Creating a Damage Proof Hair Regimen

Hair extensions are perfect hide for what lies beneath. Most people that wear extension yearn to grow healthy hair back. It’s important to note however that there are those that take a break from daily hair and wear the extension. Wearing extension will assist the hair to grow back but equally important is to have a break-proof hair regimen to follow. It’s paramount that you take care of your so that it can go back to its beautiful and long state

Hair Care Regimen to Follow

  • Identify Your Hair type

Knowing your hair type is one of the most critical steps in understanding how to take care of yours. We all have a different kind of hair; some are soft while other are kinky. Some people’s  hair falls in between, and you need to identify whether your hair is kinky or soft. After determining your kind of hair asses your hair requirements. One of the significant hair issues affecting most women is hair loss either on the sides or at the back. You need to identify what will ensure your hair grows back.

  • Shampooing, Conditioning, and Cleansing

For hair to grow longer, its vital that you maintain a healthy scalp. Ensure you wash your hair with and then moisture with a conditioner. Avoid harsh shampoos as this will further destroy your hair. Clean your hair at least once per to ensure your scalp remains clean always. Look for conditioners and shampoos meant for damaged hair if you have suffered hair loss. If you regularly have to wash you adopt conditioner wash only.

  • Deep Conditioning and Protein treatment

Deep conditioning ensures that your hair is healthy. It ensures that your hair is moisturized, and it retains its color and elasticity. Deep condition your hair at least once a week, ensure the products you are going to use, don’t damage your hair

Hair is made of a protein known as keratin and using heat to style your hair destroys the keratin. If your hair has fallen off or its breaking then you need a protein treatment. Hair that is exposed to hear will require regular protein treatment. On the other hand, if your mane is ok, then you can apply protein treatment less often.

Ensure you follow your regimen strictly to ensure your hair grows back and healthy. Apart from the regiment we look at hairstyles that will ensure you is gently taken care of without damaging

Hair Extensions to Use on Damaged Hair

  • Clip in Hair Extensions

They are easy to use, and you can clip them in yourself. They don’t put any strain on hair therefore ideal for growing and weak hair. Ensure that the extension is not heavier than your hair.

  • Tape in Hair Extension

The extension is lightweight and will therefore not pressure the hair ensuring you avoid traction alopecia

  • Microlink Extension

The extension is easy to fix, but it’s paramount that you visit your hair salon and have them correctly fixed.

Just like any else hair also requires patience to grow back. It’s therefore important you don’t get frustrated with your hair, it will grow. Follow your regimen religiously and ensure that you use the right products. Consulting your hair stylist about the best products is essential.

Foods to Eat for a Healthy and Longer Hair


Wrecked hair causes a lot of women so much misery and money. Other opt to wear human hair extensions to hide the damage as they work on hair regrowth. It’s therefore paramount to find the secrets to healthy hair and follow them religiously. Healthy hair is a combination of both a healthy diet and a good regimen. Although some people have good hair, its necessary to continually ensure you take care of your hair. Following a diet will ensure your hair is healthy and has the right texture.

Foods that Improve the Health of Your Hair


Biotin contributes to healthy hair as it provides the necessary ingredient for hair growth. Biotin which is also as Vitamin B7 is found in foods such as eggs and nuts and improves the keratin structure of your hair. Lack of Biotin will result in hair thinning and changing color.


Iron is crucial as it provides the hair with oxygen and it’s therefore essential to ensure your diet has irons. Foods such as red meat, spinach, beetroot, apples, soybeans, broccoli are an excellent source of Irons. Low levels of Iron supply result in hair follicles that are nutrients deficient inhibiting hair growth and eventual hair loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial in the production of collagen that assists in making the hair shafts strong and enhances fast growth. Source of vitamin C include papaya, sweet potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, and guava.

Vitamin E

The vitamin helps in building and repair of hair tissue .it also plays a crucial role in protecting the hair against damage that may be caused by the sun. Foods rich in Vitamin E include avocado, olive oil, sunflower, and spinach.

Omega 3 Fatty acids

Taking a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids will ensure that your scalp and hair remains hydrated. Omega 3 Fatty acids are found in oily fish, salmon, trout, pumpkin seeds and walnuts are among the foods that will keep your hair hydrated.

Vitamin A

Our bodies produce sebum which acts as a conditioner and Vitamin A Assists in its production. Sebum is an oily substance which conditions the hair. Therefore, it’s paramount to eat foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, Vegetables, pumpkin seeds and apricots

Hair Problems and What Foods to Eat to Sort out the Hair Issue

Brittle Hair

If your hair is brittle, you have got to eat vegetables which have Vitamin A, iron which ensure your hair has moisture.

Excessive Breakage

Foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as guavas that will ease the unwanted breakage

Dull Hair

If your hair to shine more, catch some salmon as they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which keeps your hair shiny.

Stunted Hair

Looking to get a fuller and longer hair, then foods rich in Vitamin B and B5 such as eggs and yogurt ought to be in your diet.

Make a deliberate effort to eat healthily and your mane will happily increase in length and will be fuller. So ladies let’s eat our way to long, healthy hair. Couple a healthy diet and proper hair care practices and say goodbye to hair problems. Visit the best hair salon regularly and seek advice on products to use and best hair care practices.

What you need to Know about Hair Color Correction

It’s exciting to try a new color on your hair, but if the new color fails, it’s devastating especially if it’s due to the wrong color application procedure. Whether its uneven highlights, color change due to a dive in the pool, build-up of the color, or a box color is gone, it’s paramount to visit a hair color correction specialist for the best advice on the way forward. Hair color correction involves neutralizing or removing the unwanted hair color. The color correction specialist will work on your hair to give it the much-needed luster and ensure the color has its pristine state. The specialist will check your hair to determine the what exactly needs to be done and the procedure to follow.

  • Lighter or Darker than anticipated

Lighter hair color than anticipated will result from dye not giving the expected results, or if the hair already had other colors making the outcome differently. Lighter hair color may also result if the hair color fades away.

The darker color tone may result from leaving the dye for too long or if the hair is unhealthy as it absorbs more.

  • Uneven Hair color

After applying the color, it may result in hair having uneven patches. The patches could be due to the color application not being done thoroughly or not giving the hair ample time to soak in color. It’s imperative that while applying the color you visit the hair color correction salon where the color specialist will advise on the best way to achieve the desired look.

Simple Remedies for Hair color correction

You can rectify your hair color with simple do it yourself remedies, but it’s essential to book an appoint with the correction specialist to find out what one needs to do.

  • Clarifying shampoo/Fading shampoos

The shampoo will make the color fade if you want it to be lighter. Make sure that you condition the hair after shampooing to replenish the oils that have been stripped off the hair. In case your hair is brassy use shampoos and color neutralizer to give it the right gloss. While styling your hair using heat ensure you use a heat protecting products and minimal heat.

Use Colour Remover

  • To remove permanent hair color use a color remover, it’s crucial that you use the right product that will not destroy your hair. If the hair is severely damaged your best bet is going to a hair color correction salon where the specialist will handle the hair in a most appropriate way depending on the issue. Once the hair color is correct to ensure you formulate a regimen to follow daily to ensure the hair maintains color and the allure. Use shampoos and conditioners that work well for colored hair and avoid too much heat while styling

Tips to Follow after  Hair color Correction procedure

Once you have it right before you step out, here are few tips to ensure that your hair color for long

  • Avoid chlorinated water as it contains chemicals that could change your hair color
  • Avoid too much chemical on hair with color
  • Use products that UV rays protection as the sun causes color to fade
  • A healthy diet is paramount to keep your hair growing
  • To keep the shine, use hot oil treatments
  • Avoid shampoos and conditioners that have sulfates as they strip the hair of its color
  • Use warm Water when shampooing color treated hair.
  • Visit your hair color correction salon as often as possible until you achieve the desired results

Bridal Hair Style – How to Hire a Wedding Hairstylist

Now that you’re engaged and have several things in mind for your to-do list, never forget to think about your bridal beauty look and bridal hair style as well as the feeling you are trying to convey. If you find it hard to hire a wedding hairstylist, here are some of the things you should take note:

Experience Matters

Even the best hairstylists might lack a passion to create braided coiffures or twists worthy of the bride. Ask your prospective hair stylist on how many weddings they have worked on recently and try getting a sense of enthusiasm for your bridal beauty. You may teach any hairstylist the ways on how to do an updo, yet they have to do it and love it be good at it. Remember that it is an art on how stylists move their fingers.

Each salon has 1 or 2 people who love doing weddings. Most brides would spend more time searching for the dresses, yet in terms of their hair, they do not do their homework. If you really like something special, a bit of homework can make a huge difference. Some experts involved in planning a wedding can be a great source of referrals.

Never Rule Out Tried and True

The one who does a good job trimming your locks might also do a great job shaping them. The key to successful wedding hairstyle is having rapport with your hairstylist. A lot of brides find that an ongoing relationship is important that they’ll even fly their stylists to their destination wedding.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. For you to separate the good hairstylists from the best ones, searching for a variety when scanning images. This isn’t the time to settle for something that’s cookie cutter. Each bride must look different and the best hairstylists can personalize the look of any bride, based on her dress and personality.

Style’s Staying Power You Are Seeking

The prettiest looks might not be the most practical ones, particularly when the factors like the hair’s natural texture or the weather at the location of your event are out of control. Consider hiring hairstylist who’ll be present throughout the reception, ceremony, and photos and ask them for plans to tweak if necessary.

Once you already found a hairstylist, it is never too early to book for one, particularly if you are getting married during busy bridal season or working with famous stylist. Ask the person or hair salon Rockville you’re considering hiring about their schedule and what timing they need to meet your requirements.

Which Styles Are Best For Short Hair?

Women are known to carry long hairstyles better than a short haircut. After all, women are most commonly associated with long luscious hair that gives them a feminine appeal. However, the irony is that despite of contrary beliefs – a short haircut with a rich hair color and highlights looks just as beautiful as long hair can!

Best Short Haircut Hairstyles For Women

Whether you are a young girl in her teens or a grown-up adult woman enjoying her mid-thirties, you can look perfectly chic and stylish in short hair. You do not need to have long hair necessarily. Here is the list of the best short hairstyles for women and girls to carry as effortlessly as possible if they want to look their best.

  1. Pixie

Pixie is the most understate and simple hairdo. It is short hair that looks more like spikes and give an edgy look to all women who wear this haircut. Moreover, it is one of the easiest to maintain short hairstyle as it needs minimal care and maintenance.

  1. Front Bangs With Short Hairdo

Short hairdo like a boat cut and neat trimmed hair right below or above the ear line with front bags is the perfect hairdo for women of all ages.

  1. Messy Shag

The messy shag is a very popular 70s and 80s hairstyle for women that has inspired many modern day looks as well. It looks beautiful and has inspired a modern style hairdo as well. The messy shag looks perfect on short blow dry hair. The best thing about this short hairstyle is that it suits every face cut.

  1. Shoulder-Length Short Layers

Layers are a popular hairstyle for women. Layers not only look good on long hair but also look very trendy on short hair as well for women. SO one of the best short hairstyle for women is to wear their locks in short layered style up to the shoulders.

  1. Side Swept Bob

Bob haircuts are super short and are very popular in young girls who like to play the tom boyish look. However, if you want to add a little feminine touch to the bob hairstyle you can always get a side swept fringe to add a little style to the otherwise perfect short haircut look.

Short Hair Make You Look Younger!

Now the truth is that short hair will definitely make you look much younger in the years. So basically chopping off the hair is also directly proportional to cutting off age from your face.

Color Your Short Hair To Add Life

Many women are afraid of having short hair because they think it will get too boring and monotonous after a time. You won’t be able to do anything with the short hair and it will look very simple. But you can always experiment with hair color and highlights on short hair. In fact, women who have shorter hairdos look better with hair color and highlights rockville as it makes them look edgier and chicer.

What Is Brazilian Keratin Straightening And How Effective It Is?

Hair straightening is a very popular hair procedure ever since the 1890’s but Brazilian keratin straightening is a relatively new process. However, in a very short period of time that Brazilian keratin treatment has become a popular choice of people because of its long-lasting and promising results.

What Is Hair Straightening?

Hair straightening is basically a technique that is used to straighten wavy, frizzy or curly hair to give it a smooth, rich and frizz-free texture. This add shine to your hair and immediately gives it a lot of volume as well. It includes using various tools such as hair serums, heat rods and plates, shampoos and gels. Hair straightening is categorized into both temporary and permanent categories.

About Brazilian Keratin Straightening

Brazilian keratin hair treatment is the semi-permanent technique of straightening hair. It lasts for around 12 to 18 weeks before you would need to get it re-done. As far as the results are concerned, they are definitely long lasting. The Brazilian keratin straightening is a very popular and in-demand hair technique these days as the results are very promising and durable in the long run. Brazilian keratin treatment is a costly technique to undergo.

Insight Into The Procedure

As a Brazilian hair straightening technique, it is also commonly known as keratin hair procedure. It is modern and revolutionary hair straightening treatment that includes inserting keratin into the deep cuticles and roots of the hair. The results are shiny, smooth, tangle-free and dead straight hair for up to 6 months. Often it is observed that hair that is straightened with heat rods are often left dry and edgy – almost grass like. This is not the case with keratin treatment as the keratin itself is a rich compound that penetrates into the deep surface of the hair and gives it a rich shine as well as smooth texture.

How Long Does It Take?

This is a very interesting hair technique that does not take more than an hour and half to complete. So in total you would be staying at the hair salon for around 2 hours, no longer than that. The keratin is put into the hair and dried out by repeatedly blow drying it. However, you will not be allowed to wash your hair for at least 4 to 7 days after the treatment in order for the keratin to absorb deep into the hair cuticles.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is not a cheap hair treatment exactly and can cost anything from 150 dollars to 1000 or 1500 dollars! The cost depends on the quality of treatment as well as hair length.

Are The Results Guaranteed?

The one thing that can be promised about the Brazilian keratin salon hair treatment is the results. The results are 100% guaranteed to be spot-on. You will get smooth, tangle-free and straight hair for anywhere from 2 to 6 months. The longevity of the results varies according to hair texture.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are all types of different hair extensions for instance the European hair extensions that play an undeniable role in making us more beautiful that we already are. In this article, we are exploring the various different types of hair extensions that are available for you to choose from.

About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions as it is common knowledge are in fact hair outgrowths that make your hair longer and give them volume. The one thing that we want the people to know is that hair extensions are not wigs but in fact detachable hair clippings. The hair extensions are further sub-categorized into two divisions’ as well i.e. synthetic and human hair. There are several different types of hair extensions such as European hair extensions and so.cap USA hair extension that are available for people to explore and choose from as per preference.

Types of Hair Extensions

Without much further ado, let’s take a look at the different types of hair extensions that are available for people to choose from.

  1. Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are by far the most popular type of hair extensions. They come in a wide range of color options. Moreover, they take the minimal time to put on or take off from the head. These hair extensions add immediate volume to your hair and make them look fuller and lusciously longer as well. A great thing about these hair extensions is that they do not look artificial or fake and have a very natural feel to them. Moreover, they can be trimmed in whatever way you please as well. They blend well with your natural hair as well.

  1. Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring extensions are basically small bundles of hair that are enveloped around a steel ring and is inserted in between portions of your hair. The metal ring clasp is secured on the scalp with a single pair of pliers. The best thing about this specific type of hair extensions is that it does not need any assembly before use. They are ready to use with clasps attached to the end.

  1. European Hair Extensions

These are a very interesting type of hair extensions that take inspiration from the European culture and heritage. These hair extensions are mostly available in variety of blonde and brown colors. These can be taped on, attached with glue or may also come with hair clippers. The basic aim of these extensions is to add volume to thin hair without being too pushy or obvious.

What Is Our Final Say?

Thanks to the wide variety of hair extensions; from European hair extensions to micro ring and so.cap USA hair extension salon rockville – you no longer have to wait for months on an end to make you hair look longer, luscious and fuller. You can now get the long hair and style them in whatever way you please. There is nothing that can stop you from looking beautiful now!

Brazilian hair vs. Asian hair: How to choose the perfect hair extensions?

When it comes to selecting your hair extensions, there are endless options in terms of textures, shades as well as types from all over the globe. Needless to say, that many of the hair suppliers promote their products as pure Brazilian hair or 100% Remy hair, which often leaves the fashion enthusiasts baffled with confusion. However, before you pick your hair extensions, it is always better to gather some knowledge about the products, so that you can make the right choice.

Types of human hair available in the market:

Generally, there are four types of human hair available in the market that is widely used to manufacture wigs and hair extensions. In most of the cases European, Indonesian, Indian and Chinese hair is used to manufacture the human hair extensions. The Chinese hair can be characterized by a striking straight and dense hair, which makes it resistant to curl. The Caucasian and Brazilian hairs on the other hand are strong in nature, and holds curls and hair color very well, which makes them the most desirable products among the hair stylist.

What are the features of authentic Asian hair?

The Indian or Chinese hairs are typically the most authentic hair, which are legitimately gathered from the original sources and are often chemically processed with a layer of silicon to add a lustrous effect. In general they are:

  • 100% Remy Hair.
  • High quality hair available in the market.
  • Naturally light and bouncy.
  • Tangle or curl resistant, easy to style.
  • Naturally brown or black and blends easily with African American hair.

Features of Brazilian Hair:

The major advantages of the original Brazilian hair over Asian hair are that they are more humidity resistant than the dyed Asian hair.

  • Dense and durable.
  • Brazilian hair holds tighter curls and colors.

However, the Brazilian hair is almost impossible to style with a flat iron and is stiffer in nature compared to the Asian hair. If you want a light, bouncy, straight hair, then you should definitely opt for Asian hair.

Choose healthy hair extensions to avoid a bad hair day:

Many people think that that by purchasing the DreamCatchers extensions, they can definitely avoid frizz or damage. But the fact is that almost all hair can be prone to frizz and damage, unless you maintain your natural hair as well as the extensions, by providing them enough moisture and drying them. Brush them at least twice every day, to avoid tangling and breakage, and you can definitely retain them for a long time.

Best Hair Extension Brands

Fusion hair extensions

Getting fusion hair extensions or extensions of other forms will be quite a decisive step in your life because along with the anxiety, you will be on your way to changing a major part of yourself.

This article aims to identify the best hair extension brands for you so that the quality of results your investment bears on how you appear is as fine as it can be.


The ideology behind Klix was to create a brand name for hair extensions which would be convenient, affordable, and lead to minimal damage. Today Klix follows a unique motivation of carrying out various kinds of extensions with minimal strain on the natural hair, and it has stylists who deem themselves to be certified in the profession.

Klix is also well known for the classes which are conducted in new and improving salons by the professionals who work for the brand itself. All in all, everything ranging from the salon products to the cool and hot fusion hair extensions is absolutely on spot at Klix.

Sally’s Hair Extensions

Extensions and accessories do not come much richer and renowned than at Sally’s hair extensions, which has been a one of the pioneers of the service for a number of years. Sally’s has partnered up with some of the best brands in the field of hair care including Revlon and COL-LAB, and is indeed your one stop solution for all your needs because the efficient delivery service allows you to order anywhere, anytime.

Sally’s hair extensions product line accommodates produces from high end brands which people can gain affordable access to thanks to the sales and clearances offered by the company.

Balmain Paris

This French line started around four decades ago and today provides high quality human hair for extensions on various fronts including sew in, clip in, and fusion of hair into natural hair. Apart from the styling products, the company also features hair care products and accessories which are products of its own original extensions line.

Balmain also follows the idea of separating out the regular usage items from professional usage which is why the site features two different sections for both, and the line is usually quite pricey for regular use but the brand name certainly compensates for it.


Getting you hot is no more a problem with Hotheads, which offers a wide array of products ranging from color blends to hair styling tools. The Hotheads website features an amazing gallery of customers who show the effects of using their items, and every year the company tours the country with models featuring their best hair swatches, blends, and extensions of the year.

The absolutely natural hair extensions offered by the company are excellent for fitting in on various kinds of hairstyles, and the company also boasts of the largest hair extensions chart in the country.

Now that we have quantified the beneficial aspects of each company in ample detail, you should have a good guideline set as far as getting your fusion hair extensions is concerned.

Hair Salons and The Services You Can Avail

Years ago, the services of hair salons were reserved for women only since they’re usually concerned about their looks than men. However, during these days, even men become conscious about their grooming. That is why some hair salon services apply to men as well.

There are several kinds of hair salon services that are offered normally on the basis of some individual preferences. Moreover, such services have increased in the long run, like that majority of salons have become a 1-stop shop for all kinds of beauty care.

Hair Styling

In each hair salon, the main services being offered are coloring and hair styling. The best hair styles could improve one’s look. That is the main reason why many salons have their own hair stylists for this kind of purpose. There’s a variety of hair styles you may choose from that depend normally on different factors like the hair length and one’s shape of the face. Thus, it isn’t a matter of styling hair, yet salon experts also ensure that these styles are unique to every person. There are different hair styling aspects including hair extensions, relaxing or braiding. In same way, the offered hair coloring services based on the suitability to certain people.

Make-up Services

Some kinds of services offered in hair salons are make-up services. Majority of the hair salons have their own make-up artists whose work is to apply make-up on clients. In many cases, the salons have some make-up artists who are knowledgeable with all make-up requirements of various cultures. In other salons, it’s possible to get the accessories that are suited for a particular look and whose price is included in charge for make-up services.

Spa Treatment and Nail Care Services

Spa treatment and nail care services are also offered in some hair salons. When it comes to nail care, people may get pedicures and manicures. Most hair salons have also incorporated spa treatment solutions that include services like waxing and body massage. Some facilities being offered by the salon spas are steam rooms and swimming pools that are aimed at improving one’s salon experience.

The offered services by hair salons aren’t restricted to their clients. Salons offer some services like make-up services and hair styling during the events like weddings. Numerous salons have also wedding packages, wherein make up services, coloring, and hair styling services are being offered by a single salon, depending on the wedding’s overall theme. So, if your wedding day is near and you need assistance with your hairdo, the best salon also knows the newest bridal hair style trends suited for you.