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Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Every day?

If you are wondering, is it bad to straighten your hair every day? You must be addicted to the hair straighter and straight hair, right? Make no mistake. Straight hair is beautiful, and I love it, but you should avoid straightening it every day.

According to stylists working in hair straightening salons, you should avoid straightening your hair every day as you end up ruining or even burning it.

Hair can’t re-produce the moisture it loses every time you run the flat iron through it, and every time the hair loses the moisture, it weakens. As the hair weakens, it breaks, and finally, it burns.

So, to answer your question, yes, it’s bad to straighten your hair every day. In fact, you shouldn’t do it. To avoid damaging your hair, reduce the frequency at which you straighten it. For example, instead of straightening it daily, straighten it once or twice a week.

Besides reducing the frequency, you also should take these measures to ensure you straighten the hair with as little damage as possible:

Section your hair

When you are straightening your hair, always section it. This way, you have better access to each hair section, so you don’t go over the same hairpieces repeatedly, increasing the chances of damage. Instead of reaching behind the top layer of your hair, clip the hair up to reach the bottom layer easily.

Don’t straighten wet hair.

Regardless of how late you are to get to work, you shouldn’t use the hair straightening iron on wet hair. The reason for this is because the wet hair won’t take the heat easily, and as a result, you will be forced to go over the same strands a couple of times, leading to serious hair damage.

When you flat iron wet hair, you cause moisture to burst out in little steam explosions that cause the bubbling and buckling of the cuticles that appear as tiny hair blisters when you observe them under a microscope.

To protect your hair, always wait for it to dry before straightening it. One reason people are tempted to straighten wet hair is waking up late, so the hair isn’t dry by the time they want to step out of the house.

To avoid this, set the alarm to wake you up early. This way, you have ample time to thoroughly wash your hair and carefully dry it with a towel, then finally properly straighten it.

Apply a heat protectant before straightening the hair

Heat protectants come in handy at keeping your hair safe and healthy. There is no right or wrong protectant. You only need to avoid the extremely cheap ones, as they might not give you the results you are looking for. For even better results, buy a protectant that doubles as a smoothing or shine product.

When it comes to applying the protectant, there is no formula to it. Spray or rub in a little of it in the hair, and you are good to go.

Use the lowest temperature setting.

It’s tempting to set your hair straightener to the highest setting so that it heats fast and you straighten a lot of hair once, but don’t do this as it’s a recipe for disaster. To avoid damaging your hair, use the lowest temperature setting. When you buy a new straightener, test out each setting starting from the lowest and see how it works.

Regularly use a mask.

To lessen the hair straightener’s impact, stylists working in Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville recommend you use a restorative hair mask from time to time. The mask allows the hair to rejuvenate, and as a consequence, it stays healthy for a long time.

What Happens If You Straighten Your Hair Wet?

We all have been there. It’s early morning, and you are in a hurry to get to work. Unfortunately, the hair is wet, and you need to get it straight as fast as possible.

What do you do? You grab the flat iron and run it over your wet hair. As you are doing it, you can hear the strands sizzle as the plates pass over the hair, and you can tell something is wrong.

What happens if you straighten your hair wet? You wonder. Well, according to stylists working in hair straightening salons, straightening wet hair leads to serious hair damage such as breakage, burning, and coarsening of the hair’s natural texture.

When you continuously straighten the hair when wet, you risk damaging it for the long term.

If you can use blow dryers on wet hair, why not use a flat iron?

Now that you have known that using a flat iron on wet hair is wrong, you must be wondering, how come you can use a blow dryer and not a flat iron? Well, the truth is that the two are different. When you are blow-drying your hair, you blow hot air onto the hair strands and dry them from a distance.

It’s a completely different game with a flat iron. With a flat iron, you are sandwiching the hair between super hot plates that dry and shape the hair in a matter of seconds. And as you can guess, this can lead to serious hair damage.

As you are straightening wet hair, the hair makes sizzling noises as the water explosively evaporates, breaking the hair strands in the process.

How to straighten wet hair the right way

If you can’t avoid straightening wet hair, you should then follow the right hair straightening procedure:

Condition your hair

As you are washing the hair, condition it with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type. These products will moisturize your locks and make it easy to style your hair while reducing the likelihood of frizz.

For best results, leave your conditioner in place for at least five minutes, then wash the hair with warm water. Don’t use hot water as you risk damaging the hair.

Dry the hair with a microfiber towel

To remove the excess moisture from the hair, dry the hair with a towel. One of the best towels to use is the microfiber towel that absorbs water quickly, hence drying the hair quickly. When drying the hair, don’t rub the hair. Instead, squeeze it with your towel.

Spritz your hair

Like with other hair styling methods, you should spritz your hair strands with a heat protectant. Spritz your hair from the root to the tip with your fingers. When doing it, run your fingers through the hair to spread the product evenly throughout the hair strands.

Section your hair

Once all of your hair is properly protected, section it from the bottom of your mane so that it’s one to two inches wide, then clip the rest of the hair up and out of the way.

Blow-dry the strands

Using the concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer, use a round brush to blow dry the strands. The best way to go about it is to place the round brush at the root under the hair section you separated. As you are blow-drying the hair, turn the brush and work it slowly down the hair length.

Keep rotating the brush to ensure every hair strand is dry and free of curves.

Apply hair serum

To complete the look, apply hair serum throughout your hair. According to experts working in Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville MD, the serum’s purpose is to take the frizz and flyaways and keep the hair sleek and straight.

How to Straighten Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair isn’t attractive. It’s also often dry and requires a lot of care. And what is the solution? Visiting hair straightening salons and getting it straightened.

While everyone knows that there are plenty of benefits that come with straightening hair, straightening frizzy hair isn’t a walk in the park—it comes with plenty of challenges. For one, using excessive heat can cause serious dehydration, which in turn causes serious damage.

On top of this, pulling the super-taught hair can lead to more damage.

Due to these challenges, it’s imperative that you straighten your hair with care. To help you out, here are tips on how to straighten frizzy hair.

Wash your hair once a week with a highly hydrating shampoo

As mentioned, frizzy hair is dry and coarse so you need to add a lot of moisture to it. To keep the hair straight, clean it with a shampoo with a lot of moisture.

When you are in the stores, look out for products with castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, soybean oil, milk protein, apple cider vinegar, and honey as they contain a lot of moisture so they are bound to moisturize and nourish the hair.

There is no magic to applying the shampoo. Simply apply it the same way you apply the other shampoos. The purpose of the high moisture shampoo is to ensure you leave your hair with some moisture even after drying it.

The amount of shampoo you apply depends on your hair length. Be cautious when making the application so that you don’t over apply it and weigh the hair down.

Apply a heat protectant

People with straight or mildly wavy hair can let their hair air dry before using a straightener but if you have frizzy hair, you don’t have this luxury. Your only option is to blow dry the damp hair. And as you can guess, this means you have to expose your hair to heat.

Since frizzy hair is prone to over drying and breakage, you should apply a heat protectant to serve as a shield.

Blow dry the hair in sections

To have an easy time blow drying the hair and also minimize the damage, split your hair into small sections using a hair elastic or hair clip.

You should then blow dry the hair on the medium to low heat setting, then use a round brush to keep the targeted sections straight and dry.

To help the hair get straight faster and control frizz, ensure your hairdryer has a nozzle attachment on and is always pointed down.

After drying one section, move onto the next until you dry the entire head. By this time, your frizzy hair should be smooth. Don’t stress if the hair isn’t perfectly straight as you can straighten it using a flat iron.

Shine the hair with a flat iron

For a sleek, shiny look, you have to flat iron your hair. And to avoid damaging the hair, use low to medium heat settings on the flat iron. To reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair, invest in a straightener with a single pass technology.

Hold the hair in place using a hairspray

After all the work, you don’t want your straight hair to go away in a day or two. Therefore, hold it in place using hairspray. Apply a light mist over your hair while holding the spray at least a foot away so the spray is evenly distributed.

As much as you want to retain the straight look for long without having to visit a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville MD, don’t go overboard with the spray as the product will weigh down your hair and also make it stiff and crunchy. And you don’t want this, do you?

How to Keep Your Hair Straight and Manageable After a Rebond Treatment



There are a lot of women out there who are blessed with naturally straight hair. For one thing, straight hair can be easier to style than curly or wavy hair. Then again, it depends on how a person carries her natural hairstyle. At the end of the day, all hairstyles are beautiful in some ways and all deserve the right care and treatment it needs.

Speaking of treatment, there are many ways to take care of or enhance the natural beauty of your hair. You can visit a Brazilian keratin salon to help make your hair shinier and healthier. For a change, you can also visit hair salons specializing in color for a new hair color you have never tried before.

What you need to know about hair rebonding

Aside from hair coloring and Brazilian blowout, one of the most popular hair treatments nowadays is permanent hair straightening. If you are planning to have one, you can visit a permanent hair straightening salon for your hair rebonding needs. Hair rebonding usually requires the use of chemical treatments and heat from the hair iron.

The entire process would normally take around three or more hours depending on hair length. First, your hair will be washed using a gentle shampoo and then dried. Next, the hairstylist will apply a hair rebonding product, making sure that your hair will be completely coated by it. It will then be left on the hair for around 45 minutes depending on the hair’s texture.

Next, the hair will be steamed for around 10 to 40 minutes before washing and drying it. After applying keratin on hair, the stylist will use a ceramic hair iron to straighten your hair. Later on, a neutralizer will be applied and left on your hair for another 30 minutes and then rinsed with cold water. After blowdrying and applying serum, your hair will once again undergo ironing and then you are good to go!

What to do after rebonding

If you want to have your hair rebounded, make sure to have yours done only in a trusted Japanese hair straightening salon. By now, you have an idea of how much time you would have to allot in a rebonding session. Nevertheless, the long wait can be worth it especially if you have your hair done in a professional permanent hair straightening salon.

However, your hair rebonding journey should not stop there. If you want to keep it as straight and manageable as possible, you should maintain it properly. Here are some tips to remember to ensure the rebounded effect of your hair.

  • Be open to your hairstylist. Let them know of your usual hair routine and any hair treatments you had in the past.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush in getting rid of tangles.
  • Make sure to have your hair deep conditioned so that your hair won’t easily dry up following the rebond treatment.
  • You can have once-a-month hair cellophane to maintain your hair’s color and shine.
  • Use hair products specially formulated for chemically-treated hair. If the salon offers such products, you can check them out.
  • Make sure to apply a hair protectant every day especially when going outdoors.
  • Schedule hair trims and touch-ups every few months to prevent further hair damage and ensure that your hair stays silky and smooth.
  • Have a healthy diet with lots of leafy greens and nuts as it can add health to your hair.

What not to do after rebonding

On the other hand, here are some things you should not do after a visit to rebonding hair salons.

  • Never tie your hair or tuck your hair behind your ears after a rebonding treatment.
  • Do not wash your hair within three days after having a rebonding treatment.
  • Do not use heat tools when styling your hair especially if you have your hair rebounded days or weeks ago.
  • If you want to color your hair, wait for around two months before doing so.
  • Avoid going to the beach or swimming pool for about two weeks following a rebonding treatment. Saltwater and chlorine can do a lot of damage to your hair.

Make the most out of your rebonded hair

As mentioned, your hair rebonding journey in hair salons in Rockville MD does not stop there. After-care is crucial to ensure that the treatment will last for several months or longer than expected.

Hair Care Tips to Follow After Permanent Hair Straightening

The Straight hair look has been trending for a long time, and it’s not going away any time soon. Permanent hair straightening will give your hair a smooth, silky and luscious look. It’s however important to ensure that you take care of the hair after the straightening to prevent hair damage. After hair straightening, your hair is more susceptible to damage, and it’s crucial to take care of it. You need to have a regimen that will work for your hair. The hair stylist at the hair salons will guide you on how best to take care of your hair. In this article, we give you tips to help you manage your permanently straightened hair.

How do Chemicals in the Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment affect the Hair

Treatment such as Japanese hair straightening break your hair bonds and make the hair straight. The chemicals change the texture of your hair and make it smooth, shiny and frizz free. It’s imperative to ensure that a professional applies the treatment at the Japanese hair straightening salon who understands your hair type.

Tips to Follow After Permanently Straightened Hair

  • Avoid excessive use of Heating styling

During the Japanese hair straightening process, the hair stylist uses heat. It’s therefore important to ensure that after the permanent hair straightening that you minimize use heat styling tools. Using too much heat on your hair will make it dry, and that will cause your hair to break off. Avoid using hot water on your hair because that will make your hair dry. If you must use heat to style your hair let the expert hair stylist at the permanent hair straightening salon apply the heat. The stylist can control the amount of heat to use on your hair. Using too much heat on your hair strips moisture off your hair making it dry, brittle and breaking your hair.

  • Condition your Hair Often

After the hair straightening your hair losses a lot of moisture. You need a good regimen to ensure that you keep your hair is hydrated after the permanent straightening. Shampooing the hair often will strip your hair of natural oils, and it’s therefore important to reduce the number of time you wash your hair. Condition the hair to keep your hydrated and shiny. Make sure that the products you use to condition and shampoo work on your hair. Consult the expert at the Japanese hair straightening salon on the best products for your hair.

  • Protect your Hair from Harsh UV Rays

Harsh UV rays will damage your chemically treated hair, and it’s therefore important to ensure that you protect your hair. You can use a hat when the sun is hot

  • Trim your Hair Often

Straightened hair is prone to split ends. Trimming your hair often will ensure that your hair doesn’t have split ends. It’s best to visit the hair straightening salon and let the stylist trim your hair. Trim your hair after six weeks, and that will protect your hair from spli t ends.

  • Use the right Products

After hair straightening, you need to use products that are meant for straightened hair. It’s best to consult the hair stylist on the best products for your hair. Make sure that the products you use don’t strip your hair of moisture. Use the right conditioner for y our hair.

  • Brush your Hair Often

You need to ensure that your hair doesn’t tangle. Invest in the right brush for your hair. Brush the hair often to prevent tangling. When combing your hair make sure you use a wide toothed comb to keep your hair from breaking and ensure it’s tangle free. Brushing your hair will prevent your hair from tangling which can cause your hair to break as you untangle it.

  • Put Hair Coloring Plans on Hold

After hair straightening wait for some time before Coloring your hair. Color contains chemicals that could lead to hair damage. It’s best to wait for some weeks before you can color the hair.

Hair straightening will make your hair more manageable. It’s however important to ensure that you follow the right care procedure to prevent hair straightening side effects. Invest in the right hair products for your hair. Visit the hair straightening salon Rockville often and let the hair stylist assess your hair.

Reasons Why Your Hair is Breaking Off

Hair breakage is devastating, and most women will do anything to stop their hair from breaking. Poor hair regimen is the main cause of hair breakage. In this article, we tell you what is causing your hair to break. It’s important that if you notice excessive hair damage that you visit the hair salons and let the hair stylist assess your hair and help you come up with a regimen to prevent hair breakage.

Reason Why Your Hair Is Breaking

Lack of Moisture

When the hair is optimally hydrated the hair shaft is strong and will not break easily. If the hair is dry that will make it brittle and prone to breakage. There are many reasons why your hair may become dry and brittle leading to damage.

  • Wrong Shampoo and conditioners

Using shampoo and conditioners that contain sulfates will cause your hair to dry. After the Japanese hair straightening treatment ensure that you invest in right shampoo and conditioners and that will help your hair remain hydrated. The hair stylist at the Japanese hair straightening salon will advise you on the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Too much shampoo on your hair may also lead to dryness. Depending on the hairstyle ask the hair stylist how often you should shampoo your hair. After permanent hair straightening too much shampoo will dry your hair.

  • Too much Heat styling

Heat styling will make your hair lose moisture and make it weaker. Too much heat styling will make your hair to prone to damage. During permanent hair straightening its important to use the right temperature and also use a heat protector before using heat styling tools on your hair.

  • Blow drying your hair when it’s wet

When hair is wet it tends to be weaker because the hair cuticles are open. When you blow-dry wet hair your hair becomes dry and brittle. Your hair will lose moisture quickly. If you want to dry your hair, air dry the hair instead of using heat on it.

Too many Chemicals

Another major cause of hair breakage is too many chemicals. When applying hair colour and highlight on your hair, too much of the colour chemicals will cause damage and lead to breakage. Too much chemical during the hair straightening treatment will lead to dry and damaged hair. It’s therefore important that before you apply any chemical on your hair you visit the hair straightening salon or the hair salon specializing in colour and let the stylist assess your hair. The hairs stylist will check whether the hair is healthy enough to withstand exposure to chemicals. Failure to assess the state of your hair will lead to dry and damaged hair.

Tight Hair Styles

Tight hairstyles will lead to hair breakage. If the human hair extensions are weaved too tightly that will lead to hair breakage and eventual damage. Make sure the hairstyle you choose is applied too tightly because that will weaken your hair and lead to damage.

Poor Application and removal of Hair Extensions.

Before application of hair extension, the hair stylist needs to assess the state of your hair and advise you on the best hair extension for your hair. Some extensions methods are ideal for thick hair while other methods are ideal for thin hair. Using the wrong hair extension method will cause strain on your hair leading to breakage.

Yanking off hair extensions from your hair will break your natural hair. Make sure you follow the right procedure while removing fusion bonded hair extensions. Make sure you gently remove clip in hair extensions to avoid pulling and breaking your hair. While removing permanent hair extensions its best to have them removed at the hair extensions salon because the hairstylist will be able to remove the extension gently and that will prevent your hair from breaking off.

Poor Hair Maintenance Practises

It’s imperative that you develop the right regimen for your hairstyle. If you are wearing human hair extension, make sure you follow the right regimen. A tangled hair extension will damage your natural hair as you comb it. Its therefore important you ensure that you brush you’re the extension regularly. After the hair straightening treatment makes you take care of your hair and ensure it remains hydrated.

Other Causes of Hair Breakage

  • Sleeping on cotton pillowcase will cause friction with your hair and that lead to breakage. Make sure that you get a satin pillowcase to protect your hair from damage
  • Towel drying your hair will lead to tangling and breaking
  • Over washing your hair will strip the hair of natural oils and eventually lead to dryness and breakage.
  • Failure to trim your hair when it has split ends will eventually cause your hair to break
  • Staying for too long with a hairstyle such as hair extension. Staying for prolonged periods with extensions will cause your hair to break.
  • Failure to eat a balanced diet.

A simple hair regimen will ensure that your hair remains healthy. The expert at the hair extensions salon Rockville or hair straightening salon will advise you on how best to take care of your hair to prevent damage. Make sure you follow the care instruction given and you can prevent your hair from falling.

Everything you Need to Know About Japanese Hair Straightening

Frizzy, curly, wavy hair can be difficult to manage especially if you have a busy schedule. Most women with such hair struggle to manage their hair. Permanent hair straightening is one of the techniques that you can use to make your hair more manageable.in this article we tell you everything you need to know about hair straightening. It’s important that you visit the hair straightening salons Rockville and consult the hair stylist on whether permanent hair straightening will work for your hair. You need to understand what you are getting your hair into before you dive in.

What is Permanent Hair straight

Permanent hair straightening is a process by which your hair’s bonds are altered to give you pin straight hair. The hair stylist will apply chemical and the flat iron on your hair and that will alter your hair structure. Japanese hair straightening is one of the most common methods of straightening your hair. The process is also known as thermal conditioning.

What is the Cost of hair Straightening Technique

The cost of hair straightening will vary from one permanent hair straightening salon to another. It’s therefore important that you visit the hair straightening salon and consult the top-rated hair stylist.

Types of Hair Straightening Techniques

The main permanent hair straightening method is Japanese permanent hair straightening method. The process takes 3-4 hours depending on the thickness of your hair and state of your hair. The chemicals alter the bond of your hair making it straight.

How Japanese Hair Straightening work

Below are the steps you will expect the hair stylist to follow while taking you through the technique

  • Consultation

During the consultation, the hair stylist will seek to establish your hair history. The stylist will also check the state of your hair before applying the chemical

  • Shampooing

The hair stylist will shampoo your hair and then partially dry it.

  • Chemical application

The chemical solution is then applied to your hair and given time to break the bonds

  • Flat ironing

The hairstylist will rinse, condition and apply a heat protector and then flat iron the hair. Too much heat during the flat ironing will break your hair. It’s therefore important that you ensure that every precise temperature is used. Its critical that the hair straightening is done at the Japanese hair straightening salon.

  • Neutralizer and Blow Dry

The hair is neutralized to ensure it has the right PH and then its blow dried. Its imperative that the right procedure is followed during the hair straitening process to avoid hair damage. make sure that the hair straightening is done at the hair straightening salons by an expert to protect your hair and get that shiny, smooth and silky hair you have been admiring

Considerations to Make before Permanent Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening will alter the structure and below some of the considerations, you should make before permanently straightening your hair.

  • Once your hair is straightened you can’t change your hair looks. It’s therefore important that before you do a Japanese hair straightening that you consider all the aspects. Avoid hair straightening if you want to change your hairstyle often as this may not be possible once you straighten.
  • Avoid hair straightening if you have undergone previous chemical treatments. If you have already bleached and coloured your hair, then straightening will cause more damage to your hair. The chemical may also cause your scalp to itch. Visit the hair straightening salon and let the expert take care of your hair. It’s important that you determine the kind of hair as the technique may not be appropriate for your hair type. If your hair is delicate, then you may want to skip Japanese hair straightening. The heat during the process will make your hair weaker and leading to brittleness and eventually breakage.
  • It’s important that you ensure that follow the right regimen once the chemical has been applied to your hair. Make sure you protect your hair from the harsh UV rays and it’s well moisturized. If you intend to colour your hair, wait for two weeks before you colour.

There are some concerns that Japanese hair straightening will damage your hair. To way in, on this misconception, the hair straightening technique will not damage your hair. It’s the wrong application and low-quality chemicals that damage your hair. A poor regimen will also result in hair breakage. It’s therefore important that you visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the expert take apply the chemical. The expert will be able to use the right chemical, use the right amount of heat to ensure there is no hair damage.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Long summer days are fast approaching and coupled with the heat could have a lasting effect on your hair especially if you have Brazilian keratin straightening treatment applied to your hair. The harsh UV rays are responsible for premature skin aging, dried out brittle and frizzy hair. We all look forward to enjoying all the outdoor activities without damage to your hair.The key to winning and maintaining straight and healthy hair is developing a beauty practice and a regimen that helps you counter the effect of the summer heat.

Impact of Summer Sun on hair growth

Summer is a time for blossoming, the trees are blossoming with flowers and so is your hair. According to research hormones released from your body during this season cause hair to grow fast. During the warm season, there is much more efficient blood circulation, meaning more blood is flowing to the scalp leading to increased nutrients for your hair and thus the massive hair growth. Proper hair care during this period will give that long luscious hair that is the dream of every girl.

It’s important to note that as hair grows faster, so is the likely hood to lose hair due to shedding. Too much exposure to the UV lights will cause hair to shed, therefore proper care is paramount. Your hair straightening salons are the perfect source of the best products for your hair.

Signs that your hair is Damaged by the Summer Sun

  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Lacks elasticity and luster
  • Tangle easily and the hair color becomes lighter
  • The hair is hard to manage and sheds when combined

The above signs could result from other factors but if you begin to notice them during summer, then you need to up your hair care game and below some trick and tips on how to keep winning.

Summer Hair Treatment Methods

  • Brazilian Keratin Smoothing treatment

How it works

At the Brazilian Keratin salon, your hair stylist will prepare your hair using a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt and product build up. That is followed by the application of the Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment and left on the hair for 30 minutes. That follows the application of moisturizer and then the hair is blow dried and flat ironed to seal the keratin treatment


That results in hair that is shiny and its able to withstand humidity for months until the summer is over.

  • Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Permanent hair straightening will help you keep the frizz away, leave your hair smooth and straight even the humid summer season.

How it works

The treatment breaks the bonds that make your hair curly. The hair stylist will apply the treatment and then rinse the hair, and then straightening with a flat iron. A neutralizing shampoo will help keep the hair follicle straight and avoid curls.


The result is permanently straightened hair. Get the best results of the Japanese hair straightening treatment in salons.

Tips to Keep your Hair Looking Good During Summer

During summer, the key is to keep your hydrated as much as possible

  • Keep your Hair Hydrated

It’s important to constantly replenish the moisture in your hair as often as possible. The sulfate-free conditioner is perfect as it will add moisture to your hair. Reduce the shampoos days as this will leave the devoid of its oils. An alternative is rinsing the hair with cold and then conditioning. Choose shampoos that are hydrating and have no sulfates or alcohol.

  • Invest in a UV Hair Protector

It’s vital that you protect your hair from direct sunlight as the UV rays are one of the biggest enemies to chemically treated hair. Visit your hair straightening salons and invest in shampoo and conditioner that have UV protector. That will ensure that you maintain your hair color and texture.

  • Cut back on the heat and add essential oils

The summer heat is already too much for your hair, and important that you minimize on the heat tools. Invest in tools that you can vary the amount of heat that you use on your hair. Add essential rehydrating oils to your hair kit to fortify your hair.

  • Use Protective Hair Styles

Protective hairstyles will help protect your hair especially if you have to spend a lot of hours exposed to the scorching sun. Different hair buns, braids will keep your hair moisturized.

  • Visit your Hair Stylist often

To keep your hair in check visit your hair straightening salon Rockville MD  for a hair check as often as possible to ensure your hair remains healthy during the humid season. It’s a season for growth, ensure you mane is well taken care of and at the end season, you could achieve that hair length you have always wanted.

Transforming Curly Hair to Straight Hair with Brazilian Keratin Treatment

hair straightening salons

The Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment has completely revolutionized the hair straightening cosmos. Every girl is running after this hair straightening treatment. It is one of the most confusing and alluring hair straightening treatments offered in the hair straightening salons these days. This treatment is known for providing pin-straight, silky and glossy hair. The quality of chemically straight hair largely depends on the quality of chemicals used for the hair straightening treatment.

What is keratin hair straightening?

Human hair and nails naturally contain keratin. The keratin is a natural protein that deplete from hair over time. In keratin hair straightening, your hair is marinated in keratin and other chemicals that are eventually sealed into hair using heat. Keratin and other chemicals smooth the follicles surface, and remove frizz and curls.

Know more about keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening treatment is gaining a lot of popularity because this treatment works on almost every type of hair, from sight curly to totally frizzy. This treatment can turn your thick and frizzy hair into smooth and soft hair.

Unlike thermal reconditioning, keratin treatment does not provide permanent hair straightening. Keratin washes out eventually. This treatment last up to 8 weeks, but it could be 4 months depend on hair care. However, you can get this treatment again after some time.

Keratin hair straightening treatment even works on colored hair. This treatment can actually make colored hair appear healthier. However, get your hair colored at least 3 weeks before your hair straightening appointment. Do not opt for coloring your hair right after hair straightening treatment. The hair color chemicals will not let keratin treatment to set on your hair.

Hair becomes much more manageable after getting keratin treatment. Any hairstyle would look good with soft, silky and shiny hair. You can even use hair accessories to adorn your hairstyle. However, you are not allowed to use any other hair accessory until 3 days after getting your hair chemically straight via keratin hair straightening. The hairstylist will not wash your hair when you will leave the hair straightening salon. And you will have to let the hair straightening chemicals settle on your hair.

Get the Safest Way to Chemically Straighten Hair

Brazilain Keratin Straightening

Most of the people think that there is no safe way to straighten hair chemically but this might be true some days back at the time when women tend to use relaxers made up of harsh chemicals like lye to get rid of unwanted curls. While the reality lies in the fact that hair salons of the recent time use latest forms of chemical straightening to give its customers best results without any threat of hair damage.

Thermal Reconditioning

One of the hair straightening method became widely accepted in 2003 is Japanese hair straightening-known as thermal reconditioning. It’s a salon procedure which requires lot of time and money. Regular touch-ups are required to maintain the straightness and shine. Thermal reconditioning restructures the hair cuticle. It makes your hair straight and rules out any need for extra care like blow-dry or hair styling to get perfect shine.

However, the process of thermal reconditioning proved unsuitable for women with dyed, bleached or previously relaxed hair. Also,this treatment is a permanent in nature and leave only a few alternatives for women who want to try different haircut and styles. So, as a result, Japanese hair straightening got replaced with a new milder straightening method using keratin.

Safest Method: Brazilian Keratin Straightening

The year 2007 introduced a better alternative for hair straightening. Most of the women resort to this treatment to get rid of curls and frizz. Unlike Japanese hair straightening method, the hair cuticle is not restructured with any harmful chemicals. Rather, a protein known as keratin solution is applied to the hair to coat and seal the straightness.

There are several benefits of this straightening over thermal reconditioning. It can be safely applied to dyed or bleached hair and even to hair damaged by usage of hot-tools and other hair styling procedures. Always remember that Brazilian Keratin does not make your hair straight permanently and returns to the original state like wavy and curly gradually depending on the frequency of shampoo usage and hair care. This allows freedom to women who want to get their curly locks back.

Brazilian Keratin treatment is less expensive than Japanese straightening and most of the hair straightening salons offers this treatment in the range of $ 200 to $800 depending on the texture and length of the hair.

The winning reason of this method is its safety. Earlier, most of the hair salons use products consisting formaldehyde whereas this harsh chemical has been removed from the newer forms of keratin treatment. This method seems to be the safest and best way to straighten hair that’s been damaged due to blow-drying, flat-ironing or excessive coloring.