SO.CAP USA: The Luxury Hair Extension

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Today, a lot of young girls fantasies about hair extensions. The hair extensions are the incredible hair accessory that can instantly change the way you look. This hair accessory can be used to boost volume, length and style of your hair. A lot of hair extensions are available on the market. It is not easy to select the apt hair extensions from the crowd of hair extensions. Among all, SOCAP USA Hair Extension is gaining a lot of popularity because of obvious reasons. It is a luxury hair extensions made from real hair.

Learn about SO.CAP USA Hair Extension

SO.CAP Extensions have amazing characteristics and structural qualities that perfectly complement every type of hair. They are available in variety of hair color, texture and length. Different people have different types of hair extension needs, and the variety present in SO CAP USA  Hair extensions can full fill all needs and requirements.

These extensions are made from the finest quality hair that undergoes strict quality control process and a thorough selection procedure. Different types of hand selected hair are imported from various parts of world to make these hair extensions. The main aspects of the selection procedure are appearance and manageability.

SO.CAP USA Hair Extensions are comprised of 100% human hair.  The cuticle layer of every hair flows in one direction this provides the uniformity to the hair extension.  This is actually a critical aspect to integrate the hair adequately with your natural hair and avoid hair tangling once hair extensions are installed.

The main reasons behind the popularity of SO CAP USA Hair Extensions are superb quality and easy application. In every aspect, these hair extensions are superior.  They are the best in terms of beauty, color, longevity and installation techniques. Moreover, you can color, highlight and style these extensions the way you want.

SO.CAP USA Hair Extensions installation

If you want to get perfect hair extension look, you will have to pay attention over hair extension installation. The hair extensions should be installed in a manner that they amalgamate with natural hair, and no one should able to recognize that you are were wearing extensions. It is not possible to achieve this with DIY hair extension installation. You need a professional by your side who knows how to install the extensions adequately. For that you need to visit a good hair extension salon Rockville.

Types And Techniques Of Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening

Today, every girl is running after chemical hair straightening treatments offered in the hair straightening salons. After all, hair straightening treatments provide frizz-free, shiny, smooth and silky hair. The effect of chemical hair straightening treatments lasts for a long period of time, while non-chemical hair straightening last for a limited period of time.  There are many types and techniques of getting hair straighten. It is important to understand all the forms of hair straightening, if you are thinking about getting your hair straightened. Different techniques are beneficial for different types of hair. Understanding pros and cons of all hair straightening type and techniques will help you in taking the informed decision.

Hair straightening types

Broadly, hair straightening is classified into two categories:

  • Temporary hair straightening
  • Permanent hair straightening

Temporary hair straightening

These hair straightening techniques provide straight, smooth and silky hair for limited period of time. Temporary hair straightening is done with the help of various heating tools. Since heating tools are applied on hair, they somehow cause damage. The effects of temporary hair straightening treatments lasts for 1 to 2 days or until you wash your hair. There are many tools available on the market for straightening hair temporarily, such as:

  • Flat Iron
  • Blow dryer
  • Straightening comb

While straightening your hair with the help of heating tool, you directly expose your hair to heat. Thus, always use heat protection spray to minimize the heat damage.

Permanent hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening bought revolution in hair care industry. With the help of chemicals and heat, it is possible to straight the frizziest manes. When you opt for the permanent hair straightening treatments, your hair is treated with chemicals. And chemicals are sealed inside your hair using heating tools. The longevity of permanent hair straightening treatment depends on –hair type, permanent hair straightening treatment, hair straightening chemicals used and hair care.

There are various kinds of permanent hair straightening treatments, such as:

  • Keratin therapy
  • Brazilian blowout
  • Thermal reconditioning or Japanese hair straightening

Permanent hair straightening is a big commitment. Here, you knowingly expose your hair to chemicals, and chemicals are being sealed inside the various layers of your hair. It is important that the hair straightening chemicals are good. You should properly research about the treatment before committing to it.

Why is it important to choose a good hairstyle?

messy hair

Hair is the most noticeable part of the woman’s beauty. This is the reason why celebs spend hours in hair salons for hairstyling. A simple hairstyle change has the capability of changing the entire appearance. A good hairstyle improves the personality. It is an important part of physical appearance and act as a focal point for entire look. That’s why –a bad hair day is simply a bad day.

Is your hairstyle important?

Yes, hairstyle and haircut is important. It is the extension of your personality. The hairstyle can set your image to the world. It can say a lot about you –who you are and what you are about. Your hair can absolutely affect the perception of people about you. With right hairstyle you will feel more confident.

A good hair style = a good hair day

Somehow a goo hairstyle can make you look beautiful and stylish. It will enhance the natural beauty of your facial features. Also, a properly synced hairstyle will complement your dress and makeup. This is the reason why celebrities wear different kinds of hairstyles with different dresses.

A bad hairstyle can actually affect your overall appearance. You will look tired and people will interpret that you are tired. If you go out with messy hair, you will look like a lazy person. On the other hand, a well-groomed hairstyle will make you look active and smart.  You will feel in-control and this will definitely boost your confidence.

Selecting the hairstyle

It is very much important to select the right hairstyle. Your hairstyle and hair color should look good on your face. It should complement your skin color and facial features. A bad hairstyle won’t actually make you look bad, but it will have impact on your overall appearance. You won’t be able to feel good about yourself.

Girls with a good hairstyle feel smarter and more capable of doing tasks rather than girls who are having a bad hair day. Selecting a good haircut is important for good hairstyle. A haircut sets base for hairstyle. Your hair should be of proper length and shape to get the right hairstyle.

Selecting the hairstylist

Just like hairstyle, selecting right hairstylist is also an important task. The look of your hairstyle depends on the skills and experience of your hairstylist. If you want the best hairstyle, look for the best hairstylist in Rockville.

What You Need To Know About Clip-in Hair Extensions

clip in hair extension

Clip-in hair extensions are the first choice of hairstylists for adding volume, length and color to your hair! They can give you a complete makeover by providing fuller and longer hair in a matter of minutes. There are several advantages of clip in hair extension installation method over other hair extension methods. This hair extension can instantly make you look glamorous. That is why clip in is the favorite hair extensions of hairstylists to provide hair enhancements.

Everything you need to know about clip in hair extensions

The biggest advantage of clip-in hair extensions is that they are very easy to apply. They can be installed with perfection within a few minutes. They can be attached to hair with the help of pressure sensitive clips that do not damage the real hair. So, if you are avoiding hair extensions because of hair damage, try clip in extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are the temporary hair extensions. It means you can attach and remove these hair extensions anytime you want. More permanent hair extension installation methods can be damaging to hair –the glue, the chemicals and the application methods used can cause hair breakage, even result in hair loss.

Clip in hair extensions are available in variety of hair colors and textures. When it comes to hair extension colors, you can choose extensions a shade lighter than your natural hair color. This will create a beautiful highlighting effect by adding dimensions to your hair. On the other hand, texture of hair extensions should match with your original hair. This will amalgamate the extension hair with your real hair, and no one will be able to recognize that you are wearing the hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions come in human hair as well as in artificial hair. The human hair extensions are expensive but they look and feel like the real hair, while synthetic hair extensions are made from synthetic fibers. The synthetic hair extensions do not look as good as human hair extensions, but they are cheaper than human hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are quite affordable. Even the clip-in hair extensions made from human hair are not too expensive. The installation of clip-ins is so easy that you can install them on your own. However, you can visit the hair extension salon and take tips from your stylist to install your hair extensions properly.

How to Get Sexy Silky Smooth Hair Like a Celebrity

hair color and highlights

Celebrities often flaunt their beautiful, shiny and luxurious locks with fabulous outfits. It may appear like it would take a high-profile celebrity hair stylist, expensive styling products and a miracle to get celebrity like hair. With right hair care routine, hair salon treatments, hair styling, and hair accessories, it is possible to achieve the celebrity red carpet hairstyle.

Celebrity hairstyling secrets

Even celebs don’t get such luscious locks overnight. So, if you are planning to achieve celebrity like hair within a few days, then your plans are going to get failed. You need to be patient. First you need to make your hair healthy. Then you need to discover the best hair color as per your skin tone. After that you need to explore various haircuts and hairstyles to select the apt haircut as per your facial features. And then finally, you need to find the best hair salon for modern hairstyling.

How to Get Shiny Hair like celebs

Sparkly and shiny hair of celebrities is talk of the town. The glossy locks are so much easier to achieve these days. Have a quick glance over below mentioned tips to get the hair of your dreams:

#1: Use oil based shampoo: In order to make your hair shiny, use oil based shampoo. The oil present in shampoo will nourish your hair from deep inside. Such shampoo will delicately clean your hair without ripping-off the natural moisture from your hair.

#2: Try hair smoothing: Hair smoothing will enhance the beauty of your hair. In order to make your hair smooth and silky, you can opt for professional hair smoothing treatments such as Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian blowout, keratin therapy etc.

#3: Add gloss to your hair color: Chemicals present in hair colors rip off the natural sheen and shine of the hair, and make hair drier. But modern hair colors can do wonders. You can add gloss to your hair color to obtain the glossy hair like celebrities.

# 4: Use right brush: If you think that all combs and brush are same, then you are totally wrong. Different hair requires different type of combs. You need to use the right comb to style your hair properly.

So, these are some tips to get the celebrity like hair. You can visit the hair salon and consult a hairstylist to get the hair of your dreams.

Hair Smoothening Do’s Dont’s Precautions

hair spa

Have you recently got your hair chemically straight? Do you want your newly straight hair remain straight for a long period of time? Or are you looking for post hair smoothing tips? Well if so, then below mentioned information may help you.

Post-Smoothening Hair Care Tips

Making hair smooth and silky is easier than ever. You just need to select the right hair smoothing treatment, the best hair salon, and within a few hours, you get the pin straight hair. But maintaining the straight hair look is not an easy task. There are so many factors that can introduce frizz in your chemically straightened hair. However, with proper care and maintenance, it is absolutely possible to preserve the straightness for a long period of time.

Immediately After The Hair Smoothening Treatment

-Do not wash your hair at least for 2 days after getting hair straightening treatment done. Water will leave kinks on your hair that will remain on your hair until the treatment lasts.

-Do not put your hair behind the ear.

-Do not use headband for at least 2 days.

-Do not tie your hair at all.

-Be careful while sleeping. Make sure your hair does not get messed up.

3 Days After The Hair Smoothening Treatment

-Wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner 3 days after getting the treatment done. Leave the conditioner on your hair for some time.

-Do not wash your hair with hot water. The hot water will strip off the moisture from your hair.

-Make use of a wide toothed comb to untangle the strands. Carefully remove the hair tangles. Do not use hair brush.

-Apply hair serum to protect your hair from dust, pollution and sun.

-In order to prevent frizziness and dryness, use leave-in hair conditioner.

-Use hair masks on the regular basis, and get the hair spa done every month to nourish your hair from deep inside.

15 Days After The Hair Smoothening Treatment

-Take nutritious diet. Include nuts, fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

-Get your hair trimmed on the regular basis to make sure that your hair remains in tip-top condition all the time.

-Avoid using heating tools such as blow dryer, flat iron on your hair. Heat will strip of the hair moisture.

-Do not use harsh chemicals on your hair.

No matter if you have got your hair straight via Brazilian Blowout, Keratin therapy or Japanese hair straightening treatment, you need to pay attention over post-treatment hair care.

The Truth About European Hair Extensions

European hair extensions

The European hair extension is the ideal option for fine haired girls. These hair extensions are perfect for every hair type. With this hair accessory, it is absolutely possible to get rid of fine hair problems, flyaway hair troubles and hairstyling issues. The European hair extensions are made from the finest quality western hair. These hair extensions are considered to be made from the superior quality virgin hair that is smooth, soft, silky and shiny. The hair extensions made from the European hair can beautifully add length and volume to your hair.

European Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are special on their own. These extensions are made from real human hair that look and feel like the natural hair. You can cut, color, iron and style the human hair extensions just like your own hair. They will respond like your real hair only.

Virgin human hair means that the hair used in extensions has not been exposed to any type of chemicals before. They are purest form of hair. The hair is never colored, straightened or curled before chemicals. This provides you the arrant quality hair that will last for a long period of time. With these hair extensions you can enjoy the hair that are of better quality than your own hair.

The highlighting feature of European hair extensions is the European hair. Though there are many types of virgin human hair extensions are available on the market made from the Indian and Chinese hair, none of them match the charisma of European hair. The European hair extensions are made from the hair of European hair. Thus, it is pretty much easier to find various shades of blonde in the European hair extensions.

Purchasing European hair extensions

Nowadays, hair extensions are available at various places such as online stores, cosmetic shops, shopping malls, hair extension salon etc. But when it comes to purchasing the European hair extensions, you need to be very careful. The European hair extensions are expensive. It is very much important to select the right place to purchase the hair extensions. Also, you need the proper guidance while selecting the hair extensions.

It is always best to purchase the European hair extensions from the hair salon. You can consult with the professional hairstylist regarding extensions, and get them installed properly by a professional.

What you need to know about hair color makeover

hair colorists

A lot of people are opting for hair color change these days, but why? What does hair color do? Well, a new hair color can change the way you look. The right hair color will have positive impact on your overall look, while a wrong hair color will ruin your look. You need to be really very careful while choosing your hair color. Even a slight change of hair color can make a big difference. The hair color can have huge effect on the skin complexion –the right color can lighten up your face, even highlight the skin tone.

Hair color makeovers

A simple hair color change can give a complete makeover to your personality. It can make you look fresh, young and dynamic. You can color your hair in any shade, and let your hair hue talk. This is the reason why celebrities, models and actresses change their hair color time to time. And new hair color provide them new look. You can enhance the beauty of your facial features with the hair color change.

Hair coloring is an art. It is not possible to get the desired look with DIY hair coloring. Only a professional hairstylist or colorist knows how to color your hair in an adequate manner. They know which hair color trend is in and which is out, they know which hair color will look good on you, and they also know the art of hair coloring. Moreover, they have the required tools for hair coloring. The benefits of professional hair coloring over DIY hair coloring are endless. If you want the perfect hair color job and willing to spend more money, then you should totally opt for professional hair coloring.

Choosing hair color salon

Well, not all hair colorists are same. You need to find the best hair color salon and the best hair colorist for the best hair color job. While selecting the hair salon, pay attention over below mentioned aspects:

  • The hair color brand use in the salon: The hair color brand play important role in deciding the final look of your hair. It is the most essential aspect that you need to consider while choosing the hair salon for the hair color and highlight
  • Experience of the hair colorist: A hair colorist must be experienced with variety of hair coloring techniques.
  • Facilities available in the hair salon: The hair salon should be equipped with all necessary tools.

Everything you need to know about DreamCatchers Extensions


hair extensions

DreamCatchers are one of the finest hair extensions available on the market. These extensions are not like ordinary hair extensions, as they are made from the best quality hair. The hair is so amazing that you don’t want to remove the extensions after wearing it once. Dreamcatcher hair extensions look and feel like natural hair, even better. In fact the tipping substance of this hair extension is made from special substance that does not damage your natural hair during installation. It is possible to re-install these extensions, if they are removed professionally.

Learn About DreamCatchers Extensions

The best thing about dreamcatchers is that they are available in various hair colors and textures. You can match them with your existing hair before investing in them. It is always good to match the hair extensions with your natural hair to get the perfect look.

Dreamcatchers have their own hair care routine. You need to follow the hair care routine to make hair extensions feel like your natural hair. If you wear dreamcatchers properly, no one will be able to recognize that you are wearing extensions.

Maintenance of dreamcatcher extensions is also an important concern. Depending on your hair growth, you need to schedule the hair extension maintenance in 4 to 6 weeks. Your hairstylist will adjust the extensions as per the length of your natural hair. Also, the hair extensions require trimming on the regular basis.

Dreamcatchers are made from good quality hair. You can schedule the hair color with hair extensions on. It means you can color the extensions as well. The extensions will look like your own hair.

With DreamCatchers you can relax regarding hair damage. These extensions are one of the safest systems available on the market today. These extensions are designed to avoid hair damage, and to help your extensions hair last longer. As long as you pay attention over hair extension maintenance, your hair and extensions will remain fine.

The hair extension installation play important role, especially in case of dreamcatchers. You need to visit the hair extension salon, and get the extensions installed professionally. Similarly, you will be required to visit the hair salon for hair extension removal. The extensions can be removed without heat, chemicals or solvent. Please avoid DIY hair extension removal. You may end up damaging the extensions and your own hair.

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Extensions

hair extensions

Hair extensions have the capability of transforming the thinnest and shortest locks into shiniest and smoothest manes.  This hair accessory made the celebrity hairstyle avail for everyone. Women from every spheres of life are enjoying lush and plush hair with the help of hair extensions. Weather hair is human or synthetic, hair extensions provide length, volume and undeniable glamour. This hair accessory can totally transform the way your hair look. It can add style, color and texture to existing hair without exposing the natural hair to chemicals and heat.

Difference between human and synthetic hair extensions

Human hair look and feel real, while synthetic hair extensions feel unreal. It is possible to distinguish synthetic hair from real hair in terms of maintenance, longevity, styling and price. If you are purchasing hair extensions for the first time, then you should understand the pros and cons of both hair extensions.

Human Vs synthetic Hair

When prices are compared, human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions. Since these extensions are made from hair imported from China, India and Russia, the cost of hair extensions are higher. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are quite cheaper. The fiber from which the synthetic extensions are made can be manufactured locally.

When it comes to maintenance, human hair extensions require more maintenance as compared to synthetic hair extensions. The human hair extensions need to be cared like the natural hair (or more), while synthetic hair extensions remain in good condition with minimum care. You need to wash, condition, comb, and store the human hair extensions properly.

Human hair extension can be styled just like the natural hair. You can color, cut, and style them just the way you style your own hair. The human hair extensions will respond to heat, color and chemicals, the way your natural hair respond.  On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions do not respond well to any of these treatments. You need to keep the synthetic hair extensions away from heat, chemicals and even water.

Choosing the right hair extensions

Both human hair extension and synthetic hair extensions are good at their own places. You can choose hair extensions as per your needs, requirements and budget. Also, while choosing the hair extensions, you should consider the installation style. Human and synthetic, both extensions are available in a variety of installation styles such as clip-in, weave in, tap in etc.