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A Guide To Real Hair Extensions

hair extensions

People who don’t bother much about their natural hair are the ones who invest in real hair extensions, here are some of the points to look at before investing into.

Consult a hair consultant

Since real hair extensions for long hairs costs huge, it is worthy to first consult a professional hair consultant for some advice in the case. They probably will know what type of extensions will suit you and that your hair can without the extension method or not. Hair extensions are either clipped-in or bonded. Clipped in hair extensions are for temporary use while the bonded extensions are fixed to your scalp with some special adhesive. The latter process takes hours to execute and would last few months. So just check your hairs are capable of such methods or not.

Make sure hair extensions are natural and ethical

It’s better to act before you repent. Sometimes, real extensions are sold under ‘real hairs’ but truly are blends of natural and some of fiber hairs. Select those packages which are clearly mentioned on them that they 100% natural extensions. Also, look into the quality of hair before buying. The hairs of the extensions should be purely ethical and seek for the ‘traceability’ promise on the packet. Most of the manufacturers provide such assurance.

Clipped in hair extensions are advisable for hair care

If you are a type of girl who believe on that fickle is fun, then pondering over bonded hair extensions should not be your deal. Clip in extensions in such case should be your ulterior choice. Clip in hair extensions are found in different lengths that run along the length of the base of the head till the neck.

Hair extensions in plethora of colors

As for hair extensions demand and want keeps evolving, new kinds come up. Presently, there are number of types of hair extensions available like the highlighted ones or ombre being in most in the trend.

The real hair extensions need special care like using the special generated hair care products and keeping yourself away from heat and such dangers.

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