Hair Extensions: For Beautiful and Voluminous Hair

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Do think your hair lack volume? Do you want to add instant length to your hair? Or do you love trying different hair colors? Well, if so, then you need to know about hair extensions. Modern hair extension looks and feels just like natural hair. Since they are available in different hair colors, lengths and textures, it is easy to amalgamate the extensions with natural hair. No one will be able to recognize that it is not your natural hair. The hair extensions are the secret behind the flaring hairstyles of celebrities.

What you need to know about modern hair extensions

Days are gone when hair extensions used to be bulky and fake. Modern hair extensions are made from the finest quality hair using latest technological advancements. These hair extensions look authentic, and they are not heavy. It means you can wear the extensions anytime anywhere.

Modern hair extensions are available in variety of installation styles, such as –clip-in hair extensions, tap-in hair extensions, weave in hair extensions, keratin bonding hair extensions etc. You can choose any installation style as per your requirements. The clip-ins and taps-ins are good for short-term commitment, while opt for weave-in and keratin bonding if you are looking for long-term commitment to hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are blessing for girls who wants fuller hair. You can cut, color and style the human hair extensions just like your real hair. These extensions will respond to the treatment in the same manner. However, be careful while applying chemicals on your expensive human hair extensions.

Hair extension installation

In order to make hair extensions look good, you need to install them in the adequate manner. Otherwise, they will appear artificial. Hair extension installation is an art. The extensions are mixed with real hair in a manner that they don’t look artificial. If you are experienced with hair extensions, then you can handle the installation of clip-ins and tap-ins on your own. But for weave-ins and keratin bonding extensions, you need to visit the hair extension salon. Only a professional can install the extensions in an adequate manner. To get most out of your extensions, you can ask the hairstylist about hair extension care and styling options.

How Long Should You Wait Before Coloring Your Hair Again?

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Hair coloring can be really very exciting, regardless of the fact that you are doing it by yourself or getting it done in hair color salon. A hair color change can transform your entire look. You will look more vivacious after getting the right hair color. Different hair colors look good on different people.

In order to choose the right hair color, you need to consider a lot of factors, including but not limited to your hair texture, hair length, skin tone, age and overall appearance. With the availability of so many hair colors, it has become quite difficult to choose the right hair color. In such situation, it is best to rely on professional hair colorists.

How Long to Wait Between Hair Coloring?

After getting your hair professionally colored and getting gorgeous shade, you may be thinking about the longevity of the hair color. No matter how good hair coloring product you have used or how much attention you pay over hair color maintenance, hair color is not going to last forever. The color will start fading after sometime. You need to recolor your hair to maintain the desired look. And there can’t be a standard time limit that defines the frequency of hair coloring.

Why should you wait between hair coloring?

Changing hair color too often is not good for so many reasons. First, reason is the hair damage. Hair coloring products contain a lot of chemicals. No matter how expensive hair color brand it is, somehow, it will cause harm to your hair. When you treat your hair will chemicals, the chemicals will reap-off the natural moisture of your hair. This will leave your hair dry and lifeless. Soon you will notice hair thinning and split-ends problems. Thus, you should totally avoid coloring your hair too often.

Secondly, if you change your hair color too often, the change will become monotonous. Just like hair color correction. This will not impact on your look. It will be just like changing hairstyle. On the other hand, if you change your hair color in every 3 to 6 months, the hair color change will be dynamic.

Bridal Hair: Do’s and Don’ts

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Wedding season is here, and brides are looking for perfect bridal hairstyles to complete their wedding look. The bridal hairstyle has its own significance, as it completes the entire wedding look. No matter how good your bridal makeup and dress is, your hairstyle needs to be good to get the final bridal look. There are so many things that you need to consider while selecting the hairstyle for your wedding day.

Selecting bridal hairstyle

Finding right bridal hairstyle is as much important as finding the right wedding dress or wedding photographer. You need to make sure that everything is fine about the hairstyle, and it is making you look good. Below mentioned are some do’s and don’ts that you need to consider, in order to make your hair look best on your wedding day.

Do pay attention over hair care

Hair needs to be in good condition to be styled for wedding. You need to provide proper nourishment to your hair to keep them in good condition. Regularly apply hair oil, use hair masks and take hair spa every month.

Do not cut your hair right before wedding

Cutting hair right before wedding is not a good idea. Cut your hair at least 3 months before wedding. Also, keep your wedding hairstyle in your mind before chopping your hair.

Do try several bridal hairstyles

In order to select the right wedding hairstyle, you should try several hairstyles in advance. Consult with hairstylist, ask your friends and then settle on the best hairstyle.

Do not follow bridal hairstyle trends without trying

Yes, you may find latest bridal hairstyles beautiful on models, but how they look on you is more important. Do not finalize any random bridal hairstyle without trying it on yourself. You don’t know how hairstyle will look until you try it on yourself.

Do hire wedding hairstylist

Wedding hairstyle is important, and so do the wedding hairstylist. In order to get the perfect hair on your wedding, you need to consult with a professional hairstylist.  The hairstylist will not only help you in selecting the bridal hairstyle, but also make that hairstyle on your wedding day.

Perms Are Coming Back—but with a Modern Makeover

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Do you remember hairstyles of 80’s pop-stars? If YES, then you must have remembered the amazing permed hair of female pop-stars.  Hair Perms are amazing way of providing volume and adding flair to hair. The 80’s perms are making comeback and that too in bigger and better form. In fact, many celebs have already embraced the perms this summer. But modern perms are slightly different from retro perms. These perms contain tousled and beautiful looking waves with air dried finishing. This makes hair look adorable, and make hair suitable for red-carpet hairstyle.

What You Need to Know About Modern Perms

Straight hair look is in trend for a long time. Many girls are looking for something different from straight hair, and the search ended at the perms. The air dried finish to straight hair creates beautiful looking beach waves that everyone love to have in summers.

According to professional hairstylists in New York, LA, and Colorado, girls like textured and voluminous hair after getting their hair premed. The modern perms are more about creating bounce in the hair and less about making tight curls. The method is same but final look is different.

In modern perming, less ammonia is used, so end result is gentler hair. And since lesser ammonia is used in the process, hair damage will be minimum. Every time you expose your hair to chemicals, you compromise with the hair quality. But modern perming involves deep hair conditioning as well, and this minimizes the adverse affect of the treatment. The end result of hair perming is soft and shiny hair that feels like natural hair. So, the most striking feature of modern perms is curl with softness and shine.

Hair Perms

There are many ways in which you can get your hair permed, from small and tight curls to loose beachy waves. You can consult with the hairstylist to learn about the right curls for yourself. If you want perms like some celebrity, carry the celebrity photograph with you to hair salon, and ask hairstylist to curl your hair like that. The hairstylist will let you know, if that perm style will suit you or not.

Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself Before Cutting Your Hair Short

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Well, getting haircut is stressful task itself, and when you are thinking about cutting your hair short this decision become even more stressful. No matter how good your celebrity hairstylist is or how much you want to cut your hair short, there is always a part of you that is confused about short haircut. It is because short hairstyle brings a dramatic change in look, and this change is good in maximum cases.

Cutting hair short

A short haircut makes women look more confident, more empowered and more stylish. It enhances the natural features, and let you embrace your natural beauty. Still, if you are confused about chopping your hair short, ask yourself below mentioned questions before cutting your hair short:

What kind of short haircut you are into?

There are many types of short haircuts, from shoulder length to almost blade. Makeup your mind about how short you want your hair. And make sure to keep your hairstylist on same page, so that you won’t regret about length after getting haircut.

Would that haircut compliment your face shape?

The haircut that looks good on your friend or celebrity, not necessary that it will look good on your face. You need to choose the short haircut according to your face shape. Discuss with your hairstylist, before finalizing any haircut. Your stylist will let you know if that haircut is apt for your face or not.  There are many short haircuts such as pixie, bob etc. And these cuts can be made in several manners.

Are you ready for the upkeep?

Though short hair does not require much maintenance, short haircuts do. In order to maintain the look, you need to cut your hair time to time. Otherwise, your hair will not look good. Ask your hairstylist about the hair care and maintenance required for short haircuts.

Do you trust your hairstylist?

Chopping hair short is big decision. You have to be sure that your hairstylist is capable of giving you the desired hair. Do not cut your hair, unless you trust your hairstylist. You can also search for the best hairstylist for short haircut, and then get haircut.

Your Ultimate Guide To Hair Dreams Extensions

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Hair dreams extension is the ultimate solution to hair thinning and hair loss problem. This hair accessory has the capability of enhancing the appearance of your hair. Whether you want to add volume, length, splash of color or ornamental accent, you can get it from hair dreams extensions. With these extensions, you can precisely customize your look. Hair Dreams extensions are made from human hair that are available in –plenty of colors, various variety of lengths, and many different hair textures to properly match with your natural hair.

Hair dream extension basics

Hair Dreams are apt for every occasion. This extension looks good on everyone. Earlier hair dreams extensions were only used by models and celebrities, but now it is loved by everyone. Be it a prom, party, wedding or any other event, hair dream extensions provide a unique flair to your hair.

What makes hair dreams extensions different from other hair extensions is QUALITY. These hair extensions are made from handpicked human hair that is pre-bonded from tips using vinyl polymer, so these extensions are easy to attach and have natural looking appearance. The hair dreams are applied by professional hairstylists in neat rows. After installation the extensions and your hair is cut to provide you the seamless look.

Hair dreams feel and look natural. However, you need to pay proper attention over the hair extension maintenance to enjoy the benefits of this amazing hair accessory. Post installation, your hair will require more care. You need to be cautious with hair care.

Benefits of hair dreams hair extensions

There are many benefits of hair dreams hair extensions, some of them are:

  • Hair Dreams are made from the finest quality hair
  • Let you add pop of color and flair without exposing your hair to harmful chemicals
  • Hair Dreams installation is non-damaging process
  • Hair Dreams extensions are easy to attach
  • Hair Dreams are available for variety of hair types
  • Hair dreams look 100% natural
  • It is possible to cut, color, style, curl and straight your hair with hair dreams hair extensions
  • Hair dreams hair extensions are readily available in good hair extension salons.

Fusion Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

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Fusion hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions, as it is one of the oldest hair extension installation methods. If you are looking for long-term hair extension solution, then fusion hair extension is the right option for you. These hair extensions can be installed in two ways –strand-by-strand and full weft. You can choose any installation method according to your needs and requirements.

Fusion hair extension maintenance

Every hair extension requires special kind of maintenance. In order to maintain the smoothness and shine of your fusion hair extensions, you will have to pay proper attention over hair extension maintenance and care. You can increase the lifespan of your fusion hair extensions with right products, tools and routine.

Hair styling products

You need to use good quality shampoos and conditioners to wash the fusion hair extensions. It is important to wash fusion hair extension with quality products to maintain the softness of the hair wefts. Otherwise extensions will become dry and thin. Also, consult with your hairstylist before applying any random hairstyling product on your hair extension.


Fusion hair extensions should be combed carefully. You should use soft-bristle brush to use the fusion hair extensions. Extension hair is like to natural hair when it comes to combing and detangling. Just be gentle on hair to prevent breakage.

Hot tools

You can use hot tools on hair extensions, as long as they do not heat the hair bond. It means do not take the heating tool near the root of the hair. If you heat the hair root, the hair bond will become weaker, and eventually break the bond.


Make sure that hair extensions do not tangle when you sleep. You can avoid tangling by sleeping with low-ponytail or braid. Please do not sleep with wet hair.


No matter how much you care, tips of hair extensions will become thin and dry over time. You can trim the hair extensions to make them look beautiful all the time. Just visit the right hair extension salon for this purpose. Only expert hair stylists know the right way of trimming hair extensions.

The Efficiency of Japanese Hair Straightening

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From all the different hairstyles available for girls, the most beautiful hairstyles are for straight hair. Every girl dreams for long, sleek and shiny hair. This is the reason why permanent hair straightening treatments are gaining a lot of popularity. Chemically straight hair not only looks classy and fabulous, but they are easily manageable also.  Among plenty of permanent hair straightening treatments, Japanese hair straightening is gaining a lot of popularity all around the globe.

Know about Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening spread from Japan to rest of the world.  This hair straightening method is also known as thermal reconditioning. In this method, chemicals and heat are used to permanently change the natural structure of the hair. It means after getting your hair straight via Japanese hair straightening treatment, your hair will not come back to their natural state. The chemicals used in the Japanese hair straightening treatments are safe.

After getting your hair straightened, you need to pay attention over after care. Though Japanese hair straightening does not require much hair care, you need to avoid certain products like strong hair spray, shampoo and conditioner. The chemicals present in these products may react with hair straightening chemicals and weaken the hair bonds.

What will Your Hair Look Like after Japanese Straightening Treatment?

Japanese hair straightening provides perfectly straight and frizz-free hair.  After getting this treatment, your hair will become manageable that significantly reduces the drying and styling time. Your hair will detangle quickly. You need not have to spend hours in blow-drying and styling your hair before going out.

The hair straightened via Japanese hair straightening will remain straight. You can cut, color and style your hair in any manner. For new grown hair, you need to visit the hair salon for retouching. You will require retouching twice a year. The salon professional will only do touch ups on new-grown hair and will not apply the chemicals on previously treated hair. It is recommended to visit the same hair salon every time. Thus, choose the Japanese hair straightening salon wisely, first time. The longevity and beauty of your hair straightening treatment relies on the quality of chemicals and skills of the stylist.

Easy Ways To Add Texture To Your Hair

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Today, celebrities seem to have signature hairstyles. It is not easy to obtain such perfect hairstyle, if you don’t have rich hair texture. The texture adds dimensions to hair, and celebrity hairstylists know how to enhance the hair texture. With simple tips and tricks, you can also add texture to your hair.

Adding hair texture

If you have fine and thin hair, you can add textures to make your hair look voluminous and fabulous. Texturing provides depth to hair, and let your hair look good in any random hairstyle. On the other hair, your hairstyle will look dull and boring without texture. Have a quick glance over below mentioned tips for adding texture to your hair:

Braid and flatiron

You can tie your hair into braid, and then use flatiron on those braids. This will change the structure of your hair. When you open your braid, you will find adorable texture. However, this texture will be temporary, and will disappear as soon as you wash your hair.

Blow-dry properly

It is possible to add hair texture only with the help of the blow-dryer. You can amplify the hair volume by blow-drying your hair upward. Your hair will appear bouncy and fabulous.

Play with sea salt spray

The fastest way of obtaining texture without heat or a trip to the beach is sea salt spray. Just apply sea salt spray on damp hair from root to tip, and crush your hair with your hands. The spray will give a wavy finish to your hair.

Dry Shampoo and Scrunch

In order to utilize this method, your hair should be free from oil, grease and dirt. Dry shampoo will absorb all the natural oil of your hair and around scalp. This will provide movement and texture to your hair. To obtain the look, apply dry shampoo throughout your hair.

Braid and Sleep

This is the easiest way of adding texture without using flatiron or any hair product is sleeping with braid. Simply tie your hair into braid and sleep. Next day unbraid your hair, and observe the amazing hair texture.

So, these are some easy hacks for obtaining the hair texture. You can also visit the hair salon and opt for the professional styling.

Amazingly beautiful hair: Why celebs can have it but we can’t

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When it comes to hairstyle and makeup, every girl dreams for the stunning hair like celebrities. Well, celebrities are not naturally blessed with the long, straight, shiny and silky hair. It is the talents of celebrity hairstylists that make their hair appear gorgeous every time. It is not possible to get such amazing hair without multiple hair treatments. If you want celebrity like hair, you need to find the right hairstylist, the right hair treatment and the right hair salon.

Celebrity hair secrets

Celebrities know that hairstyling can change their overall personality. This is the reason why they do not hesitate in spending money on various hair treatments, hair care products and hair stylists. Whether it is red carpet event, high-profile party or movie scene, special attention has been paid over hairstyling. That is what makes their hair looks gorgeous. Check out the below mentioned hair treatments loved by celebrity all over the world:

Hair straightening

Hair straightening can change the entire structure of natural hair. It means with the help of this treatment, it is possible to turn naturally frizzy and curly manes into silky and shiny tresses. There are many types of hair straightening treatment offered in the hair salons. Among all, Japanese hair straightening and Brazilian hair straightening treatments are gaining a lot of popularity among celebs.

Hair curling

Many celebs rock with the curly wavy hair. They are not blessed with perfect curls. Thanks to hair curling treatments, they dazzle and sizzle.

Hair coloring and highlighting

A hair color change can literally change the way you look. Celebs love playing with hair colors. Their hair colorists know which hair color will be the next hair sensation. Hair highlighting is also trending for a while. With the help of highlights, it is possible to add dimensions to hair.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are the most amazing hair accessories used by the celebrities to obtain the hair of their dreams. With the help of hair extensions, it is possible to get curly, straight, long, brunette, blonde, short and fancy hair instantly. Hair extension is the secret behind the red carpet hairdos of the celebs.