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How to find the best hairstyle for your face shape

A great hairstyle can be powerful — it can actually make you look and feel your best. Getting a haircut every 4 to 8 weeks is recommended for maintaining style and keeping healthy looking hair. But before you make your next hair salon appointment, consider your facial features and face shape. By working with your natural assets and a few well-placed snips, you can augment your beauty.

The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

If the wrong haircut is made on the wrong face shape, the result will be a disaster. In fact, even if a well-executed haircut is performed on the wrong face shape, the result will be still a disaster! This is because haircuts and hairstyles are mainly about geometry and shape. It is all about creating the perfect frame around the face of a person to balance the overall shape.

Find the right haircut and hairstyle for your face

A haircut that compliments you from all angles is the one that enhance your facial features. Different haircuts and hairstyles look good on different face shapes. No matter if your face shape is round, square, oval, long or heart, there are many haircuts and hairstyle for every shape. Take sneak peek over the below mentioned information about face shapes and complementary haircuts:

Round: Round face shapes are defined by rounded jawlines and full cheekbones. People with round face look good with uneven layers and side bangs. Such hairstyles balance the roundness of face and provide a bubbly look.

Oval: People who have oval face are blessed ones. This is because almost every haircut and hairstyle looks good on this face shape. The hairstylists love experimenting different cuts on oval faces.

Square: Strong square faces look awesome with girly hairstyles! A good hairstyle for a square face will play down the angular jaw line. A short bob with a lot of layers and bangs look best on angular faces.

Heart: Heart is probably the most challenging face shapes to style.  However, celebrity hairstylists know how to style the delicate heart-shape faces. Heavy fringe hairstyles that draw attention to cheekbones look amazing on heart faces.

Hair rebounding is a process which is good for very thick and curly or wavy hair which are frizzy as well as hard to manage.

The process involves the application of straightening cream which breaks the bonds of the hair, then the hair is washed and blow dried, then straightened with specialized hair irons which are headed extremely. The next step is the application if a neutralized to join the hair bonds again and the hair is washed.

The whole process takes around 6 to 8 hours depending on the thickness and length if the hair. Hair rebounding should be done once in a while as it makes the roots of 5he hair very weak and fragile. The result is dead straight and shiny hair. Proper hair care and treatment should be done after rebonding as it also makes your hair very brittle and damaged. It lasts for a lifetime but the treatment will show as soon as new curly hair regrows.

How Your Favorite Celebs Really Get Perfect Hair

hair repair

Models, Actresses and High Profile celebs are always spotted in perfect hair. Is there hair naturally beautiful? Do they know some hairstyling secret? How do they manage to get total hair transformation over night? Well, celebrities get such amazingly beautiful hair from styling products, hair accessories, hair care……and most importantly celebrity hairstylists. The celebrity hairstylists know how to play with the different haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors, hair styling products and hair accessories to craft the perfect hair look.

Ways to get celebrity like hair

Celebrities use a lot of hair products that damage and age their hair. Getting hair straight, curled, blown-out, colored and highlighted is all part of their job. And still their manes always look lush and plush, thanks to a few smart hair repair strategies.

Smart hair wash

Healthy hair begins with a clean scalp. In order to keep hair in good condition, it is important to pay attention over scalp health. The professional hairstylists recommend using two different shampoos –one to cleanse the scalp and another to hydrate ends of hair. This is how celebs keep scalps and hair in good condition.

Hair cleansing

Hair is exposed to chemicals and pollution every day. Thus, it is very much important to cleanse the hair. Deep hair cleansing is required in one or two weeks to prevent hair damage. This will prevent grease buildup on hair and restore the natural sheen and shine of hair.

Turn down the heat

Heat can damage the hair to a great extent, and snatch sheen and shine of natural hair. This is the reason why many celebs opt for permanent hair straightening or curling treatments, instead of using heat tools.

Hair brushing

Celebrities know how to brush their hair properly. They never use old hair brushes. Professional hairstylists recommend natural boar-bristle brushes. These brushes have very good impact on hair. The longer the hair, the bigger the comb you need.

Regular hair trimming

In order to make hair look good all the time, it is recommended to trim the ends time to time. The ends get dry over time, and if not cut get split-ends problem arise. Regular hair trimming can prevent this.

Easy Ways To Add Texture To Your Hair

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Today, celebrities seem to have signature hairstyles. It is not easy to obtain such perfect hairstyle, if you don’t have rich hair texture. The texture adds dimensions to hair, and celebrity hairstylists know how to enhance the hair texture. With simple tips and tricks, you can also add texture to your hair.

Adding hair texture

If you have fine and thin hair, you can add textures to make your hair look voluminous and fabulous. Texturing provides depth to hair, and let your hair look good in any random hairstyle. On the other hair, your hairstyle will look dull and boring without texture. Have a quick glance over below mentioned tips for adding texture to your hair:

Braid and flatiron

You can tie your hair into braid, and then use flatiron on those braids. This will change the structure of your hair. When you open your braid, you will find adorable texture. However, this texture will be temporary, and will disappear as soon as you wash your hair.

Blow-dry properly

It is possible to add hair texture only with the help of the blow-dryer. You can amplify the hair volume by blow-drying your hair upward. Your hair will appear bouncy and fabulous.

Play with sea salt spray

The fastest way of obtaining texture without heat or a trip to the beach is sea salt spray. Just apply sea salt spray on damp hair from root to tip, and crush your hair with your hands. The spray will give a wavy finish to your hair.

Dry Shampoo and Scrunch

In order to utilize this method, your hair should be free from oil, grease and dirt. Dry shampoo will absorb all the natural oil of your hair and around scalp. This will provide movement and texture to your hair. To obtain the look, apply dry shampoo throughout your hair.

Braid and Sleep

This is the easiest way of adding texture without using flatiron or any hair product is sleeping with braid. Simply tie your hair into braid and sleep. Next day unbraid your hair, and observe the amazing hair texture.

So, these are some easy hacks for obtaining the hair texture. You can also visit the hair salon and opt for the professional styling.

Amazingly beautiful hair: Why celebs can have it but we can’t

celebrity hairstylists

When it comes to hairstyle and makeup, every girl dreams for the stunning hair like celebrities. Well, celebrities are not naturally blessed with the long, straight, shiny and silky hair. It is the talents of celebrity hairstylists that make their hair appear gorgeous every time. It is not possible to get such amazing hair without multiple hair treatments. If you want celebrity like hair, you need to find the right hairstylist, the right hair treatment and the right hair salon.

Celebrity hair secrets

Celebrities know that hairstyling can change their overall personality. This is the reason why they do not hesitate in spending money on various hair treatments, hair care products and hair stylists. Whether it is red carpet event, high-profile party or movie scene, special attention has been paid over hairstyling. That is what makes their hair looks gorgeous. Check out the below mentioned hair treatments loved by celebrity all over the world:

Hair straightening

Hair straightening can change the entire structure of natural hair. It means with the help of this treatment, it is possible to turn naturally frizzy and curly manes into silky and shiny tresses. There are many types of hair straightening treatment offered in the hair salons. Among all, Japanese hair straightening and Brazilian hair straightening treatments are gaining a lot of popularity among celebs.

Hair curling

Many celebs rock with the curly wavy hair. They are not blessed with perfect curls. Thanks to hair curling treatments, they dazzle and sizzle.

Hair coloring and highlighting

A hair color change can literally change the way you look. Celebs love playing with hair colors. Their hair colorists know which hair color will be the next hair sensation. Hair highlighting is also trending for a while. With the help of highlights, it is possible to add dimensions to hair.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are the most amazing hair accessories used by the celebrities to obtain the hair of their dreams. With the help of hair extensions, it is possible to get curly, straight, long, brunette, blonde, short and fancy hair instantly. Hair extension is the secret behind the red carpet hairdos of the celebs.


How to get silky smooth hair like celebrities?

hair frizz control conditioner

Celebrities often spotted with long, silky, smooth and shiny locks. Their hair and hairstyles look so out of the world. How do they get such amazingly beautiful hair? What celebrity hairstylists do? Which hair products do they use? Well, the secret behind the flawless hair is not one but multiple hair products, hairstyling tricks and hair treatments. It is not possible to get such beautiful hair naturally. One needs to work hard to groom hair. Thanks to technological advancements in hair products and treatment, it is possible to enjoy the dreamy hair length and volume.

Getting silky smooth hair

Every girl dreams of silky smooth hair like celebs, and now it is not difficult to get such hair. You can obtain silky smooth hair with the help of hair straightening treatments. There are many types of hair straightening treatments offered in the hair salons. These treatments can make your hair silky smooth, just the way you want.

Some hair straightening products provide permanent straightening (that last up to 3 to 6 months), while others provide temporary straightening (that last up to 24 hours). You can choose any hair straightening treatment depending on your need and budget.

Hair smoothing

It is possible to make frizzy hair smooth and shiny with right hair care and hair products. Use good hair oil and hair masks to nourish your hair and scalp from deep inside. After that wash your hair with hair frizz control shampoo and at last apply hair frizz control conditioner. If your hair is not naturally curly, then this method will make your hair smoother and softer.

Flat iron is another popular temporary hair straightening method. You just have to clap your hair between the plates of flat iron and your hair will become straighter. Too much heat is not good for hair, and you should not use flat iron on your hair often.

Chemical hair straightening and hair smoothing are popular way of getting smoother and shiner hair for a long period of time. If you opt for Japanese hair straightening or Brazilian hair straightening, the entire structure of your hair get modified.

Curly, Wavy Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Haircuts and hairstyles for curly hair have their own charm. Whether it is naturally curly hairstyle, chic updo trends for curly hair or messy shag haircuts, every hairstyle bears inimitable nonchalant flair. You just need to find the hair salon for the best curly haircut.

Curly hair provides playfulness and flair to your hairstyle. If you are also blessed with a good volume, you can enjoy several hairstyles as one of the best adornments in your look. You can opt for a trendy hairstyle of any length and play with different colors, textures and popular finishes.

How to look after curly hair

In order to maintain the beauty of your curly hair, you have to pay special attention over hair care. Curly hair requires more maintenance than straight hair. There are a few simple tips to follow if you want to keep your curly locks in good health:

  • Use shampoos and conditioners that are exclusively recommended for curly hair.
  • Apply hair oil and hair masks to keep your scalp nourished.
  • Avoid using blow-dryer as much as you can. Let hair dried up naturally, whenever possible.
  • Comb your hair with special thick brushes made for curly hair.
  • Visit hair salon once in a while for hair spa and other hair care treatments.

Easy and charming hairstyles for curly hair

Bob hairstyle: Bob is a fantastic trick when it comes to reducing the bulk of curly hair. This hairstyle is airy and bouncy, it is an amazing way of making the present hair volume appears the best light.

Twist and pin-up half hairstyle: This hairstyle is apt for people who have thick wavy hair. The layers can decrease the existing thickness and let your curls maintain the bounce.

A Side braid ponytail: A ponytail with side braid can make you look super stylish. This is the best way of taming the wild curly locks. You can comfortably wear this hairstyle at work.

Half-up hairstyle: You can get rid of unflattering thickness by tying your half hair up and letting your curls flare down. There are many half-up hairstyles that you can try. You can take inspiration from celebrity hairstylists.

How Much Does A New Hairstyle Really Improve Your Appearance

Hairstyle change

A great hairstyle can be powerful –it can actually make you look and feel better. For most people, changing a hairstyle every 4 to 8 weeks is essential for maintaining style and keeping hair healthy. A professional hairstylist can totally transform your look by making small changes in your hairstyle. These professionals are versed with latest haircut and hairstyle trends, and can give you the hairstyle that best suit your facial features.

Hairstyle change…

Your hair frames your face. Your hairstyle can emphasize your facial features and balance out your face. Your hairstyle can have a huge impact on your appearance. An amazing hairstyle can change your overall look from head to toe. On the other hand, an incorrect hairstyle can lessen your beauty.

How to find the best hairstyle for your face shape

Round: Side swept bangs and uneven layers can perfectly frame the cute cheekbones and rounded jaw line of round faces. Short pixie and a medium length haircut will also look good on girls having round shape.

Tip: You should avoid hairstyle which makes your round face look more round.

Oval: Almost every hairstyle and haircut looks good on oval faces. Girls having oval faces can opt for any hairstyle and haircut. However, if you are looking for some change, mid-length bob or blunt bangs can be a good option.

Heart-Shaped: Haircuts that draw attention towards eyes and cheekbones can be extremely flattering for girls having heart-shaped faces. Heavy fringes and mid-length bob cut are a few hairstyles that can look extremely good on heart-shaped faces.

Square: Square faces are apt for the most girly hairstyles. Layers and bangs are the best for square faces. Girls having a square face should choose haircuts and hairstyles that draw focus to jawline. Such hairstyles can enhance the beauty of facial features.

Knowing which haircut and hairstyle will look good on you is always advantageous. If you are confused about your face shape and suitable hairstyle, then you can read recommendations of celebrity hairstylists or ask your hairstylist. Only a professional hair stylist can suggest you the right hairstyle that you can carry gracefully.

How to Keep Hair Extensions Frizz Free


hair extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most loved hair accessories. Brand new hair extensions look extremely plush. Maintaining that first shiny, smooth look of new hair extensions is something really very difficult. Unfortunately, maximum hair extension users are not aware of the correct manner of hair extension care, as a result their extensions become frizzy and tangled. By providing apt care, it is possible to make hair extensions last longer.

Keep hair extensions frizz free

Both synthetic and human hair extensions tend to get frizzy if not maintained properly. Human hair extensions require more care as compared to synthetic extensions. You have to care for human extensions in a manner you care your natural hair.

Hair extensions care is somewhat difficult, but not time consuming. You can keep your hair extensions frizz free by sparing a few minutes of a day for hair extension care.

Easy fix for Frizzy Hair Extensions

Comb your hair extensions on the regular basis. Use wide-toothed comb on your hair extensions. Always comb your extensions gently and slowly. If you find that your hair extension is tangled, then be extra cautious while combing that section of the hair extensions. Try to untangle your hair extensions manually. You can use hairspray on extensions to reduce frizz.

Wash your hair extensions at least once in a week. Use mild shampoo for this purpose. It is important to wash extensions the way you wash your natural hair. Hair extensions do get affected by weather, pollution, dirt, oil etc. Whenever you think that your extensions are looking dirty, you can wash them. You can even apply conditioner on extensions. Hair conditioner will make hair extensions soft and smooth.

Blow-dry your hair extensions after washing them. Do not store wet extensions, as they might get frizzier. Simply blow-dry and comb hair extensions before keeping them in the closet, so that when you want to wear them next time, you will get frizz free extensions.

If your hair extensions get frizzy, then apply hair smoothening serum on them. Celebrity hairstylists apply hair serum on hair extensions to make hair extensions shiner. You can use hair serum to remove frizz.

Amazing Looks to Achieve with Hair Extensions

celebrity hairstylists

Beautiful human hair extensions provide you the mane to add impressive length and volume to your natural hair. Plus you will get the freedom to style your hair any manner you want. Playing with luxurious hair extensions and making cool hairstyles will make you fall in love with this hair accessory.

Hair extensions and celebrity hairstyles

Have you ever wondered that how celebrities get voluminous, lustrous and flowing hair? Well, that magic in celebrity hair is created by none other than the hair extensions. Faux hair is the secret weapon used by celebrity hairstylists to style the stars.

Human hair extension is the most innovative hair accessory discovered till date. You can make countless hairstyles with a single hair extension. Since human hair extensions are made from the natural hair, they perfectly amalgamate with existing hair and allow you to style hair in the desired way.

Ways to Wear Hair Extensions

If you want to stun people with entirely new style, you can try the below mentioned hairstyles with hair extensions:

Side braid: Side braid is the most sophisticated party hairstyle trending these days. Many celebrities have recently spotted with side braid. This hairdo looks good on everyone, despite of facial features and skin color.

Bouncy with bangs: Well, YES! You can create this dreamy hairstyle with hair extensions. Making bouncy bangs hairstyle with natural teases is almost impossible but right hair extensions can let you create this amazingly pretty hairstyle.

Long and straight: Long and straight hairstyle is something which never goes out of trend. Girls having frizzy and curly hair always dreamt for long and straight hair. Hair extensions can make this dream come true. Straight hair extensions are easy to wear and easy to carry as well.

Long side pony: It doesn’t matter your hair is short or long, voluminous or thin, with the help of hair extensions, you can make a beautiful long side pony. This hairstyle can be made from any hair extensions you have.

Side bun: Side bun is one of the most trending hairstyle of this year. In order to get this hairstyle, all you need to do is to find a professional hairstylist to make a side bun for you from hair extensions.