Brazilian hair vs. Asian hair: How to choose the perfect hair extensions?

Fusion hair extensions

When it comes to selecting your hair extensions, there are endless options in terms of textures, shades as well as types from all over the globe. Needless to say, that many of the hair suppliers promote their products as pure Brazilian hair or 100% Remy hair, which often leaves the fashion enthusiasts baffled with confusion. However, before you pick your hair extensions, it is always better to gather some knowledge about the products, so that you can make the right choice.

Types of human hair available in the market:

Generally, there are four types of human hair available in the market that is widely used to manufacture wigs and hair extensions. In most of the cases European, Indonesian, Indian and Chinese hair is used to manufacture the human hair extensions. The Chinese hair can be characterized by a striking straight and dense hair, which makes it resistant to curl. The Caucasian and Brazilian hairs on the other hand are strong in nature, and holds curls and hair color very well, which makes them the most desirable products among the hair stylist.

What are the features of authentic Asian hair?

The Indian or Chinese hairs are typically the most authentic hair, which are legitimately gathered from the original sources and are often chemically processed with a layer of silicon to add a lustrous effect. In general they are:

  • 100% Remy Hair.
  • High quality hair available in the market.
  • Naturally light and bouncy.
  • Tangle or curl resistant, easy to style.
  • Naturally brown or black and blends easily with African American hair.

Features of Brazilian Hair:

The major advantages of the original Brazilian hair over Asian hair are that they are more humidity resistant than the dyed Asian hair.

  • Dense and durable.
  • Brazilian hair holds tighter curls and colors.

However, the Brazilian hair is almost impossible to style with a flat iron and is stiffer in nature compared to the Asian hair. If you want a light, bouncy, straight hair, then you should definitely opt for Asian hair.

Choose healthy hair extensions to avoid a bad hair day:

Many people think that that by purchasing the DreamCatchers extensions, they can definitely avoid frizz or damage. But the fact is that almost all hair can be prone to frizz and damage, unless you maintain your natural hair as well as the extensions, by providing them enough moisture and drying them. Brush them at least twice every day, to avoid tangling and breakage, and you can definitely retain them for a long time.

Best Hair Extension Brands

Fusion hair extensions

Getting fusion hair extensions or extensions of other forms will be quite a decisive step in your life because along with the anxiety, you will be on your way to changing a major part of yourself.

This article aims to identify the best hair extension brands for you so that the quality of results your investment bears on how you appear is as fine as it can be.


The ideology behind Klix was to create a brand name for hair extensions which would be convenient, affordable, and lead to minimal damage. Today Klix follows a unique motivation of carrying out various kinds of extensions with minimal strain on the natural hair, and it has stylists who deem themselves to be certified in the profession.

Klix is also well known for the classes which are conducted in new and improving salons by the professionals who work for the brand itself. All in all, everything ranging from the salon products to the cool and hot fusion hair extensions is absolutely on spot at Klix.

Sally’s Hair Extensions

Extensions and accessories do not come much richer and renowned than at Sally’s hair extensions, which has been a one of the pioneers of the service for a number of years. Sally’s has partnered up with some of the best brands in the field of hair care including Revlon and COL-LAB, and is indeed your one stop solution for all your needs because the efficient delivery service allows you to order anywhere, anytime.

Sally’s hair extensions product line accommodates produces from high end brands which people can gain affordable access to thanks to the sales and clearances offered by the company.

Balmain Paris

This French line started around four decades ago and today provides high quality human hair for extensions on various fronts including sew in, clip in, and fusion of hair into natural hair. Apart from the styling products, the company also features hair care products and accessories which are products of its own original extensions line.

Balmain also follows the idea of separating out the regular usage items from professional usage which is why the site features two different sections for both, and the line is usually quite pricey for regular use but the brand name certainly compensates for it.


Getting you hot is no more a problem with Hotheads, which offers a wide array of products ranging from color blends to hair styling tools. The Hotheads website features an amazing gallery of customers who show the effects of using their items, and every year the company tours the country with models featuring their best hair swatches, blends, and extensions of the year.

The absolutely natural hair extensions offered by the company are excellent for fitting in on various kinds of hairstyles, and the company also boasts of the largest hair extensions chart in the country.

Now that we have quantified the beneficial aspects of each company in ample detail, you should have a good guideline set as far as getting your fusion hair extensions is concerned.

Hair Salons and The Services You Can Avail

Years ago, the services of hair salons were reserved for women only since they’re usually concerned about their looks than men. However, during these days, even men become conscious about their grooming. That is why some hair salon services apply to men as well.

There are several kinds of hair salon services that are offered normally on the basis of some individual preferences. Moreover, such services have increased in the long run, like that majority of salons have become a 1-stop shop for all kinds of beauty care.

Hair Styling

In each hair salon, the main services being offered are coloring and hair styling. The best hair styles could improve one’s look. That is the main reason why many salons have their own hair stylists for this kind of purpose. There’s a variety of hair styles you may choose from that depend normally on different factors like the hair length and one’s shape of the face. Thus, it isn’t a matter of styling hair, yet salon experts also ensure that these styles are unique to every person. There are different hair styling aspects including hair extensions, relaxing or braiding. In same way, the offered hair coloring services based on the suitability to certain people.

Make-up Services

Some kinds of services offered in hair salons are make-up services. Majority of the hair salons have their own make-up artists whose work is to apply make-up on clients. In many cases, the salons have some make-up artists who are knowledgeable with all make-up requirements of various cultures. In other salons, it’s possible to get the accessories that are suited for a particular look and whose price is included in charge for make-up services.

Spa Treatment and Nail Care Services

Spa treatment and nail care services are also offered in some hair salons. When it comes to nail care, people may get pedicures and manicures. Most hair salons have also incorporated spa treatment solutions that include services like waxing and body massage. Some facilities being offered by the salon spas are steam rooms and swimming pools that are aimed at improving one’s salon experience.

The offered services by hair salons aren’t restricted to their clients. Salons offer some services like make-up services and hair styling during the events like weddings. Numerous salons have also wedding packages, wherein make up services, coloring, and hair styling services are being offered by a single salon, depending on the wedding’s overall theme. So, if your wedding day is near and you need assistance with your hairdo, the best salon also knows the newest bridal hair style trends suited for you.

Short Haircut – Things to Know Before Cutting Your Hair Short

Any moment short haircut pops into your head, it is a bit difficult to resist wanting to contact your hairstylist. The concept of getting a fresh and great start makeover is too enticing and considering long bob is a trend today, short hair might seem a good idea. However, if you are planning to take the plunge, there are some things you must know first and these are the following:

 Your Hair Will Not Take Long to Style

One of the main benefits of having a short hair is that it actually takes lesser time drying your hair. Try blow drying your hair until it’s about fifty percent dry and run several styling products. Let your hair dry naturally and you are out of the door.

Longer Hair is Equivalent to Heavier Hair

This means that having shorter hair is much lighter and if you have waves or curls, they will get looser with lesser weight. Long hair weighs down on the waves and curls to be more relaxed, yet short hair will make the texture of your hair tighter.

You Will Use Less Shampoo

Having shorter hair also means lesser shampoo that will save you more money in terms of purchasing some hair care products.

Your Tools Must Change

It is always best to get rid of your old styling tools from long-haired days as well as invest in new tools better suited to much shorter locks. Thinner and smaller curling irons or straighteners will let you have better control of the hair during the process of styling.

Shorter Hair is Equals to More Frequent Cuts

It is vital that you have a hairstylist that you want to if you have cropped cut for the reason that you will be spending more time in the chair of the stylist. With long hair, you may go longer without a trim, yet shorter hair means you have to keep its length.

You Will Get Rid of Bad Hair Day Cover Up

Unluckily, you cannot depend on your favorite ponytail or consider going to side braid to repair unruly hair day. The short hair might be less maintenance compared to long hair, yet you will need to style shorter hair each day to commit to this.

If you are having second thoughts about short haircut, there are other haircut and styles salon Rockville you may take for consideration and you can pick whatever that pleases you.

7 Helpful Hair Extensions Tips And Tricks To Remember


With so many brands like dreamcatchers extensions and so many types like clip in hair extensions – it is definitely important that you know the basics of perfecting the hair extension look as well. This article is a brief guide for you to get hands on at learning the basic tricks and tips of putting on and carrying off hair extensions like a pro!

Tip # 1 – Always Use Good Quality Hair Extensions

The first tip that every hair expert will give you is to use good quality hair extensions no matter what! You cannot use low quality hair extensions and expect to look like Beyoncé! There are several top notch brands like dreamcatchers extensions that make your hair look natural yet so chic. Always invest in a good brand.

Tip # 2 – Blend in The Extensions with Ironing

The hair extensions need to be blended in with your natural hair well in order to disguise them. This is why experts recommended using heat source such as straighteners to blend in the extensions with the natural hair.

Tip # 3 – Always Try New Hairstyles with Extensions

If you want to enjoy your hair extensions, you need to make sure to be as playful and creative with them as possible. You can try different hairstyles and be creative with your styling skills.

Tip # 4 – Trim Your Extensions to Make Them Look Natural

If you have super short hair like a bob cut or something and still want to wear extensions, you need to make sure to trim the front bangs and edges smoothly so that it gives you a natural look.

Tip # 5 – Pin Up Excess Hair Before It Shows

It is important that you pin up the excess hair especially the small ones on the back of your neck and sidelines of your forehead with secure bobby pins. These are the little culprits that often give away your little secret. So if you want to make sure your hair look all-natural, make sure you secure them well in space.

Tip # 6 – Leave The Roots Alone Once the Extensions Get in There

The one rule that everyone who wears hair extensions regularly needs to know is that you need to leave the roots alone – at every cost. The extensions are attached and intermingled with the roots of your hair with great precision and care. You cannot comb your hair vigorously later and expect the hair to stay in place.

Tip # 7- Wash The Extensions Regularly

These days all clip in hair extensions that are available are washable. The purpose of manufacturers to make them this way is in order to make it look more natural. To make sure that your hair extensions look as natural and healthy as possible – you need to wash them regularly and allow them to dry up well before you can clip them on. This will help the gloss and shine to stay intact as well.

Micro Link Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

hair salon

With the availability of so many types of hair extensions in the market, it is easy to get confused. The hair extensions can be categorized on the basis of hair type, installation style, brand, hair color etc. Choosing apt hair extensions become somewhat complicated. Thus, it is important to understand the pros and cons of every hair extensions to choose the right one.

Micro link hair extensions

Micro link hair extension is not a new name in hair extension cosmos. It is one of the popular hair extension installation methods. The micro link hair extensions come with the micro loop, which are applied to hair strand by strand. Only a trained hairstylist can install micro link extensions adequately. They are installed by sliding your hair in the loop, adding the strands and then clamping it to finish. It will take around 3-4 hours to install the extensions by a professional hairstylist. The duration of application of course depends on the number of strand installed, and how skilled your stylist is.

Unlike other hair extension installation method, micro link hair extension installation is very complicated procedure. It is not possible to install the micro-links on your own. You need a professional stylist by your side to do this task. You may end up damaging your hair, if extensions are not installed carefully the hair loops and damage your hair.

The biggest advantage of micro link hair extensions is that they perfectly amalgamate with real hair. The links are so small that no one will able to recognize that you are wearing extensions.

Are micro link hair extensions suitable for you?

  • Micro link hair extensions do not require special product during installation. The most apt type of hair for this extension is stronger and thicker hair.
  • Hair extension installation is very gentle on your natural hair and the bonds will remain safe for longtime.
  • You can cut, color and style micro link hair extensions, just like your natural hair. The extension bonds won’t get affected by the procedure.
  • Micro link hair extension installation does require a long time, but at the end you get amazingly beautiful hair. The hair looks natural.
  • You can style the hair extensions just like your natural hair. While tape-in and keratin hair extensions do not allow you to apply heat near the bonds, micro link hair extensions are absolutely fine with the heat.

Curious about Japanese hair straightening? Here’s all you need to know

keratin treatments

Japanese hair straightening is an amazing permanent hair straightening method. It permanently changes the structure of hair. That means your hair will always remain straight after getting this treatment done. The new hair will grow, and then you will have to take touch ups. Due to increasing popularity, Japanese hair straightening treatment is offered in many hair salons these days.

This hair straightening treatment has many benefits over other treatments. The most apparent one is the frizz free hair. But beyond the look, the utmost benefit is you save styling and blow drying time every day.

Brazilian keratin treatment vs Japanese hair straightening

Both Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening is a chemical hair straightening treatments meant to provide soft, silky and manageable hair, but with different approaches. While Brazilian keratin treatment does not provide permanent straightening, Thermal Reconditioning provide lifetime of straight hair.

The Brazilian hair straightening chemicals begin to wash-off after few months and hair return to the normal state. On the other hand, Japanese hair straightening treatment changes the natural bond of the treated hair. Once hair becomes straight, it will remain straight for the lifetime. You cannot change the structure of hair, even if you want to.

Despite of the method, chemical hair straightening provides sleek, soft, manageable and smooth hair. The hair straightened via Brazilian keratin treatments is shinier. Your hair will have the scintillating effect after getting this treatment done. On the other hand, the hair straightened via Japanese hair straightening treatment is simply straight. You won’t notice any extra shine after the treatment.

When it comes to maintenance, hair requires more care after Brazilian hair straightening treatment. You will have to use proper shampoo and conditioner to make sure that the hair straightening chemicals stay in hair for a long period of time. On the other hand, with Japanese Hair Straightening, you need not have to worry about straightening chemicals being washed off.

Every hair straightening treatment has its own pros and cons. You should opt for the hair straightening treatment that fulfills all your needs and requirements.

Getting Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Although Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment is offered in many hair salons rockville, you should select the hair salon wisely. The look and feel of the hair after treatment depends largely on the chemicals used during the procedure.

Hair Color Commandments to Follow the Next Time You Dye Your Hair

Gorgeous hair

Hair color change is a big commitment. As your work is not done dyeing your hair—instead, you will need to plan for touchups regularly to maintain the perfect hair color look. Also, you will have to make changes in your hair care routine, because color-treated hair needs special care. It is good to discuss about commitments related to hair coloring with the professional hair colorist before getting hair color done. This will help you in deciding whether or not you should color your hair.

Gorgeous hair color

When hair color is good, it makes hair look gorgeous and rich. But when hair color is bad, it ruins your entire look. Changing hair color without preparation is not good. You should understand the nitty-gritty of hair coloring before taking any decision, because hair coloring is a long-term commitment. Check out the below mentioned hair color commandments:

Consider your complexion

It is very important to consider skin complexion while choosing the hair hue. Not all hair colors look good on everyone, because the hair color need to be in sync with skin color. Consult your hairstylist to learn about the color options that will look good on you.

Prepare your hair

In order to make hair color look good, your hair needs to be in good condition. You need to prepare your hair for hair coloring. If your hair is thin or you have a lot of split ends, first get rid of them. Hair color will not look good on dry and damaged hair.

Always carry pictures to the hair salon

If you want celebrity like hair color, you should carry the picture of celebrity hair color with you. This will help the stylist in understanding your needs and requirements. Without a picture it will be really very difficult for the stylist to know what you exactly want.

Manage your expectations

Same hair color look different on different people, depending on natural hair color, hair type, hair texture and skin complexion, you need to understand this before setting expectation from hair color. You may use same hair color as your friend, but it will look different on you.

Use hair color protection products

After coloring your hair, you need to protect your hair as well as color. For that you need to use hair color friendly shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, oil etc. You can easily find color friendly products in hair salons Rockville.

SO.CAP USA: The Luxury Hair Extension

Hair Extensions Salon

Today, a lot of young girls fantasies about hair extensions. The hair extensions are the incredible hair accessory that can instantly change the way you look. This hair accessory can be used to boost volume, length and style of your hair. A lot of hair extensions are available on the market. It is not easy to select the apt hair extensions from the crowd of hair extensions. Among all, SOCAP USA Hair Extension is gaining a lot of popularity because of obvious reasons. It is a luxury hair extensions made from real hair.

Learn about SO.CAP USA Hair Extension

SO.CAP Extensions have amazing characteristics and structural qualities that perfectly complement every type of hair. They are available in variety of hair color, texture and length. Different people have different types of hair extension needs, and the variety present in SO CAP USA  Hair extensions can full fill all needs and requirements.

These extensions are made from the finest quality hair that undergoes strict quality control process and a thorough selection procedure. Different types of hand selected hair are imported from various parts of world to make these hair extensions. The main aspects of the selection procedure are appearance and manageability.

SO.CAP USA Hair Extensions are comprised of 100% human hair.  The cuticle layer of every hair flows in one direction this provides the uniformity to the hair extension.  This is actually a critical aspect to integrate the hair adequately with your natural hair and avoid hair tangling once hair extensions are installed.

The main reasons behind the popularity of SO CAP USA Hair Extensions are superb quality and easy application. In every aspect, these hair extensions are superior.  They are the best in terms of beauty, color, longevity and installation techniques. Moreover, you can color, highlight and style these extensions the way you want.

SO.CAP USA Hair Extensions installation

If you want to get perfect hair extension look, you will have to pay attention over hair extension installation. The hair extensions should be installed in a manner that they amalgamate with natural hair, and no one should able to recognize that you are were wearing extensions. It is not possible to achieve this with DIY hair extension installation. You need a professional by your side who knows how to install the extensions adequately. For that you need to visit a good hair extension salon Rockville.

Types And Techniques Of Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening

Today, every girl is running after chemical hair straightening treatments offered in the hair straightening salons. After all, hair straightening treatments provide frizz-free, shiny, smooth and silky hair. The effect of chemical hair straightening treatments lasts for a long period of time, while non-chemical hair straightening last for a limited period of time.  There are many types and techniques of getting hair straighten. It is important to understand all the forms of hair straightening, if you are thinking about getting your hair straightened. Different techniques are beneficial for different types of hair. Understanding pros and cons of all hair straightening type and techniques will help you in taking the informed decision.

Hair straightening types

Broadly, hair straightening is classified into two categories:

  • Temporary hair straightening
  • Permanent hair straightening

Temporary hair straightening

These hair straightening techniques provide straight, smooth and silky hair for limited period of time. Temporary hair straightening is done with the help of various heating tools. Since heating tools are applied on hair, they somehow cause damage. The effects of temporary hair straightening treatments lasts for 1 to 2 days or until you wash your hair. There are many tools available on the market for straightening hair temporarily, such as:

  • Flat Iron
  • Blow dryer
  • Straightening comb

While straightening your hair with the help of heating tool, you directly expose your hair to heat. Thus, always use heat protection spray to minimize the heat damage.

Permanent hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening bought revolution in hair care industry. With the help of chemicals and heat, it is possible to straight the frizziest manes. When you opt for the permanent hair straightening treatments, your hair is treated with chemicals. And chemicals are sealed inside your hair using heating tools. The longevity of permanent hair straightening treatment depends on –hair type, permanent hair straightening treatment, hair straightening chemicals used and hair care.

There are various kinds of permanent hair straightening treatments, such as:

  • Keratin therapy
  • Brazilian blowout
  • Thermal reconditioning or Japanese hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening is a big commitment. Here, you knowingly expose your hair to chemicals, and chemicals are being sealed inside the various layers of your hair. It is important that the hair straightening chemicals are good. You should properly research about the treatment before committing to it.