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Do We Really Need to Trim Our Hair Regularly? Here’s What We need to Know

People have different preferences when it comes to hair length. Some prefer their hair short, while others try to grow their hair for years. For the latter, the last thing they want to be asked to do is to cut their hair. Why grow out your hair if you end up cutting it up anyway?

There are valid reasons why people, especially women, prefer long hair. It is easy to style and makes them look more feminine. You can put Balayage hair highlights or turn your long luscious locks into a beach-wave hairstyle. A keratin treatment by a hairstylist will also make your hair smoother and shinier, you will be proud to let it down all the time.

Is hair trimming necessary?

We all have a love-hate relationship with our hair. There are good hair days and then there are also bad hair days. Some people grow their hair faster than others. Some would even resort to wearing human hair extensions to make their hair longer and more stylish instantly.

For one thing, taking care of your hair is more than lessening, if not completely avoiding, the use of heat styling tools. Likewise, it is not only about using the right hair products and going to a Brazilian keratin salon for some professional hair treatment. No matter how often you style your hair or use the best hair products out there, if it’s dry, brittle, and damaged, all of your tedious hair care routines will be in vain.

If you care for your hair, especially if you are planning to grow it long, you should have your hair trimmed regularly. You don’t have to worry about your hair growing longer as you want it to. In fact, regular hair trimming can even help grow your hair longer faster and make your hair healthier in the long run.

Hair cut vs. hair trim: Is there a difference?

Often, a haircut and hair trim are used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two. A hair trim can also be called a maintenance cut. As the latter suggests, you need to trim your hair to maintain your hair’s length and shape. A hair trim usually means trimming about half an inch every month, or an inch every two months.

Meanwhile, a hair cut is more on the aesthetic side. It means you cut your hair at the desired length mainly for aesthetic purposes. It can be that you cut your long hair into a shorter or pixie-type hair cut. Everyone deserves a refreshing look from time to time, so a haircut every once in a while is a good idea.

However, you need a hair trim (and you must at least every month) if your hair feels rough, prone to tangles, and difficult to comb or brush. Your hair especially the tip also looks lighter in color than the rest of your locks, usually due to heat styling, sun exposure, and other environmental factors.

How to care for your hair after a trim

By now, we already know how important hair trimming is and how it differs from hair cut which is usually for fashion or aesthetic purposes. Also, you can go for a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment to enhance the beauty of your hair.

You should not be scared that your hair growth journey will come to an end due to hair trim. In fact, regular trimming can even make your hair grow better and healthier. You can do it yourself if you have basic hair cutting skills, or visit trusted hair salons for a nice trim.

Of course, you need to care for your hair after a trim or cut. Here are some ways to maintain your hair post-haircut/hair trim.

  • Avoid wearing tight hairstyles as it can cause hair damage and even hair loss in the long run.
  • Do not tie your hair when your hair is still wet. Let it air-dry first before doing so.
  • Lessen, if not totally avoid, the use of heat styling tools to prevent the risk of hair damage.

Don’t fear hair trims!

Trimming your hair should be as natural as taking daily baths and eating healthy foods. Hair trims can make your hair a little bit shorter but will help grow back stronger and healthier. For professional hair treatment, you should visit trusted hair salons in Rockville.

How Your Favorite Celebs Really Get Perfect Hair

hair repair

Models, Actresses and High Profile celebs are always spotted in perfect hair. Is there hair naturally beautiful? Do they know some hairstyling secret? How do they manage to get total hair transformation over night? Well, celebrities get such amazingly beautiful hair from styling products, hair accessories, hair care……and most importantly celebrity hairstylists. The celebrity hairstylists know how to play with the different haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors, hair styling products and hair accessories to craft the perfect hair look.

Ways to get celebrity like hair

Celebrities use a lot of hair products that damage and age their hair. Getting hair straight, curled, blown-out, colored and highlighted is all part of their job. And still their manes always look lush and plush, thanks to a few smart hair repair strategies.

Smart hair wash

Healthy hair begins with a clean scalp. In order to keep hair in good condition, it is important to pay attention over scalp health. The professional hairstylists recommend using two different shampoos –one to cleanse the scalp and another to hydrate ends of hair. This is how celebs keep scalps and hair in good condition.

Hair cleansing

Hair is exposed to chemicals and pollution every day. Thus, it is very much important to cleanse the hair. Deep hair cleansing is required in one or two weeks to prevent hair damage. This will prevent grease buildup on hair and restore the natural sheen and shine of hair.

Turn down the heat

Heat can damage the hair to a great extent, and snatch sheen and shine of natural hair. This is the reason why many celebs opt for permanent hair straightening or curling treatments, instead of using heat tools.

Hair brushing

Celebrities know how to brush their hair properly. They never use old hair brushes. Professional hairstylists recommend natural boar-bristle brushes. These brushes have very good impact on hair. The longer the hair, the bigger the comb you need.

Regular hair trimming

In order to make hair look good all the time, it is recommended to trim the ends time to time. The ends get dry over time, and if not cut get split-ends problem arise. Regular hair trimming can prevent this.