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Tips on Picking the Right Hair Extensions According to Your Hair Type

It is a good thing to have a hair trim from time to time. For one thing, it ensures healthier hair and lessens the occurrence of split ends. But admit it or not, most people would wish they did not cut their hair in the first place. It has become that cycle ever since.

But we are now living in an age where anything is possible. And yes, including adding length to your hair in minutes! You can choose from human hair extensions, hair dreams hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions depending on your preference and budget.

All about hair extensions

For one thing, hair extensions are for everyone. You don’t need to be a popular social media influencer to be able to wear one. Rather, wearing hair extensions from a hair extensions salon is as normal as wearing make-up or having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist.

Hair extensions are a life-saver if you want to add instant length and volume to your hair. Or if you are attending a special event and you want to stand out from the rest of the guest. After all, who doesn’t want to look their best on some special days? Bad days are inevitable, but hair extensions can do the trick and revamp your look instantly.

Then again, there are different types of hair extensions you can choose from. Confusing, even, for those who are about to use it for the first time. Should you choose synthetic or natural human hair extensions? How to put them on, anyway? These are some things to consider when using hair extensions.

How to choose hair extensions

Looking for the right hair extensions should not be a chore. Here are useful tips on how to choose hair extensions.

Determine what type of hair extensions you will need.

As mentioned, there are different types of hair extensions. Some are made from synthetic hair, while others are from 100 percent real human hair. The former is cheaper than the latter if budget is your concern. But if you want the hair extensions to look like, well… an extension of your “real” hair, then you should opt for the latter instead.

Know how much hair extensions you need.

By now, you should have already chosen a hair extension that suits your budget and preference. The next question is how much you should buy. This can be understandably overwhelming if this is the first time you are going to buy hair extensions. In this case, you can ask your trusted hair professional from your favorite hair extensions salon.

Buy one that closely matches your natural hair color.

Not only can natural-looking hair extensions make a difference to your look but also blend naturally with your real hair. So, make sure to look for hair extensions that match closely to your natural hair color. But if you want to spice up your look with mismatched hair extensions, then why not? Just do your thing with confidence!

Check reviews.

If you are buying hair extensions online, make sure to check product reviews first. It can be a tricky task, which is why you should do your research very well.

Using hair extensions on thin hair

As mentioned, hair extensions add volume and length to hair. Here are different types of hair extensions and how long each of these last.

Tape-in hair extensions

This one can last about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of care given. As the name suggests, this type of hair extensions is taped on either side of your real hair. It is one of the most popular hair extensions choices since it won’t need heat.

Fusion hair extensions

Meanwhile, this type of hair extension lasts for about 3 to 4 months. Unlike tape-in hair extensions, fusion extensions use a bonding tool that resembles a glue gun to combine with your natural hair. This one needs to be done by a hair extension expert.

Halo hair extensions

This one can last for more than 6 months and is attached to the natural hair using some kind of invisible wire.

Other types of hair extensions include:

  • Micro links (lasts for about 3 to 4 months)
  • Sew-in hair extensions (lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks)
  • Clip-in hair extensions (lasts for about 6 months or more)

Find the best hair extensions that suit your hair care needs

Make sure to do your research first before using hair extensions. For your hair extension needs, trust only the best hair salons in Rockville that also offer quality hair extensions.

What Hair Extensions Can Do To Improve Your Overall Look

Everyone wants to have full-looking hair that they can style anyway they want. In addition, hair that is full of volume can be a sign of youth and good health. Popular celebrities also pay attention to making their hair look red carpet-worthy all the time. Most likely, these celebrities would go to their favorite hair extensions salon to enhance their precious mane.

However, you don’t have to be a popular Hollywood celebrity to experience A-list treatment in most hair salons. In fact, you can find a lot of hair salons near you that offer different hair treatments such as Brazilian keratin straightening and human hair extensions. In other words, everyone deserves to have beautiful hair that can match those of popular Hollywood A-listers.

The magic of hair extensions

Hair extensions have been popular for years. These are heaven-sent for those who have slow-growing hair and those who want extra volume for their hair. With hair extensions, you can get longer and fuller locks in just one sitting. In other words, hair extensions can be the ultimate solution to your long-time hair issues.

With hair extensions, you can transform from a bob to hair as lush as Jennifer Lopez’. Plus, you can style it any way you want. You can also try Balayage hairstyles using hair extensions. Basically, it can be your secret weapon in looking good every time.

Unlike stiff and unnatural wigs that can be hot on the head, hair extensions can feel more natural and comfortable enough to be worn for a long time. You can also choose from different types of hair extensions depending on how long you are going to wear it.

What you can do with your hair extensions

Whether it’s your first time to have hair extensions or have a couple of them at home, you can be creative with them. Here are some things you can do with your hair extensions.

Curl it.

Most hair extensions are processed, hence it can be curled better. Experts recommend using clip-in hair extensions as these are the easiest to curl before putting them on.

Color it.

If you are reluctant to color your real hair, you can test it out by dyeing the hair extensions first. You can directly dye the hair extensions using any color of your choice. You can go ahead and dye them pink, red, purple, or any other adventurous colors. However, you cannot bleach it because most hair extensions have gone through chemical processing.

Meanwhile, you can try extensions that are lighter than your actual hair for an ombre look. Using clip-in extensions are more suitable for these coloring options. Plus, you can reuse them as often as you want and as long as you take care of them properly.

Try out bangs.

If you are not sure whether bangs would look better on you, use hair extensions instead. It will save you face from waiting some time to grow back your awkwardly-cut bangs. You can use clip-on extensions for this and how to pull off faux bangs.

Glam up your ponytail.

Clip-in extensions can add volume and thickness to your ponytail. There are latest versions that look stylish to use.

Different types of hair extensions

There are different types of hair extensions you can use depending on how long you are going to use them. Among popular extensions offered by many hair extensions salon include:

Temporary hair extensions

These include clip-in hair extensions, weaves, and wefts. It can be easily worn and removed any time you want – well, it should be taken off every week at most. Temporary extensions are ideal for those who want to have fabulous hair for a special event in the coming weekend.

Semi-permanent hair extensions

These include tape-in extensions which can last for up to eight weeks of usage. Tape-in extensions are almost invisible regardless whether your hair is worn up or let down.

Permanent hair extensions

These hair extensions can be worn for several months, such as micro bond and micro ring extensions. These extensions are ideal for those who want to have thicker hair for a long time.

Achieve your dream hairstyle with the best hair salons around

Hair extensions are perhaps one of the best inventions by mankind. It can improve your hair in an instant instead of waiting for your natural hair to grow so you can style it. For a wide selection of hair extensions, you can visit the best hair salons in Rockville and set an appointment today!

How to Take Care of Your Fusion Hair Extension

Hair is a crown to any woman, and most of the women want to have long natural hair that you can style anyhow. You don’t have to stress over your natural hair not growing so fast or voluminous as you want because hair extensions are here to fill that gap. It’s important to mention that you need to visit your hair salon for advice on how best to wear and care for an extension to achieve that glamorous look.There is a pool of extensions and fusion hair extension is one of the extensions that will give you an exciting and allure look you want.

How to Fix Fusion Hair Extension

Fusion extensions are made of keratin which bonds with your hair. The below is the application process;

  • Select thin strands of hair
  • Ensure that you protect the scalp as you apply the heat on the keratin bond. Lockout the scalp so that the keratin doesn’t cause damage to your scalp
  • Using an iron Heat to heat the strands and bond with the hair strand
  • Ensure there is uniformity between the keratin and the hair
  • Brush the hair extension gently to ensure it bonds with natural hair

Given the amount of time, it takes to apply the keratin fusion hair extension ensure that you visit the top rated salon for the best results

How to Take care of Fusion Hair Extension

  • After fixing the fusion, extension don’t wash until after two days
  • Brush the hair before sleeping to ensure that it doesn’t tangle
  • When shampooing ensure the shampoo doesn’t get to the bonds. Avoid shampoos that are laced with alcohol and sulfates as they will strip the hair extension and cause dryness. Don’t scrub the extension as this will cause matting.
  • Use conditioners sparingly to avoid build-up of products.
  • Don’t use direct heat on the bond and use a thermal heat protector on the hair while styling
  • If you want to go for that swim, protect and cover the hair.
  • Always dry the hair extension before going to bed

Tips to Keep Your Fusion extension Looking Chic for Long

  • Ensure the hair extension is not too heavy for your hair as this will cause breakage
  • Visit your Hair salon and engage the services of the top-rated hair stylist for the best outcome.
  • Don’t try to remove the fusion extension on your own, as this will damage the hair. Visit your hair salon and have them removed by soaking in oil, acetone or alcohol which melts the keratin bond
  • Don’t use the extension for too long as this may cause hair to thin out. If well applied and removed the fusion extension should not cause any hair loss.

Fusion hair extensions salon in Rockville MD will give you volume and the length you have been chasing but requires proper fixing, maintenance, and removal.

Best Hair Extension Brands

Fusion hair extensions

Getting fusion hair extensions or extensions of other forms will be quite a decisive step in your life because along with the anxiety, you will be on your way to changing a major part of yourself.

This article aims to identify the best hair extension brands for you so that the quality of results your investment bears on how you appear is as fine as it can be.


The ideology behind Klix was to create a brand name for hair extensions which would be convenient, affordable, and lead to minimal damage. Today Klix follows a unique motivation of carrying out various kinds of extensions with minimal strain on the natural hair, and it has stylists who deem themselves to be certified in the profession.

Klix is also well known for the classes which are conducted in new and improving salons by the professionals who work for the brand itself. All in all, everything ranging from the salon products to the cool and hot fusion hair extensions is absolutely on spot at Klix.

Sally’s Hair Extensions

Extensions and accessories do not come much richer and renowned than at Sally’s hair extensions, which has been a one of the pioneers of the service for a number of years. Sally’s has partnered up with some of the best brands in the field of hair care including Revlon and COL-LAB, and is indeed your one stop solution for all your needs because the efficient delivery service allows you to order anywhere, anytime.

Sally’s hair extensions product line accommodates produces from high end brands which people can gain affordable access to thanks to the sales and clearances offered by the company.

Balmain Paris

This French line started around four decades ago and today provides high quality human hair for extensions on various fronts including sew in, clip in, and fusion of hair into natural hair. Apart from the styling products, the company also features hair care products and accessories which are products of its own original extensions line.

Balmain also follows the idea of separating out the regular usage items from professional usage which is why the site features two different sections for both, and the line is usually quite pricey for regular use but the brand name certainly compensates for it.


Getting you hot is no more a problem with Hotheads, which offers a wide array of products ranging from color blends to hair styling tools. The Hotheads website features an amazing gallery of customers who show the effects of using their items, and every year the company tours the country with models featuring their best hair swatches, blends, and extensions of the year.

The absolutely natural hair extensions offered by the company are excellent for fitting in on various kinds of hairstyles, and the company also boasts of the largest hair extensions chart in the country.

Now that we have quantified the beneficial aspects of each company in ample detail, you should have a good guideline set as far as getting your fusion hair extensions is concerned.

Fusion Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions, as it is one of the oldest hair extension installation methods. If you are looking for long-term hair extension solution, then fusion hair extension is the right option for you. These hair extensions can be installed in two ways –strand-by-strand and full weft. You can choose any installation method according to your needs and requirements.

Fusion hair extension maintenance

Every hair extension requires special kind of maintenance. In order to maintain the smoothness and shine of your fusion hair extensions, you will have to pay proper attention over hair extension maintenance and care. You can increase the lifespan of your fusion hair extensions with right products, tools and routine.

Hair styling products

You need to use good quality shampoos and conditioners to wash the fusion hair extensions. It is important to wash fusion hair extension with quality products to maintain the softness of the hair wefts. Otherwise extensions will become dry and thin. Also, consult with your hairstylist before applying any random hairstyling product on your hair extension.


Fusion hair extensions should be combed carefully. You should use soft-bristle brush to use the fusion hair extensions. Extension hair is like to natural hair when it comes to combing and detangling. Just be gentle on hair to prevent breakage.

Hot tools

You can use hot tools on hair extensions, as long as they do not heat the hair bond. It means do not take the heating tool near the root of the hair. If you heat the hair root, the hair bond will become weaker, and eventually break the bond.


Make sure that hair extensions do not tangle when you sleep. You can avoid tangling by sleeping with low-ponytail or braid. Please do not sleep with wet hair.


No matter how much you care, tips of hair extensions will become thin and dry over time. You can trim the hair extensions to make them look beautiful all the time. Just visit the right hair extension salon for this purpose. Only expert hair stylists know the right way of trimming hair extensions.

What you ever wanted to know about fusion hair extension

professional hair extensionAre you looking for new hair extensions? Are you searching more permanent hair extension method? Or do you want natural looking hair extensions? Well, if so, then you need to know about fusion hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions are one of the most professional hair extension methods. It is the oldest and most traditional hair extension installation methods. Fusion extensions are trusted, long lasting and natural looking hair extension method that professional hairstylists recommend to their clients.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are attached onto the natural hair using one of two procedures—the hot fusion or the cold fusion. The hair extension installation procedure is performed by a professional hair stylist. These extensions can beautifully add length and volume to existing hair. Professionally installed fusion hair extensions last for the period of 3 to 6 months (depends on hair maintenance).

This hair extension can be installed only on healthy hair. It is because hair must be capable of holding the load of the artificial hair. The hairstylists first analyze your hair and advice whether your hair is suitable for fusion hair extensions or not.

Fusion hair extension installation methods

In the hot fusion procedure, hair extensions are fused with natural hair using hot glue. The glue is heated and then applied on hair. This process is done section by section, and can take up to 18 hours. It should be done by professionals with extreme care to prevent hair or scalp burning.

The cold fusion procedure is gentle on the scalp and hair. Unlike hot fusion, cold fusion method works well on fine hair. Keratin based binder is used to link natural hair with the hair extensions. This provides more natural looking hair. These extensions generally stay for about 6 months.

Since your natural hair will grow normally, the hair extensions needed to be tightened and adjusted accordingly. It is a good idea to consult a professional hair stylist regarding these and other fusion hair extension maintenance requirements at the time of getting hair extension installed. It is possible to wash and style the extensions like normal hair.

How to remove different types of hair extensions?

Hair Extensions Salon
Hair extensions make it easy to get long, thick and luxurious hair within minute’s time. With the help of hot or cold fusion or ultrasonic attachment, extensions are bound to hair strands but the average wearable time frame varies from 12 weeks to 5 months. If you need them for special occasions then it’s more likely to use weave glue and when it comes to hair extension removal then make sure to follow all the precautions and tips to prevent hair damage. Hair extension removal is a service required from time to time. To minimize any chances of damage, make sure to get it done by a trained stylist at reputed hair salons.

Fusion Hair Extension Removal

Fusion hair extensions are one of the popular choice for hair extensions admired by people for natural look and low chances of damage. Around, 25 strands of individual hairs are attached to a small piece of actual hair and are attached using a waxed based keratin protein. Unlike different types of extensions, these extensions can also be removed easily. It just requires a special bond remover between strands of hair. A professional salon expert take out the old extensions with a wide toothed brush that helps to prevent any hair damage. Afterwards, hair are revived with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Although,the entire process seems to be consuming but it’s worth for glued extensions.

Micro Ring Hair Extension Removal

When micro link extensions outgrow, then it makes it necessary to remove them with the help of pliers and ring remover. The entire process can be made easy with little patient. The hair stylist will evaluate your hair to find out each of the rings. Make sure not to pull your old extension as this might create different types of scalp problems. Seek help from a hair stylist to detach the rings. After removal of extensions, make sure to wash properly to leave them clean.

Removing Sew-In-Hair Extensions

Removal of sew-in extensions is the most difficult as its essential not to be harsh during the process of removal. The hair stylist finds out the thread and snip it out from the particular weave. After this, extension will be pulled out carefully and leave your natural hair as it is. A special comb needs to be used to detangle strands. Make sure to condition your hair after removing the weave extension to make your hair soft.

Vital aspects of fusion hair extensions

fusion hair extensionsHair extensions are desirable in several cases but they can be necessary at times. Fusion hair extensions are effective to create different types of hair style and make your hair look longer and fuller naturally. There are certain advantages of fusion hair extensions that must be explored before taking any decision. Consider the benefits of fusion hair extensions to determine whether they are ideal for you.

Benefits of fusion hair extensions

• Fusion hair extensions can be concealed very well. There are two methods of application or techniques to install the extensions and the choice depends on the customer. When the extensions are sealed or glued beneath the natural hair then they are completely concealed and gives a natural look. The flow and the styling also look natural. You would not to worry about hair stylist as they know as what makes you look best.
• Fusion hair extensions last for longer duration. Other types of human hair extensions infer in the durability after six months. This seems to be pleasant news for anyone considering the expense of fusion hair extensions.
• When it comes to care and maintenance of fusion hair extensions then there are some simple steps to maintain them. Most of the hair salons explain the hair care tips and you wouldn’t be kept in the dark on any aspect. However, the bonding method and the quality of hair extensions play an important role and make sure to follow the advice of your hair stylist.

Safety of fusion hair extensions

• Fusion hair extensions are safe and they don’t have any adverse effect on the scalp and the natural hair. There are basically two methods of application, the hot and the cold fusion method. In hot method, glue or wax are used and the extensions are fused into the scalp or to the base of the natural hair with the help of a tool. On the other hand, cold fusion method uses sonic technology to fuse or seal the hair extensions. Some people qualify only for cold fusion method.
• Fusions hair extensions can be installed in different ways according to the choice of haircut and styles . You can opt for individual strands or full wefts installation. The choice depends on the type of hair. Make sure to give adequate importance to the hair stylist advice as extra care needs to be followed while using any hair color and highlights.
So, we can say that fusion hair extensions offer natural results and are best recommended for any type hair styling as they never give an odd look in any circumstances.

Understanding Hair Extension Types

hair17There are various types of hair extensions available in the market. They are generally made up of human or synthetic hair. To preserve the natural shine and look of the hair, make sure to take care of them in the best way. Hair extensions exist in various forms. Read on to understand the different types of permanent and temporary extensions to suit your hair styling needs.

Wefted Extensions

Machine wefted extensions are the extensions sewn or wefted to make a bundle of hair. With the help of a triple-head sewing machine, loose or bulk hair are used to strengthen a stitch close to the root of the every strand. The hair is then wrapped over with stitches to create wefted extensions. This form of extensions can also be used as a platform to create range of clip-in extensions.
In hand-wefted hair extensions, each strand is bonded manually to create a weft. Such form of extension creates strong weft that looks thinner in comparison to machine wefted extensions. They are available in pure collection and can be used as permanent human hair extensions or clip in hair extensions.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion means a technique of bonding used along with each hair strand. A special hot device helps to smooth a pre-bonded keratin tip and permit it to fuse to a part of your own hair. This form of extensions are permanent in nature due to its long lasting effects. They can be removed and reapplied every 2-3 months.
The most common type of fusion hair extensions makes best use of nail tip or flat tips to hold the strand to natural hair without using any tubes, links or clips. Another technique is shrinkable tubing in which i-tip fusion extensions are installed with the help of a heat-sensitive tube. The i-tip needs to be inserted into the heat-sensitive tube with every hair strand. With the help of specialized hot device, most of the celebrity hair stylist apply heat to the bonding area that helps to soften the keratin and contract the tube, thus leading to secure the extensions with your own hair.

Clip in Hair Extensions

If you are not interested for permanent extensions then clip in hair extensions gives a versatile option to create permanent extensions or fusion hair extensions. You can choose from variety of colors and textures in an innovative way. Most of these types of extensions are made from remy hair. Remy hair is a type of hair with cuticle running in one direction from root to tip. This gives more hair styling opportunities than other form of extensions as non remy gets tangled easily with time and need frequent replacement.