give your hair a natural look

Micro link extension has hair strands that are linked to your hair, and they can blend into your hair. That gives you a natural look, and you can treat them as you do your natural hair.

  • Firmly on your hair

The extension is firmly linked to your hair ensuring that it will not fall off. It’s imperative that your hair stylist installs the extensions to ensure they don’t fall off.

  • No damage to your Hair

Micro link extension don’t use glue during the installation process making, thus making it more safe for your hair

  • Long Lasting

Micro link extension especially from human hair is high quality and will last longer.

  • Easy to remove

While removing the extension, it’s easy to remove as you just unclamp from the hair.Take care not to damage your hair

How to take Care of Microlink Extension

Just like your hair, caring  for the extension is important as they can last longer

  • Brush with a micro link extension brush

To avoid damaging your extension, ensure you invest in a micro link extension brush as the regular kind of brushes will damage the extension.

  • Shampoo and condition as you would your hair

Shampoo the extension once in a while with a mild shampoo. Avoid brushing the extension while its wet as this will damage it. While conditioning the extension avoid applying conditioner to the roots of the extension as this will cause it to loosen.Use the downward motion while washing to avoid tangling

  • You can color the hair extension, but it’s important to visit your hair salon for a professional hair coloring


Mistakes one should avoid while installing micro link hair extensions

  • If you are a novice, don’t fix the extension.Visit your hair for a stylist to the installation. It’s imperative to ensure the extensions are properly installed to avoid hair damage. The extensions take 2-3 to install when done by a professional.
  • If the extension link is too near the scalp that will cause itching and thus should be away from the scalp
  • Don’t remove the extension on your own as there is a chance of damaging the hair. Visit the Balayage hair salon Rockville MD and let the stylist remove the extension.

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