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4 Natural Dyes To Color Your Hair

There is no denying that hair dyes transform your look and you can dye your hair in a variety of ways. You can dye the hair in hair salons specializing in color, from a box at home or through a temporary color spray.

Most people go for traditional hair dyes. Unfortunately, they contain toxic and damaging chemicals such as parabens. Besides these chemicals damaging your hair, they get into your body where they can build up to toxic levels.

One way to avoid coming into contact with these chemicals is to dye your hair with natural hair dyes. The beauty of the dyes is they are many and affordable. Some of the common natural dyes you can go with are:

Carrot juice

Have you always wanted to give your hair a reddish-orange tint? Carrot juice is the way to go. To apply carrot juice on your hair, mix your carrot juice with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil.

You should then liberally apply the mixture to your hair then wrap it in plastic and let the mixture set for at least an hour.

After the mixture has set, rinse it with apple cider vinegar.

If the color isn’t strong enough to your liking, don’t repeat the process the same day. Wait until the next day.


Henna is traditionally used to create temporary tattoos on the skin, but you can use it to dye your hair red. To use henna, mix ½ cup of henna with ¼ cup of water then stir the mixture until it has completely combined and feels like a mashed potato consistency.

You should then cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it sit for 12 hours.

After washing your hair, wear a headband and apply oil such as coconut oil along your hairline. This is to prevent henna from staining your skin.

Follow it up by applying the mixture to small sections of your hair then after covering the entire hair, wrap the hair in plastic and let the color develop for at least two hours before washing it out.


Did you know you can dye your hair using coffee? Yes, a cup of brewed coffee isn’t only meant to give you a caffeine boost.

Begin with brewing a strong cup of dark-roast coffee then mix about ½ cup of coffee with 2 tbsp of coffee grounds and a cup of leave-in hair conditioner.

Apply the mixture to clean, damp hair and let it set for at least an hour.

While coffee is such a great way to dye the hair, it won’t provide a drastic change to the hair so you may need to apply the mixture severally. The mixture also won’t last for too long.

The beauty of it is that it’s quick and highly affordable so if you are looking to change your hair color but are strapped for cash, this is an excellent way to go about it.

Beet juice

Beet juice is a great way if you are looking to give your hair a deep red tint. The steps to stain your hair using beet juice are similar to those of staining using carrot juice.

Mix beet juice with a carrier oil then apply the mixture liberally to your hair then wrap it for it to set for at least an hour.

Parting shot

These are some of the natural ways of staining your hair. As mentioned above, you can have the hair stained in a hair color correction hair salon Rockville MD or at home. Each option has its pros and cons. It’s all up to you to make the choice.

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