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Can Ayurveda Make Your Hair Better and Stronger Hair?

Nothing is more stressful and saddening than experiencing hair fall. Men are more prone to balding, but women are more at risk of hair fall regardless of age. For one thing, losing a couple of hair strands a day is a normal thing. But if your hair sheds in clumps, then it should be something to worry about.

That is why we need to take care of our hair. There are a lot of reasons why some people experience excessive hair fall. You can seek hair care advice from hair professionals in your favorite hair salons. The good news is that you can lessen or prevent hair fall without spending on expensive hair products.

Understanding hair fall

More often than not, you have already experienced hair fall. As mentioned, losing hair strands a day is normal – around 50 to 100. Old hair sheds to make way to new hair growth. But when you see clumps of hair on the shower drain after every bath, it can be a cause of alarm.

It is also a normal reaction for us to be conscious of our hair. No wonder a lot of people, especially women, go to hair straightening salons for a sleeker and straighter hair. Others would visit a hair extensions salon to add volume and length to their hair. Or try out trendy Balayage hairstyles for a change.

Hair fall can be due to several reasons, including stress and lack of nutrition. Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and are in their menopausal years are also prone to hair fall. To determine what causes your hair fall, you need to determine what the root cause is. Once determined, you will be advised to adjust your diet, use anti-hair loss products, taking supplements, or even undergoing a hair transplant.

Can Ayurveda help in lessening hair fall?

For starters. Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine originated in India about 3,000 years ago. It is based on the concept of having the mind, body, and spiritual balance, and aimed to ensure good health.

Ayurveda also believes that the human body is composed of three major doshas, or life forces: Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. Ayurvedic medicine can help in determining health problems and be able to address it.

This involves detoxification to “cleanse” the body from any impurities that are causing the health problem, including the possible root causes of hair fall. Among popular Ayurvedic treatments include the use of herbs, massages, and laxatives.

However, the FDA does not approve of the use of Ayurvedic medicine. It is said that some Ayurvedic medicine includes arsenic, mercury, and lead, that are harmful to health. So before trying any alternative medical treatments, seek advice from doctors first.

Proven effective ways to get rid of hair fall

Some people are advocating Ayurvedic medicine in treating their health concerns, including hair fall. However, others may also have their doubts when it comes to this traditional medicine. If you’re not sure, there are always other alternatives to address your health issues.

First of all, it starts with you – from your diet down to the products you use. Planning to have your hair rebonded in a Japanese hair straightening salon soon? Or go to hair salons specializing in color for a professional hair dye job? You can ask the hair salon personnel the products’ ingredients and their possible side effects.

However, hair fall is not only because of using the wrong hair care products. Your diet and lifestyle have also got something to do with it. Not only we should look good on the outside but more importantly, healthier on the inside.

Take iron, zinc, protein, and Vitamin D to lessen hair fall. Eating the right foods is also important for healthier hair. This includes spinach, eggs, and sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds. Have enough sleep and stay away from toxic and stressful situations as much as possible.


Some people swear on Ayurvedic medicine when it comes to addressing hair fall. Most of the products used on Ayurveda comes from traditional and organic herbs and ingredients. Still, you need to do your research first before trying out new treatments even if it has been around for hundreds of years.

It should be all-out when it comes to hair care. For your hair care needs, you can schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville MD.

3 Common Types of Hair Damage That You Should Do Something About Now

Fusion hair extensions

If there is one thing everyone does not like to happen to their hair, it’s hair damage. Everyone wants to have healthy, shiny, smooth, and lush hair. It is also a good idea to visit a keratin treatment salon for your regular hair fix. You can also try out Balayage hairstyles or try out human hair extensions from reputable hair salons out there.

All of us have hair goals. But most of the time, we are doing damage to our hair without realizing it. Even our usual daily hair care routines can do more bad to our hair than good. That is why you should not only care for it but also do it the right way.

First of all, hair damage happens when the hair cuticles “cracks” due to common aggressors. These include frequent hair styling and using harsh hair products. This results in hair that is dry and prone to damage.

So what are these common types of hair damage that a lot of people have? You might have at least one of these and why and how it happens. More importantly, so that you will know what to do next time to prevent damaging your hair again.

Reason #1: Heat damage

Hair irons, curlers, and blow dryers are among the most popular hair styling tools today. Hair straightening salons are not complete without hair irons, and so are other salons around the world.

A lot of women also have these styling tools at home. Your day would not be complete without styling your hair using one of these. Not only can these help in making your hair look glammed up but can also boost your confidence.

But the frequent use of these heat-styling tools can take a toll on your hair. For one, too much heat can damage your hair, make it less moisturized, and lead to brittle hair. Sun exposure can also make the damage worse.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot use any of these styling tools. For one, you can use these tools only as needed, say, during special occasions. Better yet, make sure to use a heat protectant before using any heat styling hair tool.

Another way to lessen hair damage is to adjust the heat setting that is suitable for your hair texture. This means the setting for thin hair should be different for those with thicker or kinkier hair.

Reason #2: Chemical treatments

This includes hair coloring, hair perms, and relaxers. You can either do the coloring by yourself or consider hair salons specializing in color. Regardless, you should know the potential consequences of coloring your hair. More so, if you both have textured and previously-colored hair.

In such cases, you should indulge your hair with deep conditioning masks and other similar hair treatments. This can help lessen the damage to your hair due to the meticulous hair coloring process. Make sure to follow your hair stylist’s advice for post-hair coloring care and maintenance.

Meanwhile, Brazilian keratin straightening and other similar treatments can make your hair look straighter and shinier. You would have to do it more often if you want to maintain your hair’s straightness. However, it can also lead to irreversible damage in the long run.

If you can’t help but to have your hair straightened by the perm or rebonding, make sure to have a deep hair treatment once a week for the next four or six weeks. Daily moisturizing is also a must especially for permed or rebounded hair to prevent breakage.

Reason #3: Improper hair care routine

Other reasons that may contribute to hair damage include:

  • Overbrushing/combing hair. Apparently, the 100-brushstrokes per day for better hair is not true.
  • Rubbing your hair with your towel. Go easy on the towel, wrap it around your head or let it dry naturally instead.
  • Not having regular trims. It doesn’t have to be drastic.
  • Not having the right diet. Make sure to eat foods rich in protein, zinc, and iron among a few.
  • Tying your hair too tightly. Let your hair loose from time to time.

Preventing hair damage

Taking care of your hair should not be as complicated as you think. Among things you can do for a healthier hair include:

  • Using a conditioner after shampooing
  • Reducing stress and taking time to relax
  • Lessening the use of hair styling tools and too much styling
  • Visiting a reliable keratin treatment salon in Rockville for proper hair care and treatment.

Bridal Hair Style – How to Hire a Wedding Hairstylist

Now that you’re engaged and have several things in mind for your to-do list, never forget to think about your bridal beauty look and bridal hair style as well as the feeling you are trying to convey. If you find it hard to hire a wedding hairstylist, here are some of the things you should take note:

Experience Matters

Even the best hairstylists might lack a passion to create braided coiffures or twists worthy of the bride. Ask your prospective hair stylist on how many weddings they have worked on recently and try getting a sense of enthusiasm for your bridal beauty. You may teach any hairstylist the ways on how to do an updo, yet they have to do it and love it be good at it. Remember that it is an art on how stylists move their fingers.

Each salon has 1 or 2 people who love doing weddings. Most brides would spend more time searching for the dresses, yet in terms of their hair, they do not do their homework. If you really like something special, a bit of homework can make a huge difference. Some experts involved in planning a wedding can be a great source of referrals.

Never Rule Out Tried and True

The one who does a good job trimming your locks might also do a great job shaping them. The key to successful wedding hairstyle is having rapport with your hairstylist. A lot of brides find that an ongoing relationship is important that they’ll even fly their stylists to their destination wedding.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. For you to separate the good hairstylists from the best ones, searching for a variety when scanning images. This isn’t the time to settle for something that’s cookie cutter. Each bride must look different and the best hairstylists can personalize the look of any bride, based on her dress and personality.

Style’s Staying Power You Are Seeking

The prettiest looks might not be the most practical ones, particularly when the factors like the hair’s natural texture or the weather at the location of your event are out of control. Consider hiring hairstylist who’ll be present throughout the reception, ceremony, and photos and ask them for plans to tweak if necessary.

Once you already found a hairstylist, it is never too early to book for one, particularly if you are getting married during busy bridal season or working with famous stylist. Ask the person or hair salon Rockville you’re considering hiring about their schedule and what timing they need to meet your requirements.

Short Haircut – Things to Know Before Cutting Your Hair Short

Any moment short haircut pops into your head, it is a bit difficult to resist wanting to contact your hairstylist. The concept of getting a fresh and great start makeover is too enticing and considering long bob is a trend today, short hair might seem a good idea. However, if you are planning to take the plunge, there are some things you must know first and these are the following:

 Your Hair Will Not Take Long to Style

One of the main benefits of having a short hair is that it actually takes lesser time drying your hair. Try blow drying your hair until it’s about fifty percent dry and run several styling products. Let your hair dry naturally and you are out of the door.

Longer Hair is Equivalent to Heavier Hair

This means that having shorter hair is much lighter and if you have waves or curls, they will get looser with lesser weight. Long hair weighs down on the waves and curls to be more relaxed, yet short hair will make the texture of your hair tighter.

You Will Use Less Shampoo

Having shorter hair also means lesser shampoo that will save you more money in terms of purchasing some hair care products.

Your Tools Must Change

It is always best to get rid of your old styling tools from long-haired days as well as invest in new tools better suited to much shorter locks. Thinner and smaller curling irons or straighteners will let you have better control of the hair during the process of styling.

Shorter Hair is Equals to More Frequent Cuts

It is vital that you have a hairstylist that you want to if you have cropped cut for the reason that you will be spending more time in the chair of the stylist. With long hair, you may go longer without a trim, yet shorter hair means you have to keep its length.

You Will Get Rid of Bad Hair Day Cover Up

Unluckily, you cannot depend on your favorite ponytail or consider going to side braid to repair unruly hair day. The short hair might be less maintenance compared to long hair, yet you will need to style shorter hair each day to commit to this.

If you are having second thoughts about short haircut, there are other haircut and styles salon Rockville you may take for consideration and you can pick whatever that pleases you.