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Why Does My Hair Dye Only Last A Week?

When you get your hair dyed in hair salons specializing in color, you expect the color to last for months before it fades. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Have you been applying hair dye, and it keeps fading after a week or less? Are you wondering why does my hair dye only last a week? There are plenty of reasons for it. Here are some of the top ones:

You apply the wrong type of hair dye.

Like any other thing, the type of dye you use will significantly affect how long it lasts. If you use fantasy colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, or grey, it’s common for them to fade after a week or two as they are short-term dyes.

The same thing applies to semi-permanent dyes. Although they don’t contain ammonia and apply with 9 volume peroxide developer, they last for almost the same time as fantasy colors.

If you are tired of reapplying the dye every week, choose permanent hair dye that lasts for 4-6 weeks.

You don’t give your hair enough time to process

Your hair will also keep fading after a week if you don’t give it enough time to process. This is often more important if you have grey hair as grey hair cuticles are tightly packed down and take a long time to open and absorb artificial hair color molecules, so when you wash the hair too early, the dye doesn’t properly adhere to the hair, and this puts it at the risk of fading after a week or two.

To prevent the hair from fading, you need to give your hair enough time to open and absorb the artificial hair color molecules. It will also do you a lot of justice getting your hair done by experienced hairstylists who know the amount of time your hair type needs to absorb the color properly.

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours before you wash the hair.

You wash the hair with hard water.

Studies show that up to 65% of American homes use hard water. While you might not have a problem making the meals with the water, the water has been shown to cause significant damage to the hair. The calcium and magnesium elements in the hard water buildup in the hair over time, preventing the color molecules from penetrating the cuticle.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to extend the life of the dye. One of the most effective ways is to wash the hair crystal Gels that will remove the problematic minerals.

You rinse the hair with hot water.

After giving the hair color enough time to adhere to the hair, rinse it with lukewarm water. One of the reasons the hair color isn’t lasting for long is because you are washing the hair with extremely hot water. You should note that when you wash the hair with hot water, you cause the cuticles to open too much, allowing some color to rinse out during the shampoo process.

This means if you want your hair to last for long, don’t use hot water—use lukewarm water instead.

You use an inexperienced stylist.

If your hair is done in a disreputable hair color correction hair salon Rockville MD there is no way the color will last for a long time. One of the most important processes of hair coloring is emulsification. Unfortunately, most inexperienced stylists will undertake inadequate emulsification, which is a recipe for disaster.

For your hair color to last for a long time, you have to have it done by an experienced stylist. This calls for you to visit a reputable salon to have your hair done. While the salon will charge you more for it, the extra cost will be worth it.

Hair Color Gone Wrong: How Hair Color Correction Works

At some point in our lives, we would want some refreshing change. Like a new haircut, some new shoes or clothes, or a new hair color. Perhaps you would want to visit a hair salon specializing in color and have a new hair dye.

Or you can try Balayage hairstyles first if you are apprehensive in coloring your entire hair. Maybe you want to add volume and length to your hair by trying out human hair extensions. Nonetheless, change can be refreshing and liberating as long as you know what you want.

The downside of it is that at most times, change can be irreversible. If ever there is a chance to turn it back to what it was, it may take some time. Like when you color your hair. For one thing, botched hair color is something you wish it didn’t ever happen.

What can cause hair color botches?

Hair coloring experts would often ask their clients about their hair coloring history. For example, those who had henna color before may have a higher risk of experiencing hair color botches. Apparently, henna contains metallic salts that can react when mixed with lightener.

There is also the risk of using cheap coloring products that can do damage to your hair. Or perhaps the client previously colored her hair a few months ago. More importantly, the client should not do DIY coloring especially if it’s his or her first time and did not completely follow the packaging instructions.

These are only some possible reasons why there are some people who end up with botched hair colors. To avoid these, you should only turn to hair salons specializing in color.

There is hope for that botched hair color

So you just decided to dye your hair your dream hair color. But after waiting for hours to finish the coloring process, your dream hair color turns out to be a nightmare. Fortunately, your botched hair color can still be fixed by a hair color correction hair salon.

So, what can you expect in a hair color correction process? First, the hair color correction specialist will use purple shampoos and toners to neutralize the botched hair color. Hair color correction is usually done to lighten a darker hair shade or remove your botched blonde color’s brassy tinge.

Take note that the entire hair color correction process would require several appointments. Specifically, it may take up to a couple of months depending on your desired results. It will depend on your hair texture, porosity, type, and overall condition. That is why you should not do the color correction job on your own.

Hair color correction procedure

There are different hair color botches and ways to fix them. For example, there are hair color procedures that turn blondes into brass or rust-like tinges. In such cases, hair coloring experts would advise shampooing your hair with purple-toning shampoo and conditioner.

Better yet, you should request for cooler, ashy shades of blonde next time. Also, use a toning mask to avoid the warm blonde shades from recurring. Make sure to visit a hair coloring expert to do the process.

For those whose hair has turned brassy orange, it can be one of the most difficult things you have to deal with. Again, you can use purple toning shampoos to get rid of those annoying orange tinge on your hair. For better results, use it as a mask on dry hair and leave for about 10 to 15 minutes then rinse it off.

If your hair has turned too ashy blonde (like grey-green blonde levels), use a clarifying shampoo. Or use a hair color toner that you can mix with a little bit of conditioner, leave it on hair for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wash later on. Your hair will look warmer and less ashy afterward.

How to avoid hair color corrections as much as possible

As mentioned, it could take several sessions to complete. Plus, it can be expensive depending on the extent of the job to be done. Here are other tips to avoid ending up having a hair color correction.

  • It might be a good idea to wait it out and not risk damaging your hair.
  • Never DIY coloring your hair especially if it is your first time to do so.
  • Use clarifying or purple shampoo to kick-start the hair color correcting procedure.
  • Make sure that your preferred hair color would work on your natural hair color and done by a trusted hair coloring expert.

For your hair coloring needs, make sure to trust only the experts. Visit hair salons in Rockville that offer different treatments and services that will cater to your respective hair needs.

A Men’s Guide to Hair Coloring

A lot of people love to color their hair due to several reasons. For example, some people prefer coloring their hair as part of their self-expression. On the other hand, some people decide to color their hair to cover up their graying hair. Regardless of the purpose of hair coloring, it is best to visit professional hair salons specializing in color.

Speaking of hair color, it is not new anymore for men to experiment with different hair colors. From former One Directioner Zayn Malik to actor Steve Carell, more and more men are already considering having their hair colored by a hair color correction specialist or a professional hair colorist near you.

Getting started

For one thing, hair coloring won’t affect your manliness. As mentioned, a lot of people, including men, prefer coloring their hair to cover up their graying hair. Doing so not only can improve one’s appearance but also boost confidence and make you look younger. However, there are some things men should consider in choosing the right hair color.

First of all, men should look for a professional and reliable hair color correction hair salon before going ahead to color your hair. You can seek advice on the better color that will suit better to your hair. You can also let your hair colorist know what specific color you want so that he or she will have an idea and perhaps add some input and suggestions as well.

There are also hair coloring kits available in the market. You can opt for buying one if you prefer doing things yourself. However, it may not guarantee a perfect coloring job done unlike when you let professional hair colorist do the task. Then again, it is your personal choice whether to do a DIY hair color or visit a hair color correction specialist.

Other things to consider before coloring your hair

As mentioned, you can choose to do the hair coloring by yourself since there are several DIY hair coloring kit brands available in the market. However, it may be better to rely on professionals for better results.

Also, it is better to consult a hair coloring expert first before dyeing your hair of your preferred color. Aside from that, here are other things to consider before coloring your hair in professional hair salons.

Consider your skin tone.

Experts suggest matching the hair dye close to the color of your eyebrow. Likewise, the hair dye you choose should also complement the tone of your skin. For example, cooler and ash shades can complement men more.

Feel free to ask your hair colorist.

Don’t feel shy to ask your hair colorist anything that concerns hair coloring. You can ask anything from the type of maintenance needed or the right hair care products to use.

Do not wet your hair before your hair coloring appointment.

Experts suggest avoiding wetting your hair three to four days before your scheduled hair color. This is to allow your hair to build up its natural oils, which can protect your hair against harsh chemicals while the coloring process is ongoing.

Hair coloring tips for all types of men

Men come in all age and color, and there will be hair colors that will suit them better than others. Here are some useful hair color tips for men of all ages and color.

For senior men

  • If you are not sure whether to cover up your gray hair, you can try a temporary or washable hair dye. On the other hand, you can consider using progressive hair color that will make the color look natural and well-blended.
  • Consider hair highlights as it makes your face look softer and younger.

For men with brown skin

  • Some men have naturally kinky hair, so it is better to choose a dye that is gentle and follow it up with a good amount of conditioner.
  • Darker shades of hair color may suit dark-skinned men better.

For men with lighter skin

  • Cool hair color shades will suit men with cool skin tones more, especially those with pink and olive undertones.
  • Warm hair color shades will suit men with warm skin tones especially those with gold and yellow undertones.

Find a professional hair color expert near you

Whether you want to have Balayage hair highlights or a Brazilian keratin straightening, it is best to visit a professional hair color correction hair salon in Rockville MD. Contact one today!

Is Hair Coloring and Straightening At The Same Time Safe?

Imagine you are planning to go to a Japanese hair straightening salon to deal with your frizzy hair. But at the same time, you also want to color your hair as well to complete your hair makeover. Of course, you would want your hair touched by only the best hair salons around town. However, the question is – is it safe to color and straighten your hair at the same time?

Can I have my hair straightened and colored at the same time?

Hair straightening salons employ only professional personnel to take care of their customer’s hair straightening needs. It requires careful planning as it can greatly impact the customer’s hair, especially in the long run. Hair straightening also involves using chemicals that may forever change the customer’s hair composition. This is also the same when you choose to color your hair.

Hair straightening is supposed to make your frizzy hair more manageable and easy to style. Hair coloring, on the other hand, can make your hair look more vibrant and creates a personal touch. Without proper planning, these can result in over-processing that can lead to hair damage.

Again, the key phrase here is to “avoid over-processing”. Any chemical that is applied by hair salons specializing in color or a permanent hair straightening salon can greatly impact your hair’s overall health. For example, using permanent hair dyes and bleaching on hair can create more impact than semi-permanent ones.

Bleaching and permanent hair colors involve the process of oxidation which creates a long-lasting coloring effect on hair. Oxidation also applies during the hair straightening procedure. Nonetheless, oxidation can weaken your hair’s structure and may potentially cause permanent damage.

The negative effects of oxidation can worsen if you combine hair color and hair straightening. That said, a lot of hair experts advise against coloring and straightening.

When can I color my hair after straightening it?

Unfortunately, you cannot color your hair immediately after straightening it. As mentioned, both hair straightening and coloring products contain chemicals that produce oxidation. Using a lot of hair products with oxide can do a lot of damage to your hair. Just imagine what will happen to your hair when you use both permanent hair color and hair straightening products.

But if you still insist on coloring your hair immediately after straightening it, you can. However, experts strongly suggest doing the former at least six months after the latter. You can consult a hair color correction specialist about this.

Other essential hair care tips

Hair coloring and straightening can be possible although should not be done simultaneously. Here are some tips if you plan to have your hair colored and straightened soon:

  1. As much as possible, do not color your hair before straightening it.

This also applies if you plan to straighten your hair first before coloring it. Nevertheless, the more important thing is to wait for at least six months or more before undergoing another hair treatment especially ones that involve using an oxidation process. Waiting for a specific period before your next hair treatment will ensure that your hair is healthy enough.

  1. Avoid Japanese hair straightening if you color or bleach your hair too often.

There are other hair straightening options available. However, Japanese hair straightening may not be recommended if you have colored or bleached your hair all too often. Instead, you can try other treatments such as Brazilian keratin straightening or a Brazilian blowout.

  1. Trim your hair regularly following a hair straightening treatment.

This is to ensure the growth of healthy hair and to remove dry ends. Also, make sure to use only cold water when washing your hair. Avoid tucking your hair behind your ear after a straightening your hair.

  1. Do not wash your hair for three days after having your hair straightened.

This is to make sure that the treatment locks it into your hair and take full effect. After three days, try washing your hair first using conditioner only. Follow with a salon-recommended shampoo after a week. Wash your hair every other day.

Have your hair done by the experts

Everyone wants to have a fresh change from time to time. You can start by having a hair makeover. Contact the best hair straightening salons in Rockville MD today.

Will Color and Highlights Damage Your Hair?

Once in a while we all want to look different and you apply hair color and highlights to look like your favorite celebrity, but you are wondering whether it will keep your hair healthy. Coloring and highlighting your hair will make your hair look gorgeous if done correctly. It’s important to visit hair salons specializing in color to consult on how to have color on your hair without damaging it. When applying hair color for the first time let the hair color specialist analyze your hair and apply color for best results.

How Hair color and Highlights Work

The developer (mostly hydrogen peroxide) oxidizes the hair changing the hair color. The more developer you use the darker the hair color will appear. The hair color can be permanent or semi-permanent

  • Semi-Permanent Hair color

In this method, the color is deposited on the outer layer of the hair and makes it darker. It doesn’t contain peroxide and lasts for about 6 weeks. After several shampoos, the color molecules eventually wash out and your hair returns to its natural color.

  • Demi-Permanent Hair Color

The hair stylist uses less amount of peroxide lightening the hair slightly. The color molecules are deposited between the cuticle and hair cortex making it last longer than the semi-permanent hair Coloring.

  • Permanent hair color

The hair color is deposited on the cortex of your hair and it only leaves when your hair grows out. The products used include ammonia and peroxide and they lighten the hair pigment forming a new color. The combination of your hair’s natural pigment and the color you chose will be your new hair color.

  • Highlights

The highlight is done by adding special effects to your hair and they come in varying color tone. It’s best that you visit your hair salon for the most professional highlight results

What You Need to do Before Hair Coloring and highlights

  • Research

Before your visit your top-rated hair salon for consultation research on what you want your hair to look like and understand what you are getting your hair into. It’s important to understand what Coloring will do to your hair and it’s therefore important to research widely before you go to your colorist. To get the best results there are hair color things you must know before you get the coloring done.

  • Consult at your Hair salons specializing in color

Once you have an idea of what you want, then visit your hair salon and let your hair color specialist analyze your hair. This is important especially if you have keratin treatment or Japanese permanent hair straightening chemical already applied to your hair.

  • Learn How to Take Care of Your Hair After Coloring

Color-treated requires care to avoid damage. Ask your specialist on how you should care for your hair, and below are some simple tips t follow

  • Change your shampoo to one that is friendly to your colored hair.  Avoid shampoos with alcohol as they will dry out the hair.
  • When diving to that swimming pool always dampen your hair first to help the hair not to absorb chlorine
  • Condition your hair more often and avoid brushing the hair when its wet

Will the Hair Color and Highlights Damage your Hair

Hair color and highlights will give your hair shine and you get to look blonde and gorgeous, but that only happens if the application is done correctly. To make it clear Coloring and highlights will not damage your hair but you need to invest in the right regimen and professional hair stylist. Here are some of the few reasons why hair color and highlights might damage your hair

  • Using the wrong shampoos will cause the hair to become brassy. Invest in shampoos for color treated hair.
  • Using hot water to wash your hair will change the color of the highlights
  • Not conditioning often will lead to breakage and your hair will dry out
  • Too many hair salon visits will not keep your hair color for long as the washing eventually ruins the color
  • Failing to consult your hair colorist while recoloring your hair. Over-coloring will cause your hair to over process leading to damaged hair.

Choosing the right hair color and highlights salon in Rockville and proper care of the hair after application of color is the key to healthy and beautiful colored hair. We can categorically state that hair color and highlights don’t damage your hair but the wrong application and improper care are the cause of damaged hair after hair Coloring.