Everything you need to know about DreamCatchers Extensions


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DreamCatchers are one of the finest hair extensions available on the market. These extensions are not like ordinary hair extensions, as they are made from the best quality hair. The hair is so amazing that you don’t want to remove the extensions after wearing it once. Dreamcatcher hair extensions look and feel like natural hair, even better. In fact the tipping substance of this hair extension is made from special substance that does not damage your natural hair during installation. It is possible to re-install these extensions, if they are removed professionally.

Learn About DreamCatchers Extensions

The best thing about dreamcatchers is that they are available in various hair colors and textures. You can match them with your existing hair before investing in them. It is always good to match the hair extensions with your natural hair to get the perfect look.

Dreamcatchers have their own hair care routine. You need to follow the hair care routine to make hair extensions feel like your natural hair. If you wear dreamcatchers properly, no one will be able to recognize that you are wearing extensions.

Maintenance of dreamcatcher extensions is also an important concern. Depending on your hair growth, you need to schedule the hair extension maintenance in 4 to 6 weeks. Your hairstylist will adjust the extensions as per the length of your natural hair. Also, the hair extensions require trimming on the regular basis.

Dreamcatchers are made from good quality hair. You can schedule the hair color with hair extensions on. It means you can color the extensions as well. The extensions will look like your own hair.

With DreamCatchers you can relax regarding hair damage. These extensions are one of the safest systems available on the market today. These extensions are designed to avoid hair damage, and to help your extensions hair last longer. As long as you pay attention over hair extension maintenance, your hair and extensions will remain fine.

The hair extension installation play important role, especially in case of dreamcatchers. You need to visit the hair extension salon, and get the extensions installed professionally. Similarly, you will be required to visit the hair salon for hair extension removal. The extensions can be removed without heat, chemicals or solvent. Please avoid DIY hair extension removal. You may end up damaging the extensions and your own hair.

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions have the capability of transforming the thinnest and shortest locks into shiniest and smoothest manes.  This hair accessory made the celebrity hairstyle avail for everyone. Women from every spheres of life are enjoying lush and plush hair with the help of hair extensions. Weather hair is human or synthetic, hair extensions provide length, volume and undeniable glamour. This hair accessory can totally transform the way your hair look. It can add style, color and texture to existing hair without exposing the natural hair to chemicals and heat.

Difference between human and synthetic hair extensions

Human hair look and feel real, while synthetic hair extensions feel unreal. It is possible to distinguish synthetic hair from real hair in terms of maintenance, longevity, styling and price. If you are purchasing hair extensions for the first time, then you should understand the pros and cons of both hair extensions.

Human Vs synthetic Hair

When prices are compared, human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions. Since these extensions are made from hair imported from China, India and Russia, the cost of hair extensions are higher. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are quite cheaper. The fiber from which the synthetic extensions are made can be manufactured locally.

When it comes to maintenance, human hair extensions require more maintenance as compared to synthetic hair extensions. The human hair extensions need to be cared like the natural hair (or more), while synthetic hair extensions remain in good condition with minimum care. You need to wash, condition, comb, and store the human hair extensions properly.

Human hair extension can be styled just like the natural hair. You can color, cut, and style them just the way you style your own hair. The human hair extensions will respond to heat, color and chemicals, the way your natural hair respond.  On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions do not respond well to any of these treatments. You need to keep the synthetic hair extensions away from heat, chemicals and even water.

Choosing the right hair extensions

Both human hair extension and synthetic hair extensions are good at their own places. You can choose hair extensions as per your needs, requirements and budget. Also, while choosing the hair extensions, you should consider the installation style. Human and synthetic, both extensions are available in a variety of installation styles such as clip-in, weave in, tap in etc.


What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?

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Hair color is more than a trend…it is an identity. When you change your hair color, you look like a different person. This is the reason why actors and models change their hair color as per the requirements of the character. A new hair color has the capability of changing the personality. This is the reason why you should be very careful while choosing the hair color. You need to choose the best hair colorist, the best hair color studio and the best hair color brands, and then only you can get the best hair color done.

Why do women color their hair?

There are plenty of reasons why people color their hair. Some use hair colors to hide grey hair, while others apply colors to feel the pull of fashion. No matter what is your reason for applying colors to your hair, you have to be careful while choosing the hair color.

Drastic hair color change is never a good idea. If you are thinking about going blonde to brunette or brunette to blonde in one sitting, then think again. The harsh chemicals will damage your hair to a great extent, and the drastic change may not look good as well. Thus, change the hair colors slowly. Get one shade lighter or darker in every sitting. Every time, you will get fresh look, and at the end you will achieve the desired hair color.

Changing hair color is a big responsibility. There are many ways in which you can color your hair, and only a professional can recommend you the best method. Thus, DIY hair coloring should be avoided. It is not safe to color your own hair. You may not be able to reach at each and every hair. Then there will be a lot of mess. You might get your hand, shoulder and forehead colored. And it is not easy to get rid of the hair color stains.

Hair coloring professionals can recommend you the best hair color. You will feel new life in your hair after getting your hair professionally colored. They will add dimensions and style to your hairstyle. However, you should choose the professional for hair coloring and highlighting job wisely.

Hair coloring

Your hair color says a lot about you. This is the reason why hair colors recommended for high school girls are different from what is recommended for office going girls. You need to choose the hair color by considering your age, occupation and hair texture.

The Most Common Bridal Hair Questions: Answered!

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Undoubtedly, wedding is the most precious day for every girl. It is the day when girls want everything to be perfect, from make up to dress, accessories to footwear, and jewellery to hairstyle. Yes, bridal hairstyle is one of the most important aspects of the bridal look. It can either make or break the entire bridal look. This is the reason why brides are so much concerned about the bridal hairstyles. They have so many doubts regarding hairstyle, haircut, hair care, hair accessories, and hairstylists and wedding hair trends prior to their wedding. Well, it is normal to have confusion about wedding hairdo, because there is so much that you can do with your hair that can aggrandize your beauty.

How to get perfect bridal hair?

It is not easy to achieve the perfect bridal hair in one day. You have to work on hair care, haircut and hairstyle to obtain the hair of your dream hair on your wedding day. Consult with a hairstylist and start hair care at least 3 months before wedding. Then get a perfect haircut. Finally, work with your hairstylist to choose the perfect bridal hairstyle.

What is the best bridal hairstyle for short hair?

Well, there are so many bridal hairstyles available for short hair, such as –messy chignon, wavy bob with hair accessory, short blonde vintage look, short neat layered look, short straight hair with headband and short vintage curly hair. If you want, you can opt for bridal hair extensions to add more length to your hair.

Which bridal hairstyle is apt for pin-straight hair?

Well, there are plenty of hairstyles that go with pin-straight hair. You can wear hair accessories and jewelleries to get desired bridal look. There are many bridal buns that go well with the straight hair. Also, if you have something else in your mind, you can try hair curling options.

What are the best wedding hair accessories?

There are so many wedding hair accessories that you can try, such as tiara, hair clip, hair pins crafted with crystals etc. However, choose hair accessories wisely. Do not overdo.

Is it important to hire bridal hairstylist?

Yes, it is absolutely important to hire the wedding hairstylist upfront. It is not possible to get the perfect bridal look without a professional. A professional knows how to make a beautiful hairstyle that last for entire day.

What to Expect From Your First Keratin Treatment

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Are you thinking about getting your hair straightened? Are you planning for chemical hair straightening? Or have you scheduled an appointment to hair straightening salon for keratin treatment? Well, if so, then you should know the real facts about keratin hair straightening treatment. Many people have a lot of misconception about keratin treatment. Sometime they get irritated during the process (since it is time consuming), while other times they just don’t follow the instructions of the hairstylist and end up with unsatisfied results. Keratin treatment can actually give you the hair of your dreams, if you get it from the right hair salon, and pay attention over hair care post treatment.

What you need to know about keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is the most trending hair straightening method these days. A lot of girls are opting for this treatment. This treatment can provide you the pin-straight hair without causing damage to the natural structure of the hair. It is the best way of taming the frizzy manes.

Keratin treatments are offered in the hair salons. Different hair salons use different quality of chemicals. In order to get the most out of the keratin treatment, it is highly recommended to choose the hair straightening salon wisely.

Things to know about keratin treatment

The process takes time: Keratin treatment is a time consuming process. Depending on your hair length, the entire process could take up to 4 hours. So, if you are taking this treatment for the first time, you should prepare yourself for sitting on salon chair for a long time.

There will be a weird smell: Since it is a chemical hair straightening treatment, your hair will be treated with a lot of chemicals, and there will be weird smell. For first timers smell would be weirder, but slowly you will become familiar with the smell.

There will be flakes: Do not worry when you see flakes on your shoulder. Those flakes are not dandruff, but dried residue of chemicals that have been applied on your hair during the process. When your hair is blow-dried, the chemicals become flakes and fly arround.

End result would be amazing: If you are taking the keratin treatment for the very first time, you will be amazed to see your own hair. This treatment can give you beautiful straight hair. After treatment, you will notice a new shine in your hair that will remain until the treatment lasts.

How Your Favorite Celebs Really Get Perfect Hair

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Models, Actresses and High Profile celebs are always spotted in perfect hair. Is there hair naturally beautiful? Do they know some hairstyling secret? How do they manage to get total hair transformation over night? Well, celebrities get such amazingly beautiful hair from styling products, hair accessories, hair care……and most importantly celebrity hairstylists. The celebrity hairstylists know how to play with the different haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors, hair styling products and hair accessories to craft the perfect hair look.

Ways to get celebrity like hair

Celebrities use a lot of hair products that damage and age their hair. Getting hair straight, curled, blown-out, colored and highlighted is all part of their job. And still their manes always look lush and plush, thanks to a few smart hair repair strategies.

Smart hair wash

Healthy hair begins with a clean scalp. In order to keep hair in good condition, it is important to pay attention over scalp health. The professional hairstylists recommend using two different shampoos –one to cleanse the scalp and another to hydrate ends of hair. This is how celebs keep scalps and hair in good condition.

Hair cleansing

Hair is exposed to chemicals and pollution every day. Thus, it is very much important to cleanse the hair. Deep hair cleansing is required in one or two weeks to prevent hair damage. This will prevent grease buildup on hair and restore the natural sheen and shine of hair.

Turn down the heat

Heat can damage the hair to a great extent, and snatch sheen and shine of natural hair. This is the reason why many celebs opt for permanent hair straightening or curling treatments, instead of using heat tools.

Hair brushing

Celebrities know how to brush their hair properly. They never use old hair brushes. Professional hairstylists recommend natural boar-bristle brushes. These brushes have very good impact on hair. The longer the hair, the bigger the comb you need.

Regular hair trimming

In order to make hair look good all the time, it is recommended to trim the ends time to time. The ends get dry over time, and if not cut get split-ends problem arise. Regular hair trimming can prevent this.

What does your hair say about you? The message your hairstyle is sending

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Hairstyle has big impact on the way one looks. One who got really good or bad hairstyle can actually understand the impact of hairstyle on overall look. It can be a reflection of who you are. Sometimes your hair speaks for you. This is the reason why celebrity hairstylist pays special attention while choosing the haircut and hairstyle of celebrities. They try their level best to make celebs look confident and stylish at the same time.

What your hairstyle might indicate

Hairstyle is intensely personal, but totally public! There is a direct link between hairstyle and perception. Your hairstyle is a sign of your personality. You unknowingly send some messages with your hairstyle. Checkout how different hairstyles are translated:

Long straight hair

In general, straight hair is considered as more serious while curly hair more casual. This is the reason why curly hair is not taken seriously. The more straight hair you have, the more sincere you look. You may have observed that most business women and female politicians have well-groomed straight hair.

Short hair

Short hairstyle show how strong you are. Girls who have short haircuts are perceived as confident, as they have nothing to hide from the world. In fact they are considered as sexy. Short hair is considered as only being attractive on girls who are slim or physically fit.

Long curly manes

Long wild manes are considered less professional. The wild manes may be apt for school and college going girls, but such hair is considered unprofessional. Women are expected to be well-groomed at workplace.

Hair colors and perceptions

Hair color can have big impact on your overall appearance. When you are in school or college, you can opt for any hair color according to trends. As you enter in your professional life, it is important to choose hair color wisely, especially when you are thinking about entire hair color transformation.

Haircut and hairstyle can have big impact on your overall personality. It is important to consult a professional hairstylist before opting for any random hairstyle. A professional hairstylist will recommend you the hairstyle that will suit your personality.

Hair Extensions: For Beautiful and Voluminous Hair

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Do think your hair lack volume? Do you want to add instant length to your hair? Or do you love trying different hair colors? Well, if so, then you need to know about hair extensions. Modern hair extension looks and feels just like natural hair. Since they are available in different hair colors, lengths and textures, it is easy to amalgamate the extensions with natural hair. No one will be able to recognize that it is not your natural hair. The hair extensions are the secret behind the flaring hairstyles of celebrities.

What you need to know about modern hair extensions

Days are gone when hair extensions used to be bulky and fake. Modern hair extensions are made from the finest quality hair using latest technological advancements. These hair extensions look authentic, and they are not heavy. It means you can wear the extensions anytime anywhere.

Modern hair extensions are available in variety of installation styles, such as –clip-in hair extensions, tap-in hair extensions, weave in hair extensions, keratin bonding hair extensions etc. You can choose any installation style as per your requirements. The clip-ins and taps-ins are good for short-term commitment, while opt for weave-in and keratin bonding if you are looking for long-term commitment to hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are blessing for girls who wants fuller hair. You can cut, color and style the human hair extensions just like your real hair. These extensions will respond to the treatment in the same manner. However, be careful while applying chemicals on your expensive human hair extensions.

Hair extension installation

In order to make hair extensions look good, you need to install them in the adequate manner. Otherwise, they will appear artificial. Hair extension installation is an art. The extensions are mixed with real hair in a manner that they don’t look artificial. If you are experienced with hair extensions, then you can handle the installation of clip-ins and tap-ins on your own. But for weave-ins and keratin bonding extensions, you need to visit the hair extension salon. Only a professional can install the extensions in an adequate manner. To get most out of your extensions, you can ask the hairstylist about hair extension care and styling options.

How Long Should You Wait Before Coloring Your Hair Again?

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Hair coloring can be really very exciting, regardless of the fact that you are doing it by yourself or getting it done in hair color salon. A hair color change can transform your entire look. You will look more vivacious after getting the right hair color. Different hair colors look good on different people.

In order to choose the right hair color, you need to consider a lot of factors, including but not limited to your hair texture, hair length, skin tone, age and overall appearance. With the availability of so many hair colors, it has become quite difficult to choose the right hair color. In such situation, it is best to rely on professional hair colorists.

How Long to Wait Between Hair Coloring?

After getting your hair professionally colored and getting gorgeous shade, you may be thinking about the longevity of the hair color. No matter how good hair coloring product you have used or how much attention you pay over hair color maintenance, hair color is not going to last forever. The color will start fading after sometime. You need to recolor your hair to maintain the desired look. And there can’t be a standard time limit that defines the frequency of hair coloring.

Why should you wait between hair coloring?

Changing hair color too often is not good for so many reasons. First, reason is the hair damage. Hair coloring products contain a lot of chemicals. No matter how expensive hair color brand it is, somehow, it will cause harm to your hair. When you treat your hair will chemicals, the chemicals will reap-off the natural moisture of your hair. This will leave your hair dry and lifeless. Soon you will notice hair thinning and split-ends problems. Thus, you should totally avoid coloring your hair too often.

Secondly, if you change your hair color too often, the change will become monotonous. Just like hair color correction. This will not impact on your look. It will be just like changing hairstyle. On the other hand, if you change your hair color in every 3 to 6 months, the hair color change will be dynamic.

Bridal Hair: Do’s and Don’ts

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Wedding season is here, and brides are looking for perfect bridal hairstyles to complete their wedding look. The bridal hairstyle has its own significance, as it completes the entire wedding look. No matter how good your bridal makeup and dress is, your hairstyle needs to be good to get the final bridal look. There are so many things that you need to consider while selecting the hairstyle for your wedding day.

Selecting bridal hairstyle

Finding right bridal hairstyle is as much important as finding the right wedding dress or wedding photographer. You need to make sure that everything is fine about the hairstyle, and it is making you look good. Below mentioned are some do’s and don’ts that you need to consider, in order to make your hair look best on your wedding day.

Do pay attention over hair care

Hair needs to be in good condition to be styled for wedding. You need to provide proper nourishment to your hair to keep them in good condition. Regularly apply hair oil, use hair masks and take hair spa every month.

Do not cut your hair right before wedding

Cutting hair right before wedding is not a good idea. Cut your hair at least 3 months before wedding. Also, keep your wedding hairstyle in your mind before chopping your hair.

Do try several bridal hairstyles

In order to select the right wedding hairstyle, you should try several hairstyles in advance. Consult with hairstylist, ask your friends and then settle on the best hairstyle.

Do not follow bridal hairstyle trends without trying

Yes, you may find latest bridal hairstyles beautiful on models, but how they look on you is more important. Do not finalize any random bridal hairstyle without trying it on yourself. You don’t know how hairstyle will look until you try it on yourself.

Do hire wedding hairstylist

Wedding hairstyle is important, and so do the wedding hairstylist. In order to get the perfect hair on your wedding, you need to consult with a professional hairstylist.  The hairstylist will not only help you in selecting the bridal hairstyle, but also make that hairstyle on your wedding day.