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What Kind of Shampoo Should You Choose? Tips on Shopping for Shampoo

Shopping for the right shampoo may not be as easy as you think. With so many brands, features, and even scents to choose from, it can be overwhelming to buy the best shampoo as part of your hair care routine. Anti-hair fall, hydrating, moisturizing, best for colored hair… a lot of them would promise these benefits. But can these shampoo brands live up to those promises?

For one thing, you need to know what to look for. What kind of hair treatment or hair care do you really need? Speaking of hair treatments, there are a lot of hair salons that offer various treatments and services such as Brazilian keratin straightening or Balayage hair highlights.

All about shampoos

Surely, you already experienced going to the grocery store to buy shampoo. And then you encounter an entire aisle of shampoo brands of all colors, shapes, sizes, and different price ranges. Buying the right shampoo should not only be based on how popular the brand is or how it smells.

For one thing, there are different types of shampoos. Aside from the brand and packaging, each shampoo can be classified on what it should be used for. Some shampoos are specially formulated for dry or oily hair. Others may be for those with dyed hair, with dandruff, or prone to hair fall.

Given these classifications, you can have an idea of which kind of shampoo to choose. Before going to a permanent hair straightening salon or a hair color correction specialist, make sure to check the right kind of shampoo as part of your hair care and maintenance.

Different shampoos and their usages

As mentioned, there are different kinds of shampoos depending on your hair type and texture or whether you have special hair treatments. For example, shampoos made for “normal hair” is suitable for everyday use. Anti-dandruff and color shampoos are, well, self-explanatory.

And then there are also some specific shampoos made for certain hair issues. For example, clarifying or chelating shampoos are often used to get rid of hair build-up that causes dandruff, oiliness, and other hair and scalp problems. For those suffering from psoriasis or eczema, there are medicated shampoos that you can use.

How to use shampoo properly

By now, you already have an idea of what kind of shampoo to use. As mentioned, it is important to understand the kind of shampoo you are about to use. Most people would think that shampoos are only meant to get rid of dirt and oil and to make your hair smell good.

But shampoos can do more than those. When you use shampoo, you should not only consider your hair but also your scalp health as well. Basically, shampoos should benefit both hair and scalp. On the other hand, conditioner should only be used for your hair ends.

You should also consider the type of shampoo depending on the type of hair you have. For example, moisturizing shampoos are suitable for curly, thick, or coarse hair. Volumizing shampoos are great for limp or fine hair texture. The fortifying shampoo is more suitable for frequently-styled, brittle, or damaged hair. There are also shampoos specific for curly hair only.

Other tips on proper shampooing and similar hair care and treatment tips are the following:

  • Do not style or brush your hair while it is still wet. This is because our hair is most prone to damage when it is wet. Let it dry first using a blower (preferably at the lowest heat setting) or air dry.
  • Be careful when using shampoos as it can potentially dry out your hair. Make sure to check the ingredients before using them.
  • Do not forget to use conditioner after shampooing for extra moisture on your hair ends. Apply conditioner on your hair only and not on the scalp as much as possible.
  • Avoid shampooing every day. Experts suggest using shampoo at least every other day.


Every hair is different, and so shampoo. Every shampoo-type has its specific purposes that should be beneficial to a specific hair type. That is why you should know these different types of shampoos and reap its benefits on your hair type.

Having hair treatments regularly can also supplement the amount of care and maintenance your hair needs. You can visit a trusted Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville for your regular hair treatment needs.

Get a new look with hair color and highlights

hair color and highlights

Are you planning to change your hairstyle? Why not consider hair color and highlights? A hair highlight idea can be perfect to get a new and younger look. But before experimenting on any hair color always consult to a professional hair stylist. Sometimes, we prefer to go for hair color and highlights to get rid of gray or boring hair color of natural hair. Other reasons could be to modify your look as per the latest fashion trends. Whatever the reason, hair highlighting seems to be the best option to change the hair color with different kind of highlights in it. This also helps to enhance the look and expose the natural and best facial features.

Hair coloring techniques

These days there is no better way to subtly change a haircut by changing your hair color and blending the highlights to accent your hairstyle. There are several types of hair coloring techniques but still there exist the best way to color your hair. This makes it important to choose the right hair salon and a hair stylist to get a perfect look as you desire. Not all hair salons are created equally and some people think that price determines the quality of the work which is a misconception.

With the continuous interest of people towards latest fashionable hairstyles, the hair stylers are coming up with different hair style and haircuts to suit different face cuts and color complexions.

Hair color and highlighting is one of the easiest and quickest way to get a new look. These days, variety of hair colors are available but before choosing any color, consider on the recent trends and which color suits your face. An advice from a hair stylist always helps to know the best hair color and style.

If you are experimenting with hair color and highlights for the first time then use temporary hair colors and then go for permanent hair colors when you become sure on your choice of color. When it comes to find a hair salon then do your prior research in magazines or on internet and take print out of pictures of magazines of your favorite style as visual images helps to explain exactly to the hair stylist as what are you looking for.

Once you feel comfortable with your hair stylist, discuss each step of the process including the prices and expertise that helps to accomplish the work in a better way.

Choosing The Best Beauty Salon Without Straining Your Pocket

hair salons

Beauty salons

Visits to beauty salons for your monthly rituals can be a really expensive affair which cannot be avoided. However, its upto you to decide which beauty salon to pick for your services. Pick the ones which are not hard hit on your finances though there are hundreds of salons which offer a-one services at a minimal cost it’s for you to decide. Usually we all feel more comfortable in branded salons which have over board prices and we over look not so popular ones thinking that low cost means low quality of services.

Decide and pick on money saving and equally good beauty salons

  • Look for references from your pals or relatives who are regular in salons they can guide you regarding how good the services are and about the price.
  • Try researching online most of the salons are registered with different online domains/ search engines like: “Sulekha.com” or “Just dial.com” they give you the reviews and rating of the local salons in your area.
  • Try visiting salons in your locality and nearby areas, this is one of the best options. going locally on surveys you can have a brief discussion with the parlor owner or the salon manager about the kind of services they offer and the rate list, you can also have a brief discussion with the people who are working there like the hair stylist or the beautician or the person who do massages to get an idea about how well they know there tools and how best they can cater your need, you can also check the quality of their services by watching their work on other customers.
  • You can check for deals and discounts on reputed hair salons. Sometimes you will find it when you walk-in into the parlor. You can ask at the counter or look into internet search or pop-up adds one on the popular site to look in for is “groupon.com”, sometimes you get hand outs or leaflets either in the malls or market areas you can go through them.

Hair Color Correction Tips You Can Do at Home


These days all of us prefer to change our hairstyle and hair color often depending on the ongoing trend. Many of us love to go with unusual or rare hair colors to look apart from the crowd. Some even change their hair color almost every month to look fat. Generally hair coloring is done with a help of professionals in a salon. It is a process which needs precision and experience to attain perfection. There are few instances where hair coloring may go wrong, when either it’s done by not so experienced parlor person or experimented personally.

Imagine you dreamt of having a beautiful hair with vibrant color, but ended by choosing a wrong color or improper application technique and end up with disastrous look. I know that can be the last thing you could think of.  However, by any chance if you ever happen to be lost in such situation, then there are some tips you can follow at home to quickly correct your hair color.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very common ingredient which is easily available in any household. It’s one of the easiest available items in the market at a very low price. Once you identify that you have goofed up with your hair color, all you need to do is mix a spoon of baking soda in water and make a paste. Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash thoroughly with water and shampoo. By doing this you can see that your hair has become much better in terms of color and texture.

Natural ingredients:

If the hair color you have used has not given your hair the right shade of color you expected, then to make it dark you can apply ingredients available in your kitchen like coffee, cocoa or tea on your hair, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash well with mild shampoo and water. You can find a difference in hair color instantly and look better. Henna paste will also do the trick.

Flawlessly Straight Hair for All Hair Types

hair straighetning

It is a real challenging task to straighten up curly, frizzy or unruly hair. But nothing is impossible! Under proper guidance and by following proper tips, hair straightening can be perfected and completed easily. Here are a few tips which can make your straightening much easier and simpler.

Tips for hair straightening

  1. A good blowout

Always after using the shampoo and conditioner remember to use a prescribed silky straightening serum on top of your hair and rinse it thoroughly. Use proper hair clips to separate each portion and strand of your hair. This will evenly spread out all the serum throughout your scalp. After separating these portions, start blowing out each portion carefully. Start from the front portion, to the back and finally to the bottom portions. Use a proper bristle brush to smoothen each portion carefully. Then attach proper filters to your dryer and dry each portion carefully deep down till the root tip. Make sure each and every portion is equally dry.

  1. Time to iron

At time blowout might not seem that efficient. Even after a proper blowout one might find a lot of curls on top of his head, then that is the time to use a straightening iron. Once again attach few sections using a clip and start ironing each section properly. Always make sure that you don’t iron a same section twice.

Or to save a lot of time, one can directly skip the drying part and use a steam straightener. The specialty of this straightener is that it can even work on top of damp hair.

  1. Form a strong heat defense

Heat can cause a lot of problems to hair. It can make your hair dull and lead to a lot of hair fall eventually. So one should protect his hair from heat by applying some useful hair spray without any side effects. Oscar Blandi produces a lot of those heat resistive hair sprays.

  1. Natural techniques

Before all these Oscar Blandi solutions and other chemical stuff, people used totally natural products like coconut milk cream, vitamin A, E etc. to protect their hair. It is always advisable to prefer the natural ways over the chemical artificial ones. Always talk to your hair salon about the products before applying.

How To Select The Perfect Hairstyle?

hair style

Choosing the correct hairstyle

As all of us spend ample time to select the best clothes, accessories, footwear, handbags suiting our style and looks, similarly enough time and attention must be given to selecting the most appropriate hairstyle in accordance to your looks, body shape and personality so that it accolades your personality justly.

Every other individual possesses a different face shape ranging from square, oval, round, long, diamond, heart shaped and so on. Knowing the face formation can enable you to end up selecting the best hairstyle for yourself.

  • Square

A square shaped face is characterized by a square jaw line, choosing the best hairstyle will enable you to stabilize your jaw line and compose your facial features. Avoid very short hairstyles as this will make your jaw line look even more prominent so go for a short or medium hair length as this will help in softening your jaw line.

  • Oval

Feel fortunate, as you can opt for both long as well as short hairstyles.

  • Round

Opt for hairstyles that will make your face look longer, avoid center parting or short curly hairstyles. Prefer hairstyles that maintain your hair length up to the chin or more.

  • Long

Experiment with hairstyles that increases the width of your face. For instance, one can opt for a medium length bob or heavy layered cut. Long wavy hair will also make your face appear wide and short considerably.

  • Diamond

Features that characterize the diamond shaped face are, narrow forehead, cheekbones are quite high and the face is very extensive at the cheekbones. The most appropriate hairstyle will help adding completeness and uniformity at the forehead and the jaw line. Go for a short hairstyle with bangs or one can even opt for shoulder length and chin length hair patterns with bangs for a richer and elegant look. Avoid center parting as it may create a distorted appearance.

  • Heart shaped

Face tapers at the chin. Select a style that will draw focus to the cheekbones and eyes. You can opt for chin length bobs, short shags, wispy bangs etc.

Consult your professional hairstylist for more insight on it.

Maintaining Short Hairstyles – Tips To Ensure Your Hair Stays Good Looking

short hairstyles

Short hairstyles

Keeping the length of hair short or medium is the latest trend now a days and is much in fashion too. The advantage with short or medium length hair is that it requires less care and one can easily experiment various styles with it thus one gets the liberty to experience dynamic looks.

Some women like keeping very short hair as it makes their hair look even more fine and tidy moreover they get to show off their attractive and appealing features. Medium length hair is not very prominent but if given a modish cut, they too can add colors and sparks to your looks.

Though a medium and short length hair do not require much maintenance, but few tips will enable one to ensure their proper growth, keep them clean, untangle and minimize hair fall.

Tips to maintain short hair

  • The first and the foremost step is to decide which haircut will suit your face the best that is whether to go for bangs, layers etc. For example, people with long hair can go for layers as it makes your face look a little short.
  • Get your hair snipped a little regularly in order to ensure its shape and growth. This is the biggest muddle with short hair, but it is a necessity to make your hair look charming and appealing.
  • One can use products like serums, hair sprays, hair gels, conditioners etc in order to keep the hair intact, tidy, look stylish and trendy. But choose your artifact wisely and use it in the veracious quantity for optimum results. For hair with spikes,  you need a texturizing cream at least for proper styling.
  • Make use of a hair dryer in order to maintain the volume of your hair in case they fall flat after wash.
  • The number of times that one should wash hair depends on the amount of natural oil that the scalp generates but If you have short hair try to wash them at least once in every two days. Consult your hair salon for seeking more tips on short hair style care.

Long Layered Haircut Styles with Bangs

haircut and style

Haircut styles

To look good and stylish is the choice of everyone irrespective of age and to look modish a perfect hairstyle is a must, getting a good haircut from a reputed salon is just not enough but getting it done according to one’s face, hair length and style is a necessity.

Everyone wishes to look good and walk out in style, and also be the latest trendsetter. Simply getting a nice haircut is just not , one should know how to experiment with it creatively and according to the events that you wish to walk into. The same goes valid with this latest Layered haircut styles too.

Layered haircut styles

 Layered haircut styles is the latest trend which is quite famous among girls of all age groups, the most striking thing about it is that in order to give a chic look to your hairstyle you don’t have to bear the expense of getting your hair length reduced moreover the style can be experimented with short, long or even medium hair and looks absolutely perfect with casual outfits with evening gowns for some theme parties to boost your elegant looks.

Layered hairstyle suits all face frames so without any worry, Simply walk out in style. It is very popular among the celebs too in fact it was the widely preferred hairstyle the previous year and will be year after year, it looks galvanizing on girls of all age groups and looks endearing on little girls too.

Simple hair often looks dull and boring but this hairstyle boosts one’s looks adding colours of style to it and rendering it a tempestuous look, so simply go for it without a second thought and go wild and stylish.

The second most tempting thing about layered haircut styles is that it makes your hair look bumpy and adds volume to it, it is so dynamic that it suits all attires or face cuts and can be adorned with smart studded side pins or elegant hair bands one can even opt to roll them up high in style. Consult a professional hair salon for seeking more knowledge on the same today.