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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Having Curly Hair Extensions

If you want to have instantly long and voluminous hair, hair extensions are the way to go. Everyone can wear them, not just popular celebrities. For quality hair extension needs, you need to go to a trusted hair extensions salon. Choose among human hair extensions or clip in hair extensions for some much-deserved glow-up.

Back then, people were not proud of wearing hair extensions. But nowadays, these hairpieces are a must-have for anyone who wants an instant oomph to their usual hairstyle. Usually, we only know of straight-textured hair extensions that can be styled into beach waves or even with curls.

Thankfully, there are already hair extensions specially made for naturally-curly ladies out there. Using hair extensions on naturally-curly hair can be quite tricky. Yet, it is possible to wear and use curly hair extensions for our curly-haired friends and look as fabulous as they deserve to be.

How to wear extensions on curly hair

Here are the necessary steps for wearing hair extensions on naturally-curly hair.

Prep your hair first.

Unlike straight hair, curly or kinky hair tends to shrink up when it dries and is also prone to tangles. So when you take off your extensions, you might experience hair breakage. So before putting clip-in hair extensions on curly hair, do some prep work first like adding a leave-in conditioner on the hair. This will ensure moisture on your hair and your extensions blending better on your natural curls.

Choose the type of hair extensions.

There are two major types of extensions: human hair extensions and synthetic ones. Between the two, the latter is cheaper. Also, synthetic ones are good for temporary use. Nonetheless, you should still take care of your hair extensions regardless of the material.

Choose quality hair extensions.

No matter the hair texture you have, make sure to choose one that does not look “fake”. Think wigs that are too shiny and look like hair strands you see on Barbie dolls. Whether you choose real or synthetic hair extensions, make sure to opt for one that looks like real hair and would blend well with your natural curls. You may have to shell out extra money for hair extensions. But make sure to choose a quality and trusted hair extensions brand.

Should you have your extensions done by professionals?

If you want perfect hair extensions especially with curly strands, it is better to have them done in a hair extensions salon. You can also style your hair extensions like have it dyed, straightened, or curled. However, you can also style hair extensions at home but not as quality output as those in a professional salon.

If you are not decided which extensions to buy for curly hair, go for the ones with a tighter curl. It will loosen up over time and will be easier to style by that time. Coloring the extensions to match your natural hair color is another story. In this case, it is better to go for darker shades that will add contrast to your natural hair.

Having said that, there is no limit when it comes to styling hair extensions. Hair extensions for curly-haired individuals are also available. After all, everyone deserves to try out hair extensions regardless of their hair length, color, and texture.

How to care for curly hair extensions

Hair extensions won’t disappoint if you want to add length and style to your natural hair. But don’t forget to care for your extensions as well. Here are tips to do so.

Store extensions properly.

If you are using clip-in extensions, make sure to store them in a tightly-sealed container. This is to prevent dust, tangles, and other harsh elements from ruining the extension material.

Lessen the use of heat-styling tools.

As much as possible, use heat styling tools sparingly as it will dry out the extensions faster. Instead, use heatless styling options such as perm rods to style your curly hair extensions.

Wash your extensions regularly.

Curly hair extensions are more challenging to maintain than straight extensions. That is why it is important to wash the curly extensions consistently at least once a week.


If you want instant length and volume to your hair, extensions are the answer! Our hair is beautiful and unique no matter the texture, length, and color. That is why you should take care of it with proper treatment and maintenance. Visit trusted hair salons in Rockville for your hair care needs including the right hair extensions for your hair type.

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Every girl hopes that her hair will grow long and luscious, but not all are lucky to achieve the thick and long mane. The first, most important step is to understand your hair, and even if your hair is thin and fine there is still a solution to get you that long hair and a little volume to it. Hair extensions work the magic and give you that volume and length you want. It’s imperative that you visit the hair extensions salon and consult, on whether your hair is thin, the extent and the best extension for your hair type. A little homemade test to know if your hair is thin is to hold your hair in a ponytail and if it looks skinny then your hair is thin. It’s important that you wear an extension that will not cause more damage to your already delicate hair.

Factors to consider when choosing an extension for thin hair

  • Hair density

Your hair density should be able to carry the extension without stress on the hair follicles. Thin hair requires light extensions that will not stress the hair more, but give it time to grow healthy.

  • Maintenance

Wear extension that you are able to maintain. Replace the extension as advised at your hair extensions salon.

  • Styling and lifestyle

Choose an extension that you will be able to take care, neglecting your extension will damage the hair and the extension. Clip in extensions requires more time as you have to fix them every morning while tape in extensions is to go hair extensions.


The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Tape in Hair Extensions

It’s advisable that you visit your hair salon for the assessment and advise depending on how thin your hair is, to avoid extensions that will damage your hair. Tape in hair extension has thin wefts that are tapped into your hair and are the best hair extensions for thin and fine hair.

Why this is the best for your thin hair

  • Lightweight

Tape in are light in weight and will not damage your hair as they will not pull or tug your hair and lead to damage and thinning.

  • Easy to maintain

They are easy to maintain as you can wear them for about three months.  You can wash and dry them just as would do your hair.

  • Invisible

The extensions are flexible, invisible and you can wear them in any hairstyle. They are thin and your friends can hardly tell you are wearing an extension.

  • Reusable

You can apply tape in extension three to four times. Once you apply for the hair extension, you can remove them add tape and reuse the extension.


  • Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions clip into your natural hair and can be removed at any time. They are secured to the hair using clips, and a little pressure. You will need the top-rated hair stylist to apply this to thin hair

Why clip in hair extensions are good for thin hair

Easy to apply

Clips in’s are easy to apply and you can remove them anytime. The hair stylist will clamp the extension around your hair without pulling and to give your hair some break, you just remove the clips.


Clip in extension come in different hair textures and therefore depending on your hair type gives you the flexibility to choose one that best suits you. It’s vital that you remove the hair extensions before you go to bed to avoid damaging your hair.

Thin hair requires hair extensions that have less density as they give the hair room to regrow. Consult your hair extensions specialist on the best hair extension for your kind for your hair.

What you should know about Hair Extensions

hair salons

At present, it is not just celebs that are getting hair extensions; everyone is running hair salons for this hair accessory. Adding fake hair to your own hair creates a lot of volume and length. Hair Extensions are available in both Human Hair and Synthetic Hair. You can choose any depending on your budget and lifestyle. Well, anyone can wear hair extensions, but wearing it with perfection is an art. In order to get the perfect look with extensions, you will have to pay attention over –hair material, quality, installation and maintenance of the hair extensions.

Everything you ever wanted to know about hair extensions

Hair extensions are easily available these days. You can visit any hair salon and get hair extensions installed. But if you want celebrity like hair, you will have to take some measures while wearing hair extensions. The entire process of hair extension is quite confusing for girls who are wearing extensions for the first time. Once you get used to the hair extensions, maintenance will become easier.

Hair extension installation

You can find many hair extension installation methods these days. Some methods are temporary while some are permanent. You can opt for any installation method according to your needs and requirements.

Cleaning hair extensions

Make sure to wash your extension once a week. Some girls think that washing their hair every two weeks is fine, but it’s not. If you’re wearing good quality human hair extensions, you need not have to worry about tangling or hair fall. Use quality shampoo and conditioner for this purpose.

Hair Extension Maintenance

Hair extension maintenance is very much important to maintain the beauty of fake hair. You should comb your hair extensions wisely using special brush. Also, take care of your hair during pool or beach parties.

Hair Extensions Specialist

Currently, plenty of hair salons are offering hair extension services, but you should choose the expert when it comes to hair extension. Only an expert hair extension stylist can assist you throughout the procedure. The hair extension professional can help you in choosing the right hair extension, installing the hair extensions and styling the hair extensions.