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What Kind of Shampoo Should You Choose? Tips on Shopping for Shampoo

Shopping for the right shampoo may not be as easy as you think. With so many brands, features, and even scents to choose from, it can be overwhelming to buy the best shampoo as part of your hair care routine. Anti-hair fall, hydrating, moisturizing, best for colored hair… a lot of them would promise these benefits. But can these shampoo brands live up to those promises?

For one thing, you need to know what to look for. What kind of hair treatment or hair care do you really need? Speaking of hair treatments, there are a lot of hair salons that offer various treatments and services such as Brazilian keratin straightening or Balayage hair highlights.

All about shampoos

Surely, you already experienced going to the grocery store to buy shampoo. And then you encounter an entire aisle of shampoo brands of all colors, shapes, sizes, and different price ranges. Buying the right shampoo should not only be based on how popular the brand is or how it smells.

For one thing, there are different types of shampoos. Aside from the brand and packaging, each shampoo can be classified on what it should be used for. Some shampoos are specially formulated for dry or oily hair. Others may be for those with dyed hair, with dandruff, or prone to hair fall.

Given these classifications, you can have an idea of which kind of shampoo to choose. Before going to a permanent hair straightening salon or a hair color correction specialist, make sure to check the right kind of shampoo as part of your hair care and maintenance.

Different shampoos and their usages

As mentioned, there are different kinds of shampoos depending on your hair type and texture or whether you have special hair treatments. For example, shampoos made for “normal hair” is suitable for everyday use. Anti-dandruff and color shampoos are, well, self-explanatory.

And then there are also some specific shampoos made for certain hair issues. For example, clarifying or chelating shampoos are often used to get rid of hair build-up that causes dandruff, oiliness, and other hair and scalp problems. For those suffering from psoriasis or eczema, there are medicated shampoos that you can use.

How to use shampoo properly

By now, you already have an idea of what kind of shampoo to use. As mentioned, it is important to understand the kind of shampoo you are about to use. Most people would think that shampoos are only meant to get rid of dirt and oil and to make your hair smell good.

But shampoos can do more than those. When you use shampoo, you should not only consider your hair but also your scalp health as well. Basically, shampoos should benefit both hair and scalp. On the other hand, conditioner should only be used for your hair ends.

You should also consider the type of shampoo depending on the type of hair you have. For example, moisturizing shampoos are suitable for curly, thick, or coarse hair. Volumizing shampoos are great for limp or fine hair texture. The fortifying shampoo is more suitable for frequently-styled, brittle, or damaged hair. There are also shampoos specific for curly hair only.

Other tips on proper shampooing and similar hair care and treatment tips are the following:

  • Do not style or brush your hair while it is still wet. This is because our hair is most prone to damage when it is wet. Let it dry first using a blower (preferably at the lowest heat setting) or air dry.
  • Be careful when using shampoos as it can potentially dry out your hair. Make sure to check the ingredients before using them.
  • Do not forget to use conditioner after shampooing for extra moisture on your hair ends. Apply conditioner on your hair only and not on the scalp as much as possible.
  • Avoid shampooing every day. Experts suggest using shampoo at least every other day.


Every hair is different, and so shampoo. Every shampoo-type has its specific purposes that should be beneficial to a specific hair type. That is why you should know these different types of shampoos and reap its benefits on your hair type.

Having hair treatments regularly can also supplement the amount of care and maintenance your hair needs. You can visit a trusted Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville for your regular hair treatment needs.

Winter is Coming: Hair Care and Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

If you live in an area where winter exists, then you know how chilly the weather can be. Time to get your usual winter getup and prepare your home to be warm and cozy as early as now. But don’t forget to prepare your skin and hair for the upcoming chilly season.

For one thing, the extreme cold conditions can wreak havoc on your hair. It can cause hair problems like frizziness, dryness, and static. Basically, you will be experiencing a lot of bad hair days in the winter season. So, it can be a good idea to go to your trusted hair salons and make sure to pamper your hair in time for winter.

Constant exposure to heated indoors and cold weather (and vice versa) can make the hair feel and look unpleasant during this time. But the question is how you are going to take care of your hair from the harsh cold winter elements?

Starts in the shower

Haircare this coming winter season (or any season for that matter) starts in the bathroom. This includes using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and texture. The same applies when you are wearing human hair extensions, Balayage hair highlights, or any other hair treatments.

Do not use hot water when showering.

Having hot baths is surely relaxing during the cold winter days. However, hot water can be detrimental to your hair health and make it dry and frizzy. Instead of using hot water, you can use lukewarm and then use cold water upon rising.

Shampoo your hair less often.

It is better to shampoo every other day or every two days weekly so that your hair’s natural oils won’t dry out and make your hair prone to damage. If you have an oily scalp, you can rinse your scalp and roots and less shampoo on your hair strands. Make sure that the shampoo is free from sulfates and alcohol and any ingredient with “-cone” with it.

Less shampoo, more conditioner.

This is important especially in the coming winter season as your hair will need more moisture. Make sure to smother a good amount of conditioner on your hair especially after shampoo. Slick on leave-in formula or serum to maintain hair moisture. There are also hair salons and hair salons specializing in the color that offer in-house hair care products.

Wearing the right clothes

Did you know that your clothes can also affect your hair texture during the winter season? Hair can rub on clothes and cause static on your hair and making it frizzy. You can do these to protect your hair especially this coming winter.

Do not wear turtlenecks as much as possible.

Turtlenecks are popular winter outfits as it is cozy and warm to wear during this season. But it is better not to wear these if you have long hair. Or if you cannot help but wear turtlenecks, you can tie your hair in a ponytail instead. Avoid brushing your hair often too as it can also dry out your hair.

Use fabric softener on clothes.

Using fabric softener on your winter clothes will lessen the risk of static rubbing on your hair. Aside from clothes, you should also use fabric softener on your hats, scarves, and other fabric made of acrylics or wools.

Use a scarf or hat.

Make sure to use a scarf made of silk to prevent static. Wool and cotton can cause static and make your hair look frizzy and stick out in weird places. Aside from scarves, you can wear a hat instead. Wrap your hair with a scarf then put on the hat.

Nurturing hair and other tips

Haircare and maintenance do not only rely on using the right hair products. It is also about having a healthy lifestyle.

Consider using homemade hair products.

There are a lot of homemade recipes made to improve your hair health. These homemade hair treatments are way cheaper and you can buy in your nearest supermarkets.

Go easy on combing/brushing.

Use a brush with boar bristles instead of metals and plastic. You can also add some olive oil to your brush or comb for a tangle-free combing/brushing.


Winter is just around the corner. You should be prepared for it, including your home and yes, your hair. You can try Brazilian keratin straightening treatment for your hair. Regardless, you should not forget to be nice to your hair no matter the season is. For your hair care needs, you can go to a hair salon that offers keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville.

All About Oil: Which Oils Are the Best For Your Hair?

Using oil has been a normal hair care routine in many parts of the world. Some swore by its amazing benefits. Others do not seem to grasp the idea of putting oil and making their hair look and feel too greasy. Nonetheless, people would do anything to have healthy-looking hair.

Speaking of which, there are a lot of hair salons out there you can visit and set an appointment with. It doesn’t matter whether you want Brazilian keratin straightening treatment, have human hair extensions, or Balayage hair highlights. Haircare is a lifelong commitment that will reap amazing benefits later on.

Oil for your hair: Is it the best hair care choice out there?

Perhaps you already heard from your folks or read from the Internet about hair oiling. For starters, oiling hair can help add life to dull and damaged hair. Your mom, auntie, or grandmother may even have oiled their hair as part of their hair care routines. So, how can oiling benefit one’s hair?

Experts believe that hair oiling can help strengthen the hair, reduce breakage, and frizziness. The oil also protects the hair from damage and brittleness due to heat and other harsh elements. Heat damage involves your hair getting exposed to the sun and heat-styling products such as flat iron and hot curlers.

Hair oiling can also help in promoting hair growth by increasing blood circulation to your scalp. It can even lessen hair fall and make your hair smell nice, too. Your hair needs constant moisture especially if you go to hair salons specializing in color.  Applying oil can do wonders to your hair for frequently-colored and chemically-treated hair.

Best oils for your hair type

In case you don’t know yet, there are several hair oil products available out there. Each type of hair oil is suitable to use for specific hair types. If you are planning to use oil on your hair, you should take note of these.

For frizzy and dry hair

The best oil for these types of hair is argan oil. A native of Morocco, argan oil is a popular hair product ingredient that can make your hair shinier, softer, and more manageable.

For damaged and super dry hair

For such hair types, macadamia oil is your best bet. Make sure to use this especially if your hair is regularly subjected to frequent styling and heat exposure.

For those suffering from dandruff

If you are getting annoyed with constant scalp itching due to dandruff, you might want to use almond oil. It is rich in vitamin E, protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Massage the oil on your scalp upon washing your hair to help in reducing inflammation and dandruff.

For hair growth

You may not hear of baobab oil but it is beginning to become popular in the hair care industry. It is packed with fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E – all of which can improve your hair’s elasticity and hasten hair growth.

For all hair types

Good old’ coconut oil is great for all types of hair. It ensures healthy scalp and hair strands. It can also promote faster hair growth and add moisture to your hair.

A word of caution

Your hair needs extra loving care if you have chemically-treated your hair. So if you are planning to schedule an appointment in a permanent hair straightening salon or a hair color correction specialist, you need to consider possible damage your hair might incur due to these treatments.

While hair oiling may do wonders for hair, some hair experts do not recommend it. For one thing, putting oil on your already-oily scalp can reduce its natural pH levels and lead to hair loss and further damage.

Oil does not combine with water well. The tendency is that there will still be oil residue left on your hair, which can make your hair drier than you think. However, this does not mean hair oiling is a bad thing. It may still depend on the type of oil to use on your hair type and how you use it in the first place.

Find hair professionals near you

Some people like to play with hair colors, while some experiment with different hairstyles. The bottom line is to ensure your hair health regardless of the hairstyling tools and products you use regularly. Schedule an appointment in a trusted Brazilian keratin salon in Rockville MD for the best hair treatment out there!

Buying Hair Products Online? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Since the COVID-19 wreaked havoc into our lives months ago, a lot of businesses have to adjust to the so-called “new normal”. Some are able to survive the pandemic and are able to reopen but with certain restrictions like physical distancing and wearing masks. One of the most hardly-hit businesses is hair salons.

Fortunately, there are hair straightening salons and hair salons specializing in color that have reopened in many parts of the world. The same also goes to other types of businesses like food establishments and some malls. Meanwhile, a lot of people turned to online stores to buy their necessities.

The thriving world of online shopping

COVID-19 has made our lives a little more challenging than before. Back then, we can to the mall just because. Or have a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment at your favorite salon. However, we cannot do this too easily unless we follow certain health and safety protocols.

Enter online shopping. It has been around for many years now and has indeed made shopping a lot easier for customers. But because of the ongoing pandemic, online businesses and stores thrived a lot these past few months. Studies have shown that at least 30 percent opt to stay at home due to the pandemic.

Both big and small-time businesses shifted to online operations. That way, they will be able to cope up with their target customers’ demands and purchase behavior. Among industries that saw growth in the e-commerce platforms include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Health and beauty (including face masks and hygiene products)
  • Entertainment (Toys and games)
  • Home improvement/hardware/home décor
  • Pet supplies

Buying beauty products online

One of the most in-demand products bought and sold online are health and beauty products. A lot of people were mostly stuck at home, so why not make the most of it? Your favorite Brazilian keratin salon may not be open during the quarantine period. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore your hair and skincare needs.

That is why online stores seem to be a heaven-sent these days. Imagine buying all of your beauty needs without going outside of your house. Instead of having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in a salon, you can do your hair care routine in the comfort of your home.

What to consider when buying hair products online

However, you should also be wary of what you buy online. Unfortunately, counterfeit products and fraudulent transactions are rampant in online businesses. Of course, you won’t let that happen to you.

That is why you should do your research when buying any stuff online. Some things you need to consider when buying quality hair products online include:

  • Does it suit your budget?
  • Does it have a return policy/refund in case of product defects and the like?
  • Does the brand offer other product lines that cater to different hair care needs? (ex. hair color, human hair extensions, keratin treatments, etc.)
  • Are the products made from natural ingredients, or at least the ingredients can be easily seen in the packaging/description?

Buying online or in-store?

We will continue seeing the unstoppable growth of e-commerce in the next coming months. Even if the virus does slow down soon, online stores will continue to thrive mostly due to the convenience and practicality.

However, a lot of people may have apprehensions when it comes to buying stuff online. Since the COVID-19 virus is still around the corner, online stores will surely help a lot with buying your necessities. However, there are also customers who prefer to see the actual product first before buying it.

Here are some things you need to consider if you decide to buy beauty products online or in-person.


  • You are able to experience and compare the product before buying it.
  • There is no shipping fee, which adds to your expense.
  • There is also no waiting period. Instead, you can buy it immediately if you want.
  • You can also check the expiration date immediately.


  • So many choices, too!
  • There are also hidden “gems” (ex. brands that are not usually available in brick-and-mortar stores) that you can find in many online stores.
  • A lot of products sold online are sold with discounts/on sale.
  • It is convenient to buy stuff online – no need to expose yourself outdoors and risk having the dreaded virus.

Choosing whether buying online or in-store depends on your lifestyle and current situation. For your hair care needs, there is some keratin treatment salon in Rockville MD that are already open. It’s up to you whether to buy online or avail hair products and services in person. Make sure to do necessary measures to keep yourself safe from the virus.

Bouncing Back to Business: How Salon Owners Can Cope with COVID-19

Life after COVID-19 will definitely be different from what people got used to. More so, normal routines have been massively disrupted. People have to shelter in place, and businesses have to close down in the meantime. Hair salons also have to shut down temporarily or accept limited appointments in some areas.

People cannot go outside unless for urgent matters. Unfortunately, having Balayage hair highlights and a keratin treatment by a hairstylist are not considered “urgent” compared to those who need immediate care due to COVID-19 or other medical reasons. In the meantime, people have to wait until they can visit a keratin treatment salon.

How are salon owners doing now?

Owning a salon business can be profitable. For one thing, people wanted to look and feel good all the time. It can be achieved by trying Balayage hairstyles, some kind of hair treatment, or just a simple hair trim. But since most salons are closed now, people have to do their hair care routines at home.

While beauty salons can be profitable, owning one is not an easy journey, either. Salon owners also have to deal with other payables including their employees’ payroll, rent, utilities, and cleaning services among a few. However, it has become more challenging when COVID-19 happened.

Salon owners have to close down their businesses in the meantime. However, the expenses are still piling up. In some cases, landlords refuse to waive rent for their tenants and even threaten to file legal action against the latter. Not only employees’ livelihoods are jeopardized due to the pandemic but the owners as well.

The truth is that salons aren’t meant to handle global crises such as this one. A lot of beauty industry employees found themselves out of work. Some aren’t even qualified for unemployment benefits. Some of them turned to other sources of income that are way out of their expertise, such as food delivery service.

How the beauty industry can survive COVID-19

The beauty industry cannot thrive without personal interaction or touch. This is one major reason why salons, massages, and spa businesses are among the most hit of the pandemic. If you are an owner of a human hair extensions salon or spa business, you are not alone.

There are still ways your business can be useful for a lot of customers out there. It’s just a matter of how you and your business will adapt to the new normal. Here are some ways you can do for your loyal customers, like a salon or spa owner.

Consider pre-booking.

If your business needs to close down in the meantime, you can consider encouraging your customers to book an appointment with you once your business opens again. If you can offer discounts to those who will pre-book an appointment to your salon, then much better.

Sell your beauty products online.

Consider opening an online store so your customers can still avail of your beauty products if your salon has them. Promote your nail care products, hair oil, hair masks, and other hair essentials for your customers.

Set up video consultations for your clients.

Utilize your social media page by offering live consultations or videos for proper hair care at home. Say, you can guide your viewers to trim their hair or their husband’s hair. Provide tips to avoid split ends, DIY hair dyeing, and other hair care advice.

Boost your employees’ morale.

This situation is also hard for your employees. As an owner and employer, it is important to be there for them during these trying times. Make sure to check on them from time to time through video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype.

The new normal in the beauty industry

We can just pray that this COVID-19 be gone and over soon so that everyone can resume their lives. However, things may not be the same way again. But this doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you and your business to rise up.

You can expect more customers to flock into your salon once the quarantine is over. In fact, a lot of people said that they plan on having beauty therapy post-lockdown. This includes a trip to a Brazilian keratin straightening salon, a massage and spa center, and the like.

On the other hand, more people would prefer DIY hair care treatments. However, nothing beats personal interaction with your favorite salon and spas near you. As a salon owner, it is important that you make your customers safe when they visit your salon soon.

It’s all about brand experience

COVID-19 has changed the way we lived, and how businesses dealt with the ongoing situation as well. It is a challenging time, indeed. But it’s how businesses bounce back from the inevitable impact of COVID-19.

At the end of the day, it’s all about staying connected, present, and relevant to your current and potential customers. Perhaps you would want to set an appointment with a Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville? We hope to see you after this pandemic is over.

Common Scalp Problems and Ways to Treat Them

Fusion hair extensions

Finding yourself constantly scratching your scalp all day? It might be due to scalp issues. Even having hair treatments such as a Brazilian keratin straightening can trigger scalp issues if you have one. Human hair extensions and clip in hair extensions can also cause allergic reactions for some users as well.

Having scalp problems can affect your hair care routines. For one thing, we also need to pay attention to our hair health. Thankfully, there are already a lot of hair treatments specially made for hair and scalp problems. Still, it is better to be aware of the common scalp problems a lot of people encounter.

Common hair and scalp issues

In the case of hair and scalp problems, you should consult a doctor immediately. Also, make sure to ask a hair salon personnel first before using any products on your hair and scalp. Some hair products can cause adverse effects on one’s hair and scalp. Some of the most common hair and scalp problems include the following.


It is said that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes the skin’s top layer to develop a scaly rash. It usually appears on the scalp and other parts of the body. However, doctors say psoriasis on the scalp is the most difficult to treat.


This refers to the inflammation of the hair follicles due to several things. It can be an aftereffect of a bacterial infection, irritation due to shaving or hair products, and sweating. It looks like little bumps similar to acne and scattered throughout the scalp area.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This is another common type of hair and scalp problem. Like psoriasis, it also causes scaling and patching especially on the scalp. It also causes dandruff in adults and cradle cap in babies. Experts say it is caused by a fungus called Malassezia, but it can also be triggered by stress and weather changes.

Hair loss

Also known as alopecia, it can cause embarrassment to those who have it. Alopecia can be due to certain medications, harsh hair products, hormonal changes, and genetics.

Other reasons on hair and scalp problems

Aside from the abovementioned conditions, here are other factors that can contribute to hair and scalp issues.


Malnourished people experience weight loss, hair loss, and other health problems. It refers to a nutrient and vitamin deficiency that can impact bodily functions.

Hair products

There are a lot of hair products that contain harsh ingredients and cause adverse effects on hair and scalp. For example, clip in hair extensions can cause allergic reactions to some users. If you are planning for a hair color correction, make sure to ask your hair color correction specialist what you should expect during the procedure.

Hair lice

A hair louse is about the same size as a sesame seed. Its eggs and the lice can also be visible in the naked eye. Hair lice bites can also cause allergic reactions and scalp itching.

Ways to treat hair and scalp problems

It can be a challenge to deal with hair and scalp problems. For one, you need to check hair products and see if it will work for you. At the same time, it won’t cause adverse effects on your hair and scalp.

Getting a keratin treatment by a hairstylist is a good idea, but make sure to know what kind of products they will use on you. Aside from that, you can also do the following if you experience the abovementioned hair and scalp issues.

  • Shampoo your hair every other day. However, it depends on your daily physical activity. Nonetheless, you should check the ingredients before buying any hair products.
  • You can use oral or topical treatments to help alleviate the impact of the symptoms. Consult a doctor so you will know what kind of medications to buy for your hair and scalp problems.
  • Take note of your daily diet, too. Make sure to eat a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals for better-looking hair and overall health, too.
  • Avoid using hair styling tools and products every day. Let your hair loose and go au naturel from time to time.

Final words

Living with any hair and scalp issues can make one’s hair care routine a challenge. It can leave you scratching your head, literally. The abovementioned tips will help manage your hair and scalp issues if you have one. For hassle-free hair salon appointments, make sure to visit only trusted hair salons in Rockville MD.

Hair Supplements: Do They Really Work?

There are a lot of vitamins and supplements available on store shelves. Fish oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and so on… these will make our mind and body healthier. It may not be a bad thing to try if it’s for the betterment of your health. But make sure not to forget your hair health as well.

For one thing, hair trends come and go. But one thing is for sure: having thick and shiny hair won’t go out of style. It is also important to have regular visits to hair salons near you for the hair treatment you need.

Choose from Brazilian keratin straightening for more manageable hair. Or you can try a Balayage hair highlights for a refreshing look to your usual ‘do. Or add volume to your hair through human hair extensions. Also, you can try hair supplements available in beauty stores.

Do hair supplements really work?

For one thing, finding hair supplements aren’t really hard. With so many hair supplement brands available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

However, not everyone may be fond of using hair supplements. Unlike shampoos and other hair care products, hair supplements may be a relatively new thing for many people. But the most important question is this: do they really work?

Basically, these products are promoted to improve your hair. Usually, hair supplement contains a variety of ingredients that are meant to make your hair healthier, bouncier, and shinier. This includes vitamins A, C, D, E, folic acid, biotin, and other ingredients that may help in better hair health.

However, it is important to note that most of these supplements are not regulated by the FDA. That means there can still be the possibility of false advertisements and promises. That is why you should still do your part in researching more about the product.

How to know if your hair needs rescue

A lot of people especially women do not realize they are nutrient-deficient. It can be because of several things such as stress and poor diet. These can cause your hair to “shut down” and redirect all the energy and nutrients to our body organs instead.

Physical and emotional stress can cause hair shedding or hair fall. That said, having healthier-looking hair does not only rely on popular hair care products. Visiting a keratin treatment salon can help improve your hair health. However, it can be expensive in the long run.

This is when you can consider taking hair supplements. Some of the most popular hair supplements come in chewable gummy forms. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to take it. More so, you should keep it away from children’s reach as it can possibly cause side effects.

What to expect in taking hair supplements

If you are sick, you need to drink medicine. It will help alleviate the symptoms with every dosage you take. But just because you think the symptoms are gone doesn’t mean you will stop taking the medicine. Instead, you should follow the doctor’s orders with regard to the duration of taking the medication.

The same applies to hair supplements. You might not notice the difference when you take a piece of gummy in a day. However, you might see the results at least after a few months. It depends on how you take the supplements religiously.

Then again, it can be because of your new hair growth. Experts say there is little you can do to your current hair. Technically, our hair is already dead unless there is new growth. This means these hair supplements can possibly do wonders for your new hair growth although it could take some time.

Experts also say that hair supplements can help reactivate oil glands after a couple of months. As mentioned, there are a lot of hair supplement brands you can choose from. You should do your own research and choose one that will suit your hair care needs.


At the end of the day, you should not get your hopes up. These hair supplements might work for some. For others, it may take some time depending on how fast their hair growth is. It is also better to get regular treatments from the best hair salons around.

In the meantime, we should stay at home in quarantine due to COVID-19. But once this is all over, make sure to get a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville for a nice treatment your hair deserves.

Nighttime Hair Care Routines You Need to Do Now

We are often reminded to take care of our skin while we’re still young. No wonder there are a lot of skincare products that cater to different parts of our bodies. Facial creams, hand creams, tanning lotions, moisturizing serums… you name it, they have it. There are also day creams and night creams that you apply on the skin depending on the time of the day.

Likewise, we should also take care of our hair like how we take care of our skin. You should have regular visits to hair salons. You should get a keratin treatment by a hairstylist so your hair will feel alive again. To add volume to your hair, you can visit a hair extensions salon. Or perhaps get some Balayage hair highlights for a change.

Nighttime hair care

A lot of people invest in hair care products and treatments to ensure hair health. Most of us go to work during the day. That is why it is understandable that we want our hair to look good all day. But it’s another story during night time.

Usually, we pay attention to how our hair feels and looks in the mornings. We spend time in the shower using masks and conditioners to keep our hair moisturized all day. Some even spend additional minutes in front of the mirror and use hair styling tools for better results. Some spend time in a keratin treatment salon to give life to their dull-looking hair.

When night time comes, we simply shower our hair of any grit and dirt, plop on the bed, and call it a day. However, most people do not realize the importance of night time hair care. For one thing, we only know of nighttime skincare, not night time hair care routines.

In fact, hair experts advise taking care of your hair even before bedtime. For one thing, your hair tends to get tangled and frizzy as you toss and turn in bed. Most people do not realize it, but there are common bedtime habits that actually do harm to your hair.

Bad bedtime habits that can damage your hair

If you love your hair, you need to stop doing the following right now.

Using hair ties with metals

Using a hair tie with a metal component, or even tying your hair at night, can pull your hair. It can cause hair fall and damage to your hair.

Tying your hair tightly

Tying your hair may be a good thing to keep your hair looking neat. However, you should not do this every day or even while sleeping. Frequently tying your hair can cause receding hairlines and thinning hair.

Sleeping with your hair wet

A lot of people do this and not giving care about it. After all, it’s very relaxing to sleep after taking a refreshing shower. However, sleeping with wet hair can actually be more prone to damage.

Not washing your hair at night

Well, it depends on your hair’s situation. Some people may have not been exposed to the elements and sweat during the day. But if you just came out of the gym, you need to wash your hair. In such cases, you should dry your hair first naturally before heading straight to bed.

How to care for your hair before bedtime

There are many ways we can take care of our hair. You can have a Brazilian keratin straightening to make your hair frizz-free and more manageable. If you want to go to hair salons specializing in color, make sure to keep your hair maintained and moisturized after the coloring treatment. Here are some tips you can do for your night time hair care routine.

  • Brush your hair correctly before going to bed. This will help redistribute your scalp’s natural oils to your hair. Use a bristle brush for your hair.
  • Apply an overnight mask to restore moisture and radiance to your hair. Focus on your hair ends and rinse the next morning.
  • Pull your hair in a loose bun (not tight). This will help prevent tangles, knots, and static due to friction with your bedsheets.
  • Invest in satin or silk sheets and pillowcases. This will lessen the occurrence of hair static and damage.

Haircare all day and all night

Haircare should not only be for the day, but also including night time. After all, our hair needs the right amount of care and maintenance it needs. If you need a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville, you should visit only trusted hair salons near you!

Sporting a Ponytail Hairstyle: How to Do It Right

Ponytails are lifesavers. It saves the day by keeping our hair in style when our hair does not cooperate on a certain day. It’s a hairstyle that doesn’t go out of fashion. Aside from that, ponytails can work regardless of your activity for the day. You can simply sport a ponytail whether going to the gym or preparing for a night out with friends.

Of course, you should also take care of your hair. You can try a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment once in a while. Perhaps try adding color to your hair and try out Balayage hairstyles. Or avail human hair extensions if you want to add volume to your hair. Regardless, make sure to trust only the professionals to take care of your hair.

A tweet exchange about ponytails

Singer Ariana Grande is known to sport ponytails in most of her performances. In fact, her high ponytail has become her signature hairstyle ever since. Who would have thought that that simple hairstyle would become popular as we know of today?

But did you know that Grande had to suffer the painful consequences of tying her hair up often? One time, she and fellow pop star Camila Cabello (who tried on the former’s signature hairstyle) exchanged tweets about ponytails. In one tweet, Cabello said sporting a high ponytail as Grande’s felt like “literally pulling… [the] brain” and that
“it’s… painful”.

To which Grande responded that being in a ponytail often causes her “constant pain”. Apparently, Grande has been used to wearing a ponytail and has seemed to become already numb from it. Even regular netizens seem to relate with these tweet exchanges from these two popular artists.

That classic hairstyle that comes with a price

Even if you are fond of wearing a ponytail, you should still take care of your hair. For example, you can schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. Or visit a Japanese hair straightening salon so you don’t have to conceal your bad hair day. Sporting a ponytail every day can lead to painful consequences as Grande mentioned in her tweet.

In case you don’t know yet, tight ponytails can pull your hair it can cause headaches. Likewise, it can strain the scalp tissue and result in scalp sensitivity. In the worst cases, tying your hair more often in a ponytail can lead to tension alopecia.

There are also people who have more sensitive scalps than others. More so, that pain can be more prominent once you release your hair from a ponytail. While ponytails can save you from a bad hair day, hair experts often advise to let your hair once in a while. Otherwise, it can lead to painful and unpleasant consequences as mentioned above.

Common ponytail habits to avoid now

Despite of the potential dangers of ponytails, this doesn’t mean you should not do it anymore. There are actually proper ways to wear a ponytail without compromising your hair health. Here are the no-no’s when it comes to ponytails.

Don’t use hair ties with metal thingies.

There are hair ties with metal fasteners that a lot of people use. It basically secures the hair tie itself so it won’t loosen up easily. However, these metal thingies on your favorite hair elastics can damage your hair. Your hair strands might get caught on these metal fasteners and make it hard to remove.

Don’t use rubber bands to tie your hair.

Its material can damage your hair. Also, rubber bands should be used to secure any item but not your hair. Use hair ties instead because they’re meant for hair use. Also, don’t yank the elastics from your hair and do it gently instead.

Don’t tie your hair too tight.

Even Ariana Grande has to learn this the hard way even if it’s part of her artistry. As mentioned, it can cause headaches and even hair loss later on. More so, avoid tying your hair when it’s still wet.

Keep your hair healthy even in a ponytail

There is no assurance that your hair will be 100 percent healthy if you ponytail it every day. Nonetheless, it is still important to have hair treatments to ensure hair health. You can visit a Brazilian blowout salon to breathe life into your dull and lifeless hair. Here are other tips to remember so you won’t overdo your ponytail.

  • Let your hair loose every once in a while. As much as possible, don’t tie your hair too tightly.
  • Don’t sleep with a ponytail to avoid further damage.
  • Try other hairstyles aside from ponytails. You can try loose braids, a “half ponytail”, or opt for low ponytails.
  • Visit hair salons in Rockville for proper hair care treatment from the experts.

Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

Taking care of our hair is just as important as having regular exercise, using the right skincare products, and eating a balanced meal. Our hair health is also a major indicator of one’s health. For example, you might be lacking proper nutrition if you are experiencing hair fall and damage. Or perhaps it can be due to stress or a medical condition that runs in the family.

Aside from proper nutrition from the food we eat, we also need to use the right hair products for better-looking hair. Visiting hair salons that offer various hair care services such as Brazilian keratin straightening or Balayage hairstyles can also help a lot for better-looking hair. Of course, proper hair care always starts at home.

The dilemma of shampooing

We all know how important it is to shampoo our hair. For one thing, shampooing helps in removing excess oils and dirt on your hair. It also promises to make your hair look shinier and smoother (at least it’s what it says in advertisements). Plus, it makes your hair smell better that can last for a whole day.

But the question always remains, even if there have been endless debates about it for some time now: how often should you really shampoo your hair? Apparently, less washing means less produced oil that can cause scalp itching. Also, some hair experts say that washing your hair every day can strip away your scalp’s natural oils and cause brittle hair.

However, there are some people who seem to can’t live without shampooing their hair every day. For one thing, we need to wash our hair especially if we went outdoors or just went to the gym for some intense workout. On the other hand, there are also some people who simply prefer washing their hair every day because it has become part of their daily routine. So, is it okay to wash your hair or do it every other day or so?

The truth about hair washing

We all want to make our hair look fresh and presentable at all times. That is why a lot of people take the time to visit a Japanese hair straightening salon to make their hair more manageable. Meanwhile, some prefer having human hair extensions to add volume to their hair.

For many individuals, washing your hair is just about keeping your hair clean and making it smell good for the day. However, it is more than those reasons. For one thing, it will depend on certain factors and your personal preference as well. Also, you need to know how shampoo really works.

Our hair gets oily the same way our face gets oily, a substance called sebum. Sebum is produced by our sebaceous glands that produce oil on our faces and the scalp. Sebum is not really a bad thing since it helps keep our hair moist and less dry. Meanwhile, the shampoo contains ingredients such as surfactants which combine with sebum and then mix with water that helps clean our hair of any grease and dirt.

The usual shampoos also contain sulfates, which provide that rich lather that most of us love. While these ingredients can effectively remove hair impurities, it can damage your hair in the long run. In other words, there is nothing wrong with washing your hair regularly – but don’t overdo it to avoid its adverse effects.

So, when to wash your hair?

As mentioned, it depends on one’s preference, hair texture, and overall hair condition. For example, those with dry hair are advised to wash their hair once a week to keep their hair moisturized. People experience dry hair if it is naturally thick or curly (or both), graying hair, or if you have visited a hair color correction hair salon for a hair dye.

Meanwhile, those with super oily hair or those who regularly work out are often advised to wash their hair every day or every other day. People with fine and straight hair often have oilier hair and may need regular washing.

However, it is better to use a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid drying out your hair the more you wash it. There are also people who cannot start the day without washing their hair every day. If you are one of them, choosing the right hair care products is important for less hair damage.


How you should wash your hair will depend on several factors such as hair texture, preference, and lifestyle. But you should also choose the right hair care products to avoid hair damage due to their harsh ingredients. For your regular hair fix, you can have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville. Visit one near you!